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brian|lfsanyone got any ideas this is rather strange I just get a continuous loop with this package.03:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] firefox-bin: updated to 72.0.1. Fix for CVE-2019-1702608:08
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Romster... more rebuilding fun :D10:44
ryuoACTION rebuilds Romster into Robster.10:49
ryuoIt's Robby the robot's android cousin.10:49
Romsterflamester and burn your arse :D10:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 72.0 -> 72.0.112:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libnetfilter_queue: 1.0.2 -> 1.0.312:19
SiFuhfsck firefox again13:14
frinnstLinux kernel 5.4.9 released 10:3513:22
frinnstLinux kernel 5.4.10 released 10:4013:22
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: exim: update to
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.45.513:28
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stenurryuo: yes, sure. But the "head" of CRUX moves from release to release, so they cannot automatize it, can they?14:22
stenurfalse channel, of course.14:22
SiFuhbbl bottling beer14:23
stenurI mean, just a minor annoyance, CRUX users know it is not true, we are almost always one of the fastest regarding cURL.14:24
stenurach. channels.14:24
TimB_BurnZeZ: =======> Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/qtwebengine#5.13.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.14:42
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SiFuhhope y'all didn't miss me15:55
stenurIt is summer where you are.15:56
pedja"old yt is going away soon, switch to new'. ffs, google16:38
SiFuhOld google is not going away soon16:45
pedja'do no evil' google has gone long time ago :)16:46
SiFuhof couse as soon as they opened the garage door the demons came in16:46
pedjathe two founders retired, afaik16:47
pedjagazillion dollars each16:47
SiFuhAlready gone to hell?16:47
SiFuhTimB_: can't wait for the full system rebuild to finish so I can test ccache hahaha   I am sure aother 6 hours to go16:48
SiFuhpedja: got one for you.. My beer bubbled over and left a mark. Can you guess what it looks like?16:50
pedjaeither Yoda or xenomorph egg after the face-hugger got out16:53
SiFuhhmm no but I will give you another clue... by the way it wasn't a joke16:53
TimB_SiFuh: i am doing that currently on my rpi4 :D not in sense of rebuilding the cache, but i pulled the sd from a rpi3 :D16:56
TimB_could be done in 3h, maybe? I am trying to setup a simple workspace so i can leave the desktop powered off for longer. it supports two screens which should be enough for me for most (i have 3 here)17:02
TimB_"downsizing" i guess :D17:03
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TimB_BurnZeZ: =======> Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/qtwebkit#5.212.0.a3-2.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.17:11
TimB_just in case17:11
jaegerI built it in a container as well, no issues17:12
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SiFuhTimB_: I am trying to recover the data on a corrupt hard disk, owned by a business man, who has CCTV and the wants to find who pinched his money. Funny as, the clown doesn't even know how to use the CCTV. I was able to extract all data before 25th of December yet the crime happened supposedly on the 31st. Cameras are non-existant from 21st 16:32 to 29th 12:41 and after that cameras are non-operational solid17:18
SiFuhblack recordings. ;-)17:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: openexr: updated to version 2.4.0, new dependency on cmake; ilmbase: removed17:19
SiFuhI burst into laughter when I saw the drive was Western Digital17:19
TimB_SiFuh: i don't get it, is WD bad or what?17:20
SiFuhhell yeah17:21
TimB_otherwise this sounds kinda sketchy?17:21
SiFuhWell the only 2 ways I can account for the nothingness between 25 and 29 is the device crashed or power outage. 'no logs'17:22
jaegerWas it WD purple?17:22
SiFuhfrom 29 onward    the cameras are recording black so covered cameras, unplugged cables, cut wires, or just general hardware failure. I'd have to go to the office to investigate.17:22
jaegerThose are marketed specifically for camera recording, etc.17:23
jaegerNot that I have any idea why17:23
SiFuhWD hard disks are always a problem.  jaeger red are the worst ..  It is blue I think17:23
SiFuhIt is Blue17:23
jaegerI've had zero problems with blacks or reds over many years. Have had blues and greens fail17:23
jaegergreens more than any17:23
SiFuhfor me Red fail the most17:24
SiFuhblacks were fine though17:24
SiFuhnever come accross any other colour or tone17:24
jaegeranecdata, obviously, but I've been using reds exclusively in my NAS for years and very happy with them17:24
jaegerMaybe lucky but I can't complain17:24
SiFuhI'd say lucky. I have never found a single red that worked beyond a year17:25
jaegerwow. I bet that's far on the other side of the spectrum and unusual17:25
jaegerI wonder if there's a longevity report including those models, like the backblaze stuff17:25
SiFuhno idea. My favorite one was when a computer technician contacted me through a friend and handed me 4 red wd drives and says. I got issues can you try and save the data for me? I tried for about 2 weeks on my time off  and he asked  what did you find? I said errors, would you like me to back them up?17:27
jaegerhrmm, I had no idea there were golds17:31
TimB_i have had several bad experiences with seagate in the past17:31
SiFuhI had no idea there were blue green gold or purple ;-) haha17:31
TimB_wds otoh, the few that passed me, were always fine - never heard complains as well17:31
TimB_there is wd white as well17:31
TimB_they are not marketed at all but used at will in wd my book single17:32
TimB_rumour has it they are basically 'unlabled' reds17:32
TimB_i wanted to try out a wd my book 10tb when the budget permits it. they cost roughly 1/3 less then a proper red label17:33
SiFuhI stick with seagate... I remember when they were one of the worst ;-)17:34
SiFuhgoing to see WD Gold is SAS17:35
jaegerYeah, lots of folks buy those external ones and rip the drives out of them for NAS or whatever17:35
TimB_that was my plan jaeger :) that zpool of mine needs some more spinning rust and these sound like the best bang for the buck17:36
SiFuhI should get a NAS17:37
SiFuhinstead of just using external drives17:37
jaegerI just moved my drives into another server yesterday... they've been through so many now over years17:37
joacimmines been sitting in the same system for a long time now17:38
joacimneed more drives tho. just 1.8TB free17:38
SiFuhI travel with a 5tb and a 4tb 2.5" external USB drive. All my data in Australia is backed up on a 5TB and 4TB 2.5" external drive and several LTO5 Cartridges.17:38
jaegerpool0  29.1T  10.3T  18.8T         -     7%    35%  1.00x  ONLINE  -17:38
jaegermine's doing pretty well for now17:38
jaegereven though irssi ate the 'N' on the first line17:39
SiFuhHaha I am lucky to have 250GB free out of 9 TB :-P17:39
joacimonly chance for bitrot, is when pasting through irssi17:39
SiFuhbitrot is a word now?17:40
SiFuhBit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.17:41
SiFuhwell I'll be damned17:41
joacimare you trying to comment on non-english speakers tendency of joining words together?17:41
jaegeronly for like a decade, heh17:41
SiFuhjoacim: I live in Asia ;-) most of their non-acronym computer terms are jibberish to me :-P17:42
SiFuhI don't understand about 10% of what they say when talking computers, and honestly I am glad, it is absolute bliss ;-)17:43
joacimstill looking for a nice file server case17:45
joacima lot of the nice looking ones just arent available here17:45
SiFuhjoacim: make one isn't an option?17:47
joacimdont think i'd want to do that17:47
SiFuhit is actually fun and very rewarding17:47
SiFuhI remember back in 2000 some of the #suse guys were making mini pc's with hand/home made wooden cases   neat project17:48
SiFuhprobably not rewarding if you are not good with tools and accidentally loose a finger or 2 ;-)17:49
joacimsilverstone has some ok looking cases, but they're so expensive17:51
SiFuhyou want rack mount?17:52
joacimit would be a nice option17:52
joacimbut i dont have room for a rack17:52
SiFuhTJ06 looks like LianLi17:52
ryuoyou want to know the real man's case?17:53
SiFuhDS380 looks nice for lounge room use17:53
ryuothe silverstone mammoth. :)17:53
joacimbeen looking at their fortress series for a while17:53
joacimbut these days i just want something compact17:54
joacimi'm not stuffing a load of hard drives in my PC anymore17:54
jaegerrack mounting was part of my reason for the most recent move17:55
jaegergot a supermicro 2u cse826 server used17:55
SiFuhmy server used a Lian Li PC-P60B Armorsuit    beautiful but I don't recommend it. It was so big and flexible that moving it would move the cards and they would slip out of the slots.17:55
joacimall of my big old lian lis have been pretty flimsy17:56
joacimmy PC-Q25 is pretty solid tho17:56
SiFuhoh yeah thats nice17:57
joacimlooks nice enough and works well as a file server17:57
jaegerI used a couple of PC-60s in the past, one black and one silver17:58
jaegerThey were nice but yeah, could flex a lot17:58
SiFuhoh the PC 60 was my dream that never happened17:59
joacimlooks more or less the same as my PC-717:59
SiFuhI remember first seeing this and thought,, I want it. But never could buy it on my miserable income in those days. Then I read about Lian Li being nuclear proof and saw videos of their cases being thrown down stairs..18:00
SiFuhit was the PC 60 that eventually lead me to the sexy but useless Armorsuite18:00
joacimlooks nicer in low resolution photos18:02
joacimthan real life18:02
SiFuhahh yes18:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: btrfs-progs: updated to 5.4.118:03
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BurnZeZ14:43:15 <TimB_> BurnZeZ: =======> Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/qtwebengine#5.13.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.19:42
BurnZeZgcc (CRUX-x86_64-multilib) 8.3.019:43
BurnZeZSame gcc?19:43
TimB_BurnZeZ: 18:13 <@jaeger> I built it in a container as well, no issues19:43
TimB_yeah sure, current core19:43
BurnZeZThe heck19:43
BurnZeZMaybe some environmental variable is busting it19:44
TimB_or you have some package installed which is picked up during the build? gtkwebkit requires an additional dependency for me since i installed wayland (some dependency for a steam game i sometimes play)19:45
jaegera steam game needs wayland?19:50
BurnZeZIt seems to be all C++ compiler errors19:50
TimB_jaeger: yeah ^^'19:51
BurnZeZIn file included from /var/ports/work/qtwebengine/src/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-5.13.2/src/core/authentication_dialog_controller.cpp:40:19:51
BurnZeZ/var/ports/work/qtwebengine/src/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-5.13.2/src/core/authentication_dialog_controller.h:62:69: error: expected initializer before ':' token19:51
BurnZeZ class Q_WEBENGINECORE_PRIVATE_EXPORT AuthenticationDialogController : public QObject {19:51
TimB_no idea why but i'm not asking questions when i want to play :D19:51
BurnZeZThis I think is the first error19:51
TimB_at least not many19:51
jaegerany odd cflags?19:53
BurnZeZexport CFLAGS="-O2 -ftree-vectorize -march=haswell -pipe"19:54
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jaegerhrmm, builds fine with those flags here20:39
TimB_BurnZeZ: in cases like that, when nothing helps, i resort to the shotgun approach: prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep qtwebengine)20:41
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jaegerok, I did get it to fail after a couple of builds21:14
jaegerthe errors I see are these, though:21:15
jaegerg++: fatal error: Killed signal terminated program cc1plus21:15
TimB_jesus how much time does a build on that tr take? without distcc, my noteboke becomes nearly unusable21:15
TimB_reacting on "a couple builds" :P21:16
jaegerI'll time it and see21:16
jaegerhaven't paid close attention, been working21:16
TimB_without timing i would say webengine takes me 2,5h w/ distcc21:17
brian|lfshey jaeger and gang21:18
brian|lfsI used arch for a while and went back tot he darkside Crux lol21:19
jaegerwelcome back21:21
jaegerhalf its RAM is in another box right now but still fun to see21:22
TimB_:D damn21:22
TimB_brian|lfs: wb21:23
jaegerbrian|lfs: or perhaps... the dark... cide?21:23
TimB_also #empiredidnothingwrong21:23
brian|lfsnice jaeger21:24
frinnsthaha "may the tart be with you."21:25
frinnstsoooo lame :D21:25
jaegerIt's lame in the best way21:25
jaegerI also like the PEW PEW! at the top21:25
jaegerI think the qtwebengine issue on my system is actually running out of RAM and swap21:26
jaegerbecause it's using all my RAM and nearly 6GB of swap now21:27
TimB_crazy numbers21:27
joacimhad  to run mprime to get any use of my cpu21:27
TimB_32G ram looks more like it :D21:27
jaegerI only have 8GB swap on this box, almost never have to use it21:28
jaegeryeah, it got oomkilled21:28
jaegerI'll try it with a smaller number of threads21:28
jaegerit took less than 12 minutes to get to that point, though21:29
jaegerI'll be back to 32GB RAM in a few days, got RAM in the mail for my gaming box (which has half the TR's RAM right now)21:30
jaegerjoacim: what font are you using there?21:30
jaegeralso, are the sensors actually accurate for ryzen/TR now?21:31
jaegerI haven't looked at them recently21:31
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joacimjaeger: profont, with horrible antialiasing21:33
joacimstill tempted to upgrade the gaming system21:34
joacimthinking about getting one a z390 mitx motherboard with an i5 or i721:34
jaegerIt's a pretty decent time to upgrade21:35
joacimtho an x470 + 3700x is tempting too21:35
jaegerI'm running x570 and 3700x on my gaming box... overkill threads but it works great21:35
joacimncases m1 instead of the tu15021:36
jaegerI still have my M1, love it21:37
joacimbut the tu150 is more compatible with oversized graphics cards, + a sweet handle for lan parties21:38
jaegerOf those two I'd go for the ryzen build, personally... double the threads and the max boost speed is only .3GHz slower21:39
jaegerSo you'd likely see very little difference in game performance21:39
joacimyeah, but the z390 board is cheaper, and fanless21:39
joacimbut x470 would work too21:40
jaegermITX always complicates things a little21:40
jaegerBut it's fun21:40
jaegerregarding profont I asked because it looked weird to me and I couldn't quite figure out why... I see a lot of profont not antialiased at all so I think that was it21:41
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joacimi used it without antialiasing for a long time, but that stopped working once support for bitmap fonts were dropped21:42
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joacimplayed with the config for a long time to try to disable it for profont21:42
pedjabitmap fonts are dead, time to move on :)21:44
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joacimnon-bitmap fonts should die instead21:48
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jaegeryeah, the qtwebengine build finished fine in 37m37.089s with -j16, gets oomkilled with -j3222:11
TimB_still, nice enough22:15
TimB_i guess with more ram/swap it would've survived22:15
jaegerI'll test it again when I have all the RAM back in it22:15
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joacimfigured out the antialiasing22:23
joacimbut it still looks wonky22:23
joacimspelt fc-cache wrong22:30
TimB_joacim: this is not on crux, right?22:30
joacimnot on crux22:31
TimB_however, i am currently running cairo and fontconfig with ubuntu patches which made font rendering finally 'nice' for me. if you can, try these22:32
joacimi can check them out on my laptop22:32
jaegerWhat do people generally use pulseeffects for? normalization, something else?22:39
TimB_i try to take adjust loudness22:39
joacimcan you have it target only certain applications?22:40
TimB_pulseeffects? yes22:40
joacimcould use it to normalize chat applications that do it poorly on their own22:40
TimB_btw, those marks you can see on the screenshot, they are there :/ i think picom/compton is the culprit here..22:41
TimB_to be more clear: on the tetris pane, horizontal lines around score, level that streetch over a fair bit22:43
brian|lfsugh rolling my eyes23:09
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brian|lfsyou there jaeger23:32
brian|lfsby chance23:32
brian|lfsI'm trying to build libsoup as 32 bit23:52
brian|lfsamd meson don't let me specify a lib directory23:53
brian|lfs\and from what I'm reading you can only specify like /usr/local/lib32 for example23:53
brian|lfsI'm not sure if meson is just outdated on crux that maybe a newer version would suffice23:54
brian|lfsabout to check because specifying /usr/lib works on mason for arch23:54
brian|lfsits in their build script23:54
brian|lfsno clue23:55
brian|lfslooks the same version23:55
TimB_brian|lfs: meson <whatever> --libdir=/usr/lib32 should do it, actually?23:56
brian|lfsits not23:57
TimB_let's say s/<whatever>/--prefix=/usr/ and append -D<whatever options>23:57
brian|lfsand quick google search shoows something from 2017 and people said it dont' work23:57
brian|lfsah I need a-D?23:58

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