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TimB_-D is for the meson options00:00
TimB_-Dvala -Dgtk4 -Dsoup00:00
brian|lfshmm ok00:01
brian|lfsstill not quite sure the issue then its ignoreing lib32 try to compiel with lib00:01
brian|lfshere is my Pkgfile
brian|lfsclearly I've never had to deal with meson before00:04
jaegeryou shouldn't need to specify things like CC, etc.00:04
jaegertouch .32bit in the port dir, that changes pkgmk's behavior00:05
brian|lfsya I know but without it trs to go to /lib instead of lib3200:05
jaegeryou still need to specify libdir00:05
jaegercheck out some other ports in compat-32 for examples00:05
brian|lfsya I know I looked00:07
brian|lfscouldn't find any examples in compat-3200:07
jaeger$ grep libdir /usr/ports/compat-32/*/Pkgfile | wc -l00:07
jaegerI'm building in a container but it'll be a bit00:08
TimB_yeah that works00:08
brian|lfsnso what does the 147 mean jaeger00:10
brian|lfs146 packages with meson00:10
jaegerthat means 147 matches for the word "libdir" in compat-32 Pkgfiles00:11
TimB_brian|lfs: here you go, without any warranty00:11
brian|lfsthanks thats kind of what I had before but I'll try again00:13
TimB_there are dotfiles that the server currently doesn't show, sorry00:14
TimB_but as jaeger mentioned, .32bit is mandatory before you start. pkgmk will pick it up00:14
brian|lfsya understood that and I had that but did it again to be safe00:15
brian|lfsso is pkg-config multi lib or do I need a 32 bit version00:16
jaegeryou need 32-bit versions of any library deps but shouldn't need anything special from pkg-config, I think00:17
brian|lfsfair enough thatch what I thought and I"m not seeing a 32 bit version of pkg-config anywhere00:19
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brian|lfspackage works00:23
brian|lfsso it comes down to I had too many export statements and needed  to tell the compile to user pkg-config in 3200:24
brian|lfsI thought I was loosing it00:24
brian|lfsback tracking to my original issue needing my gst-plugins-32 updated so its a newer version and hopefully resolve second life lol00:26
jaegerIf you look at pkgmk.conf, everything in the "32" case for $PKGMK_ARCH gets applied if .32bit exists00:28
brian|lfsstrange didn't seem to for libsoup00:29
brian|lfsmaybe I was just having a strange but who knows00:30
TimB_meson setup build libsoup-$version --prefix=/usr -D libdir=/usr/lib32 <- -D libdir won't work. you need to use --libdir like normal. -D is for the options you find in the sources root meson-options.txt00:31
brian|lfsunderstood saw your file00:32
brian|lfsand my pkgmk.conf is correct00:33
brian|lfs        "32")00:33
brian|lfs                export CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -m32"00:33
brian|lfs                export CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS} -m32"00:33
brian|lfs                export LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -m32"00:33
brian|lfs                export PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig"00:33
brian|lfs                ;;00:33
brian|lfsnot going to worry abut it at this point I could of had an invisible typo earlier who knows00:35
brian|lfsbrain needs a rest and foo bbl00:35
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TimB_laters, i'll try and get some sleep as well00:45
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brian|lfscurious anyone know what libidn does in English03:04
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SiFuhTimB_: real    1972m53.262s user    2425m24.387s sys     195m25.247s04:46
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TimB_SiFuh: :D10:58
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][_R_][brian|lfs: It does unicode stuff, because handling unicode properly is actually non-trivial12:36
ryuovalidation of a utf8 string can be done w/o much fuss, but yes. any advanced needs a proper library especially for validating user strings due to how unicode can be abused.12:46
ryuoit's possible to use unicode non-printables to screw with how the text is rendered if they're not stripped from the user input.12:47
ryuomakes one wonder if there's a best practices for this yet.12:48
ryuothere should be since unicode is as common as SQL these days.12:48
ryuomost people have no business embedding such sequences in text anyway.12:49
pedjaisn't something like icu usually used to deal with the unicode on behalf of the application?13:04
ryuoyes, but idn is different. i think it deals with international domain names. a way of encoding non-ASCII characters into a domain name.13:08
ryuothis is also a possible exploit vector.13:09
ryuomostly for lookalike domains.13:09
pedjadon't think I ever saw legit use of idn13:09
ryuoi've never seen any hyperlinks with an idn13:09
ryuobut they exist supposedly.13:09
pedjaI've seen them used as domains for bots c&c servers in some reports/analysis I've read, iirc13:11
][_R_][They're likely more popular in places where not everything can be spelled out with latin characters13:12
ryuoweirdest question i've seen in a long time for #ubuntu13:13
ryuozamba | how do i reduce the width of the titlebar for gnome-terminal13:13
ryuoyou can't normally make the width of a titlebar shorter than the window's width.13:13
ryuoeven if you could, what's the point?13:14
ryuowindows typically form a rectangle. what's the point to destroying this property?13:14
pedjaCyrillic is the official script here, and I've only seen some .gov sites use that :)13:14
pedjalat/cyr/eng text, sure13:15
ryuoTIL launchpad has git repo hosting.13:15
pedjapretty rare for a domain, afaict13:15
pedja"ђђђ.гоогле.цом" looks a bit weird in the newspapers13:21
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SiFuhanyone able to access   ?13:50
pedjaworks fine here, fwiw13:52
SiFuhI can't access any wikipedia haha13:53
SiFuhguess you are going to have to read it to me ;-)13:54
pedjanah, too many big words in that one :)13:57
pedjathat reminds me. wasn't there sort of wikipedia2go project, years ago? offline access to it?14:00
pedjafor places with crappy net/off the grid14:01
SiFuhfsck this  rebooting router14:01
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tilmanpedja: openmoko (or its successor?) sold a wp reader a decade ago ;)14:13
pedjatilman, that's probably it :) damn, that long ago?14:27
pedjaI see some recent projects at
SiFuhTimB_: present for you15:01
SiFuhthis the error I get now, using ccache when compiling .15:02
TimB_SiFuh: works for me?15:08
SiFuhI don't know, does it?15:10
SiFuhgegl fails too   ../operations/external/exr-load.cpp:36:10: fatal error: ImfInputFile.h: No such file or directory15:11
TimB_=======> Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/networkmanager#1.22.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.15:11
TimB_yeah works15:11
SiFuhhah ok I will whinge about it tomorrow :-P  the compile died at p11-kit or whatever like it randomnly does when it want's to show off it's fancy collection of certificates15:12
SiFuhgegl gimp gst-plugins-bad imagemagick   are the revdep failures and also the compile failures15:13
SiFuhthe errors point to    openexr15:15
SiFuhWhich was updated yesterday15:15
pedjafwiw, I don't see arch patching gegl, and they use the same openexr version15:28
pedja"ERROR: Unable to determine dynamic linker" is interesting15:28
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SiFuhpedja: yeah, but it doesn't matter because it is all TimB_'s fault for his fancy ccache15:45
TimB_SiFuh: hahaha, <3 u too ;)16:13
SiFuhWow! TimB_ yeu toi   :-P muon khoc16:26
SiFuhhaha I already learned how to say  'love me' and  'want to cry'16:26
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SiFuhslaughtering  the duolingo Vietnamese page16:30
TimB_I'm still in a lecture ~.~16:43
TimB_and watching the pi4 build rust, lol16:43
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SiFuhI need beer16:49
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SiFuhTimB_: this lecture you're attending is boring me16:52
TimB_SiFuh: lecture over, beer and pizza are there19:01
TimB_and the pi4 successfully built rust19:02
TimB_Romster: barely had to alter the Pkgfile as well! :D19:02
joacimyou run crux on that pi4?19:02
TimB_german yeah, sorry19:03
joacimja thats ok19:05
joacimpeopel slip up =)19:05
TimB_nice, rust seems to do its job as well19:23
TimB_only took.. 9-10h :D19:23
joacimhow long to compile firefox?19:40
joacimi havent really benchmarked my laptop. takes a while to compile certain projects19:40
ryuojoacim: it's over 9000.19:40
TimB_joacim: i don't use firefox, no idea19:41
joacimyou should it is really nice. less bloat than navigator19:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: go: updated to version 1.13.619:44
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