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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] thunderbird-bin: Updated to 68.4.1. Fixes several security issues00:14
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SiFuhTimB_: nope, still not working
brian|lfsdid you do prt-get fsearch auxv.h to see what that missing header file is from?04:18
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SiFuhFound in /usr/ports/core/glibc: /usr/include/sys/auxv.h04:23
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TimB_SiFuh: honestly no idea05:23
TimB_joacim: sorry, missed it ~.~ navigator? I don't use that either?05:23
SiFuhTimB_:  You broke my system haha05:28
TimB_rofl, sure :P05:28
SiFuhoh also   i removed openecr05:28
TimB_i don't even have that in the first place and nm doesn't depend on it :P05:29
SiFuhbecause gegl, gimp and gst-plugins-bad wouldn't compile05:29
SiFuhit would find it and then link itself to an ancient version of it ... no idea why05:29
SiFuhand since it didn't depend on anything, and the wiki about was not very exciting I removed it05:30
TimB_would it help if i supply a build log of my machine?05:31
SiFuhProbably not.    Everything actually works fine here. Its just networkmanager is being a bitch for compiling. But I still have the original package I built and it works fine.05:33
TimB_have you tried without ccache? Just to be sure? I never had problems with it though so this is a "no idea idea"05:37
SiFuhyes  same05:37
SiFuhbut it only happened after I set up ccache05:37
SiFuhlet me check again05:37
SiFuhsame issue05:38
TimB_weird.. you have rebuilt everything and now it's not working?05:40
brian|lfswhats the point of networkmanager I don't use it?05:45
brian|lfsis it mostly just used for people on WIFI?05:45
TimB_brian|lfs: easy, others use it :P05:47
TimB_but yeah, wifi was what made me start using it05:47
brian|lfseasy you just said it won't compile lol05:48
TimB_SiFuh said that, for me it's working (even on the pi)05:48
brian|lfson the pi must make a pi run like shit05:49
brian|lfsalsos semeed to use a lot of resources when I used it05:49
TimB_lol, nah it's handling it fine :)05:49
brian|lfsok cool05:49
brian|lfsfriend couldn't get WIFI to work on a PI 4 with octiprint05:50
brian|lfsnow hes having the same issue on a 305:50
brian|lfsI personally think its his router but not sure05:50
TimB_haven't tried wifi with mine, but it was working on the pi3 before05:54
TimB_maybe it's firmware related05:54
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SiFuhTimB_: ccache doesn't work for compiling gcc ?06:10
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brian|lfsok back lets compile networkmanager lol06:13
TimB_SiFuh: not for me no06:21
SiFuhI noticed it yesterday. I guess it is a good thing though ;-)06:21
TimB_yeah, for the container builds i kinda wish it would ;) sometimes i manually help with a simple pkgadd on gcc-fortran for example06:26
brian|lfsnetworkmanager I already have installed06:27
brian|lfsmust of been a dep for somethign else06:27
brian|lfsso don't need to compile it lol06:27
TimB_speaking of the devil, new libreoffice out, brbuilding06:32
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TimB_nice, new dependencies. can anybody with c/cpp experience tell me if i need to package an .o file?06:45
TimB_ryuo: ^06:45
ryuoTimB_: why would you need to? if it's for a static library those are bundled into a .a06:45
TimB_okay, didn't know exactly that's why i asked :)06:47
TimB_libreoffice now wants that around, no off switch for that06:47
ryuono idea.06:48
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TimB_well, if an o-file is just an 'prestage' to the final static a-library then you already answered my question06:49
TimB_ryuo: still, thank you!06:55
SiFuhprt-get fsearch 8192eu.ko ... nothing :'-(06:56
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brian|lfsanyone crazy like me and have SLI on Linux?07:00
TimB_not me07:00
brian|lfsah was just curious I have two 1080ti and they seem to be running like crap07:03
brian|lfsI might have to make a better xorg.conf file07:03
brian|lfsmaybe 3d acceleration is off by default07:03
brian|lfsinteresting someone would bother having a port for mesa-demos as 32 bit lol07:05
TimB_not me either, and i got to go. another day another lecture. laters07:06
brian|lfsah ok ttyl07:07
brian|lfsnot far behind you07:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: nmap: 7.70 -> 7.8014:08
fysAre there any unofficial ARM64 ports of Crux?14:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wireshark: 3.0.4 -> 3.2.014:19
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weednix:( my system keeps not building16:17
weednixI have problems on rust and qt, already rebuild core and opt (less gcc and glibc)16:18
weednixI'm about to try to build all contrib. but the time and effort ...16:18
weednixmy build errors
fysTimB_: Thanks!16:31
SiFuhask TimB_ about ccache16:41
pedjaweednix, don;t bother with building rust, use rust-bin. rebuild rsvg, that should fix adwaita error16:41
pedjamariadb error is self-explanatory, you have files from previous build16:42
TimB_SiFuh: i see a similiarity between you and weednix. you both alter the ports system so much stuff seems just to break under your foots :P16:42
weednixI removed that log (maria) I pkgadd -u -f16:42
pedjaand qt and spidermonkey can't extract the source16:42
weednixyes, weyhard16:43
SiFuhTimB_: you ass, i altered nothing. I build my shit to be under /opt only and independent of crux.16:43
pedjadon't see any error on boost, thou16:43
weednixpedja: machine is building contrib collection,16:44
TimB_SiFuh: lol :D16:44
SiFuhI am making a voodoo doll16:44
SiFuhnah kidding   would never do that16:44
TimB_if you do, send me a picture :P16:44
pedjaweednix, I'd suggest using Romster's built packages for bigger/PITA stuff :)16:45
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TimB_pedja: romsters rust (non bin) port works _that well_, it worked on the raspi with a simple s/x86_64/aarch64/g basically16:46
weednixwhere I can find more about that stuff ? pkg-get or how it is?16:46
pedjaTimB_, what, no upstream bin for arm64?16:46
TimB_i dunno, i don't care either ;)16:46
TimB_i use crux, not ubuntu16:46
SiFuhbecareful, if something goes wrong TimB_ will blame you for a retarded install16:47
TimB_i am usually the one to get "package-shamed"16:47
SiFuhsuck it up?16:47
TimB_hahaha :P i manage16:48
SiFuhYou should watch Kung Fury16:49
TimB_yeah i always forget about it but i should16:50
TimB_i am more of an series guy so i barely watch movies16:50
SiFuhyou born in what decade?16:50
TimB_late 80s16:50
SiFuhahh then you may not get it..16:50
SiFuhKung Fury is a rip off of the 80s16:51
SiFuhand it is only 30 minutes long16:51
SiFuhyou may know a few of the scenes from cartoons and computer games16:52
pedjait's not 'rip off', it's homage to movies from that time :)16:54
pedjaand it's fcking epic, imho16:55
SiFuhhah, been in Asia too long, need a non English speaker to correct me ;-)16:55
SiFuhIt's the best!16:55
SiFuhepic isn't a word I'd use16:55
SiFuhbut close16:55
SiFuhbut yeah pedja   it's homage16:56
pedjaAsian cinema is way more interesting then the majority of Western one16:57
SiFuhexcept 90% is drama series16:58
SiFuhand it is always   white skin asians are the kind sexy beautiful rich and the black skin asians are evil and deceptive criminals16:58
SiFuhKorean and Japanese Mini Dramas a pretty cool16:59
SiFuhpedja: Thors pecks are epic17:00
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weednixTimB_: sorry only now I read above, I only change footprints to update with current build, if I change a Pkgfile and remain the changes is because it fix something that was giving error.17:01
TimB_weednix: sorry, wasn't meant to piss you off or something ;)17:02
weednixand I try to keep upstream, when I fail a collection build I generally update with upstream before continuing17:02
SiFuhweednix: he does it all the time ;-)17:02
weednix:D no, just explaining ....17:02
weednixis just git merge --no-ff and git add -u ...17:03
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SiFuhepic pedja is back17:04
SiFuhat the 2D fight scene ;-)17:04
pedjaepic failure pedja is back, yes17:04
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pedjaanyway, how's Asia, SiFuh? sunny and hot?17:06
SiFuhnah  cloudy and hot17:06
pedjahm, this can't be right. randint from conda's numpy is ~5x slower then leap's numpy17:11
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pedja1.16.1 vs 1.17.417:13
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TimB_pfew, rebuilt the new lo with 2 new deps two times in a row in a container, should be good to go for contrib, but i will go over the changes tomorrow22:00
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TimB_SiFuh: btw, two times in a row with only core installed and some of opt, plus adding gcc-fortran manually because well.. that's just overkill, otherwise, everything on its way was rebuilt (using ccache in the second run)22:08
rmullteK_: I have all the wireshark deps installed, but my footprint is still missing usr/lib64/wireshark/plugins/3.2/codecs/sbc.so22:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: grub2-efi: switched to build with python 3 instead of 223:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: grub2: switched to build with python 3 instead of 223:22
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