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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 5.0-rc3 -> 5.0-rc500:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: librsvg: update url, add sccache check00:33
Romsterweednix, i don't even see the error on gcc and why is the signature file not there for gcc? spidermonkey says it can't create directory. and all these 3 ports are big they need space to build, i bet your hard disk hasn't got a lot of free space to work with.00:49
RomsterSiFuh> prt-get fsearch 8192eu.ko ... nothing :'-( <- use locate 8192eu.ko or find... or even zgrep 8192eu /proc/config.gz00:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: speexdsp: 1.2rc3 -> 1.2.003:40
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SiFuhRomster: tried, that is why I shoewd the sad face. It isn't even in the kernel. I had to download and compile the driver myself05:08
SiFuhI was kind of hoping there was a port for it already05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: clementine: 1.3.1.r771.75f18dab2 -> 1.4.0rc105:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: thunderbird: 68.3.1 -> 68.4.105:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: iptstate: 2.2.3 -> 2.2.605:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ipset: 7.4 -> 7.505:39
RomsterSiFuh, oh that blows...05:39
SiFuhShould be easy to whip a port05:42
Romsterof course that's why i have so many05:43
SiFuhGot a weird one for you05:44
SiFuhI ran this     prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep $(prt-get listinst))   and a group of ports failed. They aren't and have never even been installed on my system05:45
Romsterlist installed but you then nested that in quickdep05:46
Romsterquickdep would pull in any dependencies installed or not05:46
Romsterso that means you are missing dependencies on some ports05:46
Romsterthat are listed on depends on05:47
SiFuhhmm  I will look into it later05:47
Romstermaybe you missed them on changes or you had your own overlay of ports05:47
SiFuhi don't see why I'd need any compat packages or vulcan05:47
Romsterprefer higher might be set or something05:47
Romsterwine steam uses compat05:47
Romsternot much else05:47
SiFuhI don't use either05:48
Romsternothing 32bit on your ystem like an emulator or something?05:48
SiFuhnot that I am aware of05:48
SiFuhhow would you introduce  a git location in a Pkgfile05:49
Romstermaybe start commenting out prtdir in prt-get.conf and retest prt-get quickdep $(prt-get listinst)05:50
Romsterthere is no tarball you can get?05:51
SiFuhI am looking at this.. I see there is a zip archive05:51
Romster hit the <> then the cone or download button05:52
SiFuhhold on, checking the official driver version05:53
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Romstershould also work05:56
Romstersee prt-get cat spriv-tools05:56
SiFuhYeah cool05:56
Romstertook a bit of digging to find that method05:58
Romsteri have no idea why that is not in the kernel06:01
SiFuhme too06:02
SiFuhthere are some rtl8192 in the kernel06:02
SiFuhnot not the eu06:02
SiFuhc ce cu de ee se  and I tried them all06:03
Romsterpersonally i would rip the wifi module out if it's possible and get a more modern wifi card06:03
SiFuhAs you know my internet is really bad and I get disconnected a lot. I found this USB wifi stick and connected it and now my internet is stable. I am wondering if the intel wifi card I have causes conflict with the router06:04
SiFuhIntel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a)06:04
Romsteri dunno have you looked at support on it on linux06:05
SiFuhhold on  the evil port is compiling06:06
SiFuhwhen I compile the original from the official site   it errors out06:07
SiFuhThe unofficial on git works well06:07
SiFuhI should find a wifi dongle that doesn't follow FCC rules ;-) and is super powerful haha06:19
Romstertp-link make some06:27
SiFuhYeah my friend in Kyrgyzstan bought one, and I am waiting to find out the brand and model06:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libmp4v2: 2.0.0 ->
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libshout: 2.4.2 -> 2.4.306:42
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SiFuhRomster: prt-get dependent ffmpeg-compat lists audacity07:28
SiFuhand the vulkan-headers and vulkan-loader, libplacebo  are for mpv07:31
SiFuhI will look into that later07:31
weednixgood morning,07:34
weednixthanks Romster, I had work directory mounted as described in the wiki, was thinking swap wold give enough room07:35
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: mesa3d: update to 19.3.211:48
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SiFuhpedja: Watched 'The warriors way' again. Still as good as the first time.12:50
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frinnst geez13:15
frinnstwonder if I can sell off one of the companys /21 or something :p13:17
frinnstyou have some extra expenses if you want to start up a business today compared to 10 years ago13:18
pedjaAWS pays big bucks for /8, apparently13:18
pedjaI mentioned that MIT sold them their ipv4 /8, iirc13:19
frinnstyeah, let the suckers pay $$ for it and then run nat6413:19
pedjathey pretty much switched exclusively to ipv6 for their networks13:21
frinnstI wanted to run a fresh customersite on ipv6 only but alas, shitty thinclients and other crap only supported ipv413:21
pedjaipv6 is kind of like 'the year on the linux desktop', 'next year, for sure' :)13:22
pedjayeah, lots of legacy sw out there, apparently13:24
][_R_][It'd have better adoption if switching to it were easier :/13:42
][_R_][Oh neat, my ISP finally supports IPv613:45
][_R_][I just need to set things up manually13:45
][_R_][And figgure out how to do all the security stuff it'll entail13:45
pedjahow does that work, anyway? isp gives /56 prefix, you pick /64, plug it in slaac/dhcpv6 config, clients autoconfigure themselves?14:01
][_R_][I haven't a fucking clue14:03
frinnstworks just like ipv414:07
frinnstso yeah, pretty much14:08
][_R_][No need for NAT though, right?14:09
frinnstgod no14:09
][_R_][So the firewall rules are fairly different14:09
frinnstnat is not a firewall14:09
][_R_][Right, but my NAT does firewall stuff14:09
frinnstmost cheap routers/firewall treat it as such though, so make sure you have a firewall in place14:10
][_R_][OpenBSD is my firewall/NAT/gateway14:10
pedjaI am pretty sure pf can handle ipv6 just fine :)14:30
SiFuhI don't think ipv6 can handle pf ;-)14:34
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pedjahas nftables gain any traction yet? supposedly it's the new hotness14:42
pedjafirewalld can use iptables or nftables as a backend, iirc14:42
SiFuhi have been using it for years14:42
SiFuhnft is awesome14:43
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SiFuhcheck out my super simple firewall on my laptop14:50
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SiFuhTimB_: Romster: is there a website that has crux updates or only on the channel #crux ?15:00
TimB_ SiFuh: there is i think15:03
TimB_but it lacks proper rules to filter stuff, but it's neat15:03
SiFuhhow did my wallpapers from 2003 and 2004 end up here15:04
SiFuhI still have the originals here15:11
SiFuhHow horrible is that. My Crux desktop in 200315:14
tilmanSiFuh: was that pre-xft-aa?15:18
SiFuh2.4.20 kernel too15:19
SiFuhThe ascii is suppose to be Thai characters but the gtk only seemed to support one kind of charset at a time in those days.15:21
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SiFuhpedja: !16:00
jaegerOne of mine from '97 is out in the wild still16:04
jaegerfrom for reference16:05
SiFuh16th of october 199716:13
pedjacool wallpaper16:26
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tilmanthose ancient enlightenment shots ;d16:31
pedja'unknown irc user' heh16:32
SiFuhI had some weird   licq themes back in the day16:34
pedjaI think I used enlightenment for a bit, when this netbook ran freebsd16:34
pedjamuch more usable on 10inch screen, iirc16:35
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pedjathen old xfce16:36
SiFuh3 LICQ clients at the same time...16:37
SiFuhand desktop is englightenment16:37
pedjayou drew the man in 'got rice'?16:39
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: mesa3d-32: updated to version 19.3.216:41
SiFuhThat I stole from somewhere16:41
pedjasome annoyingly talented people out there :)16:44
SiFuhYou never seen my work?16:45
pedjadon't think so16:45
SiFuhhold on16:45
pedjaI've seen some amazing work people did with Grease Pencil in Blender-2.8x16:46
SiFuhMine is done on paper with pencil, inked and scanned then GIMP to go the colouring16:47
pedjatried Krita yet?16:47
pedjathere is an appimage of it, iirc, if you are curious16:48
pedjanice work, btw :)16:48
pedjayou've probably seen
pedjaall done using open source software16:53
pedjathe artist worked on Blender's Sintel, Spring and couple of other projects, afaik16:55
pedjaconcept art, that sort of thing16:56
SiFuhWhere is the Samurai Pizza Cats ?16:56
pedja"The feline staff of a pizza joint fight crime as superheroes when called for."16:57
SiFuhYeah, Japanese version is tough as16:58
SiFuhthe American version change the words and make them all sarcasitic comedians16:58
joacimaccording to those trying to justify using commercial software, you cannot do anything useful or neat with free software16:58
SiFuhjoacim: depends16:58
SiFuhopenshot is free and it is much better than the commercial version that looks similar to it16:59
pedjawell, resolve is free, too. not open source, thou17:04
pedjaand no h264 support on Linux, afaik, due to licencing/patents17:04
pedjaspeaking of licencing, 'not available in your region'.oh, well17:06
pedja(the Samurai Pizza Cats episodes)17:07
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SiFuhACTION !18:57
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brainzmanhaving my slash and my shift on the same key was a bad idea18:58
frinnstfinally ordered an ipv6 buddy!19:11
SiFuhI ordered AWUS 1900  probably won't see it till March due to Chinese new year19:25
SiFuhjaeger: seems that wifi card of mine the Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a) crashes the innacomm router19:27
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jaegerthe sucks20:43
jaeger8260s are very common, you'd think they'd have noticed that in testing, heh20:44
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pedjayay, for once Serbia is listed as European country on that ipv6 buddy site :)21:10
pedjausually it's in the 'the rest of the world, along with Zimbabwe or something like that21:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libmediainfo: 19.04 -> 19.0922:05
pedja (air quality index rankings)22:06
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pedjaapparently, 2 of the 3 active sensors 'failed' after we won the top spot in pollution. what a coincidence...22:07
weednixiSuck, crux rock22:07
weednixpedja: Joao Faras talked about crux in 1500, a visionary22:12
weednixpedja: Lisbon got the "greenest city in Europe", precisely when people are battling lithium open pit's and a kaput before building airport.22:13
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frinnstyay, good air here22:14
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weednixI'm so bad at writing that I gave a sintax error on the new domain, the error turn on to be better :D22:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: desktop-file-utils: updated to version 0.2422:43
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