IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2020-01-13

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SiFuhprt-get dependent librsvg-compat adwaita-icon-theme05:45
SiFuhadwaita-icon-theme can't be updated to use librsvg ?05:46
SiFuhTimB_: Workster: in /etc/pkgmk.conf what does your export CFLAGS= line look like?07:06
SiFuhif I comment out export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe" in the pkgmk.conf I can then now compile networkmanager.07:07
SiFuhif I use -pipe it fails to build with that error ERROR: Unable to determine dynamic linker07:08
joacimhad that the other day. havent had time to look into it yet07:08
joacimI'll try changing that when i next try compiling networkmanager07:09
frinnstSiFuh: I dont want to pull in fucking rust08:05
frinnstrust can eat a bag of dicks08:05
SiFuhHahahaha of course frinnst08:08
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SiFuhWould be great if every program used the same compiler language08:15
TimB_export CFLAGS="-march=x86-64 -O2" #removed -pipe08:23
TimB_export CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"08:23
TimB_SiFuh: ^08:23
SiFuhI see.08:29
SiFuhNetworkManager/1.23.1 is out08:31
TimB_uneven numbers are testing08:31
SiFuhI see cool08:31
SiFuhACTION dances around with his middle finger in the air08:34
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SiFuhwhat on earth does that mean?  Packages updated  --> [pre: failed]10:00
SiFuhxfce4-notifyd [pre: failed] [post: ok]10:02
tilmantrick question? it refers to the pre-install and post-install scripts10:05
SiFuhCool thansk10:10
SiFuhYeah, that helped a lot. Found out it was nothing important10:13
SiFuhmissing exo  xfconf    nothing important if you don't use xfce11:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nodejs: 12.14.0 -> 12.14.111:43
Romsterweednix, yeah you need way more space to build them large ports12:05
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SiFuhRomster: awesome thanks12:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mysql: update to 5.7.2912:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mutt: update to 1.13.312:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dar: update to 2.6.712:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: x265: 3.0 -> 3.2.113:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: bftpd: 5.2 -> 5.413:52
RomsterSiFuh, adwaita-icon-theme can that's not my preference13:58
Romsterrust-bin frinnst13:59
Romsteri made that for a reason13:59
SiFuhRomster: I did change it  just wonder why no one has13:59
SiFuhRomster: frinnst: is right rust does suck14:00
Romstergo sucks more imo but each to there own14:01
SiFuhRomster: year I did that14:04
SiFuhJust when I do a ports -u it will probably change ;-)14:04
SiFuhanyways  be back later  going to finish the blazing saddles movie14:10
Romsteri am going to sleeps14:16
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joacimnow this is cheap15:22
joacimgood price for such a high quality case, even tho it is old, and its age is very visible =)15:22
joacimI'd buy it myself, but it doesnt ship to norway15:23
frinnstextra plexiglass16:16
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pedjathis has been rather popular at various reddit communities
pedjar/programming and r/badcode, in particular16:30
pedjapeople usually start with
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pedjasome interesting discussions about good vs good enough code16:47
joacimdefinitely good enough to release a successful game =)16:49
pedjaI think Cantrill talked about Solaris vs Linux kernel source once16:50
pedjaSolaris kernel code - elegant Linux - a bit of the mess16:51
pedjaSolaris OS - pretty much a niche. Linux - pretty much everywhere16:52
pedjait's more complicated then that, probably, but it seems that 'good enough' worked for Linux16:54
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SiFuhkilled my system some how ;-)18:32
SiFuhI think filesystem error18:33
SiFuhnot 100% sure   complains about ldstat not being able to unlink and some other structure crap18:34
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SiFuhit is all TimB_'s fault for advertising ccache ;-)18:46
TimB_SiFuh: i'm so glad you like it :)18:49
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SiFuh_yeah f2fs problem18:58
SiFuh_still TimB_'s fault haha18:59
pedjathis looks interesting
pedjakind of like mpv and youtube-dl in one19:01
SiFuh_Terminal based YouTube player and downloader19:02
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tilmanpedja: mmh, but mpv has built-in support for youtube-dl (as in, it knows when to exec youtube-dl)19:06
TimB_SiFuh: :D19:06
pedjatilman, nice, didn't know that19:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: removed some superfluous packager lines19:18
SiFuh_I wonder how many of you guys can pronounce the word 'superfluous'19:18
jaegersooo purr flooo usss19:19
SiFuh_jaeger: i give you a 75% ;-)19:19
jaegermaybe I should have capitalized PURR for emphasis19:19
SiFuh_try sur pur flu us19:20
TimB_;a=blob;f=mplayer-vaapi/Pkgfile;h=bf345a4c7ad66beb5c5ef4ff870125a0f5fc691c;hb=89e17356668190aadc4fe4900c753317f70be7ee does _anybody_ use that anymore? version=2013-09-1219:20
jaegeryou've got an extra 'r' in there19:20
jaegerTimB_: seems unlikely at this point but I don't know for sure19:21
SiFuh_TimB_: I am using vaapi and mplayer19:22
SiFuh_sir pur flu us19:22
TimB_but do you use _that_ port?19:22
TimB_i think it's save to say if somebody still uses it, removing it might not make any difference anyway, since it won't receive any more updates :P19:23
TimB_correct me if i'm wrong, teK_ :)19:23
SiFuh_TimB_: how did your ccache destroy my filesystem ;-)19:23
TimB_SiFuh_: trade secret :P19:24
TimB_i dunno about f2fs for ccache though...19:24
SiFuh_TimB_: so I think the real issue was when I was testing xfce4 power manager to suspend the laptop when it hit 10% which was actually compiling some dick shit at that particular time. After it woke up it failed in everything.19:25
TimB_ok, that can be tricky sometimes, yeah19:26
SiFuh_so yeah    i think suspend and f2fs may have some issues or suspend and compiling over f2fs was an issue19:26
SiFuh_the errors I recognized from the early days of reiserfs19:27
SiFuh_i am not an old guy  so don't dare tease me19:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: removed some superfluous packager lines19:27
SiFuh_cruxbot: can you pronounce it ?19:27
jaegerThe first syllable is the wrong one19:28
SiFuh_sir sur ser19:28
jaeger"su" in "super" has no "r" sound whatsoever19:28
SiFuh_hmm SU:19:29
SiFuh_ok you win19:29
jaegerenglish is annoying but it IS my native language19:29
SiFuh_fscking jaeger :-P19:29
jaegerAnd my mom was an english teacher for many years19:29
SiFuh_superfluous isn't native ;-)19:29
SiFuh_so am was I :-P19:29
SiFuh_English teacher notyour mum19:29
SiFuh_dude these IKEA chairs are not designed for laughing19:30
SiFuh_jaeger: you win19:31
jaegerOne might call this a superfluous victory19:31
SiFuh_in AU it is sir in UK it is sa and in US it is sue19:31
SiFuh_And for the record in general when they are using older words. USA actually wins because they tend to follow the olden ways as opposed to UK whom chooses to adapt to the new ways.19:32
SiFuh_except in spelling ...................19:32
jaegercan't win 'em all, hehe19:33
jaegerthanks, english!19:33
SiFuh_i still use gaol and you twats use jail19:33
SiFuh_jail is actually far superior ;)19:34
jaegerstill rarely see use of 'gaol' and 'gaoler' in written stuff, though definitely not common these days19:34
tilmanthat site seems to have two different pronounciations for US for the same word?19:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: spdlog: 1.4.2 -> 1.5.019:34
jaegerguess that was redundant, oops19:35
SiFuh_tilman: 5 countries and 5 pronunciations and 2 spellings ;-)19:35
tilmanmaybe it doesn't show fully for me19:35
jaegerI bugged jue for like 2 hours in person back in 2004 about why German is better than English, heh19:35
jaegerI bet he was tired of listning to me19:35
SiFuh_gaol is French if I remember correctly. Either way it is stupid. Jail is much better. I was brought up with gaol and my brother  years younger was brought up with jail.19:36
SiFuh_German is better19:36
jaegerI think both versions were french, oddly19:36
SiFuh_English is just the whore of all languages19:36
jaegerone anglo-norman, one old?19:36
jaegerMight be misremembering19:36
SiFuh_hold on    i have an idea19:37
jaegerword eymology is fun and weird, especially in a language that takes a lot of words from others19:37
jaegeryeah. I'm having trouble typing properly today. hands are cold19:38
pedjatilman, one at the top, and one in the 'American Dictionary'? same here19:38
SiFuh_don't mistake it with the word entymology :-) Which the US abused and flooded the North Koreans with a wave of Etymological warfare.19:39
jaegerdo you mean entomology?19:39
jaegeror is entymology a word I don't know? I'll go look it up19:39
jaegerok, google also thinks I mean entomology19:40
SiFuh_yeah I don't know Y but you can stick it in your Ooooo19:40
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SiFuh_the US dumped tonnes of viral infected insects on the Northern Koreans.19:41
jaegerweaponized entomology19:42
SiFuh_etymology and entomology are two different words19:42
SiFuh_evil nation19:42
SiFuh_4am   time for beer  brb19:43
jaegera.k.a. "beer o'clock"19:44
tilmanmakes sense that it's 4 pm in the northern hemisphere and 4 am in the southern one19:44
SiFuh_5 o'clock somewhere19:45
SiFuh_i live in the northern and sorry tilman it doesn't make sense ;-)19:46
SiFuh_time zones circumvent the globe not from east to west not from north to south19:47
SiFuh_and i need to learn English19:47
tilmani was obviously(!!1) kidding19:47
tilmanthough i thought you were in AU19:47
SiFuh_I am in MY19:48
SiFuh_They have things called airplanes19:48
tilmanclose enough19:48
TimB_SiFuh_: and they let you use one?19:48
TimB_pfew :D19:48
SiFuh_haha fscking hate here already19:48
SiFuh_use to love it  but changes are bad19:48
SiFuh_TimB_: i don't crash planes like you crash CRUX'ers computers ;-)19:49
jaegerHe plays x-plane!19:49
jaegertherefore: pilot19:49
SiFuh_just in case ;-)19:49
SiFuh_if I am going down, I want to have a chance boys19:49
SiFuh_anyways 14 and 15 I will be in KL19:52
SiFuh_so you guys can enjoy my lack of company19:53
SiFuh_TimB_: thansk for the ccache idea, I do like it a lot19:55
TimB_hehe, sure, no problem19:55
SiFuh_I am still going to blame you for everything that goes wrong19:55
TimB_haha that's ok19:55
SiFuh_just kidding ;-)19:55
TimB_everybody needs somebody :P19:55
SiFuh_beer coming out of my nose in laughter19:56
TimB_that's alright19:56
TimB_this is how your body expresses joy :)19:56
SiFuh_later I will test during a compile xfce's power manager suspend again, will have to compile gc or glibc  and i will let you all know19:57
SiFuh_drinking beer is an expresion of joy... spraying it out of my nose is a sin19:57
SiFuh_but will have to wait till after 16       popcorn sutton time then ;-)19:58
pedjaI at first read that as 'drinking bear is an expression of joy'19:59
pedjaagreed :)19:59
SiFuh_beer not bear19:59
SiFuh_don't insult my brew dude ;-)19:59
SiFuh_I got vodka mix, beer mix, tibetan wine mix and yeast growing here.. ;-)20:00
pedjawhat, no poppy fields?20:01
SiFuh_it isn't hard to make beer. THere are many youtube videos just talking shit... but seriously the rules are simple20:01
SiFuh_I live in MY   it ain't cold enough for poppy plants ;-)20:02
SiFuh_pedja: one of the coolest things I have ever seen is walking along a main road in the deserts of Kazakhstan and all I see is an ocean of weeds.... marijuana that grows wild.. I myself hate the stuff but seeing it wild all the way to the horizan was very cool.20:03
SiFuh_I think KZ coud actualy make money selling it20:04
SiFuh_night everytone20:08
SiFuh_i don't care about your tones20:08
tilmanACTION waves20:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: lftp: 4.8.4 -> 4.9.020:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: remind: 03.01.17 -> 03.02.0020:58
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pedjayay, New Year's fireworks has begun22:59
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duskmournis it possible to install grub or Lilo to the root partition rather than the MBR via the setup program?23:10
jaegersetup only installs the files owned by grub or lilo, how you configure it is your choice23:11
duskmournhaven't actually done an install yet so wasn't sure23:12
jaegerall good23:14
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BurnZeZWell, I tried that shotgun approach23:31
BurnZeZqtwebengine still fails to build with the same error23:32
frinnstgod damn. started an erp upgrade 5 hrs ago23:57
frinnstno end in sight23:57
frinnst"Optimizing database" asdf23:58

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