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frinnstooooooh it might be done soon00:10
frinnstoooh my ipv6 buddies have shipped :D00:15
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frinnstphew, done00:43
frinnst6 fucking hours00:43
frinnstcpu and io was idle for like 70% of the upgrade process00:44
frinnstpiece of shit software00:44
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SiFuh_heh 25th of January is new years  oh no04:30
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SiFuh_Nice IP Address04:41
fysip address?04:58
SiFuh_The importations of goods specified below are prohibited except under an import licence or permit from relevant authorities: Apparatus/equipment for the brewing of beer in the home.05:13
SiFuh_My distiller passed through customs. Guess they didn't know what it was ;-)05:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cmocka: 1.1.1 -> 1.1.506:42
SiFuhRomster: this is really awesome thanks for that.06:55
SiFuhExactly what I need for when I am offline in some asian jungle for a few weeks06:55
SiFuhI don't even have grub or lilo or any bootmanager software installed. I had syslinux on the main drive and never bothered changing it06:56
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SiFuhTimB_: when I booted into Clonezilla and ran fsck.f2fs it found a whole heap of files and dumped them into 'lost & found' then it asked me 'Would you like to restore all the lost files?' so I hit yes, and bam, everything was back to the way it should be.07:18
TimB_everything? cool, that's good!07:19
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SiFuheverything and no stupid  000000 000001 000002 or whatever files.07:28
TimB_thats very cool07:29
SiFuhYes, it suprised me also.07:31
SiFuhA completely broken filesystem with corruptions everywhere and suddenly everything was found and put back to where it should belong07:31
SiFuhStill trying to get my head around how impressive that was07:32
SiFuhMy 35Litre Distiller arrived today ;-)08:07
ryuoSiFuh: making alcohol, eh?08:08
SiFuhryuo: hell yeah, decided I want to make Vodka as I can sell it easier than the beer08:09
SiFuhand it is much cheaper to make vodka than making beer08:09
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SiFuhIt's illegal to import equipment for brewing alcohol here in Malaysia. It passed through customs without any issues whats so ever.08:10
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frinnstsounds fun10:03
][_R_]["Here we are, the king who sits upon this mountain of fuck-ups.  We'll fix some of them.  Eventually."  -- MS10:24
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stenurAny reason perl is a bit off? 5.30.1 came in December '19 and updated 30[.0] as of July last year.17:30
stenurNothing heavy, just currently looking to hook MusicBrainz and saw this (my discripper is perl)17:30
stenurAnd, was thinking. How hard would it be to turn the base system so that you could have LXC run _on it_, only with some overlay files for /etc/ and /var/, and an overlay to store anything that changes while up.17:33
pedjaminor perl versions are usually updated every release, iirc17:33
pedjaCrux release, that is17:34
stenur_That_ would be just tremendous.  Other than that still not found time for lxc, its somehow sad to have the need to have an entire image copy.17:34
stenurpedja: ah, just like gcc and glibc? I did not know that!17:35
stenurYeah, great, get away with python and all the sauce, perl is faster, smaller, can more, and has tremendous Unicode power.17:36
stenurThanks, pedja.17:36
pedjasomeone posted an answer to a programming challenge at r/dailyprogrammer in Brainf*ck17:39
pedjaone of the comments was: "Yup, still more readable then Perl." :)17:39
stenurAh, that one :)17:40
stenurThe syntax sucks a bit. Almost my one and only one thing i like with python, a bit.17:41
stenurThis is why i like the Nim language (Nimrod before the ISIS destroyed that city), it really tries to address the concers of programmers. From Python it takes the syntax. Then it assembles the result to portable C. Yay.17:43
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stenurMusicBrainz is brain-dead fucking shit, honestly.22:39
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duskmournI'm confused, in /etc/rc.d/net do I have to edit it if I'm not using a static connection?23:22
jaegerIt's set up for generic dhcp23:24
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stenurAnd libdiscid uses v1 of the protocol which has been shutdown for some time now; seems no one actually uses this library for database queries (as such, at least).23:42
stenurMan, it was _so_ easy with CDDB.23:43
stenurWhat a mess.  Good night :)23:43
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