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duskmournhow do I fox a signature mismatch error?00:34
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weednixRomster: my problem with rust was not space :)
weednixtomorrow or then, will search how to fix it for sccache01:21
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duskmournfinally got X working, but my second monitor isn't detected by it01:59
duskmournunsure what the issue could be, I should have my graphics drivers installed01:59
weednixduskmourn: cool, I just had a problem on a older computer, tomorrow will research
weednixbut I'm happy, rust built and firefox is building... this means my packages are not broken, was just port or building configuration problem02:02
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daftaupedamn, it's actually not possible to use root=UUID=xxx without using an initramfs/initrd :/ but one can use root=PARTUUID= instead, took me way to long to discover that, now I've successfully installed crux :)08:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: scite: update to 4.3.009:15
daftaupewho is in charge of mirror ?10:00
pedjaadding a new one to the list?10:16
pedjadaftaupe, checked ?10:18
daftaupehmm let me explain10:19
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daftaupeI noticed that there's this french mirror :, but they don't have the file which would make the http mirror usable through .httpup file10:20
daftaupethat seems to be because it's filtered out via the rsync module config :
daftaupeI asked the maintainer, they sync through rsync and then they don't get that file10:20
daftaupewhich makes the http mirror useless10:20
TimB_official port repos use rsync, check /etc/ports/core.rsync opt.rsync contrib.rsync compat32.rsync10:21
daftaupeI can't use rsync where I have my machine (company fw)10:22
TimB_bummer, i have no idea if there is any httpup mirror10:22
daftaupewell there's the one10:22
daftaupebut the ircam one would work if the rsync module on would allow rsync to get the REPO file10:22
ryuodaftaupe: we can download the file set for you as a temporary workaround. is that acceptable?10:23
TimB_i believe mirrors are managed by teK_10:23
daftaupethanks ryuo, I got it working using mirror, but I would prefer using a french mirror as I'm in France10:24
ryuoi see.10:24
daftaupeit's just I don't see the point putting http mirrors on the download page if that REPO file is not available (if I'm not mistaken ports can't use regular http, just httpup right ?)10:25
ryuoTimB_: it's weird. i checked the repo page. rsync is mostly used just by crux.nu10:26
ryuoeverything else is httpup10:27
TimB_well, most is on httpup10:27
TimB_jaegers repo uses rsync10:27
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Romsterweednix, odd i didn't get that issue with sccache and on a 8 or so year old pc.11:02
daftauperyuo, which page ?11:06
daftaupeah, these are for additionnal ports right ?11:07
ryuowell it's a complete listing of known ports.11:08
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daftaupeI see but for example core opt and xorg are available on other mirrors, not only on crux.ru12:38
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daftaupeare there ports one has to build using clang and ports one has to build with gcc ?14:21
daftaupewhen trying to compile firefox it seems it's trying to find clang14:21
TimB_prt-get depends firefox14:22
daftaupeshouldn't dependencies get installed when I prt-get install firefox ?14:23
TimB_prt-get depinstall firefox14:23
daftaupeahaa, that's the trick I was missing14:24
TimB_it will also build rust, so if you don't have either clang nor rust around yet, this will take some time14:26
TimB_depending on your system, of course14:26
daftaupeah, so that's why there's the firefox-bin I guess :)14:27
TimB_i guess it was introduced with "fuck rust", probably ;)14:28
weednixRomster: asap I try with prt-get, then I will try to put that timeout thing14:35
weednixfirefox built14:36
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daftaupedamn, I didn't really take the time to compile my own kernel before installing crux, but there are so many config options ...16:08
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duskmourncurrently have 2 monitors setup and xrandr only detects the one, pretty certain I have my graphics drivers installed properly18:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dbus-python: updated to 1.2.16. Switched to python320:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nss: updated to 3.49.120:23
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duskmourncan anyone help me figure out why the amdgpu driver isn't loading? Here's my Xorg log
jaegerDo you have the proper firmware loading? check 'dmesg | grep firmware'20:54
duskmournthat's a no20:56
jaegerprobably everything you need is in opt/linux-firmware20:57
duskmournI have it installed already20:58
jaegerhave you rebooted since then? Also, install xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu20:59
duskmournyeah I've rebooted, I also have the xorg driver installed21:00
jaegerhrmm, not sure. It works well for me.21:01
duskmournmight have something to do with the fact I reinstalled linux-firmware when I updated my system?21:01
jaegerI doubt it... linux-firmware doesn't do anything special or unusual21:02
jaegeroh. is amdgpu built into the kernel <*> or module <M>?21:04
duskmourngood question21:04
duskmournI think I built it in21:05
duskmournis that a problem?21:06
jaegerThat's probably the issue21:06
jaegerSince it needs to load firmware21:06
jaegerYou can either change it to module or you can build the needed firmware into the kernel21:06
jaegerThe first option is the easier one21:07
duskmournso just rebuild my kernel with it as a module?21:07
duskmourneasy enough21:07
duskmournalso why is Crux on such an old kernel still?21:09
ryuocrux always releases with an LTS kernel.21:10
ryuoyou're not forced to stick with that.21:10
ryuo4.19 isn't that old...21:11
jaeger^ exactly, it's LTS. switch to a different version if you like21:12
duskmournyeah, there's an unofficial port for the latest stable kernel I saw21:12
pedjaACTION runs 4.12.14 :)21:14
pedjanot on Crux, thou21:14
jaegeryou still could, theoretically, or as far back as 4.9.x21:16
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duskmournafter recompiling my kernel with amdgpu as a module I get this when I try to startx22:08
duskmournalways something lol22:08
stenurprt-get fsearch swrast_dri.so22:10
pedjathat's mesa, right?22:10
jaegerwell, at least one thing sticks out there... the missing is from an older llvm version, so it's probably that things got updated as part of sysup and now xorg bits need to be rebuilt22:10
jaegerspecifically mesa3d, xorg-server, and the xorg input/video drivers22:11
jaegersomething like: prt-get update -fr mesa3d xorg-server $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')22:11
jaegerone of the "fun" bits of source-based distributions22:12
duskmournOh I know how it is, I used to use an obscure source based distro22:13
pedjanah, libjpeg/png abi change requiring rebuilding ALL THE THINGS is 'fun' :)22:13
pedjathis is merely a nuisance22:14
jaegerduskmourn: as a side note, an easy way to pastebin things from your console rather than taking a photo:  curl -F 'f:1=<-' < /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:18
jaegeror use wgetpaste22:18
duskmournalright, I know there's a way to do that, I just always forget about it or what programs I'd need to use for it22:19
jaegerfair enough22:19
pedjawhy isn't there a ? most of the lesser distributions have their own :) ?22:22
pedjaone more thing to babysit for abuse, I guess22:22
duskmourn"stop using our paste service you filthy Arch users!"22:24
pedjawth is CSD? I see some of the xfce-4.15 parts getting support for it22:24
pedjaah, 'client side decorations', whatever that is22:25
ryuopedja: client side decorations.22:25
ryuopedja: the most annoying feature to ever grace gtk+3.22:25
pedjacourtesy of gnome devs, I presume?22:25
ryuopedja: probably? it integrates client window widgets with the titlebar.22:26
ryuothere's only one real way to disable it.22:26
pedjause KDE?22:26
ryuoa certain library called gtk3-nocsd22:26
ryuoif you preload it22:26
ryuoit effectively stops them cold.22:26
pedjathat's a bit...hacky22:27
ryuowhat isn't?22:27
pedjawell, not too worried, xfce-4.16 with csd support will be released somewhere ~2025, so22:29
duskmournI wonder how hard it would be to write ports for Cinnamon, I don't think it's dependant on systemd like gnome 322:36
pedjagnome3 requires logind, and there is elogind as a possible replacement, afaik22:37
pedjano idea about cinnamon22:38
jaegerI built cinnamon ports years ago, it wasn't too tough at the time22:40
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pedjainteresting, I see javascript is one of the dependencies.22:55
pedjaso they inherited that when they forked gnome3, I guess22:56
duskmournyeah pretty sure some parts are in written in JavaScript, not sure22:56
ryuopanel stuff is JS for sure.22:57
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pedjawhat's the reasoning there? lots of people know it, so no shortage of possible developers?23:01
pedjaawww "windows 7 is EOL'd, surely those people will migrate to Linux?'23:04
pedjamy guess? nope23:05
stenurAustrian goes that way too. today they report windows 7 produces a daily pop-up to state eosupport.23:05
pedjaCould Linux be a capable facebook box instead of win7? sure. Will people switch? Unlikely.23:11
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stenura month or so ago i asked on LUGA ML whether will "beat through" Linux on the desktop in a solo run; shortly thereafter they removed all articles; but started again now with real e-o-s.23:19
stenurother than that i fully agree. it is a pity though, we had Linux in bureaucracy, for example in Munich, even though M$ is there. But all gone. Vienna much earlier the same.23:24
stenurFunnily there is still the Univention server which essentially comes from German Bureaucracy (hi Bremen), still with free services. Used worldwide. Sigh.23:25
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brian|lfshey jaeger anyway to contact tsaop all he has on his ports is a fake email address23:57

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