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SiFuhTimB_: ;-) 20GB isn't enough haha05:01
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SiFuh   Anyone know what this is? I got this little leather clip thing as a gift when I bought a carton of beer08:11
jaegerbottle opener08:28
SiFuhLeather bottle opener?08:29
SiFuhLeather bottle opener holder?08:30
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SiFuhI decided to email the beer company with a photo08:52
Gene94Hello.Tell how to update glibc correctly?08:52
Gene94Updated to glibc 2.30 GCC 9.2. Installed xfce4. Everything works fine, only constantly traps: xfdesktop [17116] general protection fault ip: 55e254585b6d sp: 7ffef8020ad0 error: 0 in xfdesktop [55e25457a000 + 35000] It seems that it doesn’t affect the work08:52
Gene94All dependences rebuilt, still traps: xfdesktop08:53
Gene94Today rolled back to glibc 2.28 gcc 8.3.0 rebuilt dependencies, traps: xfdesktop is gone. strace and gdb showed nothing. I still don’t understand why, really because of glibc?09:03
tilmanGene94: if you run the crashing xfdesktop binary in gdb, you can get a backtrace and see where it crashes09:09
tilmanGene94: it might crash inside libc09:09
Gene94strace and gdb showed nothing09:12
Gene94traps: xfdesktop Didn’t affect the work in any way. xfdesktop started and worked as expected.09:14
tilmanthat's weird09:15
Gene94in fact of the matter09:16
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SiFuh haha can't have world leaders photgraphed without the legendary Valdamir Putin ;-)17:17
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fysI've spent a few hours this weekend completely customizing my Openbox3 keybindings to be completely keyboard driven and it's almost perfect.. this is delicious.19:01
SiFuhfys: cool back it up ;-)19:19
fysSiFuh: I put it on my git repo.19:21
fysI'd cry if I lost it.19:21
SiFuhcool stuff19:23
SiFuhfys: my keyboard bindings are a little sparse.  I have  MOD+F2 for screen lock, MOD+x for xterm, and ALT+F1....F12 (Change desktops), ALT+TAB forward ALT+SHIFT+TAB backwards (Cycle through programs)  :-P19:26
SiFuhhaha never changed in more than 20 years19:26
fysI had been using ob3 for over a decade without customizing it much.19:29
fysI don't know what crawled up my ass.19:29
fysOops. Wrong channel.19:34
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SiFuhI am getting to fat. I need a real workout plan19:47
SiFuhNo gym19:47
fysHoliday weight sneaks up on you and blows your brains out.19:50
SiFuhNo just nothing to do and becomeing lazy20:03
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SiFuhMaybe I will try to talk her into letting me get a Kung Fu Dummy ;-)20:04
fysMy weight bounces around like crazy.20:05
fysI've got T-Shirts that range from S to XL20:05
SiFuhI won't wear anything less than XL  unless it is an undershirt then it will be L20:06
fysBeing a drunk causes rapid fluctuations in weight, so I'm hoping that I'll go back to a Medium and stay there soon.20:08
SiFuhfys: Hmm, but I have been drinking since school20:09
fysWell, I was a massive alcoholic.20:10
fysThe kind they make after school specials about.20:10
SiFuhwas ?20:11
fysYeah, I'm sober now.20:12
SiFuhOh that sux20:12
fysYou're telling me!20:12
fysTrust me, if there was a way I could be a functional human being and drink, I'd have a beer right now.20:13
fysThere's a saying for people like me.20:13
SiFuhI moved to Malaysia where Beer is so expensive, I started illegally brewing my own. Now it is paying the bills ;-)20:13
fys1 drink is too many, 100 isn't enough.20:13
SiFuhJohnny Paycheck "Fifteen Beers"20:14
Romsterduskmourn glesv2.pc is in libglvnd21:53
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fysthis is largely /done/22:50
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