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frinnst lol wtf? do they want to give money to the EU or what?10:10
frinnstStarting with Version 2002 of Office 365 ProPlus, an extension for Microsoft Search in Bing will be installed that makes Bing the default search engine for the Google Chrome web browser.10:10
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joacimanother web developer wants to migrate a domain to their favourite service...11:13
joacimconvinced them to just send us their desired A and CNAME records.11:13
frinnsthaha its incredible, isnt it?11:18
frinnst"what, mail uses dns?!"11:19
frinnst well thats uplifting somewhat atleastr11:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 5.0-rc6 -> 5.014:01
frinnstrip cruxbot?14:05
stenurUnicode guys have humour.  For example, ♿ is direct follow-up of recycling symbols, like ♻  , .. and precedes die symbols like ⚀⚁⚂ . "The whole life is a quiz", or "Alea iacta est".14:20
stenurOne Monty Python member died today. Not a piece of shit, when you look at it.14:21
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frinnstwhat? who?15:15
frinnstdoh. terry jones15:15
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stenur0/WHODid not know he had dementia15:44
stenurAnd even was public with this.15:45
stenurHate that, it came with a newspaper site update as breaking news onto the page, with yellow background. Modern intellectuals suck, really.15:47
stenurAnd shitty scripts which run everywhere even if i do not want to.15:48
stenuruh-oh, python.15:49
stenurfalse channel !! :-)15:49
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fysI love googling an obscure thing, only to see someone briefly mention it 10 years ago with no resolution.23:06
][_R_][There was an XKCD about that23:21
fysi remember that one23:26

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