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fysAnyone else use 'st'?02:11
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fysIt's so fast.02:12
fysAnd the binary is 100k vs the 1.4mb for urxvt02:12
fysAlso, I managed to hax0r my openbox rc.xml to get around an ob3 "feature" i hate <302:14
fysso im pleased atm02:14
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fysOnly feature I miss is transparency in the term because I disabled compositing.02:16
fysEverything else is fabulous though.02:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wine-staging: updated to version 5.004:48
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libgmp-32: 6.1.2 -> 6.2.009:06
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: openssl1-32: 1.0.2s -> 1.0.2u09:06
frinnstwhat uses openssl 1.0 for 32bit?09:07
Romsterhey hey it's saturday that show was legendary09:08
SiFuhfrinnst: steam-native-runtime ?09:13
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TimB_frinnst: prt-get depends --all openssl1 ;D10:07
frinnstyeah but I dont have that repo enabled :)10:07
TimB_hehe, yeah :) makes sense10:07
TimB_had to patch sslscan to use openssl1 as well10:08
TimB_but not -3210:08
frinnstoh there is a openssl1 port? i just thought it was something specific to compat-3210:11
TimB_i think that every 32bit version of a port depends on 'its bigger brother'10:11
SiFuhfscking ebay10:15
SiFuhEbay sends me an email that there has been suspicious activity with my account and they reset my password, all because I changed country. 4 months later they do the same thing and I haven't moved.10:18
SiFuhThe worst part is, I have no mobile phone number only a land line in Australia. They want sms my land line.10:18
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frinnstusually they offer a robocall for stuff like that13:01
frinnstyou can have microsofts 2fa call you up with a code each time :D13:02
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SiFuhI live with morons! Her father comes to our home and hangs some Chinese laterns at the front of our house that are from China. (The family are Chinese of course). Next day they don't work, because the trip switched was tripped. They turn it on, and on, and on, and on, and still it keeps tripping. I asked "Do you expect a different result?" She asks me can I look at it. I said "No, your father installed it, he14:18
SiFuhshould, and if 'he' needs help ask me"14:18
SiFuhHe spends about 4 hours messing around and calls an Electrician. The Electrician turns up and spends about 10 minutes and says it is the laterns. They are from China and they don't work here. I recommend you disconnect the cables. Then he stole one of the light bulbs and left.14:20
SiFuhI asked why they both were unplugged and heard this ridiculous story. So I checked the lines and they are fine. I decided Chinese shit laterns, I will look. As I dismantle I find a motor. I asked her "Do they spin?" She says "Yes they did. Only one was working until now and then it stopped also".... Massive face palm on my behalf. Morons! You got one seized motor and the other won't spin because the shaft is14:23
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fysman I love openbox3 </ot>15:17
SiFuhWith a bit of flux, the box will be very open haha15:20
fysEven though it's not a tiling window manager, I made it one without touching the source code. Praise Openbox.15:21
SiFuhTimB_: libffi is bitch still     friend has updated crux and is trying to install libreoffice and it comes up with liblangtag failure and it is trying to find and old libffi verison (6) instead of the latest (7)15:21
SiFuhfys: to set in my ways ;-) fluxbox is god of the wm's15:22
fysThat's exactly why I still use Openbox3.15:25
fysI've used it for over a decade.15:25
fysAround 15 years now.15:25
stenurfys: st gets really slow if true Unicode sequences come in, it seems. As in, almost stand-still if there is spam mail with Chinese/xy glyphs. But i use it; 'even have a package which adds xrdb aka colour support (via "official" patch)15:26
TimB_SiFuh: what do you expect me to say to that? :P15:26
fysthe slowest ive seen st is still faster than urxvt @stenur15:26
fysi just use standard st + alpha patch15:27
SiFuhTimB_: don't worry I think I found his problem15:29
TimB_i can guess he didn't run revdep? :D15:29
SiFuhfys: yeah like me and flux   can't change good habits15:29
SiFuhHe is a beginner15:30
SiFuhbut using revdep and deptree I think it is gobject15:30
TimB_crux is kind of the cold water for a beginner :)15:30
TimB_you can always run revdep ---vvv <ports name, lets say libffi>15:30
TimB_erm, -vvv15:30
stenurMe st+xrdb. But, urxvt was quite a lot faster last time i tried. Not on Linux though.15:31
SiFuhit is libffi15:31
TimB_it'll tell you for what it fails15:31
TimB_i tried st with some patches, but ended up using termite15:31
TimB_st had problems displaying some fancy unicode stuff which i like, for example with vim+tex15:31
stenurThe nice thing for me is, it is so small and basic. As i sit in tmux all the time, i do not need history or whatever.15:32
joacimhad a call with microsoft support today. my head still hurts15:32
stenurProblems not me, maybe font-dependent? But gets really slow.15:32
SiFuhthanks TimB_15:33
TimB_i dunno about the font, i think i was using the same as with termite15:34
TimB_i kept this around to test utf-8 compatibility15:36
stenurhmm, seems to use GTK and other stuff. yeah, wow.15:37
TimB_termite? it depends on vte-utils15:37
SiFuhOh that is cool15:37
TimB_so yeah, gtk based15:37
SiFuhI usually just open webpages   like russian ministry of defence, myanmar times, khon kaen university15:38
stenurI am still coming from the Apple etc. blues, where a terminal instance had 30 MB and used minutes of CPU.  Hm, st is 11 MB here, but only 2:25 CPU time after four days heavy work. Less than tmux, more than vim. Much more than my one. Hm.15:39
SiFuhTimB_: hahahahaha The one in Thai is a poem15:40
SiFuhOh forget it  says poetry in English above it... Damn!15:40
stenurwill maybe never do that step. For me it is Burma, the land of the thousand temples.15:40
SiFuhand the land of a million secret village genocides15:41
SiFuhI liked Myamnar, beautiful jungle country15:41
SiFuhstenur: never ask the bus driver what time the bus will arrive. The driver and passengers will be angry because you upset the spirits and the bus will now be late. hahaha15:42
stenurHe. :)15:42
TimB_ left is termite, on the right you see st15:43
TimB_seems like it got a whole lot better :)15:43
TimB_boxes have been distorted last time i checked15:43
TimB_i upped the font size on termite btw to make it a bit better visible..15:43
SiFuhTimB_: what is termite?15:44
TimB_the terminal emulator i use primarily15:44
SiFuhoh not a font ok15:44
SiFuhI would like fluxbox title bars to support all characters ;-)15:44
stenurall the world is green.15:45
TimB_who needs titlebars? :P15:45
fysoh never heard of termite15:46
SiFuhTimB_: my xterm
TimB_SiFuh: looks like its working ;)15:49
TimB_and even aligned (on the bottom right of your screenshot)15:49
fysI like the warning in the xterm source.15:50
TimB_my font doesn't align that part right :)15:50
SiFuhWhat's working?15:50
TimB_"you are entering a world of pain"?15:50
SiFuhI just always introduced UTF-8 and all the charsets know to the non english speaking worlds15:50
TimB_SiFuh: says it right there if all goes well its aligned to the |----- above15:50
SiFuhoh i see15:51
SiFuhxterm*faceName:xft:courier:pixelsize=26  <-- I use for xterm15:51
SiFuhand every (i know it is old school) locale ever to exist15:52
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TimB_well if it works it works, right?15:55
SiFuhLike a champ15:58
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SiFuhTimB_: yep he said  gobject was the reason that liblangtag didn't compile and find the correct libffi version16:08
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SiFuhyeah he is impressed16:38
SiFuhItem sent to location wooohoo it should arrive tomorrow16:45
SiFuhAlfa AWUS1900 802.11ac 1900 Mbps Dual band USB Wifi Adapter16:46
SiFuhProbably when I am asleep it will jump on face, shove eggs down my throat and an Alien creature will tear itself out of my chest.16:47
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alandipertanyone on a pinebook pro w/ crux-arm? the machine looks terrific18:46
TimB_alandipert: sadly not me :) I want one as well18:48
stenurunfortunately not.18:48
alandipertTimB_what intrigues you about it? for me it's the fanlessness and price18:49
TimB_the price, the metal housing, it's slim. it would be perfect to carry around on campus18:49
TimB_display resolution is better then my old 17" from 201318:50
TimB_keyboard is supposedly very okay for the price as well18:50
TimB_did i mention the pricetag already? the pricetag!18:50
alandiperti know, that price! i forgot, the bigger screen too18:50
TimB_i think it would be a lot of fun to work on that, also in regards of crux-arm :)18:51
alandiperti think i will attempt to ebay my thinkpad x220 and accessories and get the pine, if anyone is interested in the thinkpad lmk18:51
TimB_you are in the US, right?18:52
alandipertACTION is also intrigued by the possibility of cramming more batteries in the pine18:53
TimB_battery lifetime is around 6h i think?18:53
TimB_not really sure, might be influenced by so many things as well18:54
alandipertsome random comment on a post i was reading suggested the battery was limited by FAA (US aviation regulatory agency) but that there's room for more.18:54
alandipertroom in the case, that is. with Hacking (tm)18:55
TimB_well, if there is already the room in there 8-)18:57
SiFuhwindows key haha18:58
alandiperthaha nice one, pine18:59
alandipertTimB_ i've read batt can be 8-10 hrs with light use and cpu gov. tweaks18:59
SiFuhalandipert: I am tempted very tempted19:00
alandipertwe gotta all go in at the same time so we can help debug eachothers configurations :-)19:00
alandipert(altho i think the ANSI kb one is backordered)19:00
TimB_haha sounds like a plan19:00
TimB_the iso one as well :)19:00
SiFuhOh yuck, ubuntu19:01
TimB_but i dunno about the quantities, i believe ansi will be more asked than iso anyway19:01
SiFuhNot avaible in Malaysia yet  will look harder19:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: flatpak: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.120:58
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fysGetting back into Linux in my personal life has made my job more enjoyable.22:08
][_R_][True true22:13
][_R_][I managed to get Linux on my work machine though :)22:13
][_R_][(Windows was shitting itself all too regularly)22:14
SiFuhfys: I don't touch windows   rather be unemployed22:19
fysI'm a gamer.22:20
fys][_R_][: Ugh, I'm stuck with macOS at work.22:21
fysHate it!22:21
][_R_][ACTION games exclusively on Linux22:21
][_R_][I wouldn't mind MacOS X, it'd have been a massive improvement (at least I'd be able to script things sanely)22:22
fys][_R_][: I might put a linux partition to see how well proton  works on non Ubuntu based distros.22:23
fysMy secondary PC is an i7-4770 w/ a GTX 96022:23
fysmain pic is a i7-6700 w/ a gtx 1080ti22:24
SiFuhIf it aint'd dosbox games I probably don't run it... but X-Plane 11  hell yeah dudes22:32
SiFuhlove my flight simulators22:32
SiFuhif it doesn't run on Linux/BSD then I am sorry I care not it22:33
SiFuhone exception though   Rosetta Stone.. It does run on linux but I made a VM of windows instead  I can suspend state ;-)22:34
fysI love DOSBox.22:35
SiFuhme too    I may like OffRoad Racer and Into the Eagles nest but Snipes... is just amazing22:37
SiFuhyou need to be in Z9    you can't touch walls and they hunt you22:37
SiFuhoh and your bullets bounce off the walls22:38
fysWhen I'm in my new place I need to use my spare parts to build a 486 or P1 DOS machine22:38
fysi have all the parts to do it22:38
SiFuhfys: you make me cry22:39
SiFuhI had a 286 and it was awesome. It was an OpenBSD firewall for years. THen it got dumped22:39
fysSiFuh: hehe22:40
SiFuhi will never forget the day I heard the unfortunate news22:40
SiFuhstill miss it today22:40
SiFuhwhich reminds me22:40
fysYeah, I love old hardware.22:40
SiFuhcommodore SX22:40
fysIsn't that the portable?22:41
SiFuhhope no one fsck it22:41
fyslol a friend of mine had one of those22:41
SiFuhif you want to append that word to it22:41
SiFuhsame as lugging around the boddy of your dead grandma just to use her purse22:41
SiFuhbut yes22:41
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