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fysfinally done w/ this ob3 theme01:36
fysits pretty01:36
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fystoday i learned about rofi05:22
fysIS NICE05:22
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frinnstrofi ?10:26
][_R_][It's a fancier dmenu10:26
frinnst ?10:26
TimB_frinnst: yeah10:31
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SiFuhOh that's just too good, hahaha13:09
frinnstit so stupid..13:10
SiFuhWell of course, the media is, but they shouldn't have used that picture13:12
frinnstbrexit is stupid :)13:12
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SiFuhfrinnst: Look at the blue passport and read the words in the circle13:14
frinnstmissed it :)13:14
SiFuhMonty Python ;-)13:16
fysyep, what ][_R_][ said13:18
fysI themed it look like my ob3 theme13:18
fysso it looks like its part of the wm now13:18
SiFuhshow us13:18
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fysjust a sec13:19
SiFuhACTION thinks fys is hurrily trying to make rofi look ob3 themed hahahahaha13:21
fysnah i just realized activating the keybinding i had for scrot doesn't work when rofi is in focus13:21
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fysbut yeah i had been using 'grun' which hadnt been touched since like 08 and didn't work nearly as good13:23
fysrofi ftw13:23
fysill make a port for it this weekend13:24
fysi need to put my ports into git anyways13:24
fysthank god its friday13:25
SiFuhI have never bothered with run command options because I can do that in xterm and if the program doesn't open I can read why through error messages :-P13:26
fysbig fonts O_o13:28
SiFuh4k screen13:28
fyswell rofi does more than app launching13:28
fysthat's just what i use it for13:29
SiFuhI saw when I let curiosity get the better of me and google'd it13:29
SiFuhI'd like to install security cameras in every room of my house but she won't allow hahaha13:30
SiFuhThats picture you can see in firefox13:30
fysSpeaking of cameras.13:31
SiFuhI watch downstairs a lot because her family seems to think our house is their store room13:31
fysI need to get dash cams soon.13:31
SiFuhand behind that brown door is where the booze is being made13:31
fysThat would piss me off.13:31
fysI like my space to be neat and mostly minimal13:31
SiFuhfys: it pisses me off. They have their own keys, they don't knock, they just walk right in, never say hello or anything.13:31
fysso other people's stuff cluttering me up would make me very angry13:31
SiFuhChinese gf13:32
fysthat makes more sense...13:32
SiFuhHer parents live next door13:32
fysi know how demanding/overbearing asian families can be13:32
SiFuhall the parents junk ends up on my side of the driveway and in my house and some times i just lose it and throw their shit out13:32
fysand if you say something about it everyone acts like YOU'RE crazy13:32
fysits nuts13:33
SiFuhyeah, I prefer the Thai's and Vietnamese over the Chinese13:33
SiFuhI can actually handle them13:33
SiFuhfys: how do you find Gentoo?13:33
fysalright i gotta head into work, bbs13:33
fysit's alright13:33
fysi prefer crux obviously im just too lazy to reinstall this partition13:34
fysi disagree with portage developers on the meaning of "base dependencies13:35
fysthey force a lot of crap that should be optional13:35
frinnstiirc gentoo x86_64 was used to port crux from i68613:36
fysthat's funny13:36
fysSiFuh: that article was written after they discontinued stage 1 installs too..13:37
frinnstsimpler than cross compile13:37
SiFuhI use to use gentoo13:37
fysI used to use gentoo, I still but I used to too.13:38
fysstill do **13:38
SiFuhbut then I also used Sorcerer Linux as well13:38
fysSourceMage is dead.13:38
fysI think the only source based distros left are Crux, Gentoo, Funtoo and NixOS13:38
fysand Funtoo is basically Gentoo13:38
fysSlackware's official method of installing packages is binary13:39
frinnstslackware was awesoe13:39
frinnstprobably still is13:39
fysI guess you can add LFS if you count it as a "distro"13:39
SiFuhfrinnst: it is but there are way to many package managers for slackware13:39
fysthere's only 1 actually, just a lot of front-ends13:40
SiFuhalso slackware is still way behind on kernel versions and software versions13:40
fysSiFuh: that's what slackware-current is for13:40
frinnstdoes slack distribute kernels?13:40
SiFuhfrinnst: yes13:40
frinnstwhen I used it they didnt even have any way to update stuff easily13:40
fysits always been kind of a shit config, tho13:40
fyseveryone who uses slackware seriously uses a custom kernel13:41
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SiFuhFriend who has been using linux for about a year (still a beginner messing around) just asked me how to copy and paste into xterm. I explained how to. He was shocked that he had the capabalities to do select and middle click and never even knew it13:52
SiFuhfys: hah yeah, I see what you mean about big font13:58
SiFuhI should have made it an acceptable size13:59
frinnstcool my 32gb box at work swaps ram14:18
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jaegerfys: there's a rofi port already15:48
jaegerthough I may need to update it15:48
dlcusaSiFuh, TimB_, other X-plane pilots: Please look at and consider testing it before Feb 2 if possible.16:37
TimB_dlcusa: i still haven't had any time to spent with x-plane :/16:46
TimB_but i might be able to testbuild it on crux arm, if that's a thing16:46
TimB_no promises though, the to do list is already packed and i have some tests in february that i need to focus on16:47
dlcusaTimB_, my mistake.  No pressure re: arm testing, I'm just really curious if a pi can make it fly.16:51
SiFuhAudioHandleSub() Can't open for writing the audio device `/dev/dsp': No such file or directory16:52
SiFuh /dev/dsp ... haha16:52
dlcusaYeah, I've been avoiding the audio upgrade.16:53
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dlcusaI use the -no-sound option exclusively.  acm-6.0-ico has sound working now.16:54
TimB_your proposed release date is prior my test dates, if there is a Pkgfile it would help, but does it need x-plane? currently, i don't think i have enough space for that16:54
dlcusaNo X-plane software needed.  Experience, on the other hand, would be helpful.16:55
TimB_experience in what exactly? flying? I have none :)16:56
TimB_i might be more able to check this out in the semester break after the tests16:56
dlcusaJust getting it to build would be helpful, but I'd say it should be a very low priority for you.16:57
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TimB_are there any noteworthy dependencies?16:57
dlcusaNo.  Details in the script.16:58
TimB_ok, that makes it easier16:58
TimB_i will try to test it as soon as the other stuff goes through and runs, which hopefully can be met over the weekend16:59
SiFuhhead ache, nothing hapening except gauges moving17:07
dlcusaWell, that's something.  Try the man page: in the directory, man -l  src/acm.man17:09
SiFuhI was reading the online on17:10
dlcusaOh.  The start flying section is missing a press of "b" to release the brakes--my version starts with the brakes set.17:17
dlcusaBe back soon, I think.17:18
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stenurwow. thanks irssi: Irssi: Pasting 3378 lines to #crux. Press Ctrl-K if you wish to do this or Ctrl-C to cancel.17:25
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SiFuhcntrl k17:42
SiFuhcome on don't be scared17:43
stenurBus driver rocked.17:43
SiFuh <-- i like the part where he is checking in. I often think the same thing.17:45
SiFuhstenur: and the bus rolled17:46
stenurThat makes me realize that my firefox does not have sound since last bluetooth pairing failed.17:48
stenurEven roly poly will not drive a bus from Malaysia to Myanmar, that is plain.17:49
SiFuhI would, if they'd let me17:50
SiFuhjust have to go through Thailand17:50
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stenurwow, wow. ihe moved to los angeles.17:51
SiFuhI like original and very minimal swearing   I liked this17:52
SiFuhRhod Gilbert has always been my favorite comedian17:52
stenurOh. Comedian. Not me - haha, i have no idea. I stand on the educational ground of political Kabarett, i still mourn Dieter Hildebrandt, Georg Kreisler. Or dark irony like The Tiger Lillies.  But humouristic entertainers like Otto; from the 80s:; got to wait 80 seconds for english.18:00
SiFuh <-- my favorite one18:02
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stenurYeah.  My beautiful english tongue quivers.18:09
SiFuhsorry was watching   OTTO singt Hänsel und gretel18:10
stenurMostly German. Like Winter/Spring problems of Bavaria, Gerhard Polt:
SiFuhstill understand a bit18:13
SiFuhThose two elephant shaped things above his head on the wall at the back look like balls18:13
stenurLoriot i really miss.
stenurOttifant. Beware, it is a trademark.18:13
SiFuhthe two testicles?18:14
stenurKlaus Kinski is missing, too.
SiFuhOTTO plays moonlight sonata at 5:4618:15
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SiFuhthen Simon and Garkfunkel18:16
weednix:P only one machine left to upgrade18:17
SiFuhpop music sux so bad18:17
weednixsorry, hello crux'rs18:17
SiFuhhi weednix18:17
weednixhow things going SiFuh ?18:18
SiFuhcuriously ostensive actually18:19
SiFuhbut apart from that, taking a break and annoying the CRUX's :-P18:19
SiFuhand you sir?18:19
SiFuhstenur: haha  Loriot: Straßenkehrer/Feger und Sängerchor/Comedian Harmonists18:22
stenur..singing also .. not (me).18:22
weednixsorry afk18:23
stenurLoriot. Yes, we all loved him. His grave seems to be always "played". From a very, very old family.18:24
weednix:) I continue to do things with I'm not sure of what I'm doing ...18:25
SiFuhweednix: I sit back, do my business, drink my beer and pretty much associate with no one. It is Chinese new year, and the only time of the year, I associate with people. They often talk bad about how I drink beer. So I am the table consuming all the vegetables because no one but me seems like vegetables, and then I noticed, they are all eating meat and drinking coca cola. Hah! told them off didn't I. ;-)18:27
SiFuhI should point out that I am not a vegetarian. I just like vegetables. And I ate most of the duck :-P18:29
dlcusaBe back soon, I think.18:30
weednixSiFuh: I don't do business, yet, I associate with few, drink my wine and smoke my joints. My friends don't yet made the new Chinese Year party, will eat my vegetables as usual while one drink hot water and another tea...18:34
weednixI'm non-religious vegetarian, really don't care if one eat chicken or not.18:35
weednixSiFuh: I'm trying to make crux stuff into my business,18:38
stenurI do care. But cannot help it. Predators are a natural thing. It's just how humans treat animals before. Like never-sunlight, smallest cage, dirty environment, bad food, nedless medical treatment (antibiotic resistancy problems increases more and more), overlong transport before being butched, terrible butching environment.18:39
stenurAll soul-less and without respect for life.18:39
weednixstenur: true, I choose to don't care because Darwin18:40
stenurwow. have a scan, but never read it.18:40
SiFuhI agree that humans are predators, and eat what you want, but I disagree with inhumane (that is what they say but the word humane should be changed to the negative and inhumane to the positive) ways they treat animals is horrible18:42
SiFuhbut that is a so called 'civilized society'  no one wants to work anymore  they just want to live and get rich and get others to farm, heard, transport, slaughter, wrap and post their food them18:43
SiFuhI remember the first time in Thailand I was at a buddist ceremony and the brought out a pig in a cage and stabbed it through the heart and the pig squealed so bad.. But then I thought, that pig actually lived a good life till that point. But it felt hurtful seeing it cry and die18:44
stenurYou will often have a hard time deciding whether the scream of death is from a human or not. Especially true for pigs.18:48
weednixsad that I happen in this time18:50
stenurEven though hard for me to take, conscious ritual killing is a thing. That would be a long story though. For many cultures such animals really have a good life before they die.18:50
weednixwell better now than earlier :D18:50
SiFuhI hate it when people judge what another person eats when it is to do with animals.18:51
SiFuhI like the Islamic, sharp knife slice the throat fast and easy. Very little pain involved. But then I can still feel every slice I ever received but I am alive.18:52
stenurAnd then, in short, one might ask whether this is better than killing humans. Maybe, maybe not. It depends. There are a lot of beasts within the humans. But anyhow, one can see how human _long_ for seeing pain in countries with public deat penalty or punishment.18:52
SiFuhI ain't eat no human :-P18:53
stenurThe places are crowded like hell, .. and the eyes ..18:53
SiFuhand I think Australia needs the death penalty, but then no human is good and no human has the right to judge another. So I don't really know.18:54
stenurIsn't public flogging also in Malaysia. hmm, i think indonesia.18:54
SiFuhwe have18:54
SiFuhbut it is not common, you'd need to be muslim and it would have to be a huge thing you did with a lot of media attention18:54
weednixSiFuh: any one applying the death penalty by logic is the next, in a endless loop.18:55
SiFuhahh anyone who applies18:55
SiFuhyes I agree like Karma18:55
weednixbecause that one or ones also have done something that deserve what they have done.18:56
SiFuhI don't think you can call me an expat  because that would mean that I was a patriot18:57
SiFuhI have never been. Flags and countries are just are another religion and another idol18:57
weednixSiFuh: some times I see countries as human farms18:58
SiFuhprison planet dot com18:59
weednixsucks :D19:01
SiFuhyes I cross a lot of borders and yes it is the same as going from prison to outside and requesting permission and get documents and stamps and so on19:03
weednixI go work a bit on tribu.semdestino.org19:18
weednixI really wish to have this thing in a way I feel confident, I wish to make some income,19:21
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ryuofolks, found a set of github repos that are extremely valuable.23:00
ryuoit contains a dump of commands such as lspci and lsusb that provides information about hardware of various devices. useful if you're hunting for compatibility information.23:00
ryuoand it's maintained.23:01

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