IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2020-01-27

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: discord-ptb: initial import06:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] python-pillow: 4.3.0 -> 6.2.2 new dependency libraqm06:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] python3-pillow: 4.3.0 -> 7.0.0 new dependency libraqm06:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libraqm: initial import06:48
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SiFuhTimB_: intel-ucode      INITRD ../boot/early-ucode.cpio    feel free to reword it08:40
SiFuhTimB_: intel-ucode   feel free to reword it08:40
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TimB_you know i haven't written that README? ;)09:22
TimB_SiFuh: but whats a INITRID? :P09:24
SiFuhhaha, hey what's reccomended ?09:31
SiFuhTimB_: because the spelling would have been awesome?09:31
TimB_lol i dunno09:34
TimB_i can merge that to the readme though, sure thing09:35
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SiFuhI was explaining to a friend on how to set up intel-ucode09:38
SiFuhTold him to read the read me and he said it has nothing to do with syslinux09:39
TimB_hehe, the readme even mentiones patches welcome, very good09:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: intel-ucode: Add readme-section about syslinux09:52
TimB_SiFuh: ^ ty09:52
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SiFuhTimB_: cool10:04
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SiFuhI should make a new porn screen for my laptop. The plastice is wearing thin10:21
TimB_SiFuh: wth10:24
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TimB_is it that humid in the area you are in or why would you do that to your hardware?10:32
SiFuhI always cover the keyboard in plastic, because there is so much dust in Asia. My Malay friends joked about it and it earned the name 'porn screen' for reasons I am sure you could guess10:33
TimB_ok, dust. i got an electrical 'mini air compressor' to clean out stuff from dust, actually works far better than i had expected.10:36
SiFuhThis was the first laptop that I had not covered the keyboard in plastic since 2007. 6 months later the keyboard stopped print keys.. The replacement board $120 USD10:37
TimB_how do others manage without the porn screen?10:38
SiFuhSame issues10:38
SiFuhmost people shutdown and cover when not in use10:38
SiFuhBut yeah, the laptop downstairs that I use as a Motion Sensor CCTV also has this problem :-P10:39
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SiFuhTimB_:  Cheaper than a new keyboard12:55
TimB_thats for sure12:56
TimB_nice new porn screen SiFuh ;)12:56
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dbrookeTimB_: I'm getting a signature mismatch for python3-numpy13:13
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TimB_dbrooke: on it13:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-numpy: fix wrong signature13:18
TimB_ty :)13:18
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dbrookeand built ...13:23
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pedjaI tried to run numpy.test(), and it blew up (out of memory) :)13:48
pedjainterestingly enough, using numpy-1.16 function, deprecated in 1.17, with 1.17 is 4x slower13:53
pedjaand conda's numpy is a bit faster then leap's, for some reason13:54
pedjabut that one is probably due to different openblas versions they are using13:55
frinnstjavascript can go fuck itself13:57
pedjaweb devs being PITA again?13:58
frinnstno just shitty websites13:58
pedjaah. surfing using elinks is...enlightening13:59
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pedjaso many sites completely useless without js14:00
pedjaumatrix is cool to keep track of that14:01
pedjaI think the record was some random site needing ~50 scripts to function. insanity14:02
pedjaI just *love* when the site hangs for 5-10 seconds loading fscking avatars14:03
pedjamedium is one of the worst in that regard. some, not very well fed, hamster must run their back-end or something14:07
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joacimmedium broke scrolling i remember16:59
joacimdue to their javascript16:59
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joacimthe 2920x is pretty good value right now19:21
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msiismIf I wanted my system to have /boot on a separate partiton, how big should that normally be?20:29
joacimdepends on the distro i think. my crux systems tend to have a 128MB /boot20:31
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stenurDepends on boot loader, how many kernels you want to have, etc., i would say. I currently use 31 MB, 200 MB is often heared as an answer your question.20:31
joacimmy fedora system needed a lot more than that since the images they use are huge20:31
joacim500-1000 MB on those20:31
joacimi took that experience from fedora with me to opensuse, and made a 1024 MB /boot, but I only use 100MB on that system20:32
msiismOk, I see. Well, I was meaning to ask about a Crux system where you would usually keep no more than one older kernel.20:32
msiismI have about 200MB for /boot on my Devuan system.20:33
msiismAnd I'm not even using 30% of that.20:33
joacimFilesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on20:33
joacim/dev/sda1       135M   19M  109M  15% /boot20:33
joacimthats my server. has a fairly simple config that i've been using for 10-12 years20:33
joacimthis is without any kind of initrd20:34
stenurActually i don't have a /boot partition anymore / at the moment. It is all on BTRFS, and i boot via refind and20:34
joacimjust a kernel with the stuff that i need built in20:34
stenuroptions "root=/dev/nvme0n1p8 rootfstype=btrfs rootflags=subvol=/crux-3.5/root debug hostname=kent"20:34
msiismjoacim: Oh, ok, good to know.20:34
msiismstenur: I was gonna make all partitions ext4, or maybe use ext2 for /boot.20:35
stenurAnd _i_ should finally switch over to encrypted volumes and secured EFI boot, then i need to change that, too.20:35
joacimi still kinda like to use ext2 for /boot20:36
stenurAbout cryptsetup and laptop suspension i wanted to ask for some weeks, but still to busy to try it out, like so many other things.20:37
msiismI'm probably going to use an initrd for my system, though. So, it's probably a good idea to give it 150MB to play it safe.20:37
stenurNeed one unencrypted volume for cryptsetup.static that CRUX ships :), i presumed.20:37
stenurThat is 4MB, too.20:38
joacimsomeone here had a luks guide on their blog, but i think that part of their blog is gone now20:38
msiismYeah, I'll need to read up on how to do full disk encryption as well. But for now, my priority is to get a first running installation of Crux.20:39
joacimyeah was on abdullah.today20:40
stenurHm. I still can remember jue asking whether cryptsetup is the .. yes, on the CRUX wiki there is an entry.20:40
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stenurAbdullah wished me "fun with CRUX now", then he disappeared :(20:42
stenurHe came back a few weeks ago for a short visit, to say hello to the channel.20:43
msiismjoacim: Apropos using ext2 for /boot: The only advantage is that you save the disk space that would be used for the journal, right? But then, having a journal may not be a bad idea.20:46
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pedjast:picard looks good so far.22:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: qemu: 4.0.0 -> 4.2.022:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: qemu-agent: 4.0.0 -> 4.2.022:26
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stenurHis play is praise in German/Austrian newspapers.22:38
stenurI became curious, but it is on some pay-tv.22:39
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stenurI watched a lot (maybe all?) episodes of the very first, and his first series.22:41
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pedjait's an intriguing story, but what will make or break it, imho, is his chemistry with the new crew23:04
pedjastar trek in particular is an ensemble show23:07
pedjaone of the mistakes they made with st:d23:07
pedjawhich is visually amazing, but with the least interesting character in the center23:10
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pedjawith some cringe-worthy 'love triangle', because drama23:11
stenurDie Zeit or derstandard had a "crew members we want back" alongside this. "Deanna Troi" was one of them. Yes, i could have loved her. Hm.23:14
stenurI mean, of course: nothing can beat the very first series. Beam me to bed, Scotty :)23:17
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