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joacimthis looks nice, but i dont like how ducky deals with the nordics00:12
joacimdifferent nordic layouts are combined on the same keys, so some keys look very messy00:13
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joacimThe small difference between norwegian and danish messes me up too, since I see the æ-key in the corner of my eye, and end up hitting the ø-key instead00:14
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fysi think imma do lfs on a pi03:14
fysim a sadist :)03:14
uplimei've been wanting to roll my own linux for a while03:14
uplimeidk if ill do lfs though03:14
fyslfs seems like the most logical thing03:14
fyspeople who use it as their desktop are nuts03:15
uplimei just want something extremely minimal, like crux03:15
fysgood thing crux exists!03:15
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uplimethats convenient!03:16
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fysmy gen2 box fresh offa boot03:18
fysnot too bad03:18
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fyso/ tilman03:50
alandipertfys sweet domain name03:55
fyslol thanks :)03:55
alandipert is the best webpage i've seen in awhile03:56
fysyeah i made that as a test layout for if i ever did a proper cms03:57
alandipertkudos. it rocks03:57
fysas you can tell my asthetics are trapped in the 90s.03:57
alandipertit's fantastic04:01
alandiperti'm on a work trip, at a conference, and i came close to using this slide you might enjoy!AlTSUevJ1bBo2iRje6DhntS3iaQ_?e=nzcf6X04:01
alandiperti showed to my boss and he was like wow, amazing, how are your real slides coming along04:02
fysthat's fantastic04:03
fystoo cool for school04:03
fysthe commander keen makes it for me04:03
alandiperthaha thank you, i was hoping someone would recognize that04:04
alandipertACTION misses dos gaming04:07
fysi have all the parts to build a 486 pc BUT no space atm04:09
fysso i just use dosbox04:09
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fysi should be able to move into a new place soon, though..04:11
fyswhich means game on, literally, for building a couple old computers.04:11
alandipertfun. yeah i need to get on the dosbox train i think04:14
fysits great!04:15
fysyou can even use munt for roland mt-32 music04:15
jaegerwork gave me one of these this week: (except with the SNES-style case instead of NES)04:15
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jaegercan totally dosbox on that :)04:16
fysjaeger: given how cheap pis are ive considered making one load directly into dosbox04:16
fysget a model-m clone for it04:17
jaegerI already have more keyboards than I need, heh04:18
alandipertwe all have our vices04:19
alandipertACTION has a thinkpad museum04:19
jaegergoing to sell one of my 60% keyboards soon, I think04:19
fysi want an ergodox SO BAD04:19
alandipertare they mechanical kickstarted type ones?04:19
fysi have 3 keyboards and want more04:20
fysso far i think mx blues are my favorite04:20
alandiperti know some people with ergodoxen. they love'em04:20
fyswish i could get away with using it at work04:20
fysyeah ergodox keyboards are LEGIT04:21
alandipertACTION ordered a tex shinobi back in nov. hope to receive it... this year :l04:21
fysi might pull the trigger and buy one friday04:21
alandipertfys is the problem with work the noise?04:21
fysthey complain as-is about my mx reds..04:22
fyslosers :(04:22
alandipertyeah what the heck04:22
fysits because i work in a NOC.. i hate that04:22
jaegerI don't like the ergodox myself but plenty of folks do04:23
fysjaeger: not a fan of split keyboards?04:23
jaegerI'm sure I'd get used to it with time like anything else... just doesn't appeal to me04:23
fysfair enough04:24
alandiperti used the kinesis advantage for many years, ironically got RSI from it04:24
fysisnt that the one you stick your hands IN?04:24
jaegera kinesis was one of the ones I used first, friend had it... didn't like that one either04:24
jaegerhe loved it04:24
alandipertfys yeah, its one piece but the left and right sides are separated04:24
fyspeople have told me for what they cost, the build quality on those isnt great04:24
fysbut that's just what ive /heard/04:25
alandipertwhen i got it 10 yrs ago kinesis was the only game in town really, for radical keyboards04:25
alandiperti used an MS natural before that, loved it, but kinesis had better switches and also hardware macros04:25
fysi think id love an ergodox..04:26
fysi just cant afford one04:26
fyswell technically i can04:26
fysi just shouldnt04:26
alandipertthe ergodox seems like a maximally awesome version of the kinesis idea04:26
fysi just priced one04:28
fysi just use a logitech one with mx blues atm04:30
fysnothing fancy at all04:30
alandipertnice. i like logitech stuff, good quality usually04:32
fysworks well enough for something off the shelf at a store04:32
jaeger <-- 4/5 of mine04:34
fyslower left is my favorite04:35
jaegerthat's the one I plan to sell. the replacement is
fysthe one you're replacing is better :)04:36
fysthat would force me to finally use proper vim navigation04:36
jaegerThat was my first DIY one and it has some drawbacks compared to the new one04:36
jaegercheaper chinese parts like switches, stabilizers, lightweight plastic case04:36
fysid also have to re-map my openbox keybindings for that04:36
jaegerthe new one uses genuine cherry switches and stabilizers and an aluminum case04:37
fys(i move my windows around with Meta+Arrows)04:37
jaegerThey both have QMK firmware (atmega32u4 chip)04:37
fysavrs ftw04:37
jaegerthe caps lock and right menu key (next to right ctrl) are FN keys... have FN+some stuff mapped04:37
fysfor when you need an entire computer to run your keyboard04:37
jaegerWASD for arrow keys04:37
jaeger1-0 and -, = for F1-F1204:37
jaegera few others for pgup/pgdn, home/end, etc.04:38
jaegerI like both keyboards, the new one just uses better quality components. The first one is not bad at all, just not quite as good04:38
jaegerI like the typeface on that logitech one, keycaps like that don't seem to be common04:39
fysyeah its nice for what it is04:40
fysthere's a good linux cli app for setting the LEDs too04:40
fysits actually better than the windows app04:40
fysi can do full hex values vs the shitty interface they ship04:40
alandipertthat's cool, are you able to use them for system feedback? i've always wanted blinkenlights for iops, load etc05:05
fysyou could, yes05:09
fysdo want05:29
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alandipertwhoa, that's a cool shape06:08
fys1920x1920 resolution06:16
fysim surprised that so many years after freshmeat/freecode ceasing operation that a replacement never popped up07:06
ryuono wonder it's no longer available.07:23
ryuoit's totally square. it's not cool. :D07:23
fys1920x1920 1:1 goodness07:24
fysi'd buy 2 if i could..07:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libraqm: fix source09:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 72.0.1 -> 72.0.209:08
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: mesa3d-32: 19.3.2 -> 19.3.309:15
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: util-linux-32: 2.34 -> 2.3509:15
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: sqlite3-32: 3.30.1 -> 3.31.109:15
frinnstfucking hell, updating a windows machine takes longer than building crux from source10:15
frinnstWindows Modules Installer Worker single threaded goodness10:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: Revert "libraqm: fix source"11:04
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Romstertell me about it frinnst and i did 6 machines yesterday alone.11:29
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joacimfrinnst: fighting with WU right now too16:57
joacimno updates are installing. + get an error when running win apps "The data area passed to a system call is too small"16:58
joacimooooh. an update actually installed17:00
joacimthe latest cumulative update failed, but at least something worked17:08
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john_cephalopodaJust wanted to say that my "jmf" repo will be down for a few days due to a move but should be up again shortly. Just in case somebody misses it. :)17:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-jinja: 2.11.0 -> 2.11.121:22
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TimB_jaeger: arc theme upstream source url changed:$version/$name-$version.tar.gz - the version in contrib hasn't changed but the old source url doesn't work for me anymore (worth a double check though)23:11
TimB_might be the same aws server that didn't resolve earlier today <.<23:12
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TimB_yeah, nevermind, another dns solved that for me.. still might be interesting that they made another repo for it23:15
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dlcusaI just put up rc5 for ACM at with much updating to the manual,,, and README.  Probably the last RC.23:34
uplimedoes anyone have a port the actual rc shell, just out of curiosity?23:39
uplimefor the*23:39
stenurlast time it tried it compiled right away, iirc.23:44
stenurFrom github.23:44
stenurOr try plan9port, i see this via portdbc23:45
stenurIt should be in there, no?23:45
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