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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: scons: 3.0.1 -> 3.1.200:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rust-bin: 1.40.0 -> 1.41.004:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rust: 1.40.0 -> 1.41.004:03
fyspolybar is neat..04:25
fysplaying with polybar05:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: networkmanager: 1.22.2 -> 1.22.608:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mailx: update to 14.9.1708:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: xterm: update to 35309:42
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dlcusaThe official release of acm-7.0-dlc-20200202 is available at and I'm about to reward myself with sleep.10:34
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hsandlcusa Temporarily included xfdesktop --replace in startup. I could not track why traps are happening.16:32
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hsanRomster, Updated today,ldd (GNU libc) 2.31,GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.34,gcc (CRUX-x86_64-multilib) 9.2.1 2020020116:54
hsanit seems to work )16:54
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dlcusahsan, please paste somewhere (1) which releases of the packages are installed and (2)  list whatever configuration you have made.17:14
dlcusas/Xfce configuration changes/17:14
dlcusaI'm still trying to drink my first mug of coffee.17:15
hsandlcusa, Not understood. List packages that updated?17:22
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dlcusahsan, please list what Xfce configuration files you have modified (if possible, paste them somewhere).17:23
dlcusahsan, hopefully I can duplicate your problem and them figure out how to resolve it.  THEN I will upgrade the Xfce ports.17:26
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hsandlcusa, did not change the configuration, just in sessions and start added xfdesktop --replace. Traps xfdesktop has not yet appeared.17:28
dlcusahsan, by "in start", what exactly do you mean?17:30
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hsansettings-sessions and startup-autostart applications17:32
fysmore polybar goodness17:33
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msiismfys: What's polybar written in. And what is the config format?18:17
fysC++, some custom format18:17
msiismsome custom format as in "not a programming language just to configure things"?18:18
msiismhm... ok, interesting.18:18
fystheir documentation is pretty good18:18
msiismah, INI for the win! :)18:19
fysyeah it's KIND OF ini18:19
fyskinda not tho18:19
fysi dont think ini supports variables and shit18:19
fysbut i could be wrong?18:19
msiismi think INI is not even really that defined.18:20
msiismi read that somewhere sometime.18:20
fysi accept its definition insofar as the parsers i use define it18:21
fysaka im lazy18:21
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msiismyeah, it looks reasonable, has lisp-style comments, so that's good.18:21
fysyeah, it works out well for me18:22
fysfits openbox well imo18:22
msiismthe sad thing about openbox is that it is practically dead. the current project policy seesm to be: either you're "a diy-er" or you have to live with what's there.18:24
fysits functionally complete for me18:24
fysunless it develops a bug i cant work around ..18:24
msiismi still have a few need there.18:24
fyssuch as?18:24
msiism"undo window resize i have just done" (i think that's not implemented yet).18:25
msiismalso, sometimes, the pseudo-tiling is a bit off.18:25
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fysoh that can be worked around with keybindings18:26
fysi have prefined sizes based on keyboard combos18:26
msiismAlso, I pushed a revisited and completed German translation of all of the messages to their bug tracker _a while_ ago. No reaction yet.18:26
fysso if i put a size i didnt want i can just re-do it18:26
fysah... im just a selfish american18:27
fysso i just known english18:27
msiismok, that's interesting. must have missed that. (the undo thing...)18:27
fyswell its not really an "undo" so much as re-do'ing a predfined size i have18:27
fysso i just hit Meta-L to go back to that size if I picked a size I didn't mean to or want18:28
msiismah, ok. well, that's do for me, or will it. let me think.18:28
fysmaybe my rc.xml could provide some insight.18:28
msiismok, it would work for me.18:28
msiismACTION has a look18:28
fysthis is kinda old but should show you what i mean18:28
fyslook for W-k18:29
fysoh shit this IS old18:29
fysdoesn't have my W-l binding..18:29
fysyou can also see W-Home, etc18:29
fysso i have a bunch of pre-defined window shapes/positions that can be done/undone18:29
fysand if i hit the wrong one, i just do the one i intended or one that fits better18:30
fysso it's KIND of an "undo"18:30
msiismI see. Well, it would solve my problem because my problem is just about accidentally resizing the terminal.18:30
fyshold on and ill upload my most recent rc.xml18:32
msiismi just realized i need to update mine as well.18:32
fysokay i just re-uploaded it so you can refresh it18:32
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fysyou can see how i have app launchers and window tiling18:33
fysmaybe it'll get you where you need to be18:33
msiismyeah, i'll safe it for studying. thanks.18:35
msiismi have kind of a differently structured map of shortcuts, but that should not be a problem.18:35
fysyeah i find a lot of people dont customize their rc.xml because its so verbose18:36
fysbut that's what i find so /easy/ about it18:36
fysits really hard to not know what you're doing18:36
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msiismright, but it's really kind of a challenge to create a well-thought-out setup.18:37
msiismOk, so you're not using any kind of keybinding for showing the root menu or combined client list. I use the Windows key (Super_L) and Shift+Super_L, respectively.18:38
fysactually i am18:41
msiismOk, must ahev overlooked that then.18:41
fys<keybind key="W-Menu">18:42
fyslook for that18:42
fysi havent restructure the layout yet18:42
fysso its easy to miss shit18:42
msiismWhen I created my rc.xml, at a certain point, I felt inclined to study the history of computer keyboards and their use in GUIs to get it right. Still not sure if I should have done that.18:44
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fysmsiism: LOL19:14
msiismYeah, this is where Linux pushed me. :)19:14
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dlcusahsan, by "in start", what exactly do you mean?22:30
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fysso i like polybar better on the bottom
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