IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2020-02-04

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uplimeyou could figure out my jekyll issue05:19
fysi dont even know what that is05:19
uplimeits a minimal cms/blogging platform05:19
uplimebut generates static files05:20
fysWhat's the issue?05:20
uplime basically trying to have more control over how to target post excerpts05:20
fysgood luck05:21
uplimelol yeah05:22
uplimei've got a solution right now but its pretty hacky05:22
fysim just playing with polbar still..05:24
uplimei googled polbar05:24
uplimeand was very confused05:24
uplimei want to install x one of these days to play around with that05:24
fysi use it with openbox05:25
fysi like it a lot05:25
uplimehave you tried i305:25
uplimea minimalist buddy of mine likes it a lot. i think i might play around with that05:26
fysi know of people who like it05:26
uplimeyeah, seems to fit in well with the crux mindset05:26
fysive been using openbox for almost 2 decades and never felt the need to switch05:26
uplimeyeah, i get that05:27
uplimei use nano over vi for simliar reasons05:27
fysI used to hate vim but now i like it05:28
uplimei can see the appeal05:28
uplimebut if i need to do that level of editing, i use sublime05:28
fysi use sublime to code05:29
fysvim for cli edits05:29
uplimeluckily, the servers i manage are managed by ansible, which is above my paygrade to do anything with, so im usually editing no more than two lines at a time server side05:30
uplimeservers i support05:30
fysWe use Chef at work but that's not part of my team's responsibility.05:31
uplimei'd like to be part of the team that does it, but i also really like tech support, so for now im happy being ignorant about how it works05:33
fysyeah, same05:35
fysim happy with my team05:35
uplimewhat are you doing now?05:35
fysim an incident response engineer05:40
fysbasically i just triage issues05:40
fysits very simplistic / busy work05:40
fysbut surprisingly pays more than positions ive had doing "real" engineering05:40
fysso i cant complain05:41
uplimeoh, yeah, not suprised. especially post equifax i'd imagine lots of companies want to know exactly where they fucked up05:41
uplimei'd hope so at least05:41
fyslol yes05:41
fysequifax is here05:41
uplimeoh, even worse lol05:42
fyslol yeah05:42
fysbut i mean, all in all, i like my job05:42
fyspay is good, low stress05:42
fysgood people05:42
uplimeyeah, same05:42
fysive worked at jobs that made me have panic attacks almost daily05:43
uplimei trust management/c-level execs, they trust us05:43
fysthats good05:43
uplimemy last job was like that, re panic attacks05:43
uplimei learned a lot, but was really depressed05:43
uplimeits amazing how beneficial a good workplace can be05:44
fyswhen you spend the majority of your life at work, you better enjoy it05:45
Workstertint2 has been my goto for some time now05:50
fystint2 doesnt seem as good05:53
fysi could be wrong though05:55
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jaegerI use a lot of ansible and puppet for work, great stuff08:44
uplimewhat do you do for work?08:45
jaegerJust did a rebuild of a VM in a datacenter 1700 miles away with those tools :)08:45
jaegerlinux systems administration, mostly server infrastructure but also VMware, storage, some networking08:45
uplimeah, nice08:46
uplimethats my eventual goal :D08:46
jaegerBeen doing some form of this since 1996 and I'm not sick of it yet :)08:47
jaegerThe details have changed a lot and I've changed employers several times, of course08:47
uplimebasically as long as i've been alive then08:49
jaegerACTION creaks08:49
uplimewhat do you use for your work servers, if you don't mind sharing?08:49
jaegerMostly dells, mix of several models and generations08:49
jaegerNow I'm going back to sleep because it's almost 0300 here. Will catch you later :)08:50
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frinnstfucking snooow11:42
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fysFuck snow!15:41
fysjaeger: I prefer puppet to anything else, keeping in mind I've not used ansible at a job.15:41
jaegerpuppet is my preference for config management but I love ansible for ad-hoc and orchestration tasks15:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: openblas: provide pkgconf files and fix linking for blas/cblas16:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: r: 3.6.1 -> 3.6.216:00
TimB_finnaly was able to update r, it needed -fPIC for at least the fortran compiler.16:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-ruamel-yaml: 0.16.5 -> 0.16.716:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libcdr: 0.1.5 -> 0.1.616:02
fysjaeger: I got a job offer from puppet a long time ago but the amount of travel was sky high.16:48
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jaegercould be an interesting place to work17:07
fysProbably, but the travel wasn't worth iot.17:15
fysI got a buddy of mine hired instead.17:15
fysTripled his salary.17:15
frinnstdoes he buy you beer on command now?17:20
frinnstif not you could probably make that work for you :)17:20
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jaegeryeah, need a royalty setup for that :D17:28
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joacimi wouldnt mind tripple the income19:26
joacimconsidering i have to solve ms teams and sharepoint related issues...19:26
uplimei was thinking of asking for a pay decrease19:26
joacimi always spell triple wrong19:27
joacimhigher pay and a 30 hour work week would be great19:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: docker: updated to version 19.03.520:34
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moistmoskitohi is this cruxlinux?21:53
moistmoskitoit is... sry i just checked the website21:53
moistmoskitois anyone present at this time? i had some questions before switching from arch21:53
stenurUp up and away21:54
moistmoskitoim reading a lil on website.  i had a friend mention this in passing and so u dont wanna suffer you through questions i could answer21:55
moistmoskitoi have a gaming laptop, just curious if current wine staging and steam work well enough on crux21:56
moistmoskitoand are hopefully available21:56
ryuomoistmoskito: nope, this is the channel for the crux knockoff, crax linux. :)21:56
moistmoskitonvidia prop drivers, awesomewm, qtwebflix21:56
uplimeryuo: did i tell you about my idea for crux+?21:57
ryuouplime: no, lol21:57
uplimewe start a buisness offering premium crux support, but the prem support is an irc client programmed to automatically join this channel21:57
uplimeits fool proof21:58
moistmoskitoi heard this was a distro of linux i could have fun and tinker with while learning doing setups and maintaining,... i like a hobby OS but also do what i enevitably want to do on a gaming laptop21:58
ryuo... right21:58
ryuomoistmoskito: and how linux compatible is it already? CRUX can't be any better than Ubuntu or so.21:58
ryuoin this way21:59
moistmoskitoi use arch21:59
moistmoskitoso as compatible as i make it21:59
ryuoone of the caveats is you have to build your own kernel, possibly even configuring it21:59
moistmoskitoi like arch... just not fond of the community22:00
moistmoskitowhich is why crux even came up22:00
ryuooh? is arch more toxic than back in the day?22:00
moistmoskitoi may know my way around a computer... however i dont think that makes me better than another22:00
moistmoskitoim nerdy af... no sane person would use my setup22:00
moistmoskitohowever i don't like having a question about something and feeling talked down to for asking something22:01
moistmoskitohad a package mirror behind some... so updated and had an nvidia issue22:01
ryuocrux is a lot different than arch.22:02
moistmoskitoyea ... i guess what im saying is im competant have done LFS once...22:02
ryuothere's no automatic dependency resolution for binary packages. the only kind that exists is for ports building.22:02
moistmoskitoi just am curious if my desire to have a healthy community with a fun hobby os22:02
moistmoskitoas long as i can still with knoledge and time22:03
moistmoskitouse my gaming laptop as such22:03
moistmoskitoi just am more eager to have a community i can relate to22:03
moistmoskitomy friend mentioned this distro being what arch was based on22:04
moistmoskitohowever really talked well about the community here22:04
moistmoskitoi guess i just wanted to know about hte community22:05
moistmoskitobut from the looks of crux. is it source based?22:05
ryuoyes, largely.22:05
moistmoskitowhat kinds of people tend to use crux22:06
ryuoARCH wasn't really based on it per say. It shares no code. It wasn't a fork.22:06
moistmoskitoi assumed he meant in philosphy22:06
ryuothere's similarities in source package design.22:06
moistmoskitois there a lot of elitism in crux?22:07
ryuoelitism? here?22:07
moistmoskitoyea my friend said there was a super helpful and just friendly community22:07
ryuosome of us may hate stupid questions, but then who doesn't? we don't like people that want to be spoon fed answers.22:08
ryuoi've dealt with that a lot in other channels.22:08
moistmoskitoif i am someone who makes the point to learn what im doing?22:08
moistmoskitonot needing a hand  doing everything22:08
uplimethen again, people that use crux generally are people that want to learn and don't mind reading the manual22:08
moistmoskitobut i may occasionally say to the community like i did today22:08
ryuoprobably, but keep in mind crux is following older conventions22:09
ryuothere's no systemd here22:09
moistmoskitoi updated and nvidia hdmi isnt working... glxinfo | grep NVIDIA gives no output, i saw nothing on the news, didnt see it on forums... anyone else?22:09
moistmoskitoand get talked down to22:09
moistmoskitowhen it was a mirror issue22:09
moistmoskitojust mine was a fewe hours behind on nvidia updates22:10
ryuovoid linux was one of the more interesting newer distributions i've seen22:10
uplimelots of people do gaming on void too from what I've seen22:10
stenurespecially after they started running tests as opposed to only compile software.22:10
moistmoskitoyea i like to build my own OS , arch has been great for that22:11
ryuotheir PM is actually able to refuse to upgrade if some libraries haven't been rebuilt for yet.22:11
moistmoskitohowever i also dont need to feel cool... im a nerd who out of parts builds her own OS22:11
ryuoit has more safe guards than ARCH22:11
moistmoskitoarch has the benefit of the AUR while also being bleeding edge22:12
moistmoskitoit takes a lot to maintain aand the system isnt streamlined22:12
moistmoskitois this a good hobby OS?22:13
ryuouplime: oui. am i the only one that gets tired of asdf in #learnprogramming?22:13
uplimeno, I've got them on my idiot list to be honest22:14
uplimewhich automatically filters them out22:14
uplimei know darkf is tired of it too22:14
ryuomoistmoskito: i guess? i suggested it to uplime and i'm working on distribution software for it.22:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: lftp: 4.9.0 -> 4.9.122:15
moistmoskitoyou are a  dev?22:15
uplimei use it for hobbying22:15
uplimeand for this server im ircing from22:15
moistmoskitocan i show you summin?22:16
moistmoskitothis is what i like to do with linux, thats awesomewm22:18
moistmoskitoas long as this runs stuff i use to make worth it this gaming laptop....22:18
moistmoskitoi like to do all the work myself to set stuff up22:19
moistmoskitobut im no system admin for me its fun22:19
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moistmoskitosry dc22:20
moistmoskitonowadays if i choose a distro it has more to do with the people who use it ...22:20
moistmoskitoas long as its not ubuntu where its someone else's ideas of what packages i need on default\22:20
moistmoskitoor how they are defaulted22:20
moistmoskitoi might have questions but only if i am really stuck,  i just dont like looking at hte irc, or the forums and seeing others treated negatively... even if they lack some knowledgte22:22
moistmoskitothough i expect everyone to do the same22:22
moistmoskitoas far as looking for your own answers22:22
moistmoskitoanyway sry to talk your ears off.22:23
moistmoskitolooking at the documentation more... this looks liek just a step above LFS22:26
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stenurThe old familiar sting22:33
joacimtreating people badly here only really happens when someone feels like they're being stepped on22:35
ryuojoacim: ... lol22:36
ryuo"stepped on" when the asker has a name that rhymes with mosquito :D22:37
joacimok now you're being rude to me22:37
joacimoh that22:37
joacimmosquitos mostly have to worry about being swatted22:38
ryuoabout the same from their perspective.22:38
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joacimidk. sometimes someone joins and act rude to people. havent seen anyone kicked or banned because of their behavior tho.22:39
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jaegermoistmoskito: I maintain wine-staging and nvidia ports and generally feel like they work well22:43
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jaegermoistmoskito: I maintain wine-staging and nvidia ports and generally feel like they work well22:45
uplimeyou might want to invest in a bouncer moistmoskito22:45
jaegercrux has a far smaller user base and community than arch but mostly friendly22:45
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moistmoskitojoacim:just like me irl now that you mention it22:50
moistmoskitookay im gonna read up on this a bit more... i am moving so now is not the right time to reinstall22:50
moistmoskitobut after im settled i wanted info to sit n think on22:50
moistmoskitouplime:i also need stable internet provider22:51
uplimeyeah but good luck with that22:51
TimB_i too recommend CRUX to friends and family22:52
jaegermoistmoskito: I'd definitely recommend playing with it in a VM to give you some time to check out the pkgutils, etc.22:52
moistmoskitojaeger:yea i was planning to with the iso i got22:53
jaegerdid you grab the 3.5 release ISO or the -updated one?22:54
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moistmoskitoi mostly just wanna be around like3.523:06
moistmoskitothats what i get for walking away to cook dinner23:07
jaeger <-- there's a newer one here that will save you some compiling time23:16
uplimei dont recall who suggested earl grey tea the other day, but whoever it was, you were right. its the cats pajamas23:30
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stenurLung ching. Japanese tea, originally families "could leave from a square meter of good beloved tea plants". Now i think you need to have slavery to make a living from that.23:35
stenurs/leave/live/. of course. 'night!23:37
TimB_fun question: $? reports back the last commands exit status, is there any way to report back the one before that?23:56

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