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frinnstWireGuard secure network tunnel (WIREGUARD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)01:56
uplimeis the crux kernel gonna come with it by default?01:56
uplime(i always go through all of the options anyways, but just curious)01:57
frinnstnot sure it would be useful on the boot media01:57
frinnstwe dont ship ipsec etc on it so01:57
uplimeah, fair point01:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nss: 3.49.2 -> 3.5003:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: nss-32: 3.49.2 -> 3.5003:52
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: bash: update to 5.0.1608:21
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: readline: update to 8.0.4, remove compat sysmlinks08:21
omarhello all08:21
omarim a newbie to crux08:21
ryuoAHHH newbie. Hide!08:28
ryuoACTION hides behind a tree.08:28
ryuoomar: hi, we're all not newbies.08:29
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omarnewbies are facinating creatures to watch feed and install operating systems10:19
joacimgotta feed the free software gods10:34
omardo you sacrifice newbies to the gods?10:48
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ryuojoacim: you sure like to scare 'em away10:57
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TimB_ <- one of those is ryuo, I'm sure :P11:58
omar hahahhaha12:30
omarwhich one is Sifuh>12:30
omarhe brought me into this elite little club btw12:31
TimB_obviously the other one :P12:34
joacimsifuh is just sifuh. guess he isnt here right now12:44
omarnah he will probably be around tomorrow12:44
omargenius he is12:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libreoffice: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-scalar-list-utils: 1.53 -> 1.5414:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-cgi: 4.45 -> 4.4614:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-alien-build: 1.99_01 -> 2.0414:51
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dlcusaSiFuh is away for many weeks on some business, I believe.16:51
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dlcusaAnyway, welcome, omar.  You have asked no technical questions so far--I hope that's a sign of good progress with CRUX.16:54
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fysthis is weird18:33
fysim doing a new crux install and it doesn't seem to created /etc/passwd18:34
fysi just re-ran setup and installed all of core18:34
fysany ideas?18:34
fysi dont know which pkg is supposed to setup those files18:34
msiismI installed Crux 3.5 recently and didn't have that problem.18:36
TimB_pkginfo -o /etc/passwd18:37
fysif i dont have it, that file wont work18:37
TimB_well then you fucked up your install :P18:37
fysi dont see how18:37
fysTimB_: what is the output of that for you18:38
TimB_you didn't install the package providing the command and files you seem to be missing18:38
fysright, i installed all of core18:38
TimB_well then you should have it :P18:38
fys... i did18:38
fysi installed *all* of *core*18:38
TimB_tim@thor ❯ pkginfo -o /etc/passwd18:38
TimB_Package     File18:38
TimB_filesystem  etc/passwd18:38
TimB_well then you didn't check the log for errors :P18:39
fysi just tried to pkgadd -f that18:39
fysobvious errors occured but it doesnt even try to add /etc/passwd18:39
fystime to just untar it18:39
fysweird its in the tar18:40
fysbut doesnt get installed via pkgadd18:40
fysmanually moving them to /etc worked fine though.18:40
fysand i can now setup a root password18:40
fysfriggin weird18:41
uplimeis it really all that necessary to have a root password though?18:41
uplimejust sso with google18:41
fyshar har18:43
fysthere we go18:44
fysall good now18:44
fysthx TimB_18:44
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msiismI feel a bit uncomfortable asking this because I don't want to appear pushy, but still: I've sent a list of issues I found with the current Handbook to the mailing list on Jan 27 and would like to know if someone is going have a look at that and then "act upon information received".19:02
msiismI'm also asking this because I have more, not only concerning the Handbook.19:03
msiismUnfortunately, the mail server is sort of broken, currently, so I also can't see if there've been any replies in the meantime.19:05
TimB_msiism: to give you an idea who the people are making changes to the handbook :)19:05
msiismACTION has a look19:05
msiismTimB_: Ok, but they are probably all on the mailing list, right?19:06
uplimesince when is it install medium and not install media?19:06
msiismbecause media is plural and medium is singular.19:07
msiismYou usually us an installation medium, not an installation media.19:07
TimB_msiism: i would think so ;) as a member, you can have a look at all the participants of the mailing list19:07
msiismOk, good to know.19:07
uplimeI've never heard it as installation medium, but ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯19:08
msiismI dare say that I think that is due to the fact that people get that wrong a lot in a lot of places.19:10
msiismFor example, I've been working to improve the dialog messages in Dragora's installer a bit, recently. Same problem there.19:11
uplimethats probably true. kind of like ssl/tls or most shell scripting tutorials19:14
msiismespecially the latter, yes :)19:14
dlcusafys, re: your /etc/passwd install issue, did you look at /etc/pkgadd.conf or try running rejmerge?  I'm sure it's fine, but it should be verified.19:25
fysdlcusa: it'd be whatever comes from the default package19:27
fysi was literally in the boot image19:27
dlcusaIt should just be ruled out as the perpetrator.19:27
fysive never used rejmerge so this is the output i get19:28
fys# rejmerge19:28
fysrejmerge: /var/lib/pkg/rejected not found19:28
fysand the /etc/pkgadd.conf is the same as the tarball.19:28
dlcusaSo pkgadd hasn't prevented any files from being installed, as should be the case.19:29
fysi can't explain why it happened19:29
fysive done dozens of crux installs19:29
dlcusaSo far nobody has.19:29
fysi did the recommended route of mounting the cdrom and re-adding the filesystem tarball/pkg19:30
fysand it still didn't try adding /etc/passwd19:30
fysand the file didn't exist19:30
fys /etc had the default permissions it should have had19:30
fysi ruled out all the major causes just by standard investigation19:31
dlcusaAnd this behavior is repeatable?19:31
fysnot sure, id have to do another crux install :)19:31
fysi was trying to get everything setup for a specific project i wanted to start this weekend so doing another install isn't very high on the priority list tbqh19:31
fysso now that ive got the issue worked around, im going to move along19:31
dlcusaThat could provide useful data.  I'm wondering what would be a good way to trace what pkgadd is doing...19:32
fysi dont mean to sound dismissive or uninterested, its just a time issue for this weekend19:33
fysive documented it locally to revisit19:33
dlcusaUnderstood--we the community still have an oddball issue at large.19:34
fysYes, I'll revisit the issue as time permits.19:34
dlcusaI wonder what /var/lib/pkg/db has for its filesystem section...19:37
fyshold on and ill look19:41
fysfilesystem didn't register to db19:43
dlcusaLike it didn't see any package file.  You should be having other problems, then.19:44
fysEverything is literally fine.19:45
TimB_this sounds seriously damaged tho19:45
fysit was just the passwd file that didnt get installed.19:45
fys(in reality)19:45
fyseven though it didn't register to the db right19:45
fysfilesystem is registered in db.backup19:46
fysthis is odd19:46
fysokay i just forced it to register with pkgadd -f for the second time19:47
dlcusaAnything rejected?19:48
fysi had to use -f19:48
dlcusaAh, right.19:48
fyslol and of course that killed my user19:49
fysACTION re-adds19:49
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TimB_i would redo the setup and watch out for errors after it adds the packages to the chroot19:52
TimB_this seriously sounds way too off dude19:53
fysim not worried about it19:53
TimB_if it19:53
fysi was able to get the package to force install and register to the db and just fixed up everything i needed to19:54
fysno harm i can see19:54
fysworst case scenario i can just force reinstall a package and fix the outcome19:54
TimB_i just wanted to advise the safest card to play ;)19:55
fysAnd I do appreciate that. :]19:55
TimB_not what i usually do either19:55
dlcusaI am loathe to chalk this up to cosmic rays, but it no one can reproduce it...19:55
fysim not going to say it's 100% for sure not something i did19:55
fysi definitely could have mucked up a flag somehow19:56
fysregardless, the outcome isn't something i can't deal with19:56
dlcusaIt does sound like you can move forward.19:56
fysACTION nod19:56
TimB_dlcusa: how did all the hickups with lapack/openblas/libreoffice go for you? sorry for the wild ride there, but i hope things are settled now :)19:57
dlcusaTimB_, I hadn't done sysup for weeks, started on Tuesday, and only rust and wireshark had issues.19:59
TimB_about rust: you need specific versions to build rust20:00
TimB_if you have it installed on the system the Pkgfile will pick that up and skip one build stage completly20:00
TimB_but if the versions mismatch it will fail going from stage 0 -> stage 2 (iirc)20:01
TimB_so uninstalling rust prior updating might solve the issue.20:01
dlcusaMeaning it needs to be uninstalled first?20:01
TimB_it will then build stage 0 -> 1 -> 220:01
TimB_but if it's around you spare stage 1 so to speak :)20:01
TimB_so regular sysuping with rust is adviseable20:02
TimB_i am not 100% certain on the info, but i read that when i was reading up on compiling rust on the pi20:02
dlcusaI'll give that a shot--I was hit by a nasty GI bug on Wednesday and am still recovering.20:03
TimB_sccache, if around will still work though :)20:03
dlcusaMy body, not my machines.20:03
TimB_good recovery then! let the machines run while you rest :)20:04
dlcusaThat they are doing.20:04
TimB_i have to say, since the unaltered opt/rust version builds on aarch64 as well.. i think Romster did a great job with that Pkgfile20:05
TimB_well, not completly unaltered - i had to run s/x86-64/aarch64/g on it20:05
TimB_and let me know if that solves the updating issue with rust. would be good to have verified20:06
dlcusaTimB_, will do.20:07
TimB_as soon as i have time to take care of the pi desktop efforts, i'll deliver a proper screenshot of acm running there20:08
TimB_hopefully in ~8-10 days :)20:08
dlcusaCool, and I'm thinking about relocating the keypad event assignments, maybe allow those assignments to be configured during setup per user specifications.20:10
dlcusaMaybe use {F2} as a mode key.20:11
TimB_i haven't tried the steam controller on the pi yet, but it should work as well. I assume i could map keypad events there20:11
TimB_But remapping keys would be great20:11
dlcusaUse the source, Luke.20:12
TimB_But time, Dad.20:12
TimB_i will have to read up on a lot of Java for the last test20:13
TimB_if that counts..?20:13
dlcusaGetting certs is a high priority.20:13
dlcusaEspecially if you pick up skills in the process.20:14
TimB_Not sure what kind of cert i might be getting, might just be the note that i did that, and i could append the information about the module20:14
TimB_But yeah, i picked up a little bit in the process :)20:15
msiismIf I install a pre-compiled binary package of the latest version of, say llvm, then run ports -u and prt-get sysup, will this avoid building llvm from ports?20:17
stenurif the tarball is in the right place and the name matches, and the Pkgfile is not newer than the tarball, i'd say yes20:18
TimB_if it's the same version or higher as in the portsdb20:18
TimB_stenur wins :)20:18
msiismWhat would be the right place for the tar archive?20:19
stenurthat's not how i would say it. just had to deal with that yesterday ;)20:19
TimB_it's defined in /etc/pkgmk.conf20:19
msiismHm... looking at that... having trouble to get it. I am using qt5 and llvm from romster's package server and put them into /usr/packages/romster.20:21
TimB_you were using pkg-get, right? I never used it20:22
stenurseems to me they belong to opt/xy, then.20:22
stenurCaveats: i use PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="`d=/usr/ports/balls/\`basename $PWD\`; if [ -d $d ]; then :; else sudo -u guest mkdir -p -m 2775 $d 1>&2; fi; echo $d`"20:23
TimB_i would just drop the packages into PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR and sysup?20:23
stenurand ditto WORK and PACKAGE20:23
msiismTimB_: No, I actually wasn't. But I wanted to. pkg-get uses /usr/packages, as far as I have read, so I chosse that. But I had to download things manually because the repository doesn't work with pkg-get for some reason.20:24
TimB_so, is it possible for you to just cp $prebuiltpacakge $PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR?20:26
fysi dont see why not20:26
TimB_this should just make them available to prt-get20:26
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msiismonly need to find where that is.20:26
TimB_it's defined in /etc/pkgmk.conf20:27
TimB_if you haven't set anything, it's each individual ports $(pwd)20:27
msiismHm... I can't seem to find it there. Oh, ok, now that makes sense.20:27
TimB_so it's easier to set a fixed path for that ;)20:27
TimB_i have populated /home/pkgmk/{work,distfiles,packages,…}20:28
msiismSo, I just copy the pre-compiled pacgae into the port's PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR and done?20:28
TimB_if the naming of the files fits what prt-get would expect to find there20:28
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msiismProbably better to use a symlink, though.20:28
TimB_why tho?20:29
msiismTo things separate?20:29
TimB_ok, sure20:29
msiisms/To/To keep20:29
TimB_when it works, it's fine anyway20:30
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msiismhm.... it's gz vs xz in the case of llvm... but now I realize it had already been up to date.20:33
msiismI mean, the precompiled binary comes as tar.xz and prt-get build tar.gz, apparently20:34
msiismWell, prt-get or the tools it invokes seem to work woth .gz for compression, in general.20:39
TimB_also defined in pkgmk.conf20:41
msiismah, ok.20:41
msiismSeeing it now.20:41
msiismAnd that influences whether prt-get will pick up an already available binary in the ports directory or not?20:42
TimB_no idea really20:43
msiismI mean, if it would normally build a gz-compressed package for qt5 and I push in an xz... ok, i see.20:43
TimB_i guess pkgadd will always install the package, no matter the compression used for the ball20:43
msiismOk, let me retry qt5 then20:44
msiismHm... doesn't seem to pick up the binary.20:46
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msiismI mean, when I run prt-get update qt5 with the precompiled binary in /usr/ports/opt/qt5.20:47
TimB_did you set the option in pkgmk.conf?20:48
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msiismNo. I left it at .gz.20:49
TimB_well then i assume that prt-get will look for a gz package…20:49
msiismSo, this does actually have an impac then? LEt me try.20:49
TimB_you can still pkgadd PATH/TO/XZ/PKG.tar.xz or whatever you have20:49
msiismSure, I used pkgadd -u <pkg_name> and that worked.20:50
msiismBut will prt-get sysup realize that the newest qt5 version is already there and not try to just reinstall whatever the version in the official ports is, even if it's the same as the binary I installed? I remember reading something like this in the Handbook. Let me re-check.20:51
msiismHm... I think I've also been on the wrong trakc concerning the package that are actually being updated. It's mesa3d that's taking ages to build, not llvm...20:54
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msiismAha, so /opt/firefox-bin is already an official binary package, as it seems.21:37
msiismor, contains.21:37
msiismACTION starts building mesa3d for the 4th time21:40
msiismIt's a learning experience. I think I wouldn't even have had to do that. A forced update with what had already been built would have been sufficient, I guess.21:58
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msiismOh, that's mean. Also, I don't really get the joke.22:09
msiismAh, ok, now I get it.22:10
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fysi have an active gentoo install so its okay for me to make fun of myself22:12
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msiismsuccess building mesa3d.22:23
fysvery nice22:23
msiismtook about an hour, i guess. I really need to use some more binary packages.22:24
msiismActually, I wanted to configure X today.22:24
fysWhat do you mean?22:25
omarX is cake to configure22:25
fysTakes like all of 2 seconds.22:25
omari wouldn't say that22:26
fysDoes for me, I just the same xorg.conf on all my machines.22:26
omardepends on your level of experience obviously22:26
omarwell thats the way to do it22:26
msiismMy mouse/touchpad doesn't work. So, there's a problem to fix.22:26
omarbut for someone that has been using a de22:26
omarmsiism are you using an HP?22:27
fysprobably a driver issue, not a configuration issue so much22:27
msiismI guess so.22:28
msiismomar: no.22:28
msiismThis is a "Nexoc Osiris".22:28
msiismHm, xorg-xf86-input-{mouse,synaptics} are installed.22:33
TimB_what about evdev?22:36
msiismis there too22:37
msiismI have evdev, keyboard, libinput, mouse, synaptics.22:37
msiismACTION wonders why there is so much whitespace in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc22:42
fysholy shit there is22:44
msiismHm..., shouldn't there normally be a default config file for the synaptics driver in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/? I have none.22:50
msiismDo other people in here have default configs in that directory?23:03
omari got nothing23:13
omari think you need to create your own23:13
msiismYeah, I'm at it. Current status: Display went all black, can't access a tty anymore. LOL.23:14
omarwhat did you do?23:23
omarwhatever it was i'd like to avoid it23:23
msiismI created /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/70-synaptics.conf, put some things into that. Obviously not the right things.23:28
msiismOh, and now the display hangs on boot again (not related to X).23:30
omaridk but if  were you i would just lspci -v look for the module needed, then i would maybe check my kernel configuration see if it was enabled or not then if all that failed search for another solution23:32
msiismHm... that's an idea.23:32
omaryou might need to recconfigure/recompile your kernel23:34
msiismI know.23:35
msiismCould hae a look at the config file first to see if I'm definitely missing something.23:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: i3status-rust: 0.13.0 -> 0.13.123:36
msiismOk, I'll do that tomorrow. Done for today.23:39
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