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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cmake: 3.16.2 -> 3.16.401:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cryptsetup: 2.2.2 -> 2.3.002:31
Romstermsiism, instead of sticking the pre-built binary in the proper place, jsut download it and pkgadd -u foo#1.2.3.tar.xz02:40
Romsterit can be .gz or any other compression pkgadd will still read it02:40
Romsterand if you insist dropping the binary int he directory you need to touch all the files so they have the same date to avoid pkgmk rebuilding it.02:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: dhcp: 4.4.1 -> 4.4.202:44
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dlcusaSiFuh, You're back--I thought you said you'd be away for a while.04:10
SiFuhI just got back04:11
SiFuhbeen gone a week04:11
omara week = a while04:11
SiFuh11 days I think04:12
dlcusaI  hope all went well for you.04:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: htmldoc: 1.9.4 -> 1.9.704:12
SiFuhin a way yes. Was quite painful04:13
dlcusaSorry about that part of it, then.04:14
SiFuhjumping from hotel to hotel, standing in the stinking hot sun in the middle of car yards trying to deals from early morning till late evening.04:14
SiFuhDude asked me to accompany him because he needed someone who can speak Thai to listen but not talk to make sure they screw him over and also someone familiar with the country to help him get around.04:14
omarsounds pretty standard fare04:14
dlcusaSo that's done.04:16
SiFuhyeah for now, got to go back to finalize the deals later on04:16
SiFuhMy main priority is start stilling this vodka04:17
dlcusaDon't let us keep you from that. ;-)04:17
SiFuhJust powering up the boxes04:18
dlcusaLater, then--I need to break away again.04:18
SiFuhcoffee time04:19
ryuoSiFuh: maybe it's time someone fused you with Mr. Coffee. :)04:19
ryuocould make coffee right in your mouth. lol04:20
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SiFuhomar: !06:20
omarwhats up?06:29
SiFuhthe ceiling06:30
ryuothe moon/sun06:33
omarstars too06:35
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fysThis might be a solution to a problem I'm having.08:03
fys1 star08:25
SiFuhyeah   i use it as my TV Box08:25
fysDoes it run Linux? :p08:26
SiFuhIt's running Void Linux but I think I will install CRUX on it08:26
SiFuhcan put a hard drive inside08:26
fysYeah, I see that. Good perk.08:26
fysBasically I need a "non laptop"08:26
fysA portable computer that isn't a laptop.08:27
SiFuhBut I do notice after running for 3 or 4 days it stops running ;-)08:27
SiFuhbut it does the trick08:27
fysCould be a contender.08:27
SiFuhThe woman has one as well, hold on tell you the model she has08:28
SiFuhBeelinnk BT3 Pro08:29
fysI need something powerful enough to handle an Openbox2 session with firefox, urxvt, and a few other programs.08:29
SiFuhhers runs winshit 10 but I haven't formatted it and install Linux because I am taking advantage of being able to play Colin Mcrae Rally on it when she is at work haha08:30
SiFuhfys  mine runs fluxbox, with firfox, sonarr, sabnzdb and plays all the movies and TV series I get with an internal 250GB SSD hard drive, an external 5TB hard drive.08:31
SiFuhHowever, I don't recomment two hard drives on the front USB ports  and Only use one USB hard drive on the rear08:31
fysNice :]08:31
fysyeah 250gb would be plenty08:31
fysthis would be for work as a sysadmin08:32
fysnothing fancy08:32
fysmostly email and ssh08:32
SiFuhyeah   does the job08:32
fysyeah i think this setup will work out well... just need to get around to buying it08:37
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SiFuhfys:  I think the CPU mine uses has an issue in Linux.. I didn't research it much09:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iwd: update to 1.511:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dar: update to 2.6.811:05
TimB_SiFuh: wb ;) hopefully, openblas and friends update fine for you11:05
TimB_it should be settled now11:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: xscreensaver: 5.42 -> 5.43 floses FS#176712:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: gsm: 1.0.14 -> 1.0.1812:47
SiFuhTimB_: hah no idea, will look later12:49
SiFuhok distilling time. Be back later12:51
TimB_hf :D12:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: gsm: include patch update12:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mdds: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.012:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ffmpeg: add gsm support13:02
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: readline-32: 8.0.1 -> 8.0.413:12
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weednixHello, does someone here uses apparmor ? I update my port to 2.13.3 and when I create a profile with apparmor tools I get errors with all capabilities14:08
weednixcan this be a problem with kernel configuration or is a apparmor problem ?14:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] clisp: update to 2.49.92, new dependency libffcall15:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libffcall: initial release, version 2.215:55
jaegerNot I15:55
TimB_weednix: me neither16:00
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fysurxvt just trolled me17:36
fysurxvt: unable to parse color 'color', using pink instead.17:36
fys"i dont know what you meant, here's pink"17:37
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jaeger <-- a former crux user and mention of crux at FOSDEM 202018:17
jaegerbrief but kinda neat18:21
SiFuhok 7 litres of vodka, :-)  not bad from two batches18:21
SiFuh5 days i will top up another 2318:22
SiFuhjaeger: I never understood when someone asks 'round of applause please'18:23
TimB_jaeger: thanks for sharing18:24
jaegerSiFuh: just an acknowledgment of some effort or contribution for someone, pretty much18:26
jaegerTimB_: sure18:26
SiFuhjaeger: still dont understand18:37
TimB_i still know his name but i am not sure if i would've made the connection when i would've looked through fosdem video list18:38
jaegerIf you ask for a round of applause for someone you are saying "I appreciate you or your effort, etc."18:38
SiFuhif i ask for a round of applause it means i suck shit and have to ask people to clap because no one will18:39
jaegerthat's not the intent, heh18:39
SiFuhbut thats my thinking18:39
SiFuhshe should have worded it with me excitment18:40
SiFuhAr ound of applause for jj  and jj springs into the room like superman18:41
fyspotential winner18:42
fysthe case doesn't bug me since it's going to be for work18:43
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SiFuhfys: hell yeah18:44
fysCORE i7-5557U ain't bad18:44
fysespecially at sub 20018:44
fys8gb of ram too18:44
SiFuhyah but you can't buy it18:44
SiFuhI already bought it18:45
SiFuhnah just kidding18:45
fysi just need to verify 100% its linux compatibility18:45
fysbut i think this is a winner18:45
SiFuhi agree18:46
SiFuhi like it18:46
SiFuhYou can work with EFI?18:46
SiFuhthese devices ahave efi tricks18:46
fysmy desktops are all efi18:46
SiFuhcool you no worries them18:46
fysyea grub-efi is ez to deal with18:47
jaegerI have one of the older nucs, love those18:47
fysi think we found a winner then18:47
SiFuhi envy you18:47
SiFuhits quite decent in my opinion18:47
SiFuhany USB 3 support?18:48
fyslooks like it18:48
fysusb port is blue18:48
fysand blue should mean 3.018:48
fysor 3.118:48
SiFuhi think 1 is USB 3 and rest 218:48
SiFuhthey usually run Intel Clear Linux18:49
SiFuhor winshit 1018:50
SiFuhand it is also where I stole the Intel Ucode from18:50
SiFuhINITRD ../freestanding-00-intel-ucode.cpio,../freestanding-i915-firmware.cpio.xz18:50
fysyeah but as long as it supports /a/ linux18:50
fysi can get any distro work on it in theory18:50
fysthat's all im worried about18:50
SiFuhit is intel so sure, it supports Linux easily18:51
SiFuhi dont recommend clear linux though18:52
fyswell id probably throw funtoo on it18:54
SiFuhwhen i get round to it, I am erasing void and setting up crux18:55
fysive heard decent things about void though18:55
SiFuhcrux has more power than those statically designed distros18:55
SiFuhany void uses here?18:55
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SiFuhI actually dislike the team18:56
jaegerI've looked at it in the past but never used it18:56
SiFuhthey are gang of monkey fscking assholes18:56
SiFuharrogant, self righteous twits.18:56
SiFuhI like the distro though.. just don't like their team18:57
jaegerapparently I haven't updated my NUC install in a while, 79 packages needing updated :P18:57
SiFuhjaeger: but the NUC is great?18:57
fysi think im going to buy that nuc18:58
jaegeryeah, I think it's great. It's tiny and has decent hardware18:58
jaegerI've got the i3-7100u version18:58
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SiFuhjaeger: we are using beelink here and even though the celeron shit cpu is annoying it does what we want18:59
jaegersure, no reason that won't work fine. My NAS was until very recently a Celeron G1610T19:00
fysthe gentoo community on irc is cancer19:01
fysthey won't let you talk about anything but support in #gentoo19:01
fysand #gentoo-chat has a no profanity rule19:01
fyseven my job has it in WRITING that profanity is allowed as long as you don't curse AT someone19:01
SiFuhfys: never joined #gentoo*19:02
fysyou can safely pass.19:02
fysill only be re-joining if i run into a major issue19:02
fysi don't have the ability to self-censor *THAT* much at 31.19:02
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SiFuhvoid linux is actually pretty cool. There website alone shows what kind of people they are 'We are..' 'We are first' 'We did this' 'We don't do that'  arrogant  completely ignore that other distros were first19:03
fysyeah i cant stand people/projects like that19:03
SiFuhI joined channel and was helping others and the seniour members jumped in on multiple occasions and insulted me and tried to take over, even though the issue was resolved.19:04
fysi *work* with people like that.19:04
SiFuhmy favorite one that ended my relationship with them was a guy with a USB keyboard not working. He had washed it, and I asked him to try another keyboard as the keys being wet is probably his issue. He discovered it was. Some senior member jumped in saying I am wasting time, and blah, then tried to help the guy who already had solve the issue with me.19:05
SiFuhI think i departed with "You are a room of fscking assholes"  never been back :-P But Void Linux is actually pretty nice.19:06
fysthat's a shame19:06
fysSounds like how gentoo was back in 2003ish19:06
SiFuhScrew em, they want to be all high and mighty then do it..19:06
SiFuhI don't need ot be part of their ivory tower19:07
SiFuhslackware guys are great, openbsd dudes too... 1 exception :-P19:08
fysyea theo once called me an asshole19:10
TimB_Those looking for tips and tricks on how to configure a Linux system in general should consult upstream software documentation. Additionally, the Arch Wiki provides a fairly comprehensive outline of common Linux software configuration, and a variety of internet search engines are available for further assistance. <- i like that in the chapter about how to read the void handbook19:10
SiFuhfys: I actually like Theo and he isn't the one exception I mentioned19:10
fysyeah i almost never google distro specific stuff TimB_19:11
fysgoogling distro specific stuff is what you do when you're just learning linux19:11
SiFuhthe guy I am talking about joined crux and has helped advance crux... havent seen him years though.19:11
SiFuhi always say  do what you want, but when you are ready, you are going CRUX...19:12
fysi use a lot of distros19:12
SiFuhme too19:13
fysonly requirement i have is, source based19:13
fysi cant use binaries other people compile, they almost always do something i wouldn't do19:13
SiFuhi taught linux for years...  CRUX was my maine distro in 200119:13
SiFuhall my students work in high end environments..   I like to think it was the baptism into crux  but it could just be I am an awesome teacher ;-)19:14
fysim in an interesting situation with my work19:14
fysits very uhh19:14
fysnon technical19:14
fysbut i make more than i did doing more stressful tech work19:14
fysso i cant complain19:14
fysjust gives me more personal time19:14
SiFuhgot one computer illetrate guy who reads a lot.. I told him to start with void... he then messed around with manjaro or however it is spelt, and other crap... finally he started understanding   now he is on crux19:16
fysthe guy selling the nuc auto-accepted my offer19:16
fysi got it for $17519:16
fysSiFuh: very cool!19:16
SiFuhhe says in 1 month of CRUX he learned more than 1 year on another distro19:16
fysthat's awesome to hear19:16
SiFuhthis is why all mys students MUST use CRUX19:16
fysbtw this is off topic, but it'd be cool if the crux install handbook mentioned that its very easy to pull in the latest kernel from the install environment and not rely on the one on the release ISO19:17
fys(well you dont HAVE to rely on it)19:17
SiFuhUSB flash drive19:17
fysthe install environment has wget19:18
SiFuhits targeted at experiencied users19:18
SiFuhnot beginners19:18
fysafter you're chrooted you can wget the latest kernel source19:18
fysi see what you're saying19:18
fysan advanced user would probably know19:18
SiFuhcan you imagine a room full of ubuntu users complaining about crux?19:19
fysthat'd be awful19:19
fysi dont mean to sound elitist but it IS nice to be around a baseline experienced linux community19:19
fysdealing with complete linux newbies can be frustrating19:19
fysyay im excited about getting this nuc19:20
fys175 is cheap19:20
SiFuhi dont think linux has elite19:20
SiFuhlinus can;t even install debian19:20
fysthat's kind of funny19:21
fyswhere did you read that?19:21
SiFuhnot really19:21
SiFuhI cant install ubuntu19:21
fysit wouldnt surprise me19:21
SiFuhi just feel sick thinking about it19:21
fysafaik linus uses fedora19:21
SiFuhentire family soes19:22
SiFuhi dispise RH19:23
fysso i got the nuc for 182 shipped19:23
fysthis makes me happy19:23
SiFuhme too and I aint getting it19:24
SiFuhso back on EFI19:24
fyshaving a linux machine for work is going to make me a lot more productive19:24
fysah yeah19:24
fysefi is ez19:24
SiFuhyou know how to modify menu entries in BIOS using EFI?19:24
fysah that's one thing i haven't fully figured out tbqh19:25
jaegerit's not hard with efibootmgr19:25
fysi just used a windows app to do it the one time i needed to19:25
SiFuhhang on19:25
SiFuhi take a photo of a page i wrote19:25
SiFuhyou can learn some things from it maybe19:25
fysalways down to learn more19:25
fysi just know how to get grub going and booting which is all ive ever needed19:26
jaegerThere's also some mention of efibootmgr in
SiFuhits not a man page or a howtoo   its my personal crap   so you can get an idea from it19:26
SiFuhits in syslinux19:27
fysjaeger: neato19:28
SiFuhits just an idea for learn19:30
SiFuhdon't try to religiously copy it because it will fail as it is my machine19:30
fysright yes19:30
SiFuhmy CRUX is efi, syslinux and F2FS19:31
SiFuhnon standard19:31
SiFuhSo these tiny boxes usually are booted from UEFI/EFI and in bios has an option like WINDOWS or LINUX. We want to remove these entries and replace with out system. Name it what you want. I name mine SYSLINUX19:34
SiFuhI am not familiar with grub, it probably has a way to do it.19:35
jaegergrub can automatically invoke efibootmgr, or you can do it manually19:37
SiFuhjaeger: you use grub?19:37
SiFuhahh  I can't handle it.. too much for a boot manager ;-P19:38
SiFuhlilo and syslinux are good19:38
jaegerThat's fine, you should always use what you prefer19:38
SiFuhlilo didn't suport efi so I went syslinux19:38
jaegerelilo exists but I believe it's abandoned19:39
SiFuhnow it has support but I like my syslinux19:39
SiFuhyeah elilo19:39
SiFuhi think grub is too complicated for an MBR19:39
SiFuhKISS is one of the reasons we use CRUX19:39
jaegerIt can be complicated but it doesn't have to be.19:40
jaegerThe auto-generated configs try to include a ton of stuff to make it foolproof, I use a much smaller config that I write myself19:40
jaegerIt's still longer than a syslinux or lilo config but it gives me some nice features for the trade19:40
SiFuhi am using syslinux from slackware, and enver installed it on CRUX, but I never formatted the boot partition or MBR     CRUX is having a jolly old time with Slackwares syslinux.   This is prefect!19:40
fysis lilo even maintained?19:41
SiFuhenver/I never19:41
jaeger <-- this is the grub config on my NUC, for example19:42
SiFuhfys: i heard it isn't  but i cant promise you19:42
SiFuhoh yuck19:42
SiFuhoh its almost lilo like19:43
jaeger <-- the same system but an auto-generated file19:43
fysi wont lie, i just use mkconfig because im lazy19:44
jaegerNothing wrong with that, it's your choice19:44
SiFuhmy syslinux19:44
fysi like your config tho jaeger19:44
fysim really excited about this NUC now19:46
fys$175 + $7 shipped19:46
fysthen i can max it out at MicroCenter19:46
SiFuhwhat i like about syslinux is I don't need to anything except edit the config....    no runing lilo commands or stuff19:46
jaegerthat's a feature I like about grub, too19:47
SiFuhi dont know grub :-P19:47
SiFuhits just bloated MBR in my mind19:47
SiFuhbut I am not really aware19:47
jaegerMBR doesn't make sense in the context of UEFI19:47
SiFuhmbr doesn't make sense in general19:48
jaegergrub definitely has a LOT of features and a lot of support that aren't required for everyone19:48
SiFuhyou know I am so old fashioned that I will never use it19:48
jaegerI don't use MANY of its features but I like the way it looks and the way its config is written, plus a small subset of features19:48
jaegerlike searching for partitions by UUID, etc.19:48
jaegerNobody will try to force you :)19:49
SiFuhsee ya all tomorrw19:49
SiFuhjaeger: no one can...  :-P19:49
SiFuhfys: god luck,  hope it is cool19:50
fysthx - ill keep ya updated hehe19:51
fysi accidentally slept in 2 days in a row.. good thing they were both weekend days19:56
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fysgreat now im all excited and antsy for the nuc20:31
fysi hate that about me20:31
fysas soon as i buy something online i want it asap20:31
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fysanyone around to help me with an m.2 question?22:16
fysive never bought an m.2 ssd before so i am clueless22:16
rmullWhat's up?22:21
fysokay so this spec page says:22:21
fys M.2 Card Slot (storage)22:21
fys 22x42/60/8022:21
fysdoes that mean compatible with this m.2 ssd?
fysi refined it to m.2 228022:22
fys(the search)22:22
fysi THINK it is but ive never used an ssd like this22:22
fysim old school sata..22:23
rmullThat device is 22mm wide by 80mm long22:23
rmullSo it sounds like the slot dimensions should be suitable22:24
fyswell this is for an intel nuc22:24
*** zimmer_Dl has quit IRC22:25
rmullRight, so your NUC can accept M.2 cards that are any of those three dimensions, which your Crucial P1 is22:26
fysI assumed as much, I was just making sure I wasn't overlooking something.22:27
fysI don't see NVME specifically listed on the nuc spec sheet..22:28
fysCould that be a problem?22:29
rmullNo, it all looks good to me. M.2 is the physical slot, PCI-E is the electrical signaling, and NVMe is a higher layer yet for interacting with flash over PCIE22:30
fysthe spec sheet also says, M.2 slot with PCIe x4 lanes22:31
fysso it sounds good22:31
rmullNormally when shopping for M.2 cards you just have to make sure the slot does PCIE if you're getting a PCIE SSD, which you are. Other M.2 slots might only do SATA, not PCIE.22:31
fysrmull: thank you very much for your help22:31
rmullIf it all ends up exploding, it's not my fault <_<22:31
fysno worries, m822:32
fysi wouldn't be out too much money if it did22:32
fysthis nuc is going to be super pimped out when im done22:32
fys16gb ram, 500gb nvme, 2tb sata22:33
fysperfect for my work needs22:33
rmullI use one as a set-top box, they're pretty neat22:34
*** zimmer_Dl has joined #crux22:35
fysrmull: this is going to be my way of avoiding the stupid old mac im stuck with at work.22:41
fysthey wont provide me with a pc of any kind but also dont forbid personal hardware22:42
fysso this is my solution22:42
fysspending breakdown: base: $180 | hdd: $70 | ram: $60 | sdd: $7022:43
fysand it's basically maxed out now22:43
fys16gb ram, 500gb ssd, 2tb hdd22:43
omarsk1980good solution22:43
omarsk1980i've thought about one as a home server22:44
fysif they ever bought me a pc id bring it home and use it for that22:44
omarsk1980problem is electrcity goes out too often in the country i'm stuck in22:44
fysfor extended periods of time?22:45
fysi was going to say if its just brownouts, a UPS would work22:45
omarsk1980could happen anytime for 8 hours you just never know22:46
omarsk1980be funny if it wasn't so annoying22:46
fysi see.22:46
fysyeah that does sound obnoxious22:46
omarsk1980government here sells electricity off and charges the other country more for it just cuts us off22:47
omarsk1980price controls keep it cheap but unpredictable22:47
omarsk1980socialism at work22:48
omarsk1980former soviet union22:48
omarsk1980they kept a lot of govt services22:48
omarsk1980anyhow the fanless mini SBC is a great solution but as Sifuh said earlier make sure you throw CRUX on it, or something that will stay up for days22:50
omarsk1980maybe OpenBSD22:50
omarsk1980thats what I'd use as a server anyhow22:51
fysim probably going to use funtoo on it22:52
omarsk1980never used it22:55
fysits basically gentoo with fixes22:56
omarsk1980ah i see22:56
fysproject was created by the original creator of gentoo22:56
fysso its solid22:56
omarsk1980ill give it a looksee22:56
omarsk1980on a VM22:56
fysyeah, it's worth checking out22:56
fysi use gentoo/funtoo and crux on all my machines atm22:56
fysincluding my pi422:56
omarsk1980I always run 2 distros at a time22:57
omarsk1980right now Kali/CRUX22:57
fysthat doesn't include my debian vps tho22:57
omarsk1980i like Debian as a ready to go machine but I always tend to crash and burn my Debian installs lol22:58
fysdebian is one of the few distros i can always recover23:05
omarsk1980I recover it but it just crashes too often23:09
omarsk1980i like playing around with things i shouldnt23:09
omarsk1980everybody talks about how stable it is and yet there are sometimes hardware incompatibility is also an issue on certain laptops23:10
omarsk1980i find a lot of issues in Debian but I still use it23:10
omarsk1980at work anyhow. it beats Windows like a red-headed step-child23:10
omarsk1980sometimes my multi-boot ways don't sit well with Debian either23:11
omarsk1980so I just roll with Kali at the moment, but i spend way more time in CRUX23:12
fysi hate hate hate laptops23:13
fysso much23:13
omarsk1980yeah me too. but unfortunately thats what most people are using these days23:15
omarsk1980i'm stuck using a laptop til I find a country to call home permanently. but an SBC may find it's way into my home at some point23:16
omarsk1980oh but HP can suck it23:21
omarsk1980i'll never install anything on an HP again23:21
fysi like hp a lot23:24
fysi used to work for them :p23:24
*** zimmer_Dl has quit IRC23:27
omarsk1980really? well they could make their hardware a bit more compatible23:28
omarsk1980especially touchpads23:28
omarsk1980so i have to ask, do they have a secret agreement with windows to make their laptops non-linux friendly?23:30
*** zimmer_Dl has joined #crux23:39
joacimonly company i dislike is dell. their support line is such a pain23:42
joacimnot as bad as ms support tho23:43
omarsk1980nothing is23:44
omarsk1980welcome to the seventh level of hell otherwise known as Microsoft support line23:44
fysomarsk1980: well i worked for HPE23:46
fysthe enterprise part23:46
fysand again, i dont use laptops23:46
fysi refuse to23:46
fysthey gave me a macbook pro at work.. so i bought that nuc23:46
*** zimmer_Dl has quit IRC23:47
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