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pulgoviskI have the follow output when try to install the adwaita-icon-theme: Can't load file: Unrecognized image file format01:31
pulgoviskThe librsvg-compact and gdk-pixbuf are installed01:32
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jaegercheck revdep to see if librsvg needs to be rebuilt, maybe01:42
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pulgoviskI have already rebuild librsvg01:43
Romsterlibrsvg or librsvg-compat ?01:43
jaegerhave you run the post-install script for it as well?01:43
pulgoviskHow i do that?01:44
jaegersh /usr/ports/opt/librsvg-compat/post-install01:45
jaegerYou might want to enable the runscripts option in /etc/prt-get.conf to catch those in the future, too01:45
jaegerBecause usually if a post-install script exists, it's required01:45
pulgoviskThansk for the help guys!01:45
jaegerDid that fix the issue?01:45
pulgoviskyes :)01:45
Romsteror prt-get update librsvg-compat --install-scripts01:45
jaegerok, great. :)01:45
Romsteror set it in prt-get.conf if you trust everyone to have safe scripts01:46
Romsteron my lunch break01:46
pulgoviskWhat is the advantage of prt-get?01:49
pulgoviskOver the pkgmk -d -i?01:49
jaegerprt-get understands dependencies, pkgmk doesn't01:49
jaegerprt-get uses pkgmk under the hood01:49
pulgoviskI see01:49
pulgoviskThanks for the help jaeger :)01:53
jaegerno problem01:53
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fys1So I'm all in at $339 for my nuc02:10
fysand that includes a carrying case and mouse02:10
fysAnd yes, I bought a carrying case for my nuc.02:21
fysI'm /that/ guy.02:21
SiFuhhp are alright02:31
fysyeah, i like them02:32
fystwo of my desktops are hp builds, actually02:32
SiFuhI do have a rule when buying laptops    No 'A,B,C,D or HP'02:33
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SiFuhAlthough HP is fine I don't recommend it02:33
fysI have a rule when buying laptops, too.02:33
omarsk1980HP is garbage02:33
SiFuhfys: living out of a seabag you really don't want to be halling a PC around the world02:33
fysI like my HP hardware.02:33
omarsk1980im sorry fys02:33
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fysSiFuh: I'd give up computing if I had to use a laptop.02:34
SiFuhyeah so if the brand starts with one of these letters, I don't recommend it. Which the exception of Clevo02:34
fysSiFuh: I see, you're an eMachines man!02:34
fysOr Gateway.02:34
fysYes, bad jokes, I know.02:35
omarsk1980fys: blast from the past02:36
SiFuhfys:  my machie02:36
fysNice router.02:37
SiFuhUSB wifi not router02:41
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fysi love that people are doing coding/linux streams on twitch now03:51
fysits neat03:51
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SiFuhwhat's a twitch?04:07
SiFuhfys: I see04:16
fysneat wm04:19
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fys - new desktop whorin'07:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-mutagen: 1.43.0 -> 1.44.008:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: openblas: 0.3.7 -> 0.3.808:18
dlcusaTimB_, I think I've come up with a Q&D solution for ACM's dependence on keypad keys-- take a look at and let me know if you can live with that.08:21
TimB_dlcusa: i think this would work on TKL keyboard :)08:24
dlcusaOkay, I'll work on it as I can and hopefully it can be ready to fly when you are.08:25
TimB_no rush for me :)08:25
dlcusaI was counting on that. ;-)08:25
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dlcusaThat's enlightening, SiFuh.  Are you getting one?10:54
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frinnst"apt search" is hopeless13:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nfs-utils: update to 2.4.313:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: man-pages: update to 5.0513:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.2.3 -> 1.2.414:10
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stenurDoes anyone else have problems with xorg-server#1.20.7-1?  I can only start one graphical session, the second stops before the Modeline things come, with the screen all black and no possibility to switch to another console.15:31
stenurActually it happened once, i do not dare to try it again, as i had to reboot the box.15:32
stenurHas anyone ever tried "{ sleep 10; chvt 1; } </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 &" to escape such a situation?  Does that work?15:33
stenurI think i just go back to 1.20.6-1.15:37
frinnstonly run one session here so no way to test15:40
stenurhmm "cntrl+alt+f2;login;startx" (:); i use a special account for web browsing. I know it is stupid, i should finally wrap my head around cgroups.15:42
stenurJust stumbled upon that again when i read about Wireguard on Saturday. Just create a device and move it somewhere else. Well.15:43
stenurAnd have not made a TinC port yet either.15:43
frinnstamd seems to have delivery issues due to china and corona. fun times15:50
frinnstatleast HP are having trouble getting delivery dates for epyc rome15:50
stenurwasn't xorg-server, it was kernel 4.19.102 (as opposed to 4.19.100). :-))16:18
stenurI really find this surprising, there is so much money in Linux, and Intel and Lenovo are big companies with lots of people, also in Linux, as far as i know. I wonder why i do find _such_ bugs.16:37
stenurJust like the Phillips TV. Software is ridiculous. Now a bought a new primitive i-am-a-mobile-phone Nokia, also with software bugs. Whereas my old Nokia from ~2004 was absolutely perfect.16:38
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stenurCome come. come on. come on. Little less conversation, a little more action, please.21:53
stenurSaTiSfY mE!21:53
stenurCoMe On BaBy I aM tIrEd of talking.21:54
stenurWe're caught in a trap.21:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gdb: 8.3.1 -> 9.121:58
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joacimi rather not talk about it22:04
stenurelvis presley. 'Want to get rid of libcdio*, cdparanoia, cd-paranoia, latter two broken. libcdio is tarball 30 MB or so.22:07
stenurAnd have written an 8723 byte C program which "does the same".22:07
stenurOn Linux. Just tried it with an Elvis CD, the only CD i have that's copy-protected.  Works here.22:08
stenurMixed mode and multisession i do not have around.22:08
stenurSome rough edges yet, but TOC and ripping seem to work.22:09
joacimi guess the suite-ness of those packages make them a bit bigger22:09
stenurI mean autotools and everything! Yes.22:11
stenurAnd for cdparanoia maybe nifty retry strategy.22:11
stenurAnd cd-info can a lot more. CD-TEXT and such i have not yet looked at.22:13
stenurBut anyway the problem was that cd-?paranoia gives false TOC info (at least wrong leadout), and my bug report ... lingers22:14
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