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fysi want my nuc :[05:44
fysill be so much more content at work once i have it05:44
SiFuhHahaha  I was so waiting for this05:45
fysit hard today because i would have stayed at work longer, willingly, and avoided the terrible traffic and weather05:46
fysbut i bolted because all my shit is at home05:46
fysit hit**05:46
SiFuhBeen raining here for a few days05:48
SiFuhTimB_: alright, doing the update. Hope openblas and friends compiles well ;-)05:50
fyslol so i was showing my shift lead at work some linux stuff05:55
fysand after he said "wow you know your stuff"05:55
fysall i did was show him how kernel modules work05:55
SiFuhFunny that, talking about modules today05:56
fyshah! nice05:56
fysthe topic came up because i only use binary blobs as modules05:56
fysthe kernel options i use from are all built in05:56
fysand lean05:56
fysi honestly have no real reason as to why, i just always have done it that way05:57
SiFuhOpposite, always had everything I needed in the kernel. However, these days some things don't exist so I have realtively no choice but to compile some as modules05:57
fysthat what i mean, i build everything into the kernel05:58
fysthe only modules i have are from nvidia05:58
SiFuh88XXau 8192eu nvidia* vbox* iwlwifi snd*05:59
fysi see lol :]05:59
fysI want another nuc for vms ;p06:00
SiFuhbuy 20 and make a cluster06:00
fysi wish!06:00
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jaegernuc chatter reminds me of a neat article -
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frinnstwaiting for validation when buying a ssl cert.. fun times09:28
frinnstfeel so productive09:28
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SiFuhany good readme for making ports?09:45
TimB_SiFuh: i was actually working on one09:45
TimB_but it's not really done09:45
SiFuhOk, it isn't for me. It is for omarsk198009:47
SiFuhI am just lazy to explain09:47
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SiFuhCool cheers09:54
TimB_changes welcome ;)09:55
TimB_sidenote: github seems not to support markdown footnotes: the [^1] stuff09:55
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RomsterTimB_, you may wanna add that that finddeps line will only list libraries that are linked, it won't list build time deps or dynaload libraries at run time.10:22
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Romsteri've been thinking of extending pkg-url to do the 301 lookup at some point.10:26
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TimB_Romster: sure, can do that10:49
TimB_you should realize a lot of stuff is taken from what you once told me to ports :) the gist is just me aggregating all those infos in one place10:49
Romsteror even scripts that it can call instead of dynaload10:49
Romsteryes i see that :)10:50
TimB_Romster: added11:00
SiFuhcmake is ignoring CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX  any ideas?11:05
TimB_SiFuh: did it work before? Maybe it's a bug11:06
TimB_some project recently removed the cmake install prefix completly since the projects maintainer wasn't feeling great about cmake11:07
TimB_or anything else... so there was no install target at all anymore XD11:07
RomsterSiFuh, what port?11:07
TimB_i forgot which one it was11:09
TimB_but it's in contrib11:09
SiFuhvolk   for gnuradio   i am trying to make a port11:11
Romstergrep the CmakesList file?11:28
Romsternot sure on the capitalisation of it at this time :)11:29
Romsterjust a PEBKAC question you did do -D in-front of that variable right SiFuh11:31
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SiFuhThe variable came from it11:46
Romsterme shudders11:51
SiFuhTimB_: damn it...11:51
RomsterACTION shudders11:51
TimB_SiFuh: i know i'm bad i broke it :P11:51
TimB_ACTION shudders in sync11:51
TimB_cmake stinks anyway11:52
SiFuhTimB_: it works11:52
Romsteryeah why don't they move to meson?11:52
TimB_no idea11:52
TimB_brb preparing another coffee11:52
Romsterhad 2 already this evening11:52
RomsterBTW the trailing / on mkdir -p directories is pointless11:53
Romstermkdir -p $PKG/usr/share/doc ; cp -r doc $PKG/usr/share/doc/glm ; and wait for it rm -r $PKG/usr/share/11:54
Romsterdid you give that much thought :P11:54
TimB_me? never. ;รพ11:55
Romsterand no double quotes around the sed expression11:56
Romsterprobably not a big deal but not seen it without11:56
Romstereh it works i am nit picking again11:56
TimB_yeah but it's true11:56
TimB_no idea in what kind state of mind i was when doing that. i was pretty pissed reading the upstream tickets about it at the poinnt11:57
TimB_i already set out one upgrade because "it just didn't install anymore" and i wasn't able to deal with it at the time for other stuff11:57
Romsteroh i bet by that point you were just wanting to get it to work11:57
TimB_s for sure11:58
Romsterthat's worse than glibc deciding to not release tarballs and made everyone pull git tags...11:58
Romsteruntil many kicked up a fuss and they made tarballs again.11:58
TimB_i tend to keep stuff that doesn't work in my overlay, so my information block in the statusbar always shows one or two remaining updates to do11:58
TimB_like R11:58
TimB_it was bugging me so much for so long ;D11:58
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Romstermakes me wonder what they are thinking when they do these decisions.11:59
SiFuhAny junk that should be deleted?12:00
SiFuhapart from the entire program12:00
TimB_doesn't look like it12:01
TimB_have you read my ultimate guide? it mentions prtverify :P12:01
Romsterlooks clean to me you canm always use prtverify12:01
SiFuhI was thinking of using prtverify12:02
TimB_Romster: not sure why i copied the docs over for glm as well12:03
TimB_just to delete usr/share XD12:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: glm: some cosmetic changes to the Pkgfile12:04
SiFuhonly complains about a missing signature file12:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libwnck-gtk3: 3.20.1 -> 3.32.012:07
Romsterprobably to mad by then to bother thinking about that TimB_12:07
TimB_SiFuh: sounds like a win then ;)12:09
TimB_Romster: yeah, probably12:09
Romsterah did you check what you did to sed... single quotes wont convert the $version it'll add it as $version to the file.12:09
TimB_maybe the ports guide could use some example Pkgfile for each build system12:09
TimB_a, f-!12:09
Romsteryou need doubles quotes for that12:09
Romsteri did say double quotes -_-12:10
TimB_you did12:10
RomsterTimB_, you need more coffee12:10
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TimB_i _always_ forget that single quotes don't let variables be expanded12:10
Romsteryeah but single quotes are a tad bit faster for that reason too.12:11
Romsterbut sometimes i forget when i change a sed line to use a variable to change the quotes to double where i want it to expand.12:11
omarsk1980should put a blank pkgfile link in the manual12:13
TimB_omarsk1980: prtcreate12:13
TimB_if i didn't mention it in the gist, i will add that12:13
omarsk1980oh. sorry fro the dumb question12:14
TimB_you can edit /usr/bin/prtcreate to already contain your name btw12:14
TimB_there are only stupid answers12:14
omarsk1980i suppose sso12:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: glm: some fix to the cosmetic changes12:15
TimB_Romster: ^ ty :D12:15
Romsterluckily i took a look over it12:16
TimB_omarsk1980: it's already in the guide tho :P12:16
TimB_there has been somebody around posting a blank README file though i think, has somebody saved a copy of that?12:16
Romstertouch README12:17
TimB_also, might be nice to have added to prtcreate, as an option12:17
TimB_Romster: a more sophisticated layout though ;)12:17
Romstermaybe but i just copied a README and edited it for my needs12:17
omarsk1980possibly i didn't read closely enough12:19
omarsk1980told you it was a dumb question12:20
Romster@NAME@ maybe12:20
TimB_eh, still not what i would define as dumb. lazy maybe ;)12:21
Romsteri made my own general rule to warp at 70 exactly if it's not gonna fit cut it back to no less than 60 chars on a line?12:21
omarsk1980TimB: probably lazy12:21
Romsteri might of done it a bit short12:21
TimB_i try to stay under 80, but i still have to fiddle with my vimrc to help with that without bugging the hell out of me12:21
Romsterhi omarsk1980 seen you are new here12:21
omarsk1980yeah I am a friend of Sifuh12:22
omarsk1980he brought me into the fold12:22
Romsterwe always need more12:22
omarsk1980i love it so far12:22
omarsk1980I'm a real DIY kinda guy12:22
Romsteri am glad you do12:23
Romsterthen this will suit you to a tee12:23
omarsk1980i did arch before this12:23
omarsk1980but it was too easy I think12:23
Romsteri've molded crux from a NAS to a server to a recovery box to a desktop games media12:23
omarsk1980BTW I hate systemD so i have migrated over12:24
Romsteri've looked at arch but think i like crux better for easier Pkgfile writing that's the main thing that i like12:24
Romsteryeah not a systemd or pulseaudio fan either12:24
omarsk1980arch has issues for sure12:24
Romsterhence apulse support in discord and steam etc :D12:24
omarsk1980alsa-utils is enough for me12:24
Romstercrux has issues too, not enough maintainers12:25
Romsterbut it's not a big deal we have always been small and tight knit family here.12:25
omarsk1980thats pretty awesome12:27
omarsk1980I've heard enough about it from Sifuh over the years12:27
omarsk1980finally had to try an install12:27
omarsk1980got sucked in12:27
Romsteri must admit it's not the best distro for not wanting to fiddle with stuff.12:28
Romsterand it makes you learn that i like12:28
omarsk1980oh I cant stop fiddling12:28
Romsterjust grep us in the ports :D12:28
omarsk1980its why I broke Debian and Manjaro and Arch and every distro Ive ever tried12:28
omarsk1980many time12:29
omarsk1980many times12:29
Romsterhaha nice12:29
Romsteri've broken crux in many ways tool chains mostly.12:29
omarsk1980i learn by destruction usually12:29
Romsterbut it's easy to fix pkgadd -u :D12:29
Romsterand if you really get broken and no iso around
omarsk1980i always have an iso12:30
TimB_it's also easy to use the install media to chroot into your system and fix it from there :D12:30
Romsteras long as you didn't break wget/curl in the process like i did one time...12:30
omarsk1980yeah i did that with arch so many times12:30
Romsterif that is handy yes12:31
SiFuhanother question  version=1.1.3 but in the url there is 1.1 missing .312:33
TimB_then it's maybe version=1.1?12:33
TimB_does upstream overwrite balls with updated point releases without properly tagging them?12:34
SiFuh${version//.3/} <-- would be acceptable ?12:34
TimB_would be for me12:34
TimB_i really wonder what some upstream maintainers think is ok to do with package balls once they are tagged <.<12:34
TimB_Romster: for the records, it was chinarulezzz that proposed that README here12:36
TimB_i don't dislike having a more general design for that kind of stuff12:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: discord-ptb: 0.0.16 -> 0.0.1712:36
Romstercrux hasn't been that big on documentation12:38
TimB_yeah i know12:38
TimB_this alone could look better12:41
TimB_it's mine, so it's ok for me to pick on that :)12:41
omarsk1980 documentation would bring a lot of people in12:41
TimB_i feel the same way tbh12:41
TimB_kind of a reason i was aggregating the information i have on keeping care of port s12:42
omarsk1980yeah its a lot of work though12:42
Romsterwe all made our own process12:43
omarsk1980generic guidelines for beginners would be pretty great12:45
TimB_now thats a nice way to remember the ancient 80 characters per line "rule": starting with vim 7.3 there is :set colorcolumn=<# of characters>12:46
TimB_omarsk1980: guidelines for what exactly?12:47
TimB_there is the handbook, and there is the wiki with some things to get you started, other than that it's a do what you want show, kind off12:47
TimB_ this is even nicer12:49
omarsk1980like a step by step guide on making pkgflies for example12:49
omarsk1980i had to ask Sifuh for help12:49
omarsk1980that is the only thing i really had trouble with12:49
TimB_ derp12:50
TimB_omarsk1980: but.. :C12:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: cpuid: 20200127 -> 2020021112:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: cbindgen: 0.13.0 -> 0.13.112:51
omarsk1980but what?12:51
TimB_ one of my favorite homer simpson moments :D12:53
omarsk1980maybe im not smart enough to figure those out13:01
omarsk1980i had a bunch of questions after reading them13:02
TimB_frinnst: this is a great one as well :D13:02
TimB_maybe they are not too clear about things omarsk1980, but i am not the right person to judge that, i've been using CRUX for too long13:03
frinnstpkgutilsattributes are just someones ideas13:04
omarsk1980detailed example of actually doing a complicated pkgfile say a git clone13:06
TimB_i think most packagers try to avoid using a git checkout13:09
omarsk1980yeah i gathered that13:12
TimB_ideally you would want to make the git checkout stored in PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR13:14
TimB_this is outdated as well :( but amdvlk doesn't really look like it's worth the trouble13:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nodejs: 12.14.1 -> 12.15.013:56
SiFuhpedja: !14:07
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SiFuhpkg-clean is a laxative for CRUX14:26
pedja"Relatively speaking, CRUX is extremely small and tight.  Much like the ideal woman."14:34
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omarsk1980pedja: yes sir14:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 72.0.2 -> 73.015:25
SiFuhscrew firefox16:26
TimB_give qutebrowser a try16:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 73.016:36
SiFuh11 packages to install16:39
TimB_not gonna lie, anything qt will take a while16:40
TimB_not sure how it compares to firefox16:40
TimB_i had qtweb-stuff already around, the rest wasn't too big to scare me away. and qutebrowser itselfs compiles in no time16:41
SiFuhlog4cpp <--16:43
SiFuhpissing me off16:43
SiFuhbecause i can't find it, so I am trying to build it and it whines about ostream16:44
SiFuhlog4cplus builds but log4cpp doesnot16:45
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SiFuhahh nevermind  I will try dbrookes gnuradio16:53
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alandipertcan someone please remind me the progress for intel wifi firmware? getting back into crux after awhile, on a new machine. kernel has iwlwifi support via module, and i installed wireless-tools, but my card isn't listed by iwconfig17:48
alandiperti feel like i need to get some firmware blob or something but i don't know the best way, thanks for suggestions17:48
SiFuhdepends on the card17:49
SiFuhbut in general you just enable it in the kernel aas a module if it is supported17:49
SiFuhI have but not using the  Intel 8260. iwlmvm and iwlwifi are the modules i have loaded,17:51
TimB_alandipert: opt/linux-firmware is installed?17:52
TimB_and the kernel is able to load fw blobs? :)17:52
alandipertthe thing is intel 620517:52
alandipertthanks, i will try these things o/17:52
TimB_i'll have to check which wifi module my notebook uses17:54
TimB_Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless AC 3160, REV=0x16417:54
TimB_alandipert: so, since it's intel wifi, you didn't get the pinebook? :)17:56
stenurI use tmux for 80 columns; i'll be warned by git hooks, but then i use two key bindings18:15
stenurbind-key < resize-window -x 8018:15
stenurbind-key > resize-window -A18:15
stenurShould be faster than vim, but also interesting, never saw that option!18:15
stenur(And i wish i could fit the hole with another window, but tmux also can with panes.)18:16
alandipertTimB_ aha, no, definitely still need/want pinebook. waiting for them to become available :-)18:17
TimB_same here, but i got to take care of other stuff first i think :)18:20
SiFuhA Thin and Light Open Source ARM 64-bit Notebook for Tinkering18:29
alandiperti'm excited about it. i do lots of hacking next to my sleeping wife and the thing is silent, good battery, keyboard, screen. plus, cheap18:31
alandipertTimB_ installing opt/linux-firmware did the trick, thanks18:31
TimB_alandipert: cool :)18:32
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stenurHang out for the ride18:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 68.5.018:57
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weednixlearning by my self gnu/linux crux is being a mental battle as I never had in my life21:45
stenurShattered .. and rising like Phoenix?21:47
weednixyha, rise and feel on top when I think I have all the system working, ... asking why I want to live when the system breaks21:55
weednixI'm recompiling everything again to see if the bug goes away.21:56
weednixI feel I should build 3 times,21:56
weednixbut my machines are all old and all of them are "half broken" or is keyboard, or monitor, ...21:56
stenurGood luck.21:59
weednixI'm not the kind of person to give up of this kind of challanges, I will really end up understanding where I fail and how to maintain a tailored system.22:01
weednixeven if I have to work in construction and all free time I waste on looking at packages building22:01
stenurI am fine out with my few things. As fine as it gets.22:02
weednix;) yesterday, tired as f. I searched on the internet other distributions that are sysvinit, or others like it.22:09
stenurNow you're joking? Really?22:09
weednixI was amaze that there is not that much diversity as I was thinking or the wiki pages and lists that show up are not even near complete.22:09
stenurI live in fear systemd becomes unavoidable standard.22:10
weednixstenur: my idea was to put one in chroot to look at their configs,22:10
stenura distribution?  .. and?22:11
weednixwell, first I must confess I felt lucky to use crux :D22:11
weednixand I don't yet choose one to have as a reference ...22:12
stenurTo me there is not much of an alternative. I think VoidLinux there is, there was, eh, TinyCoreLinux, which was very specific.22:13
weednixyes, void, slack, devuan, slack and hyperbola22:13
stenurAlpineLinux there is, my server still runs it. But packages were often broken by that time i used it here on (the) laptop22:13
weednixI had a look into that one to.22:14
stenurslackware - still without systemd?  I have not used Slackware for long22:14
weednixyes, but slack for me is not that interesting as a crux user22:14
stenurDevuan had problems i read - is it still being developed.22:14
stenurInter-human thing running wild.22:15
stenurHyperbola i do not know.22:15
weednixI'm not sure, and hyperbola seem to be jumping to openbsd22:15
weednixif I was them I was just pick openbsd as it comes and install crux ports manager on top22:15
weednixand then package things as they wish ...22:16
stenurHmm, OpenBSD kernel and multithreading is pretty old style.22:16
stenurHaving said that with my wifi driver from staging i see lots of problems with bluetooth/wifi interaction, somehow.22:17
stenurInterdependency, mysterious. But reproducable.22:18
stenurI love FreeBSD. OpenBSD is ok, some things are really neat, especially for a server that should "just run".  pf firewall syntax is easy, and lots of other servers, all using the same config syntax.22:19
stenurHaving the possibility to use tables is nice for firewall syntax. Builtin traffic control with bursts and stalling etc. is cool.22:21
stenurBut then i took the time to learn Linux ipfilter/tc etc., wrote some scripts, and now it is all easy going here.22:22
weednixstenur: I don't know much about networking, I keep using iptables in a hand mad bash script. I want to jump to clear nftables rules,22:22
stenurweednix: and i hope i do not need to touch this mess :)22:23
weednix:D I know what you mean, from time to time I redo my bridge script, to end up, equally confusing22:23
stenurBridge support here only in theory. Does not work with wifi device.22:25
stenurNice thing of systemd seems to be that it does all the cgroup, capability etc. encapsulation with simple keywords.22:26
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stenurIn a text configuration file. Just read about it linked via, "how the OpenSMTPD vulnerability could have been prevented by those rules".22:28
stenurI really need to learn about that. I really want to bring CRUX to my server somewhen, with daemons "somehow" compartmentalized.22:29
weednixstenur: I don't yet play with the boot process, I really can't wait, I just rush to have the basic grasp on the "basic", to then start going deep in each "area".22:29
stenurAnd my local browse account would be nicer so.#22:30
weednixstenur: I have all in one server for now, in future and when I have more resources I wish to divide per machine22:30
stenurI wish i had more time. Secure boot i have not yet done, too. And for overall cryptsetup hardware i'd need a initrd i think.22:31
stenurAh. Well. Load-balancing, spare servers and such.22:31
weednixstenur: I used crux 3.4 to setup current layout with cryptosetup, I tried to use a updated version of the iso to install into a machine and I ran into problems, not sure if was my error or really a library that was missing in that particular iso release.22:32
weednixone can but 3.4 that I'm sure it worked setup partitions layouts and then boot with 3.5 to install.22:33
stenurThat's how i did it here.22:33
weednixstenur: since it was my first time I choose password, but I think this is not the best way :P22:34
weednixI think is possible usb plus password right ?22:34
weednixjust to be sure no one sees my /home/user mess KD22:35
stenurI have that green energy VM server, they do that fine, whatever they do to ensure availability on the hardware side.  Worked while they migrated their boxes, just a bit slower.22:35
stenurI have no idea, TimB_ uses such things to log in. Next OpenSSH will bring better support for such things, was it udf/fido2?22:36
weednixI haz null know how about that stuff, I really learn everything by my self by hammer :/22:37
stenurYeah, for now i use encfs. Should be sufficiently secure for me, nice thing is i can simply copy over the data to the backup, and the backup is encrypted directly.22:37
stenurMe too.  Crash boom bang.22:37
weednixIf I don't end up with something broken, then will e hard to know about.22:38
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weednixsince openssh just works, I never learn to much about it, only recently discover "proxy" feature...22:38
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