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weednixyep > block insert with set -e on top00:00
fysso im an idiot/lucky01:18
fysi didnt think about the fact NUCs were sold barebones01:18
fysso since my nuc came with ram and ssd01:18
fysthat meant they were aftermarket01:18
fysi got a "free" smasung evo 950 nvme ssd01:19
fyssince i already bought a 500gb 970 to put in it01:19
fysi might turn it into a usb flash stick01:21
fysthe one i took out01:21
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SiFuh../include/log4cpp/Portability.hh:60:29: error: using typedef-name 'std::ostringstream' after 'class'02:56
ryuoSiFuh: it needs to be patched. notice the __APPLE__ one?03:14
ryuoit appears to be a workaround for an ancient thing being missing.03:15
ryuoit's a standard feature now.03:15
ryuoso you should be able to just include sstream03:15
ryuoso eliminate the other branch somehow03:15
ryuoobviously LOG4CPP_HAVE_SSTREAM should be defined03:15
SiFuhhmm I will look, but I don't like my chances since log4cpp hasn't been updated since 201703:16
SiFuhannoys me that gnuradio 3.8 needs it03:17
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SiFuhryuo: thanks... I found that the  config.h file wasn't being generated properly05:19
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SiFuhugliest move in the world... log4cpp uses autoconf-1.11 and it dies when I try to aclocal, autoconf and automake to update. configure becomes a mess. In the end, I just manually edited to config.h because the configure scripts kept putting ^A and ^A ^B where the results should be08:30
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frinnstfirefox required autoconf-1.13 or something for ages. think it still does if you use the src port09:15
SiFuhwoohoo  is it going to work!!  gnuradio 3.8.0 compiling09:20
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SiFuhwell after running configure for log4cpp it is suppose to create a config.h with lines such as... #define LOG4CPP_HAVE_DLFCN_H  1. Instead you end up with #define LOG4CPP_^A ^B09:25
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SiFuhpython3-scipy has a lot of txt files. HACKING.rst.txt LICENSE.txt scipy-1.2.3-py3.7.egg-info/dependency_links.txt13:54
SiFuhthey should all be removed right13:54
TimB_not sure about the txt in egg-info but most others sound like they should be, yeah14:01
SiFuhI was reading the LICENSE.txt and it was blabbering on how the licrence must accompany it14:03
SiFuhi also found test files  usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/scipy/io/matlab/tests/data/japanese_utf8.txt14:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: flatpak: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.215:09
pedjaso far, zram has been pretty nice.15:10
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pedja2.5/3x on-the-fly RAM compression with lz4, without much of the performance impact on this netbook?15:13
pedjaI am impressed :)15:14
SiFuhi use lz4 for kernel compression15:17
pedjamodules and vmlinuz?15:27
SiFuhbuilt into the kernel15:28
SiFuhbut you need lz4 port  or the kernel will error out15:28
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stenuri am all for zstd support.15:31
Spoofingzstd have an backwards compatibility?15:33
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SiFuhTimB_: these .signature files   how to we go about making them?15:37
SiFuhor can we stick with md5 ?15:37
SiFuhOh don't worry found a page about it15:41
stenurSpoofing: it is a relatively new compression format; as such no; the binary can be compiled with lots of options to support other formats (by linking in the according libraries)15:43
stenurI like it because it compresses from very, very fast to almost as good as xz (then slow), but always decompresses lightning fast.  For my private cases it is all i use.15:44
SiFuh  <--   sudo ~tek/bin/pkgmk -rs    ;-)15:45
SiFuhteK_: must have wrote that ;-)15:45
TimB_says his name on top of the entry so it pretty much seems like he did :P15:46
SiFuhwell his name is in the command line15:46
TimB_as well, yes, i noticed that15:46
pedjastenur, I'd use zstd for zram, but Leap kernel doesn't support it, afaict15:47
pedjaI've been using zstd for archives for a while now, works very nicely on the underpowered machines I use :)15:48
SiFuhTimB_: cp the to the /etc/ports/   then run the tek command ?15:48
TimB_or man pkgmk i guess :P15:49
SiFuhahh forget it15:49
SiFuhits hidden in the page15:49
stenurI have not used SuSE since 21 years. :)15:49
TimB_alias us='sudo pkgmk -us -sk /etc/ports/tb.sec'15:49
stenurIt really sucks and needs lots of CPU for high levels, even more than xz.15:51
stenurBut once done, ideal for anything that gets read often.15:52
SiFuhstenur: same15:52
stenurYeah. But for low levels it is faster and compresses better than even lz4.  That, and that decompression is always super fast, is the very cool thing about it.15:56
stenurIn practice i have gzip,bzip2,xz,lz* and everything via libarchive here nonetheless. Hm.15:57
stenurBut for me zstd is the only good thing that facebook brought to the world. :)15:58
SiFuhuntrusted comment: verify with /etc/ports/ <-- this is normal?15:59
stenuryou can put whatever you want in this line.16:00
SiFuhi noticed may ports have that line16:00
stenurGiving a hand to the ladies..16:01
SiFuhuntrusted comment: Function upload salmon are here... public key16:05
SiFuhWhat's a good place to register for free an upload files for a repo?16:11
TimB_github works16:20
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SiFuhYeah, almost done16:22
SiFuhA collection of ports I maintain for CRUX16:41
SiFuhTimB_:   "A collection of ports I maintain for CRUX - Stole this line from TimB87's crux-ports"16:42
TimB_feel free to16:43
SiFuhno that's the entire line16:44
SiFuhAhh damn it! fsck DESTDIR=$PKG17:02
SiFuhI forgot to use :-( now I am going to have to compile it again17:03
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TimB_better than rm -r /usr/share17:14
SiFuhTimB_: i have to comment all the rm doc txt lines to make sure when I do install I can get everything it installed too..   Shame takes a long time to compile gnuradio17:24
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TimB_individually comment on each rm line?17:33
SiFuhthe crap gets removed after installed to $PKG. So when I forgot the DESTDIR, it just installed everything including the crap to the system. So I commented out the lines that remove the documents to make sure that when it installs the _eventually_ built port I can make sure when I remove the port it removes everything including the rubbish documents I accidentally installed17:35
SiFuhcrap = rubbish = documents like readme, contents, thanks, todo, and so on17:36
TimB_ah, ok, yeah, that makes sense17:37
TimB_happened to me before as well :)17:37
SiFuhthen I have to review the footprint to make sure it didn't overwrite other port files ;-)17:37
SiFuhluckily from what I have seen, 'still compiling though' it uses a gnuradio folder for each  so it might not have messed with any other port files.17:39
SiFuhMan the world is insane. I don't care who I offend. My mom and my dad or mother and father is how it is to be. Not replacing it with some number and 5 syllables17:53
SiFuhHow about  'it' and 'it' ?17:54
SiFuhMarkla :-)17:56
weednixhello, yesterday I end up looking at fail2ban configuration, I don't yet understood what *_backend means, on provided configs (less freebsd/osx) they say is systemd18:44
weednixalso, they have a path-distro.conf files, I should create one for crux ?18:45
weednixI searched documentation and examples, I only find superficial docs explaining with systemd18:46
SiFuhno systemd here18:50
SiFuhweednix: I was looking at tb's footprint18:51
SiFuhetc/rc.d/fail2ban is your daemon18:52
SiFuhand etc/fail2ban/ are all configurations18:52
weednixSiFuh: yep,18:52
SiFuhand depending on your firewall you choose18:53
SiFuhjail.conf <-- looks like the main config18:53
SiFuhfail2ban.conf <-- as well18:53
weednixyes, but they have "include" at the top with specific distributions variables18:53
SiFuhand firewall type?18:54
weednixthey provide for fedora, debian, etc18:54
weednixI just use iptables18:54
SiFuhthe distro configs  look like paths18:55
SiFuhetc/fail2ban/paths-opensuse.conf  <-- paths but we use a more standard install than these distros18:55
weednixSiFuh: yep,18:56
SiFuhhold on i will try make it and have a quick look18:56
weednixand I'm not really sure what to do,18:56
SiFuhRomster: and TimB_ are probably your best at this18:56
SiFuhsince they both maintain it18:57
weednixSiFuh: I will continue to update my server configuration, so I can at least point out ports I'm using and configurations.18:57
weednixthey way I have stuff is very hard to ask for help, since I have no way to show state of things18:58
SiFuhyou talking about the jail.conf  file about distro specific?19:02
pedjaheh. the curiosity killed the browser.who knew that 2 large-ish geojson files will slow it to a crawl?19:03
pedjawell, large for geojson19:04
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SiFuhweednix: pretty much speaks for itself.  Daemon config is fail2ban.conf.  In jail.conf you need to modify some things like ignoreip and so on..  However for the paths section just have a look at how it goes.. So for example and default it is set to debian.19:07
SiFuhso it loads    paths-common.conf then paths-debian.conf then paths-overrides.local19:08
SiFuhso you can leave the configs alone and create a paths-overrides.local  and it will overide anything you change19:09
SiFuhjust peruse through the file and check the path locations. If something is different then add it to paths-overrides.local19:09
pedjasome cool stuff at
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TimB_weednix, SiFuh: I use a generalized fail2ban config with adjustments to jail.local and paths-common.conf19:20
SiFuhsaw, and from what I saw it'd work19:25
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TimB_iirc, they don't want you to edit jail.conf but jail.local and tweak that to whatever system you are using19:26
TimB_works fine for me19:26
SiFuhTimB_: I read the rc file ;-) If you wrote it, you got awesome spelling19:26
SiFuhACTION slaps TimB_ with initird :-)19:27
TimB_let me check, but i might or might not have done it19:27
SiFuhOh no, I think it is yours19:28
TimB_i think it's not, as i forked romster/fail2ban19:28
TimB_lol :P19:28
TimB_whatever, i never cared19:28
SiFuhright got a question19:28
SiFuhif [ `some command` != 'something' ] ; then <-- no rules saying I can't use this in a Pkgfile ?19:29
SiFuhor is there a better way?19:30
TimB_have you had a look at ffmpeg? or libreoffice? they are full of ifs19:30
SiFuhprt-get: reinstalling gnuradio
SiFuhNope, not really it isn't the if  is the  --> `some command ` <--19:31
SiFuhsurrounded by tilde to execute19:31
TimB_why wouldn't that be allowed?19:31
SiFuhwho knows19:32
SiFuh  <-- this one TimB_19:33
SiFuhEventually I will consider making a README file for it19:34
SiFuhbut got to check the deps on a pure CRUX install19:34
SiFuhDon't worry about the *md* already fixed that19:35
TimB_you do want to use a git checkout because of the newer commits? because they seem to have tagged releases regularly19:37
TimB_i loved the md file otherwise btw :D19:37
TimB_you could drop git and still download an commits snapshot19:38
SiFuhTimB_: my patch works fine on 3.8.0 but 3.8.0 won't compile because it won't find qwt regardless of what the patched file sys.19:39
TimB_;a=blob;f=rpi4-userland/Pkgfile;h=72a7b2a8f0f2ad0f99635ff00ed2dbfd48da7595;hb=refs/heads/3.5 <- downloading snapshot from github19:39
SiFuhmy patch works fine on the git version but not the 3.8.0 release19:39
SiFuhTimB_: also uhd I have a git download for  because the relases are too old. However, builing yesterdays works but tomorrows doesn't so this is why I stick with sversions19:41
pedjano online space to host the tarball, instead of pulling from github?19:44
SiFuhi am not hosting a tar ball19:45
pedjaor that :)19:45
TimB_this works fine.. it let's you specify the exact commit you want19:45
SiFuhyeah for rasberrypi but not gnuradio19:45
SiFuhor uhd19:45
SiFuhor hashcat and hashcat-utils19:45
TimB_it's on github, isn't it?19:45
TimB_i am only talking about gnuradio here19:45
TimB_i have no idea what else you been cracking your head over, right? so what is on github and has commits.. you can use that line, define commit=whatevershahashyouwant19:46
TimB_and thats it19:46
pedjadoes gnuradio pull gitsubmodules19:47
pedjathat might be an issue with github generated tarball, iirc19:47
TimB_it seems like it pulls volk19:47
TimB_well you can do it the same then, practically, just have to move it into place then19:48
SiFuhyes it does and by the way  it doesn't work19:48
SiFuhit does19:48
SiFuhI made a volk port in case you decided not to use volk internal19:49
pedjawith the vulkan ports, I used the internal deps, vulkan was cranky about using specific git hashes19:51
pedjais that the case with volk and gnuradio? how tight are they, development-wise?19:52
SiFuhno both internal and the external work well19:52
pedjaah, so external is just as convenience/for purists :)? nice19:53
SiFuhbut if you select OFF then you need to compile it seperately19:55
pedjaI am all for decoupling libs/deps, but sometimes is just too much work, or impossible, with some stuff19:56
SiFuhunderstood but I don't think anyone is going to use volk in CRUX unless it is to do with SDR19:57
pedjadoes anything else but gnuradio depends on it, as far as you know?19:58
SiFuhnot that I have ever needed19:59
SiFuhI am still looking for this ellusive tarball that TimB_ sas exists19:59
pedjaiirc, some of the #crux regulars play with SDR, too20:00
alandipertoh man. SDR stuff is highly addicting20:00
SiFuhalandipert: :-) yes20:00
SiFuhi just spent two days getting gnuradio to work   that is how addictive it20:00
pedjanever played with that, but I watched some cool talks about it.20:01
TimB_it can be $name-$version or $name-$date or $name-$whatever really20:02
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SiFuhgnuradio-654bec7628ca6b47c69180e0f7042c35c1831552/   oh yuck haha20:03
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SiFuh2020-02-14 04:10:35 (929 KB/s) - 'gnuradio-TimB_EatsIceScream.tar.gz' saved [3285387/3285387]20:07
SiFuhcool it works20:08
TimB_rofl, yw20:10
SiFuhmight add that to the port ;-)20:15
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SiFuhTimB_: she says 'you let him speak to you like that?' I said 'sure, if he is intelligent he affords that opportunity' she asks 'but why can't I?' I just raise and eyebrow and open another beer haha20:30
TimB_did i say something offending? I am nice :D20:31
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SiFuhNot sure, I am not up-to-date on acronyms. But I think yw might be it ;-)20:32
TimB_you're welcome? ;p20:33
SiFuhfor me your w.20:33
SiFuhyeah that20:33
SiFuhhold on asking now20:34
TimB_lol i'm confused man20:34
SiFuh'The first one is rolling on the floor laughing. I don’t know what ‘yw’ means.' she says20:35
TimB_what else is yw standing for?20:35
TimB_yw=you are welcome20:35
SiFuhok I got it, I actually blocked my own father for using LOL too much.. She was referring to acronymns20:35
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TimB_haha, you wanker.. why can't we apply both meanings at the same time? yw yw20:39
SiFuhReminds me of that login hack in the late 90's      yes means no and no means yes. Delete all data [yes/no]?20:40
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SiFuhTimB_: ^C ;-)20:54
alandipertSiFuh whoa what does that smiley signify? speaking of language issues lol20:59
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SiFuhdeceptively cunning ;-)21:01
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SiFuhYou can register your personal HttpUp repository sending an email with the following information to contrib-admin at crux dot nu:21:22
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RomsterSiFuh, romster/pkg-not21:37
SiFuhheh brb fighting with learning git21:54
SiFuhRomster: crux portsdb ? but no email ?22:58
SiFuhI mean to add my repo22:58
dlcusaSiFuh, yup--that's how you make the request.  Then you wait for somebody to implement it.  Maybe a while.23:37
stenurOr a long while :)23:39
stenurHey it is 00:42.  A conscious Good night! from Germany!23:41
TimB_what, there is an email23:41
TimB_contrib-admin at crux dot nu23:41
stenurhmm, that maybe not. For four'ty years on the scene. 'Night!23:42
TimB_nn stenur23:44
SiFuhwhat's an email?23:46
TimB_something like a letter23:49
SiFuhwhats the postal address?23:52 c/o contrib offices sweden23:53
SiFuhand addressed too?23:56
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TimB_not needed, sweden postal offices know exactly what to do with it23:59

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