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SiFuhcan I use your email?00:02
SiFuhto post from00:02
TimB_login: l33t password: haxx0r server smtp.cia.gov00:04
SiFuhnot my meaning00:04
SiFuhjust append your emaul00:04
SiFuhcause when shit breaks,  who better to ask ?00:05
TimB_i dunno, the ghostbusters maybe?00:05
omarsk1980they can't fix anything00:05
SiFuhhave to get an SMTP server running00:06
SiFuh'oh register a repo, you can help others' TimB_ says.. Oh really? help you to pinch my identity? Now worries my family knows who I am :-P00:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: at: fix source url01:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: dev86: fix source url02:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: sxiv: update to 26 release05:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ethtool: update to 5.406:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: iasl: update to 2020011007:01
RomsterSiFuh, apparantly teK_ is doing portsdb after sepen disappeared, but just ask in #crux-devel07:36
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frinnstSiFuh: contrib-admin at crux dot nu - no email address?09:16
frinnstjust replace at with @ and dot with .09:16
frinnstoh nevermind09:17
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: mesa3d: 19.3.3 -> 19.3.409:19
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SiFuhfrinnst: hahah  I am talking about me not having one to give09:24
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frinnstyeah finally parsed it :)09:30
frinnst.AppleDouble and other meta crap can go eat a bag of dicks09:30
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joacimi think thats an afp/netatalk issue, isnt it?09:32
joacimi think you can configure those out09:32
joacim.ds_store tho, those must be disabled on the client side09:32
joacimfinder when configured right, only creates .ds_store files on local storage, not on external drives and network drives09:32
frinnstI just have to backup a remote samba share used by mac users09:34
frinnstno control of the client side09:34
frinnstwell, backu.. 'copy' is more like it09:34
joacimwe have a customer whose network share slows down to a crawl. the fix is to remove .ds_store files09:35
frinnst0.4TB of metadata on a 6TB fileshare09:36
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: mesa3d-32: 19.3.3 -> 19.3.409:41
joacimgoing for MS certification, and i dont know if my work space is approved09:41
joacimgot a messy lab, or an open landscape09:42
frinnstthey can be really picky09:42
frinnsta colleague had to do it from home09:42
frinnstunplugged everything that could make noise09:42
frinnsthpe cert thingy09:42
frinnstlock yourself in the bathroom and take it there? :D09:43
Romsterbut but no fridge09:43
joacimi could do it at home, but my home is even messier09:44
joacimbut, if i have to, the company toilet is a good option09:44
joacimjust 2 meters from the nearest AP too09:44
Romsteri remember having to do a stupid course for the ability to sell windows 8 about the charm bar and sdwiping here and there and then they ditched the entire thing in 1009:44
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abenzwhat do you guys think10:17
abenzI'm on the market for a no-gimmick TKL10:17
frinnstyeah its clean10:17
frinnsti have that model but with mx blue10:17
frinnstand not tkl10:17
frinnstthe leds are **BRIGHT** though10:17
frinnstdont lean over it and look down :)10:17
abenzthe numlock/scrlck leds?10:18
frinnstlights up my ceiling when its dark10:18
frinnsta sharpie helps a bit10:18
frinnstbut all in all, very nice keyboard. I have 2. one at home and one at work10:19
abenzwhat keys?10:19
joacimfilco and leopold also has some simple looking non-gamer keyboard10:19
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joacimprice is good on those ducky keyboards10:20
frinnstand you get extra keycaps so no need to have blue keys10:20
abenzI'm torn between browns and reds10:21
frinnstblue > brown > red10:21
joacimwanted to try green switches10:21
abenzthen there's topre capacitive10:22
abenzover double the cost (same board)10:22
frinnsti had a keyboard with mx white. made my hands hurt (white = brown but requires more force)10:22
joacimthere's alps too =)10:22
frinnstand buckling spring10:23
joacimat work i use a cheap shit lenovo oem keyboard10:23
abenzreds require the least force afaik10:23
joacimthe kind that comes with thinkstations10:23
abenzand have no tactile bump10:23
frinnstremake of model-m more or less. same moulds and everything10:23
frinnstloud as fuuuck10:23
frinnstand build quality is so-so..10:24
frinnstabenz: i'd go for browns if I were you10:26
abenzfrinnst: my fingers are relatively thin and I'd consider myself a light touch kinda person10:28
joacimone of the spare keyuboards i have at home has alps. feels nice, but the keys are more wobbly10:28
abenzworried my browns will be your whites10:28
frinnstthey are not heavy. just a little bump10:28
frinnstyou want to feel when it actuates (atleast I do)10:28
frinnstno way of testing one irl?10:29
abenzI was considering buying a used one off ebay and giving it a go for a while, then decide on my key choice for my fav longterm (the TKL new board)10:29
abenzthe "in-store" experience doesn't cut it for me10:30
abenzlike a mattress, need to give it a test for a while to get a proper feel10:30
frinnsti'd say brown is the safest choice for a mechanical novice :)10:31
abenzI've been using reds for years!10:32
abenzbut apart from that, yes complete novice10:32
frinnstoh! well then10:32
frinnstif you like them, sure10:32
abenzthis fits my theme very well, and I like the stealthy keys. but unfortunately doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere10:33
joacimi think leopold do stuff to some of their keyboards attempting to make the sound more pleasant. some of them have this foam mat under the pcb10:33
Romsteri got mx browns in this keyboard and i like them10:33
abenz^ mx browns trial board, worth it?10:40
TimB_abenz: depends on what you want from it, i would say10:41
abenzor if any of you know where one can buy used boards for the cheap10:41
TimB_there is a reddit marketplace for users10:41
frinnstor buy a new one and sell if if you dont like it?10:41
frinnstbetter to get one you think you might want to keep imho10:41
abenzthanks for the feedback. Will look into all my options10:45
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SiFuhI assume there was trouble when I was away with openblas ?12:57
TimB_SiFuh: there wasn't, really, or not yet13:14
TimB_but it was a faulty Pkgfile before, and it should be less faulty now :)13:14
SiFuhI get an error13:14
TimB_i have python3-matplotlib in my overlay, and it was unable to build because it wasn't able to find blas13:14
TimB_you always get an error, i am not even suprised anymore :P13:15
TimB_what is it this time?13:15
SiFuhi am compiling it on a system that only has core packages13:15
TimB_well it needs fortran to start with..?13:15
TimB_wann start being less cryptic and post the logs?13:16
SiFuhthe error is something about not being able to find this file  /usr/lib/libopenblasp-r0.3.8.a  in the build..13:16
SiFuhTimB_: eventually, I shall, just hold your horses, I was trying something so the build is running again.13:17
TimB_i can say that openblas even built fine on the rpi4..13:18
TimB_didn't really test anything with it, just depinst r for now, but it appears to be running fine13:18
SiFuhcompiles fine on my main machine too13:18
TimB_i mean, i can fire up an lxc container and let it have a go at it as well13:19
TimB_but i did all the changes around that in a container already, it should be pretty good to go13:19
SiFuhI'll let you know anyways13:20
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SiFuhTimB_: virgin crux with only core files and using depinst13:37
SiFuhTimB_: sorry pastebin is taking forever13:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: flash-player-plugin: update to
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: ncurses: update to 6.214:04
TimB_SiFuh: looking at the footprint, it doesn't produce a libopenblas-r0.3.8.a for me, but libopenblasp-r0.3.8.a, note the extra p14:20
TimB_this is not inside qemu/virtualbox/… is it?14:21
SiFuhit is14:32
TimB_that might be it then14:42
TimB_I mean, it's the official install script that seems to be broken for you14:42
ryuoSiFuh: at least it was until you had your way with it ;p14:46
ryuoSiFuh: poor crux, losing its innocence.14:47
SiFuhYeah, just updated the entire system and tried openblas and it fails again :-P14:53
SiFuhSo it I am guessing it might be VM related14:53
SiFuhI was meant to say  So I am guessing you might be right, it could be VM related14:59
TimB_it's my best bet15:24
SiFuhI don't know why the p dissappears15:28
SiFuhanyways, i will just use the packaged one from my main machine so I can continue on with what I am suppose to be doing..15:35
TimB_i hope that works, not sure if it's supposed to in that case15:59
SiFuhI am only trying to build gnuradio on two a pure crux machine vm   one updated and one not16:00
SiFuhdlcusa: Your suite3270/Pkgfile looks so beautifully arrange ;-)16:11
dlcusaSiFuh, I'm a big fan of using whitespace horizontally and vertically to simplify human parsing.16:50
SiFuhme too16:52
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SiFuhTimB_: other VM also failed, yet the other computer that wasn't a VM did it just fine17:06
TimB_SiFuh: i am really not sure since i am not running a vm anywhere17:10
TimB_jaeger: ^ can you give building openblas in a vm a try?17:10
joacimpassed that shit. they approved our lab room for the exam too17:11
joacimso didnt have to sit on the toilet for 3 hours17:11
SiFuhjaeger: on a crux system only running core packages and depinst17:12
SiFuhTimB_: I vaguely seem to remember something like this when I was living in Australia a few years back.17:12
TimB_i just feel like openblas is that kind of package that gets flacky when not provided a proper cpu to work with17:13
SiFuhWell, I don't have any DEC Alpha CPUS laying around17:14
TimB_me neither17:20
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jaegerthe contrib one?17:48
TimB_yes please17:49
TimB_i suspect it to fail in a vm, but it builds fine in a container and everwhere else i can try17:50
jaegerso it has to be a VM, then?17:51
jaegerI don't have a crux VM around with only core installed right now17:51
TimB_i don't know if "only core" makes a difference, really17:52
TimB_i don't supect to, at least17:52
jaegeralright, I'll give it a try. It'll take a long time thanks to gcc-fortran17:53
BurnZeZWhat’s the command to check all the libs for dependency problems?17:53
TimB_ok, thanks!17:53
TimB_BurnZeZ: revdep17:53
BurnZeZNot revdep17:53
BurnZeZI’m thinking of something else17:53
TimB_mh, i am not sure i know anything else17:54
TimB_besides a ruby script i have flying around locally17:54
BurnZeZMaybe it was something I wrote17:55
BurnZeZYeah, I think it might have been17:55
weednixrust is full random with it's own life, today build, tomorrow build depending on it's mood,17:58
weednixfirst I had problems and only built with pkgmk as root, no problem 0 fucks about it.17:59
weednixnow without touching don't build17:59
weednixand that's it, I can't have a machine building alone just because one package.18:00
weednixif is because of ccache again I will delete it from ports to make sure it never install again.18:02
TimB_i don't even dare to ask..18:02
weednixInteresting to see someone that come up with a new language just because people don't know how to program C18:02
weednixyep ccache got installed18:04
weednixrm -rf <318:04
weednixSiFuh: and TimB_ I'm so sorry yesteday or before I ask about fail2ban and then have gone afk18:06
weednixI will look at chat logs, last days I have been overworking and that day my head was broken, I just collapsed18:07
weednixI'm doing everything I can to start a business that uses crux as O.S., I will make a % back to the project asap I start making $18:08
SiFuhcuriously is there a script for removing all the junk from /usr/ports such as no longer needed downloads and port tarballs and *.partials  ?18:59
TimB_prtwash i believe19:01
SiFuhdonsn't <-- spelling mistake in the man page!19:05
SiFuhdownoaded downoaded <-- two more19:06
SiFuhheh annoyed me, so I had to edit the man page19:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wireshark: 3.2.0 -> 3.2.119:20
jaegerTimB_, SiFuh: openblas succeeds in both container and VM20:15
TimB_mh, ok, cool! thanks jaeger20:28
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danilo82how much advanced do i need to be to use crux?20:59
jaegerI would say intermediate, assuming you don't mind reading docs and man pages and tinkering21:18
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