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pulgoviskThe ST Term01:14
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pulgoviskHow i patch some ports source?01:57
pulgoviskLike dwm or st?01:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: whois: update to 5.5.611:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mutt: update to 1.13.411:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cups-filters: update to 1.27.111:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: libcap: update to 2.3211:04
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orangutanHi all16:09
orangutanI'm trying to install crux as a secondary Linux16:10
orangutanI have GRUB2 installed by Ubuntu16:10
orangutanI would like add the crux partition as custom menu item16:11
orangutananybody here to give me some pointers?16:11
orangutangooglin' didn't help, unfortunately16:11
orangutanI'm also wondering what's the best/propery way of installing crux, since I'm unable to boot from USB stick due to secureboot (Which I'm not willing to disable at this point)16:12
orangutanGrub menu editing used to be easier when I last had to do it like 15 years ago...16:13
ryuoorangutan: disabling secure boot is the usual thing to do. otherwise you have to make the bootloader acceptable to secure boot.16:19
ryuoorangutan: chances are os-prober isn't detecting CRUX and that's why it isn't automatically created.16:19
ryuoone thought, try getting to the grub console and booting CRUX manually to figure out how to do it.16:20
ryuousually grub works in this sequence.16:20
ryuoit runs search command to find the root or boot partition16:20
ryuoe.g., search --no-floppy --set=root ...16:21
ryuowhatever criteria is used for the search. usually FS UUID16:21
ryuolinux /boot/$KERNEL $ARGS16:22
ryuothen initrd command if you use oe16:22
ryuoboot command if you're not in a menu.16:22
orangutanI have Ubuntu UEFI bootloader running16:24
ryuotry booting from the command line then.16:24
orangutanI believe with that I should be able to boot non-uefi linux as well?16:24
ryuono you can't.16:24
ryuoUEFI can only boot UEFI.16:25
ryuoyour compiled kernel must support UEFI16:25
ryuoyou don't need EFI stub though.16:25
ryuothat's only for direct loading kernel as an EFI application16:25
ryuoyou may be confused with the CSM mode. if you're already in EFI mode then that's all you can boot.16:26
orangutanthe official crux 3.5 doesn't have UEIF support built in?16:26
orangutanI mean the prebuilt release16:26
ryuoit should, but its bootloader isn't signed.16:26
orangutanoh yeah16:26
ryuoit won't boot under secure boot.16:26
ryuoi was telling you how to do so after install.16:27
ryuoyou could disable SB long enough to install it and just use Ubuntu's bootloader after.16:27
ryuoand reenable it16:27
orangutanthanks, I need to check that16:27
orangutanI hope Windows doesn't care if I temporarily disable it16:28
ryuomaybe you can boot the kernel from the ISO.16:28
ryuovia some grub commands.16:28
orangutanIf I disable UEFI I can boot from USB stick anyway16:28
orangutanat least to get a grip of how the crux's been built16:28
orangutanseems interesting16:29
orangutanoriginally I was thinking of Linux from scratch -approach, but that might be too much work to be able to enjoy :)16:29
orangutanunfortunately this laptop is the one I have to install on and I forgot to run my IRC in screen16:30
orangutanso I'll go test some more. Thanks for the tips :)16:31
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PurpleStemHi! I'm following and just came to the step "make -B packages.all". I plan on making an ISO that meets some specific needs for a cluster of servers, which won't need Xorg/X11 at all. Do the xorg packages still need to be built for the ISO, or can I "grep -v" those out?18:41
PurpleStem(alternatively, if they don't need to be built, is there a better way to tell them not to be included?)18:42
SiFuhPurpleStem: core is all you need18:46
SiFuhand a boot manager18:46
PurpleStemand thats just syslinux right?18:47
SiFuhlilo elilo grub syslinux  whatever you want18:47
SiFuhand build your system on top of that18:47
PurpleStemok, cool, that should be easy enough18:47
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SiFuhtime for a vodka break19:46
SiFuhsee you all in a few hours19:46
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jaegerTake a look at the Makefile, you can remove the xorg parts if you want20:34
stenurHarry Gregg died today. Nice story from 1958, game Northern Ireland - Germany (result 2:2). Not only died Danny Blanchflower welcome every German with "Good luck!", but Harry Gregg must have played .. one of *these* games.20:37
stenurs/died/did/g. Sic!20:37
stenurMind you, in the year the plane with Manchester had that terrible accident and he saved lives.20:38
stenurAnyway, he played so intense his pullover was torn. And he defended one high center with his head, with his cap still on the head, and it must have been so funny the entire stadium started laughing, including the swedish King.20:39
stenurThe German, yes, legend describes this (in german) as "Und auf einmal lachte das ganze Stadion", "And suddenly the entire stadium was laughing".20:41
stenurFritz Walter was his name.20:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: openjdk8: update to 8u242-b08, icedtea 3.15.020:42
jaegerWas that meant for some other channel?20:46
stenurYou ask me? No, it just moved me. I do not do any IRC beside this.20:49
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TimB_=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed. :|22:02
TimB_i was so stoked to see openjdk bumped :D22:02
jaegerjust wondered, it seemed pretty randoim22:20
stenurMisfit for this channel. Not at all random for me, i ate football history when i was a football playing/goalkeeper kid/young men.22:23
stenurAnd the Manchester airplane accident is a story still known to many here in Germany (it happened in M√ľnchen/Munich).22:24
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