IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2020-02-19

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SiFuhjaeger: what info do you need?
SiFuhthe pub file06:56
SiFuhI can dpaste that07:03
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frinnstanyone has a java webstart port that works?09:12
TimB_webstart? nope :/09:20
TimB_frinnst: i read webstart was deprecated in jdk11? and there is openwebstart now?09:23
TimB_frinnst: i can help out with jdk up until 13, it seems like it might need at least 11 or 12 to run. other than that, packaging shouldn't be much of a problem, i hope09:26
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SiFuh  Hahaha11:27
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frinnst"awesome" indeed :)13:58
SiFuhTimB_: is there a way to find out how appstream-glib got installed on my system?13:59
TimB_prt-get dependent appstream-glib13:59
TimB_then you removed what pulled it already13:59
TimB_or you were drunk and installed it thinking it was cool, i dunno :P13:59
SiFuhyes, that I am sure13:59
TimB_you can see what depends on it with prt-get dependent --all $var14:00
SiFuhso is there a way to find out what apps could pull it in?14:00
SiFuhcool thanks14:00
weednixUntil now everything is going well for me, I'm updating documentation, scrits etc. I had a lot of errors :P14:25
weednixI'm just having problems with apparmor, I have been looking at other distributions, I don't know what to do,14:26
weednixat least with ports that I use on laptop and server, I don't tried yet to build mate or other DE since I rebuild 3.514:27
weednixI wold like to bring server public once I had at least the ports I document working :'(14:28
TimB_weednix: sorry, i have never used apparmor :/14:29
weednix;) I used on 3.4 I remember I had a problem to, but I solved at the time...14:29
weednixlater I will bring server online and create a wiki page with more information about the problem14:30
weednixother else I think is hard for people to try to guess what the problem is14:30
frinnst jesus christ. bob mortimer14:30
weednixI also stop updating my crux until I have things more or less working because my hardware take to much time to update some ports14:31
pedjaweednix, take a look at apparmor section in
frinnsttry adding "renice -n 19 $$" in your pkgmk.conf14:32
frinnstoh sorry, read that wrong14:32
weednixpedja: opening ...14:32
weednixpedja: I manage no build, and if I use arch binaries it work, I think the problem or is a dependencie or the "packaging"14:34
weednixI mean arch fails because of different python version, but it loads the profiles without giving errors and enforce them14:34
weednixand if I build it gives a error (parser) of missing capability, when the system have that "capability"14:35
pedjacan't help, I am afraid, I just use it, SUSE/openSUSE engineers did the hard work :)14:36
weednixyesterday I was thinking to install artix or other distribution to a chroot and compare the config.log and try to see what is failing14:37
weednixI even look at debian testing patches14:38
pedjafrinnst, have you watched James Acaster in Blockbusters quiz show thingie?14:42
frinnsthmm no14:42
pedjathat's a short one, the whole one is worth the search :)14:42
pedjahe is amazing14:43
jaegerSiFuh: the github repo is enough, thanks14:57
frinnst fucking hell14:57
SiFuhjaeger: no worries14:59
jaegerSiFuh: what do you want it named in the portdb? yenjie? SiFuh?15:16
SiFuhyenjie is fine15:16
jaegerside note, I get a lot of 404s trying to sync via httpup (in cubicsdr) - is the REPO up to date?15:17
jaegerLooks like there was a src dir in there at some point15:17
SiFuhyeah i made a mistake and it uploaded shit that shouldn't so I was going to delete it15:17
SiFuhjaeger: all good now15:25
jaegerIt's added to the portdbs now15:33
TimB_jaeger: sorry for noticing so late. crux-libreoffice is still listed in the portsdb as well, but it's all merged in contrib and the repo is archived17:11
SiFuhhmm quite a few ports rely on things in contrib but not in the ports dependent list17:26
SiFuhand opt17:26
SiFuhexample lua52   wireshark seems to need it17:28
SiFuhmaybe if lua52 didn't exist wireshark would compile without lua support?17:29
TimB_SiFuh: only the maintainer can know ;P17:30
SiFuhand revdep ;-)17:30
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jaegerTimB_: ok, so I should remove the whole repo?20:25
TimB_jaeger: yeah, otherwise people might think it's good to use that =)20:26
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jaegerok, will do20:47
SiFuhif I have a string in bash, lets say string=linsifuh  and I want to cut lin off and change s and f to S and F so the string=SiFuh and not string=linsifuh    is there are a bash scripting way of doing this? od do I have to pipe through sed, tr or awk?21:42
TimB_jaeger: you do have avahi installed on some system, right? Can you try to build version 0.8?21:45
TimB_make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'build-db', needed by 'all-am'.  Stop. <- i wonder what i am suddenly missing? :^21:46
stenurs=linsifuh; x=${s##lin}; echo $x; y=${x^^[sf]}; echo $y21:48
SiFuhstenur: si has to be piped cant do two things at the same time?21:55
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stenurSiFuh: i would use awk for that anyway :)22:06
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SiFuhstenur: agreed22:13

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