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jaegerTimB_: I don't have it installed but I could test it in a container00:12
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alandipertis it possible to use a kernel from another distro? i know ubuntu has some kind of 'modules in packages' nonsense that i'm not sure would fly... but i'm not very interested in tweaking or maintaining my kernel config for this particular machine04:05
weednixalandipert: I package one, port have two configurations, one is based on arch harden04:39
weednixyou can test pre-compiled default config from port
alandipertweednix thank you! i should have known ports could do it05:01
ryuoi've been thinking of designing some ports for people that want an "ez kernel"05:07
alandipertsign me up. no rootkits pls05:09
jaegersure, you can use whatever distro's kernel you want05:23
jaegerif it uses an initrd or initramfs copy that as well05:23
jaegerthe only big restriction off the top of my head is that it needs to match the version specified by the kernel headers in glibc05:23
jaegerwhich right now is 4.9 or higher05:24
alandipertthat makes sense, thanks05:25
alandipertglibc is necessarily a binary part of crux, right?05:25
jaegerwell, some form of libc is required for linux in general05:46
jaegerglibc is the one we use so it's more or less required to have around but you can recompile it any time you want05:47
ryuoalandipert: pretty much unless you really want to go back to good old asm and direct system calls.05:50
alandipertman i forgot about that05:55
alandipertthe 0x80 business, i think on the way out around the time i first got into linux05:55
alandipertvoodoo to me at the time, still is mostly. hence my gratitude for linux kernel support in irc :-)05:56
ryuoalandipert: that was abandoned with the jump to 64 bit06:01
ryuonow they use syscall06:01
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frinnsttil: pcmanfm creates a dir on network drives that it uses as "trash"09:16
frinnst2.9TB it grew to09:17
frinnstah there is a setting for it. thought I had that enabled09:19
TimB_jaeger: i haven't yet tried in a container, i'll let you know about the second look then :)10:41
TimB_jaeger: i don't have more luck in a container. I spotted a missing dep and it needs --disable-qt5 as well.. if you want to give it a try:
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libinput: update to 1.15.212:39
SiFuh <-- does this ever get updated?13:25
SiFuhIt is not in sync with this site -->
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jaegerIt did fail for me in the container, I'll try your version14:58
jaegerthat also fails15:00
jaegerSiFuh: it's supposed to update regularly15:00
TimB_jaeger: damn it. no idea what's missing there15:01
TimB_i'll check it out15:02
SiFuhjaeger: updates good, but I noticed doesn't and hasn't for a while.15:03
SiFuhcrux-libreoffice for example is still being displayed15:04
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jaegerI'll check it out, maybe I broke something when I added/removed15:14
jaegerlooks like crond wasn't actually running properly for some reason, restarted it15:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] postgresql: 12.1 -> 12.2 fixes CVE-2020-1720. Thx Markus Heinz16:34
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weednixhellooo :}18:17
weednixjust create a page exposing the problems I have with apparmor18:17
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weednixI'm updating the system on another machine,18:19
SiFuhAppArmor ("Application Armor") is a Linux kernel security module that allows the system administrator to restrict programs' capabilities with per-program profiles.18:25
weednixSiFuh: I start using one day I notice my disks spin without reason, I notice firefox was reading all disk without a reason18:33
weednixso I installed apparmor (at time in 3.4) and limited firefox, everything worked flawless.18:33
SiFuhweednix: I don't see how you modified the  .config to allow for APPARMOR18:33
weednixSiFuh: kernel configuration ?18:33
SiFuhahh sorry18:34
SiFuhwtf was I looking at18:34
SiFuhweednix: sorry i clicked blob not raw18:34
weednixSiFuh: I just changed wiki page to show kernel at start18:35
weednixSiFuh: only today I notice how broke was the server after upgrade to 3.518:35
weednixfor example highlight stop working on gitweb18:36
weednixthere is much things I must fix, also update documentation and configuration on repository as I do work18:36
SiFuhweednix: the prt-utils are really good..18:36
SiFuhwill be interesting to see your port when it is ready18:37
weednixSiFuh: :} I'm being able to use many crux machines as if was a binary distribution18:37
SiFuhhah also a good way to break a system :-P18:37
weednixSiFuh: I give my best to keep things well once I start maintaining with pkg-get18:38
weednixsome post/pre install scripts don't work with pkg-get yet, I think is wrong file mode or permissions, is easy to fix that in near future18:39
weednixI'm more worry to have everything working again as was in 3.418:39
SiFuhweednix: I have 3. My main machine and two others,  one is default not updated 3.5 core only and the other is 3.5 updated core only. I build on those two, before using on my main machine.18:39
SiFuhTimB_: mentioned a cool script I wasn't aware of  pkg-clean18:40
weednixI have "two build machines" one tracks stable-3.5 branch and the other "develop" branch18:40
weednixhumm what it does ?18:40
SiFuhafter modify the config in /etc   you can configure what packages not to erase like  syslinux/lilo/grub  and it will remove everything back to core18:40
TimB_<3 pkg-clean18:41
SiFuhso can always start as close to a fresh install as possible without a fresh install.18:41
weednixWOW I need to try that,18:42
weednixI use git on /etc :D18:42
weednixbut is only to keep track of what I changed, so I update on documentation and other systems.18:42
weednixor when something breaks I can git diff HEAD~118:43
SiFuhyeah pkg-clean is awesome  used it so much and the other  TimB_ mentioned.. prtverify18:44
SiFuhoh and don't forget revdep -vvv18:45
SiFuhthese scripts rock18:45
SiFuhTimB_: one of the guys loves syslinux, but has a bit of trouble getting around it. He poached the install syslinux script from archlinux.18:45
SiFuhI am sure others use it here, but if not, I might right a piece on it for the crux handbook18:46
weednixSiFuh: I use alot revdep, I was almost to do a script that run rev dep and auto install missing libs18:46
SiFuhweednix: yeah but sometimes the missing libs are because you updated those libs and now you need to recompile the program or some of its dependencies as well to adopt the new lib.18:47
TimB_SiFuh: which guy? syslinux?18:47
TimB_what? :D18:47
SiFuhTimB_: you didn't understand that?18:48
weednixSiFuh: yep, I was just talking about the output of ldd | grep "not found"18:48
weednixit happen a lot when I'm updating machines with just binary packages18:48
SiFuhweednix: well honestly I don't see why anyone would.18:49
weednixwhen I have this work more stable I will start installing crux on people machines,18:49
SiFuhweednix: well it is definately not 2001 when CRUX first came out with pretty much nothing18:50
weednixSiFuh: example my friend crux have a script than run and update ports and do pkg-get sync pkg-get sysup, sometimes update packages introduce new deps18:50
weednixmy idea for script with revdep / ldd and auto install missing was for that case18:51
SiFuhthat is something should be in sysup18:51
SiFuhcheck for which packages need to be updated after an update18:51
weednix:} I was thinking also to just run pkg-get depinst $(prt-get listinst | xargs prt-get quickdep) after update and catch new missing deps18:52
weednixbut not all are declared on port, some introduce dependecies that are not "direct"18:52
weednixI have to go,18:53
SiFuhTimB_: that is what i will start to do tommorrow. I will make a stripped down howto of installing syslinux on uefi/efi and legacy systems18:54
weednixif one you crux kung fu masters have time to test apparmor, please give a cent back :P18:54
SiFuhweednix: when it is ready18:55
weednixSiFuh: :D ok, I will try to fix my self, but will be hard for me :(18:55
weednixand I will keep asking around, who knows, I'm also installing some more packages like docker on the testing machine, who knows is a missing dependency18:56
weednixwell, gone, thank you all18:56
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TimB_SiFuh: i am not really on the keyboard right now, sorry19:30
TimB_i use grub, if that matters? :P19:31
SiFuhyou suck19:33
TimB_of course :P19:33
SiFuhI actually dislike grub19:33
SiFuhI don't need an entire OS to boot my OS. I just want a simple MBR I never have to touch again.19:34
SiFuhI like lilo but what I don't like is having to re-run lilo every time I modify the config. With syslinux the MBR is written, I cna modify the config as much as I please and never need to worry about running syslinux/efibootmgr again19:36
TimB_grub is an OS? lol19:36
SiFuhin my opinion hell yeah19:36
TimB_works great for me. I am not looking to replace that19:37
SiFuhOh, it works good. I just like something a little more simple like you know? those rc scripts in crux are hell of a lot better than systemd.19:38
TimB_I don't feel like grub is too bloated for the job19:39
SiFuhSystemd worked .... but no  rc scripts in CRUX and runit in void and openrc  they are realsonable in my opinion19:39
TimB_where is it in your view?19:39
SiFuhgrub is very advanced. That I will applaud. But for a laptop user, I don't need something like that.19:40
TimB_on my laptop, i have it practically only visible if i press ESC during boot right after bios posted19:40
SiFuhI don't even want to see my boot manager ;-)19:40
TimB_i don't do on my laptop, that's what i just told you19:41
SiFuhbut what I love the most about syslinux, is that i edit the config and all is done..19:41
TimB_you mean, like grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?19:41
SiFuhas a matter of fact I don't even have the syslinux port installed on my system because i don't need it19:42
SiFuhno I mean vi 'edit some stuff'  :x and voila ;-)19:42
TimB_well with above you don't need the 'edit some stuff' crap?19:42
SiFuhok  point taken19:43
SiFuhbut still   my mbr is the same mbr i have had for years, and I have never had to touch that mbr since the first day.19:43
SiFuhall i need i s aboot partition with a config  and the config is all that i modify19:44
TimB_i am not holding you back ;)19:44
SiFuhhaha  I am going to show you the light19:44
SiFuhdo you see the screen?19:45
TimB_no :P19:45
SiFuhone of the beauties of having a fixed mbr is the speed during boot time19:45
TimB_i dunno. takes me less then 10 seconds to boot into i3, including supplying auth via yubikey19:46
SiFuhmy bios takes longer than that hahaha19:47
TimB_sucks to be your bios? ;D19:47
SiFuhno it sucks to have my bios19:48
SiFuhI am sure my bios loves the quiet stroll before booting19:48
TimB_haha yeah19:48
TimB_makes sense19:48
SiFuhi can boot CRUX in like 4 seconds19:48
SiFuhthe bios takes about 2019:48
SiFuhi will be doing a gvfs update soon so I will actually time it19:49
TimB_i am currently looking into trying to add more openjdk-boot ports19:53
TimB_j_v did a lot of work on that already, hopefully i can add some more19:54
SiFuhi dont even know what that means19:55
pedjaTimB_, any luck with openjdk for rpi4 :)?19:56
TimB_pedja: nope :(19:56
TimB_gcj doesn't build, as well as j_v/openjdk6-boot19:56
TimB_i might be 'stuck' with the prebuilt for some more time19:57
TimB_but! i am using the pi4 as a desktop for the past.. almost a week now!19:57
TimB_barely had the need to power up the big one, trying to lower the bill here XD19:57
pedjais openjdk-6 even supported?19:57
TimB_supported? maybe not, but it would be a good start to get to jdk7-boot -> jdk8 (non boot)19:58
TimB_SiFuh: java is kind of shitty. it needs itself in the same version or N-1 to compile19:58
TimB_but it's not easily bootstrapped...19:59
TimB_j_v chained jdk6 to jdk7 and then jdk8.19:59
SiFuhok i see now19:59
pedjajava is PITA19:59
SiFuhpedja: !19:59
TimB_jdk6, as far as i undertand, is the last version which builds with 'supposedly the closest thing to gcj, ecj'19:59
TimB_somebody correct me, i am not too sure about all of that :)20:00
pedjagcj was/is java gcc frontend, iirc?20:00
TimB_gcj got removed before the release of gcc 7..20:00
TimB_it was20:00
TimB_from what i read, it was an ambitious try but never met official jdk specs20:01
TimB_it got removed because "all the open source java action happens in icedtea/openjdk"20:01
TimB_and to eliminate the hope for any kind of upstream support :)20:01
pedjaACTION is looking at openSUSE openjdk-11 spec file20:06
SiFuhpedja: don't! it is dangerous20:06
SiFuhthey patch their patches20:06
pedjabuilding openjdk is quite an adventure, it seems20:07
SiFuhit is one of the reasons and still in fashion today that I left SuSE and joined CRUX in 200120:07
pedjaI did the opposite in 2019 :)20:07
SiFuhthose guys make patches, and atches and patches and patches, and for some stupid reason they just number or name in order and never make an updated patch of the patch updates.20:08
pedjaand it's SUSE these days, btw :)20:08
SiFuhOpenSuSE ?20:08
SiFuhin my days is was SuSE20:08
pedjayeah, changed the name a few years back, I think20:09
SiFuhi remember it as SuSE because I did some of the artwork for them back in 2001/200220:10
axgood evening20:10
SiFuhax: !20:10
axhello SiFuh :)20:11
SiFuhhello ax20:11
TimB_heyo ax20:15
SiFuhpedja:  You ever watch Justified?20:20
pedjahm, I think I watched a couple of S1 episodes, but can't remember, tbh20:22
SiFuhits alright20:23
SiFuhi kind of enjoy it20:23
pedjaI can say the same thing for The Witcher and Picard :)20:24
pedjaStar Trek: Picard20:24
SiFuhoh yuck that's why i know that name20:25
SiFuhtis ties in with that discovery thing yes?20:25
pedja20+ years after, afaik20:25
SiFuhok  i am still watching discovery even though i very dislike star trek20:27
SiFuhi am a Babylon 5 guy20:27
pedjaapologies, it's 20+ years after ST:NextGen, not discovery20:28
pedjathere is no crossover planned, afaik20:28
SiFuhST=shit still20:29
pedjawhich is good, since st:d is...not very good, imho20:29
SiFuhi think patrick stewart (I think i got the name right) is a good actor20:30
SiFuhi just hate the series20:30
SiFuhmy entire family are Star Trek Fans.. I am the white sheep who likes Babylon 520:31
pedjanever watched that past s120:31
SiFuhBabylon 5 is like the book of Proverbs in the bible20:32
SiFuhit is by far more educational20:32
pedjanever read that, either :)20:32
pedjakind of the average fantasy book, I hear20:34
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SiFuhpedja: maybe  but if the world beleives the news, then you should check out what they believe.20:44
SiFuhSame with bibles and qurans and so on...20:44
SiFuhcheckout what they beleive, it will give you a better understanding of them20:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ostree: 2019.6 -> 2020.121:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: avahi: 0.7 -> 0.8; added missing dependency: libevent21:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.2.222:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.2.222:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.2.222:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: clamav: updated to version 0.102.222:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: go: updated to version 1.13.823:25

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