IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2020-02-21

cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: suitesparse: 5.6.0 -> 5.7.100:45
jaegerI like star trek and b5 both as entertainment... I don't take either one super seriously00:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: gtk-sharp:  -> 2.12.4500:57
TimB_derp.. it's getting late again00:59
stenuryeah, shit!01:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: pear: update to 1.10.1009:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libunbound: update to 1.10.009:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: unbound: update to 1.10.009:47
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: kmod: update to 2709:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] php: update to 7.4.309:52
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xkbcomp: update to 1.4.310:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: zsh: fix source URL11:37
TimB_good job12:19
pedjaopening random pdf from the Internet? nope :)12:20
SiFuhACTION slaps pedja with the internet 12:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 20.1.11 -> 20.2.812:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: appstream-glib: 0.7.16 -> 0.7.1712:29
joacimI'll just open that on my work laptop. dont want malware on my home computers12:30
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joacimstarted thinking that my /boot and /boot/efi are both larger than my first HDD13:00
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SiFuhjoacim: my first hard drive was 1MB13:11
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joacimjaeger: just got my m115:41
joacimneed some hardware for it now15:41
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pedjajoacim, is that a joystick in the top left corner?15:50
pedjanice case, btw15:50
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jaegerjoacim: nice :) Still very happy with mine16:16
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joacimpedja: throttle for my hotas. the stick is on my right =)16:43
joacimlogitech x5616:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ostree: 2020.1 -> 2020.217:13
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joacimIs it possible at all to make windows update work reliably on windows server?23:59

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