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joacimseems there is always a server where updates fails00:00
joacimspent less time and effort maintaining my crux systems than any windows server system00:00
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ryuojoacim: sure. just turn it off completely.00:34
jaegerthat's not a solution00:35
ryuobut it's the only way i know to guarantee it won't shit itself.00:36
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joacimit'll take a few hours, but i can turn off a windows server00:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 5.1 -> 5.207:31
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openbsdtai123is there a crux image for arm64/armv7 for rraspbery pi ?19:11
TimB_openbsdtai123: depends for which pi, the answer could be yes for both19:12
openbsdtai123it is a raspberry pi rpi3m (model b)19:12
TimB_also #crux-arm19:12
openbsdtai123cool nice to hear19:12
TimB_for the rpi3 there is aarch64 image available19:12
openbsdtai123without systemd, it can just run better than debian.19:13
TimB_just know that the graphics driver stack is not fully usable in aarch64 and there is basically no upstream support for that19:13
TimB_so if your plans involve anything with a desktop, armv7l is what you would want on the pi3 and 419:13
openbsdtai123ufff without desktop, that won't be easy to use the Linux pi.19:14
TimB_you can still built your own armv7l rpi3 build by using the generic 32bit image19:14
openbsdtai123I prefer then to stick to netbsd, I believe that crux would run faster than debian.19:14
TimB_then just change to proper cflags and such and rebuilt core, maybe twice if you are into it - et voila19:14
openbsdtai123Anyhow, in terms of speed, netbsd is likely the most efficient on arm.19:14
TimB_can't tell19:15
TimB_i used netbsd a long time ago for something completly different :)19:15
TimB_..and not on arm O:)19:15
openbsdtai123yeah kernel vanilla is likely good idea...19:15
openbsdtai123crux, devuan,.... are the last stand, resistance against systemd, wayland, ... movements.19:16
TimB_why exactly do you put wayland in one line with systemd? O.o19:17
openbsdtai123I meant systemd is in many distros today.19:17
TimB_i just recently deleted xorg runtime and stuff from my laptop and run wayland exclusively there now :) it's so much faster on my old machine that it makes a difference, so much, that it outweight the cons for me19:19
openbsdtai123with wayland you cut your legs. ssh -X -C wont work.19:19
TimB_well, i would need to use ssh -X -C in the first place i guess19:20
TimB_no need for that on my notebook19:20
openbsdtai123To remove X is like removing your identity to use Unix like software.19:20
TimB_wow, really?19:21
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TimB_ while we saw some hardware yesterday, i finally cleaned these two (and installed and ryzen 3200 in the left one) today :>21:14
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stenurI wonder how you browse, TimB_.  I would not dare to run Firefox under my very own account, i read newspapers and such.22:07
TimB_stenur: why is that?22:14
stenurOh, because of all the scripts which come in, also via those advertisings.22:15
stenurSometimes the fans start blowing just like grazy.22:16
TimB_oh, µmatrix blocks that for me :)22:16
stenurAnd the Austrian Standard, two or three months back, had some advertisings which shovelled hundreds of megabytes in the time i read.  Oh!  What is that?  Plugin?22:17
TimB_a plugin, yeah22:17
TimB_i used noscript, another plugin, before that, but this works so much better22:18
stenurAnd then, you know, bugs can happen everytime.  Let me see, i never used a plugin until now :)22:18
stenurLooks more powerful than what i think Opera was it had a few years back.  I used Opera >15 years.  Just click on the element on the page and it will be blocked.22:21
TimB_i actually use palemoon, not firefox, and the palemoon devs started noting users about not endorsing noscript with it22:22
TimB_i ignored it for years, now i know, they were actually right about it :D22:22
TimB_i mean µmatrix is just extremly versatile22:22
TimB_you can block google from one page, but you can enable it on another just in a few mouseclicks. this was kind of tedious rule writing in noscript22:23
stenurPalemoon looks interesting, downloading it and will try later.  Not via portdbc?22:26
TimB_i have a port in my overlay, but not really shareable22:33
TimB_jaeger: did you ever hit this one with zfsonlinux?22:49
TimB_version 0.8.2 compiles.. ~.~23:02
TimB_stenur: did you see my message?23:09
stenurTimB_: why not? Program looks good, much better than Netsurf. GTK2 (looks familiar!), and only single-process, not compartmentalized. And seems slower than Firefox with what i tried.23:09
TimB_i compile it against gtk3 :)23:10
TimB_for *cough* wayland support23:10
stenurThat works? :( :) No, i used the binary.23:10
TimB_works great23:10
stenurWayland is interesting yes, i've read the concept once it was proposed. Never tried it live (yet). If i can have two concurrent seats, i could go for it.23:11
TimB_stenur: look at your private messages window for a second, please23:12
stenurwait, i need help to do that. A second.23:14
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