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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-libxcb: update to 1.1410:56
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xcb-proto: update to 1.1410:56
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pulgoviskIs there a easy way to patch ports source?12:49
pulgoviskLike epatch_user|/etc/portage/patches in gentoo?12:52
joacimjust the plain patch commands13:17
joacimyou can look at some ports in core and opt to see how patches are typically applied here13:18
joacimgrep patch /usr/ports/core/*/Pkgfile13:18
joacimshould list a few decent examples13:18
pulgoviskBut if I want to apply a custom patch? That is not in the pkgfile?13:47
TimB_pulgovisk: you usually would need to edit the Pkgfile yourself13:49
TimB_i populated /usr/ports/overlay/ for that13:49
joacimit is better then to fork the port into your own repository. I have /usr/ports/mine that i use for ports i make or maintain on my own. i list it in /etc/prt-get.conf above all other repositories13:49
pulgoviskI see13:50
pulgoviskThat sound reasonable13:50
joacimand if your port is outdated when compared to what is in core/opt/contrib, ports -d should expose those13:50
joacimi think some package managers like homebrew can preserve user modifications through their git integration13:51
pulgoviskYeah, the gentoo way is more "done", I just create the patch in the patches folder and emerge automagic apply13:53
joacimautomagic comes with complexity, which this distro tries to avoid. makes it easier (at least i think so) to see how things actually works.13:54
pulgoviskFor me is better to write my own Pkgfile13:54
joacimwhat kind of patch is it? user preference? or something that could be merged into the proper port with some smooth talking of the maintainer?13:55
pulgoviskUser preference13:55
pulgoviskIn dwm13:55
pulgoviskAll suckless software's13:55
TimB_perfect diy port for crux imo :)13:56
joacimah suckless is a bit of a special case13:56
joacimi was thinking about how to include config.h or whatever without triggering signature errors etc.13:56
joacimi only got as far as thinking about it tho13:56
pulgoviskThe config.h can be changed without problem13:57
pulgoviskBut I need to patch some things in st13:57
pulgoviskLike scroll back13:57
TimB_pulgovisk: but .signatures include every file of the source array in Pkgfile13:57
TimB_so a user to supply his own would not work with signify13:58
pulgoviskYeah, but the pkgfile already copy the config file13:59
TimB_but it's the config that the maintainer placed there :)13:59
TimB_aso this works, while you placing your config in the same dir will trigger signify13:59
pulgoviskNope, the config.g in the port root folder13:59
TimB_it's not listed in .signature?14:00
pulgoviskI will join with my work pc14:00
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pulgoviskThe dwm pkg file:
pulgovisk    if [ -f $PKGMK_ROOT/config.h ]; then    cp $PKGMK_ROOT/config.h .    fi14:02
TimB_ah, well, that's a nice hack around it i guess :)14:02
pulgoviskYeap, but suckless needs  some patches14:02
joacimshould also be possible to sync out an example config.h. but tools that do cleanups could remove the file since it is not mentioned in the .signature or source array14:03
pulgoviskThe config file is pretty simple14:13
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SiFuhjoacim: and pedja (who isn't here) I did a html version as well, for you people fearful of pdfs :-)15:01
joacimalready had a look at the pdf =)15:02
joacimbut i'd appreciate printouts sent by mail15:02
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joacimwill it be on the wiki? or proposed to be included in the handbook?15:03
SiFuhso you are not afraid of anthrax or powdered Americium meshed into the paper?15:04
joacimno thats fine15:04
SiFuhhope not, my English isn't as up to the standards ;-)15:04
SiFuhalso added a section for those who switch between UEFI and legacy15:05
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SiFuhWhomever rules over the wiki can poach from my page, once CRUX has integrated the configuration and install then I can remove it from github15:07
SiFuh <-- crude HTML version ;-)15:07
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joacimthere was a lot of talk about emojis not working in ms teams at work today15:45
joacimit was just half working on my machine
ryuojoacim: really... people have nothing better to do than worry about emojis working?15:52
joacimcouple of weeks ago search in start menu wasnt working due to bing search15:55
joacimand ms teams had downtime since they forgot to renew a certificate15:55
joacimteams has a lot worse issues than emojis not working tbh15:58
joacimbut it is just another one of those horrible things people require on their work computers15:58
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pulgoviskHow i setup a ports sync for my git repo?16:53
joacimthere is a git driver for ports, depending on the host, you can also use httpup or rsync16:54
joacimi use httpup with mine on github16:54
pulgoviskCan you send me a paste of your sync file?16:56
joacimevery time i update a port, i use httpup-repgen to regenerate the REPO file16:57
joacimhave to do that every time i touch something16:57
stenurpulgovisk: has a port overlay which could do what you want. I think it handles the resigning automatically, too.  (You need to create your own key first though.)16:58
stenur it was16:58
pulgoviskHow i add my repo in the crux website?16:58
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pulgoviskstenur: Thanks16:59
joacimsend an email to one of the lists. the address should be listed somewhere under
pulgoviskThanks :)17:00
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SiFuhpulgovisk: if you use ssh you can also set up passwordless access from your machine to git as well... Or if you don't care about security and have you password accessible you can put the details in ~/.netrc17:52
stenurit's a shame (tm) that .netrc is forgotten. it had the potential for more.17:53
weednixgit push --set-upstream origin develop18:03
weednixups sorry18:03
weednixI updated librsync and now I get error building rdiff-backup18:06
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weednixsomeone get the same error, or you guys have hardware that allows to build everything each time a port is update ?18:14
pulgoviskSiFush: i never heard about .netrc18:20
SiFuhold school18:20
SiFuhmachine login USERNAME password PASSWORD      <-- example line18:21
pulgoviskThat is pretty cool18:22
SiFuhit was cool in the past, we used it for ftp mainly. Doesn't work with ssh though.18:22
pulgoviskweedmix: I don't have access to my machine now, but the grub-efi was falling too.18:23
alandipertmachine login alan password hunter2, is mine18:23
SiFuhnow-a-days everything is striving to be more secure. So as stenur had mentioned it had potential. It was unfortunately born and forgotten in the past18:23
SiFuhalandipert: same as mine!18:24
alandiperthey, password buddies18:24
stenurfs can be encrypted. file could be encrypted if programs would agree.18:25
weednixpulgovisk: I'm testing a patch from arch, will let you know if that fixed18:26
stenurpassword could come from somewhere else. could still be central place of info beside these.18:26
SiFuhstenur: wpasupplicant does it18:26
weednixSiFuh: :D true, I used that when I have done web dev with git-ftp if I'm not wrong18:26
SiFuhwouldn't be to hard to something similar18:27
stenurSiFuh: what? netrc?18:27
SiFuhstenur: yes  do similar to wpasupplicant18:28
pulgoviskweednix: It was something with sse register return with  -mno-sse18:28
SiFuhstenur: my .fetchmailrc doesn't even encrypt passwords18:29
stenurSiFuh: i do not understand what you mean.  No netrc.18:30
stenurSiFuh: hm, unencrypted passwords, ok. Such i have here around, too.18:30
weednixthis fix rdiff-backup
weednixpulgovisk: I'm building grub2-efi to see ...18:35
weednixpulgovisk: here grub2-efi build without problems, at the moment I have the same versions as crux upstream.18:36
pulgoviskI will try to update at night18:37
SiFuh:-P I dont even have a boot manager installed18:37
weednix:D SiFuh ?18:38
SiFuhim am using an old mbr from a few years back  I just edited the config to point to CRUX18:38
weednixI toke the opportunity of apparmor and exim-postgresql problems to update my system with upstream18:43
weednixI always let firefox and libreoffice to the end :P18:44
SiFuhoh yeah  how did that go?18:44
weednixupdating firefox now, when it builds is like a test for me, "eberyding wowkey"18:44
SiFuhBut are you fully functional now?18:44
weednixSiFuh: I noticed that I'm doing git wrong :D18:44
SiFuhweednix: don't worry, I don't think I am doing it correct either :-P18:45
weednixSiFuh: :D let's try, ;)18:45
SiFuhI haven't finished reading a lot of it as I don't have much time this week. Should be fine on Thursday. But I haven't got to the section where I can merge my remote repository with my local one :-P18:47
SiFuhgit is pretty cool, but I come from the world of rsync and svn18:48
weednixSiFuh: I used one I'm forgetting and then svn in my first job18:49
SiFuhsvn was alright18:50
weednix:'( apparmor don't work, the only change I introduced was some perl dependencies I saw from centos guys, when they build da souce18:50
SiFuhstill prefer ftp ;-_18:50
weednixand system updates, to see if was something related ...18:50
weednixeish, now firefox also don't build :P18:51
SiFuhsee ya all later18:53
weednixsee u18:53
SiFuh`going to watch Better call saul18:55
weednix... I will keep doing stuff :P18:56
weednixI had configured a simple postgresql database and exim/dovecote, but I'm trying vexim now.18:58
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SiFuhDeepest apologies for my crude design but there is now powered by crux linux sticker yet?20:15
SiFuhwhy reinvent the wheel?  Keep it simple20:17
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frinnst"image not found"21:17
frinnsthow long does that site keep images? 1hr?21:17
pulgoviskI can open the image21:36
weednix:} apparmor is fixed
weednixwhile(1){uber happy}21:42
alandipertSiFuh i love it23:45
weednixvesta have nice scripts, they few install scripts,  is crux more "red-hat" or "debian" like ?23:50
weednixin filesystem organization, not everything else23:51
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