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weednixI was having problems building libblockdev from mate, I removed the "docs"
hsanweednix, --with-gtk-doc=no04:06
weednixhsan: uber fail of me then, ... maybe to late here ...04:26
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fysugh i need to transfer my linux install from a HDD to a NVME ssd next week05:26
fysi hope i dont fuck it up05:26
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SiFuhfys: easy05:53
fysSiFuh: Just rsync the files and re-install grub I assume?06:07
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SiFuhtar or rsync yeah06:13
fysmakes sense06:14
SiFuhfys: I'd format all the partitions and mount them respectively but I would use this  --exclude={/dev/*,/proc/*,/sys/*,/tmp/*,/run/*,/mnt/*,/media/*,/lost+found}06:15
fyssweet, saving that06:15
SiFuhI myself would run each folder separately though to make sure it is flawless   but you can do the entire system in one hit06:16
SiFuhI'd also check out the flags06:16
SiFuhfor my backup I use rsync -aAXv --exclude={everything I exclude is here}06:17
fysYeah, that's a good idea.06:17
SiFuhbut for a clone i'd probably use -gloptruv    -n can do a dry run and -c can do checksums06:18
fysgood protips06:19
SiFuhCheck out the man, I beleive it is really easy to understand06:20
fysOh yeah, I've used it pretty extensively in the past I just don't know the flags off the top of my head.06:20
SiFuhpretty easy g = groups l = links -X extended attributes A = permissions06:23
SiFuhI hope haha06:23
SiFuhA preserve ACLs (implies -p)06:23
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dlcusaSifuh, did you get your color_name/hex_string dichotomy sorted out?09:04
SiFuhkind of09:49
SiFuhdlcusa:    lines 152 to 17809:51
SiFuhput it in an array thanks to koala_man in channel #bash09:52
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dlcusaIt sounded to me like you wanted two strings for the same property and two functions to return the string desired; e.g., usercolor(user_or_hex_string) and hexcolor(user_or_hex_string).10:08
SiFuhahhh i see10:09
SiFuhat least it works ;-) now I can change my keyboard color with a shell script10:12
SiFuhtuxedo-keyboard is a kernel module and they just set the options in modules.conf. I did come accross one of their programs but it was in python and expected me to install junk that I didn't see the point of even having when a shell script could do the same thing.10:14
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frinnstbtrfs is awesome when switching root device. btrfs subvol send..10:31
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stenurSiFuh: with bash you can change $(cat ) to $(< ), too.12:20
SiFuhstenur: cool12:21
stenurIt is so great to have such filesystems around. I was using FFSv2 / ext2fs for decades, but it is so cool to have BTRFS!12:22
stenurSiFuh: i would use awk :)12:22
SiFuhstenur: I use f2fs :-P12:22
stenurI have read in linux/Docu about that last year.12:24
stenur..flash friendly thing. Hm. You offer the -tools, i see.12:25
SiFuhI also offer nftables ;-)12:26
stenurI have turned all my archiving etc. to be BTRFS subvolume based. Currently i only have one BTRFS for all partitions, .12:27
stenurAh, my mother is coming. bbl.12:27
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SiFuhI ran prtwash 2 days ago. The repo alan and romster ports seem to be removing a lot of patches. 80 patches in total14:27
SiFuhSo I check the Pkgfiles of a few and see no patches mention.. Then I run ports -u and all patches come back ;-)14:32
SiFuhtherealfun/ports-contrib/extra  <-- hehe14:33
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TimB_that is super helpful :D i just wouldn't want to enable every single one of them by default <.<15:08
SiFuhTimB_: neither would I15:14
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TimB_i haven't checked if that port does that to be fair15:17
SiFuhit overwrites prt-get.conf15:18
SiFuhas root.. it said  but as a user it just shows you15:18
SiFuhRun update-prt-get to regenerate prt-get.conf   must be an old command15:23
TimB_mh, no idea15:27
SiFuhahhh ccache variables should be in /root/.profile. Everytime I sudo it ignores the /etc/profile15:35
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alandiperthave to drop out of the future pinebook pro owners club, spent budget on an x1 carbon in that latest lenovo sale16:28
SiFuhalandipert: had a friend here who used one for a while till her ran out of money and sold it.. The laptop was really good.16:31
alandipertSiFuh an x1 or a pinebook pro?16:32
SiFuhthinkpad carbon16:38
ryuoalandipert: who knows when pinebook will be available even?16:39
ryuoproduction has come to a standstill16:39
alandipertryuo yeah that was part of my reasoning :l16:49
alandipertSiFuh ah yes. yeah i've handled them before, beautiful machines16:50
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jaegermy thinkpad x220 was rock solid, they generally make good hardware17:43
jaegerused a bunch of t420 and t440 thinkpads at previous jobs, too, they worked great17:45
SiFuhMy friend she bought a thinkpad which was designed for engineers. Even though it was older than her current laptop, she preferred it. I kind of admired it because it had express card slot (which i could use for my HP SAS LTO5 Tape drive) and it had serial and lpt ports (which I could use for the old mobile phone programming software) and other cool features18:08
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orangutanI'm trying to get ELAN1200 I2C HID touchpad working18:27
orangutanIt's working on Ubuntu, but I get nothing on my crux kernel even though I have built all related i2c, acpi and hid modules18:27
orangutananyone got pointers how to debug?18:28
SiFuhorangutan: what kernel version?18:35
orangutanwell right now I'm on 5.6.0-rc218:35
orangutantried the same on 4.19.48 as well18:36
SiFuhdid you enable CONFIG_MOUSE_ELAN_I2C ?18:36
SiFuhand all the ELAN stuff?18:36
orangutanto me it sounds like there's something in the ACPI level18:36
orangutanso probably the I2C device is not found at all18:36
SiFuhWhat laptop model and brand?18:37
orangutanand therefore the driver is not loaded18:37
orangutansome low-end asus18:37
SiFuhdid you compile it as a module or into the kernel ?18:37
orangutanR417N or something18:37
SiFuhtry loading it?18:37
orangutanyeah I've tried loading it18:38
orangutanfor some of the flags I've tried built-in and module, but whatever I try I get nothing18:38
SiFuhcan you show me the exactl hardware name?18:38
orangutanI'm not sure where I can get that18:40
orangutanif by hardware you mean the touchpad18:40
orangutanhid-generic 0018:04F3:3045.0001: input,hidraw0: I2C HID v1.00 Mouse [ELAN1200:00 04F3:3045] on i2c-ELAN1200:0018:41
orangutanthis is what I get in the Ubuntu dmesg18:41
SiFuhIt's find18:41
SiFuhAsus GL702ZC  ?18:42
SiFuhFor the laptop yes?18:42
orangutanIt says Model R417N on the back, that's all I have18:43
orangutanit's really really low-end18:43
SiFuhahh ok   there is a guy who wrote a kernel config that has the same touchpad but for the GL702ZC18:44
SiFuhyou can always do a  grep ELAN /usr/src/linux/.config18:45
SiFuhor linux-4.19.48/.config18:45
orangutanyeah I've tried that for a long time now18:46
orangutantrying to enable everything18:46
orangutanI think this has to have something to do with the ACPI Stuff18:47
orangutanI've understood that somehow the I2C device is detected/probed via ACPI18:47
SiFuhDepends on: INPUT [=y] && HID [=y] && LEDS_CLASS [=y] && USB_HID [=y18:48
SiFuhHID bus support (HID [=y]18:48
SiFuhyou know how to search in  make menuconfig   yes?18:49
orangutanthe HID and I2C main stuff is built into kernel18:50
orangutanI've got hid_generic, hid_elan, i2c_core, i2c_hid as modules and modules are loaded18:51
orangutanand also elan_i2c18:51
SiFuhthey auto loaded? or you manually loaded them?18:54
orangutansome did auto load, I would need to double check which ones18:55
orangutani2c_core, i2c_hid and hid_generic  auto loads18:57
orangutanso hid_elan doesn't18:57
SiFuhorangutan: i have an idea  but it is a long shot19:04
orangutanI'm ready to try anything at this point :)19:05
stenurshould just safe output of lsmod on Ubuntu and try get that in on CRUX.19:05
SiFuhI don't know about grub19:05
SiFuhbut lilo and syslinux there is an APPEND line19:05
SiFuhcan you add these two    options       i8042.nomux acpi_osi=linux19:06
orangutanSiFuh: ok let me check. I'm using grub19:07
orangutanstenur: yeah, I'm using the ubuntu module list as the basis of building my own19:08
SiFuhstenur: what I loved about OpenBSD was the ease of using dmesg to layout the hardware so you could custom build your kernel19:10
orangutanSiFuh: the options are kernel cmdline? if yes, then that didn't work19:13
SiFuhyeah kernel commandline   its what I had to do to get mine to work19:15
SiFuhacpi was messing with it on boot19:15
SiFuhorangutan: does xinput display it?19:15
orangutanno, there isn't anything even in the dmesg19:16
orangutanso nothing gets "probed"19:16
orangutanthat's why I'm suspecting something in the acpi19:17
SiFuhso it's defeinately a module or a kernel19:17
orangutanI understand regular I2C modules, but this i2c-hid-acpi-multitouch monster is a bit too much19:17
orangutanfor me19:17
SiFuhintel or amd?19:18
SiFuhintel has a few i2c options that need to be enabled also19:18
SiFuhspecifically the DESIGNWARE stuff19:19
orangutansomeone in the internetz also had to enable some intel lpss stuff to get the i2c hid working19:19
orangutanso it might be something there as well19:19
orangutanok, I will need to check those as well19:19
SiFuhbut don't enable everything, as often more so than not, intel conflicts with other intel modules. Personal experience any one can correct me19:20
orangutanI already tried enabling the LPSS stuff, but then kernel crashes, so I'd say yes, you are right on that19:21
orangutanthanks for the help19:26
SiFuhtowards the bottom  about 4  but a couple above were an interesting read as well19:27
SiFuhI am not sure about Ubuntu, but being a bloated system, they'd use kernel modules for most things right?19:28
orangutanyes, there's quite a few modules19:29
SiFuhSo then you could have done a   lsmod > output.modules   and saved that  for comparison19:30
orangutangot that19:30
SiFuhdpaste it19:30
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orangutani2c_hid i2c-ELAN1200:00: i2c-ELAN1200:00 supply vdd not found, using dummy regulator19:41
SiFuhyes i see19:41
orangutanthis is the first relevant message in the dmesg19:41
SiFuhhid 126976  3 i2c_hid,hid_multitouch,hid_generic19:42
orangutanso it should load i2c_hid and see the device19:42
SiFuhusing those  and a mac_hid as well :-P19:42
SiFuhhid_multitouch and hid_generic19:42
orangutanI'm not 100% sure but I think the "hid" is built in19:43
orangutanhid_generic is loaded yes19:43
orangutanhid_multitouch I tried, but kernel should see something even without that19:43
SiFuhintel_lpss_pci  intel_lpss are also lsited19:44
orangutanyes, I gotta work on those still19:44
SiFuhi2c_algo_bit and i915 are also loaded19:44
orangutanthose are working fine19:45
SiFuhcool  hey as I said,  no idea about ubuntu  but a 'make localmodconfig'  could be worth looking into?19:46
SiFuhfor a temporary solution19:46
orangutanhmm okay I wasn't aware of that19:46
orangutanthanks, that's something to work with19:46
SiFuhyou'd have to attempt it on ubuntu though19:47
jaegerwhen I finally got the touchpad on my Xiaomi laptop working it needed a lot of odd (at least it seemed odd to me) stuff: <-- wrote it down in case I had to do it again19:48
jaegerSome of those probably don't apply to yours but maybe worth looking at19:48
SiFuhjaeger: apart from the CONFIG_PINCTRL_SUNRISEPOINT   everything else we kind of mentioned it is pretty cool you have that19:49
jaegerI'm late to the party and hadn't read the whole buffer19:50
SiFuhjaeger: I think everything you have there does apply but the CONFIG_PINCTRL_SUNRISEPOINT I am not sure about19:50
jaegerIf you already fixed it, sorry for the noise :)19:50
SiFuhjaeger: not fixed19:50
jaegerIn this case sunrisepoint is related to the PCH part of the intel chipset I have19:50
SiFuhorangutan: PCH19:51
SiFuhpinctrl_intel          28672  1 pinctrl_broxton19:52
orangutanthat's certainly missing19:53
stenuri hate it that i get down to ~60K/sec wifi when i hear music via bluealsa, but 3520K when not.19:53
stenurgood luck!19:53
jaegerapropos of nothing, typing this on a Dell T1650 hackintosh :)19:55
SiFuhstenur: sounds like cinema movies at home   whispering during 90 % so you turn up the volume to hear it and the paper blasts out of your speakers during a violent scence19:56
stenurSiFuh: i hope it is related to r8822be module from staging, and goes away when i update to 5.4 kernel where this is in base. But i know that what you say.19:57
SiFuhorangutan: by the way if you are interesting in kernel compilations I recommend checking out /usr/src/linux-<version>/Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst. Some cool tricks in there.. Some weird tricks to like make randomconfig.20:00
orangutansure, I will check it out20:03
orangutanpinctrl didn't help, but tomorrow I'll try to enable the lpss stuff again20:04
orangutangood night20:04
orangutanand thanks again20:04
SiFuhstenur: My wifi connection was really bad with the Intel 8260. I ended up using RTL8814AU for a more stable wifi. I was kind of lucky as the aircrack-ng team enhanced the driver.20:07
SiFuhAWUS1900 ;-)20:07
stenurLucky you!20:08
SiFuhlooks like the Alien hanging off my laptop screen ready to pounce on faces to lay eggs20:08
ryuoorangutan: did you try using an appropriate X11 input driver?20:09
ryuoevdev or libinput is the modern ones20:09
SiFuhryuo: it didn't even come up under dmesg20:09
ryuoSo it's not even registering under /dev/input?20:10
SiFuhseems so20:10
SiFuhhe says it might be acpi or something missing. I am wondering if enabled too many options in the kernel20:11
ryuoi see.20:12
SiFuhI think jaeger's paste is pretty good. I bet if all options removed and head straight to the generic settings it may actually work20:13
ryuowhen i get some time I think i'll try making a ports collection for kernel stuff.20:14
ryuoone problem is trying to get a functional kernel and sometimes it's easier just to reuse someone else's working configuration.20:14
ryuoit would be nice if this was in opt or contrib though20:15
ryuoi'm intending to have a default config but allow users to choose to supply their own if they so wish.20:15
ryuoit would copy from /etc/... or something.20:15
SiFuh <-- I was building seamonkey and this is the issue I get :-)20:16
SiFuhryuo: not a bad idea20:17
ryuoI know not everyone likes the idea but packaging the kernel would be helpful for keeping it up to date.20:17
SiFuhls config-yenjie_* | wc -l     result is 30 so far ;-)20:18
ryuoi would mainly want to pack LTS and ML20:18
ryuoLTS if someone needs an older supported kernel series20:18
ryuothough given how CRUX is released LTS is generally what they'd want to use20:19
SiFuhI think creating a database of user configs for each system we install crux on is a good start instead20:19
ryuolimited usefulness though. what're the odds that 2 users will have the same x86 hardware combination?20:21
ryuoCRUX isn't as large as others.20:21
ryuoi mean, it could still serve as a template.20:22
ryuobut as for a usable as is configuration?20:22
ryuolimited utility.20:22
ryuostill, not a bad idea.20:23
stenurI personally would find it great if the ISO would come with the bang-boom kernel (everything in via modules).20:24
SiFuhstenur: ryuo: that could help as we could do make localmodconfig or whatever it is called20:26
stenurBut i remember an IRC discussion i have seen in prologic's (?) irclog, (many) years ago, and i think jue was it who said something about Ubuntu as a template.20:26
SiFuhstenur: voidlinux is a nicer template for the kernel options20:26
ryuoi was thinking it would be better to try a non-systemd distribution first20:27
ryuosince the ubuntu kernel may have systemd tweaks to accomodate it20:27
stenurMore or less.  The other memory is "discussion" on crypto, i think, it was "clear" in two ping pongs that anything but dm-crypt is not it.20:27
SiFuhalso it I'd like f2fs support in the release kernel ;-)20:27
SiFuhand the tools20:27
ryuoi'll see what i can do in the near future. i used to package kernels for fw20:28
ryuoit can't have changed that much.20:28
SiFuhstenur: yes I myself have that on my list to look into20:28
stenurSiFuh. Yes. And i do not know, in fact i was thinking about finally setting up a VoidLinux VM again (after >4 years).  But it was ~410 MB, so i did not.20:28
ryuoSiFuh: i was also considering alpine20:28
SiFuhstenur: my tv box is running void... plans are to destroy it and put crux on it eventually20:29
stenurThat is what i have in addition. Void was also 4.19, whereas Alpine already is 5.4-lts.20:29
SiFuhryuo: someone the other day posted kernel config database from alpine  it was cool20:29
stenurAlpine in the meanwhile also runs package tests. Void does so longer. The package "waterfall" i could not find no more.20:30
stenurI am interested in runit, i like it more than openrc.20:30
SiFuhrunit is great20:31
ryuoi suspect CRUX is permanently on sysvinit20:31
SiFuhand so it should ryuo :-)20:31
stenurSiFuh: ryuo wanted a generic kernel for ready-get-set-go, i think.20:31
SiFuhstenur: funny20:31
ryuowell, i wanted a solution that lowers the bar for getting an installation gong.20:31
ryuothe kernel  could be included in sysup or w/e it's called exactly20:32
SiFuhdkms everything ;-)20:32
ryuocall me weird but i feel like anything software related should be managed by the PM system if at all possible20:32
ryuowhethere it's APT/DPKG or RPM/YUM20:33
ryuoor w/e20:33
ryuoof course a modular kernel on its own is of limited usefulness. it also needs an initrd system.20:33
stenurI am fine with sysvinit here. Not on the server still. Binary kernel, so. _Never_ did initrd yet! I wonder when i throw away the boring clothes and realize i am superman, or something.20:35
stenur..getting late for that..20:35
SiFuhstenur: I was looking more towards an installation CD that supported all filesystems encrypted or not. But on the side a site where users could post the kernel-<version>-<brand>-<model> and notes on anything that they had to add to get certain hardware loaded. Even a hardware list20:35
ryuostenur: at least you're not superman's drunk cousin, stuperman.20:36
SiFuhryuo: I just watch the cartoon 'Superman Red Son'. The USA Superman was called Superiorman20:37
orangutantook the dog our for a walk. then before bed I tought I have to do one more test: add the lpss stuff back in (now that the pinctrl is there) and make them all built-in.20:38
orangutanand here we are20:38
orangutanworking touchpad!20:38
SiFuhwb orangutan20:38
SiFuhthanks jaeger !20:38
jaegernice, glad you got it working20:39
orangutanyes, thanks, the pinctrl was certainly important :)20:39
orangutanlpss depends on pinctrl and I had enabled lpss before20:40
orangutanbut maybe there was a mismatch of some sort, that somre were modules and some were built-in20:41
SiFuhI still add new features to my kernel everytime I find something missing. Got a flashy keyboard now ;-)20:41
orangutanand you like it?20:42
SiFuhnah I was tired of the blue backlight.. I wanted it green20:43
orangutanbit ot20:43
orangutanbut it's flashing?20:43
orangutanI guess just flashy, not flashin :)20:43
SiFuhno I set the mode to 0 to stay on and the brightness from 255 to 50 so not so bright20:44
orangutanok, cool20:44
SiFuhflashing is mode 1 to 7 ;-)20:44
SiFuh0 is custom which just shows the light on and no funky 70s kc sunshine stuff20:44
SiFuhwhat happened to pedja?21:11
stenurcomes late quits early21:16
stenurHopefully comes back.21:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libreoffice: ->
SiFuh wish google didn't request api key21:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: lemonbar: initial import22:02
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stenurBtw. i have finished my CDDA access tool that i started because cdparanoia and cd-paranoia output false TOC info (leadout), and cd-info is very large.  It is 42697 bytes, but can not only TOC but also CD-TEXT, MCN, ISRC.  Yet Linux only.  Help via -h (manual yet missing).23:42
stenurIt's at
stenurMaybe a make a package of my own thing (urgh)23:43
stenurNow i have to integrate that into my disc-ripper thing. FreeDB is turned off in a few weeks, with only MusicBrainz to remain, and that we cannot.23:45
stenurGood night from here in Germany!23:46

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