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ryuo... are people this stupid? i saw this in my backlog for ##hardware00:06
ryuo"travis_ | ok I want to telnet 12107900391 and ask him for who he is"00:06
ryuoyou can't use TCP/IP for conventional phone numbers. it doesn't work that way.00:07
ryuoperhaps they've played too much uplink.00:07
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SiFuhryuo: maybe he doesn't know what telnet05:17
jaegerhe wants telephonenet, I think05:19
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SiFuhThe lead designer of Russia's Su-34 modern fighter-bomber jet, Rollan Martirosov, has died aged 84.15:47
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fysThat sucks.16:40
SiFuhYeah, sad     su34 was nice16:48
SiFuhsu37 is my favorite ;-)16:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib: updated to 2.64.017:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gtk3: updated to 3.24.1417:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib: updated to 2.62.517:00
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orangutanI'm not familiar with fighter jets, but I really like the look on both of those figher jets17:39
orangutanexcept when the gears are down17:39
orangutanthen they look ugly :)17:40
orangutanit's funny that DDG image search find only cyan colored su-34s17:42
orangutanand much more earthy colored su-37s17:43
orangutanback to the topic, does everyone have PKGMK_IGNORE_FOOTPRINT="yes" in their pkgmk.conf ?17:44
TimB_no, i only have ignore missing17:44
TimB_err, ignore new, sorry17:44
orangutanmesa3d package update failed because of the footprint17:44
orangutanand some other package as well17:44
orangutanso I was wondering if that's common (I haven't really sysup'd my crux many times yet)17:45
TimB_not really, for the most part ignore new works for me17:46
TimB_i don't often hit missing files, and it may indicate some other problem17:46
orangutanok, then I shouldn't add the ignore footprint17:47
SiFuhorangutan: PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" I only have that17:53
orangutanI'll give that a go17:53
orangutanmaybe that was the issue with mesa3d, I didn't really notice17:53
SiFuhyou are doing depinst and you are running pre-install and post-install scripts  right?17:54
orangutantoday I was running "prt-get sysup"17:54
orangutanbut usually if I install a single package I do depinst17:55
SiFuhin my /etc/prt-get.conf I have set the line    runscripts yes17:55
SiFuhbecause docbook sucks and was getting in my way17:56
SiFuhanother story17:56
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rmulljue: opt/libgphoto2 has a signature mismatch19:44
stenurrmull: what is it?19:44
rmullon the .footprint19:45
stenurrmull: if it picks up things like cups or so that were not on jue's box when he build ...19:46
rmullThe signature is checked prior to any build - it's validated after the files are downloaded19:49
SiFuhrmull: there are actually a lot of signature mismatches around  :-(19:49
stenurhm. oops. Where is my head.20:03
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SiFuhi pulled seamonkey source because the damn thing segfaults and I still don't know why. No joke. Mozilla team sucks20:18
SiFuhmozilla = "It crashed". User = "Why?". Mozilla = "Because it stopped working, would like to send a crash report?"20:19
SiFuhjaeger: sorry i need vodka tonight... --> all mozilla's fault20:44
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SiFuhDoes anyone know if Pedja is alove?20:51
joacimi dont see him in my backlog20:52
joacimhis last known IP doesnt respond to pings20:54
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SiFuhjoacim: same20:59
SiFuha little concerned actually20:59
joacimlast seen yesterday21:00
joacimand his last message was last friday21:01
SiFuhhope he aint in a prison near Assange21:03
stenurIn a prison?21:04
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stenurGeeeh. Then someone should have made me shut my mouth a few months back.21:05
SiFuhok stenur, I hope he aint dead21:05
weednixyesterday I wasted a night trying to make vesta install into a crux :(21:06
stenurYes, let's hope he is more for Susie than for SUSE.21:07
SiFuhWhen I was in Kyrgyzstan living alone, I had my friend call me everyday to check if I am alive, just in case I had a an accident or heart attack or something in my apartment21:07
SiFuhweednix: I wasted lastnight and tonight with seamonkey source... :-P21:08
stenurSometimes specific persons walk through this room here. May they all enter paradise thereafter.21:09
SiFuhlike that fake news article about the Australian who suicided from trying to install Gentoo?21:09
weednixwell, at some point in times I wish my computer commit suicide ...21:11
stenurpoor soul.21:11
SiFuhI sent that to my 70 year old father who self taught windows install and tried linux once.. and he laughed so much21:15
weednixis there any "firewall" port ? I'm using scripts but I'm failing to make it "dynamic" as the connection changes21:24
weednixI even done a way to get the IP, gateway and dns, and a cycle that wait for the connection,21:25
weednixbut I forgot that if it enters in a cycle on startup it don't pass to other init script21:25
SiFuhweednix: i use nftables21:29
stenur"You normally" (that is "i do") protect ports and track connections, then just keep the connections alive.21:30
stenurAs in "add_rule -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT"21:30
stenur(where add_rule is a shell function here)21:31
stenurand add new connection like "add_rule -p tcp --syn -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -j i_tcp_new"21:31
stenurwhere i_tcp_new is a chain that is walked through21:32
SiFuhor you can just use nftables :-) and talk like a real human :-P21:32
stenurI mean, what is "he"? How else but with conntrack could you do this properly?21:32
SiFuhsorry stenur I had to say it21:32
SiFuhyears of using pf from OpenBSD i needed something similar21:34
stenurThat is, if in doubt, one of the great strengths of the OpenBSD firewall syntax. Even includes traffic control.21:34
SiFuhOpenBSD PF is nothing like iptables21:34
stenurYeah, pf of OpenBSD. Really syntax that can be grasped by humans.21:34
SiFuhsyntax is so awesome and so easy to understand21:35
stenurNever did it :), but yes. Compared to FreeBSD firewall and iptables, much better.21:35
stenurIn my opinion.21:35
SiFuhi use nft because it closely resembers pf21:36
stenurI often thought about switching the server to OpenBSD.21:36
stenurI spent time to write this script, and now the complexity of all the mess has vanished from my brain.21:37
SiFuhbest move you will eer make but it will run slower21:37
SiFuhnftables port comes with a default firewall script21:37
stenurIt is all shit.21:37
stenurI mean, the servers would need more hooks so that things could be done _really_ good.21:37
SiFuhok bbl21:38
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