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fysI need to figure out why unicode shit looks fucked up in my browser.01:41
fys"Dude, go shit in your hand." - I need to use this insult sometime.01:42
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SiFuhfys: heh06:56
openbsdtai123Some you guys, wanna learn the deepest knowledge of Unix?  Join us on ##openbsd or #openbsd.08:07
ryuoopenbsdtai123: spam.08:28
ryuowell it's unsolicited advertising at least.08:29
SiFuhThat's weird08:36
SiFuhI am on #openbsd and I don't learn anything hahaha08:36
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TimB_openbsdtai123: thanks, i'm passing as well :>10:52
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SiFuhfrinnst: i watch all of the philliadelphia series and sorry dude it is not really funny17:48
SiFuhi do ;like the reoccuring things/themes though17:51
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orangutanmonkey is on the loose again20:38
orangutananyone can help with pulseaudio startup issues?20:39
orangutanFailed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket:20:39
orangutanNo such file or directory20:39
orangutanthose are the clues20:40
TimB_orangutan: is dbus running?20:40
orangutanyes, that's the address I get when I start it20:40
orangutanand I would assume pulseaudio reads the env variable20:41
orangutanbut it seems it doesn't20:41
orangutanalsa is also working fine20:42
TimB_mh, have you tried running pulseaudio in foreground mode?20:42
orangutanI start pulseaudio manually with start-pulseaudio-x1120:43
orangutanbut I guess it daemonizes itself20:44
orangutanhmm okay it seems I can just start pulseaudio and it will run in foreground20:45
orangutansame errors here20:45
TimB_mh.. weird20:45
jaegergenerally you don't have to do anything interesting to start pulse automatically20:46
orangutanmaybe there's some issue in dbus still?20:47
orangutanbecause the system_bus_socket does not exist in the path20:48
jaegerif dbus is actually running that socket gets created automatically, so maybe dbus isn't really working20:48
TimB_how do you spawn the dbus session? lightdm does that for me..20:48
jaegerAre you starting it in /etc/rc.conf?20:48
jaegerdbus has a system-wide AND a user session20:48
orangutanhmm yeah good point20:49
orangutanI did see the rc. file in the port, but I forgot to add it to auto start20:49
orangutanso I should start it in rc.conf?20:50
orangutanor no20:50
jaegerthat's required20:50
orangutanalright cool20:50
jaegerThis applies for anything that uses dbus, not just pulse, for reference20:51
orangutanso now it's one step further20:52
orangutanUnable to contact D-Bus -- Connection refused20:52
orangutanI guess pulseaudio should be run in a user session?20:53
orangutanor that's what I read20:53
jaegerstart-pulseaudio-x11 should work as a regular user, you shouldn't need to start any system session for pulse20:55
jaegerYour window/desktop environment might start it for you using /etc/xdg/autostart/pulseaudio.desktop20:55
jaegerIf not, using a pulse app often starts it automatically as well20:56
orangutanwow, well so it seems20:57
orangutanworks fine after starting firefox20:57
orangutanthanks jaeger!20:57
jaegerNo problem20:58
orangutanI get to listen to dark net diaries20:59
orangutanit's old for you, but I just found them :)20:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: i3status-rust: cherry pick commit to fix music block23:57
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