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SiFuhThat electrician they hired that stole my light bulb. They hired him again to fix the electric gate. Ordered a new motor, stole the old motor and the gate still doesn't open.06:24
][_R_][Maybe they wanted to get him to repeat his obvious theft on camera?06:55
ryuo][_R_][: too bad he stole that too.07:14
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SiFuhhaha, I laughed when I heard08:30
SiFuhI said they are stupid for letting him get away with the motor and accepting a new motor even though the old one worked.08:31
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orangutanwhat's up?15:51
orangutanwhat's hot?15:51
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SiFuhorangutan: the sun17:01
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nvc21Hi guys I have a question17:33
nvc21i downloaded crux-2.8.iso (i686) to test it on my vm17:34
nvc21and it worked just fine17:34
nvc21in my vm (VMware Workstation)17:34
nvc21but when i downloaded17:35
nvc21i got -
SiFuhnvc21: cd or installed?17:36
SiFuhwhy are you using old install cds?17:37
nvc21just want to see the progress from version to version17:37
SiFuhahh ok17:38
nvc21i tried to google it17:41
nvc21and got this17:41
nvc21here is a line - jaeger charming... my test ISO can't execute /etc/rc or /usr/bin/serial_console at boot17:41
nvc21the same problem i have with crux-3.4-i686.iso17:42
nvc21i downloaded it via
jaegerI'm reinstalling crux on one of my systems today but I'll try to take a look at the i686 iso after and see what's up17:42
nvc21ok thanks17:42
SiFuhi will look too17:43
jaegerDo you definitely need the 32-bit only version? It's not something I spend much time on these days17:43
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nvc21i have several machines (several BSDs, windows xps, old linuxes) and im using old vms on various configs17:45
nvc21but its ok17:45
nvc21if you dont have time17:45
nvc21its ok17:45
SiFuhnvc21: the hardware you are installing on is it virtual or physical?17:46
nvc21virtual in this case17:47
SiFuhso why not use the 64bit version of crux?17:48
jaegernvc21: when did you download that ISO? The one I just downloaded a few minutes ago boots fine for me17:52
nvc21well, i need 32-bit version to test some things (Advanced EPO, Runtime GOT poisoning from injected shared object, Infecting ELF-files using function padding and etcetera)17:52
jaegerwith md5sum 3e9dc510c9e216d143f6b2fe983f9d6c17:52
nvc21ok i will check it right now17:52
SiFuhnvc21: jaeger: mine booted too17:55
SiFuh3e9dc510c9e216d143f6b2fe983f9d6c  crux-3.4-i686.iso17:55
nvc21aha, it booted from real hw config, but it doesnt boot with my wmware 10, i think case closed, thanks guys, i will find it out why my wm doesnt work18:08
nvc21thank you guys18:08
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SiFuhfrinnst: S12E03 Old Lady House... That was a good episode18:51
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