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SiFuhRomster: thanks04:09
SiFuh 1.18.0 is out04:11
orangutanshould I report core ports related issues in the issue tracker?05:03
orangutanI think there's a bug in bison Pkgfile, that it's missing a dependency, but I'm still checking on that05:04
orangutanlooks like the current bison version depends on libtextstyle which is part of gettext05:07
SiFuhorangutan: gettext is part of core05:12
orangutanyes I'm compiling it to see if it includes libtextstyle05:13
SiFuhIf it's part of core, then it should be part of your system already05:14
orangutangettext doesn't get installed with prt-get depinst bison05:14
orangutanhmm okay, it wasn't05:14
orangutanthere was a footprint issue with gettext, so maybe that's why it was't installed05:14
SiFuhprt-get fsearch  points to /usr/ports/core/gettext05:15
orangutanyeah, bison is working now. so the issue is probably in fact with gettext footprint05:16
SiFuhwhen I make a port, I do not include deps from core since core should be already installed on your system.05:16
jaegerIt is assumed that you will have all of core installed05:18
orangutanyeah I got that05:18
orangutanbut all core packages should also have a proper fingerprint?05:18
jaegerThey should05:19
orangutanor should I assume that the package I have downloaded is not actually valid?05:19
jaegerwell, when you say fingerprint do you mean signature?05:19
orangutansorry footprint, but yeah I guess that's the same?05:19
jaegerno, ports have both footprint and signature05:20
jaegerwhich port is the problem?05:20
SiFuhUsually footprints are fine unless you are installing it later on a system that you added ports to. Then you end up with new files. If you are missing elements in core, then your build may break or be missing files.05:20
jaegerAre your footprint mismatches all NEW?05:21
jaegertesting it in a clean container05:24
orangutanI already installed it with -if so I will need to recompile, so give me a minute05:24
jaegerit built without issues in the container, for what that's worth05:25
orangutanI'm still reading on the footprint, but maybe this happened:05:26
orangutanI did a regular "prt-get distup" and didn't have the ignore new files option in my conf05:27
orangutanthen maybe gettext update failed?05:27
orangutanbut shoudn't I still have the older version of gettext installed?05:27
jaegernot if you installed the built one with -if05:28
jaegerGot to go, will check tomorrow if you don't get it figured out05:29
orangutanyeah I just noticed that I was reading on the "Creating packages" section on the handbook05:29
orangutanso it's not relevant05:29
orangutanyep, thanks we'll see how it goes05:29
orangutanMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/libgettextlib.a05:33
orangutanthis was gettext#0.20.1-105:33
SiFuhorangutan: I think you should check if all your core packages have been installed and up-to-date.05:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cmake: updated to 3.16.515:42
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stenurACTION long golden hairs streaming in the wind18:01
stenurwrong channel, sorry ;}18:01
stenurit's a lie anyway. with hairpiece, maybe.18:02
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TimB_ <- is that you? :D18:03
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stenurha! no, to modernish!  Would needs to be more hippiesh, more like C-S-N-Y Almost cut my hair or only Y You are like a Hurricane, or so.18:14
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