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SiFuhstenur: 5 hours and 40 minutes to compile gcc05:32
TimB_a bit over an hour for fortran here09:00
TimB_i expect my pi4 will take aprox the time it took SiFuh :P09:01
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SiFuhTimB_: fortran is still compiling ;-)09:40
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TimB_SiFuh: i think it marks the 6 hour mark now, still going on gcc. iirc it takes ~12h on it, and i am still using it as a desktop most of the time11:43
SiFuhgcc took 6 hours   fortran is still going11:43
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TimB_SiFuh: pi4 just finished12:31
TimB_for gcc at least12:31
TimB_it took ~6.5h12:31
SiFuhjaeger: TimB_:  gcc-fortran  real 494m49.238s13:35
SiFuh7.5 hours13:36
TimB_i am timing fortran on the pi as well13:36
frinnstyou can get help if you self-harm you know..13:50
TimB_where tho? I applied for cutting my power bill and was laughed at :[13:56
TimB_g2g, laters13:56
SiFuhjaeger: what machine were you building gcc-fortran in 35 minutes?14:14
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jaegerSiFuh: threadripper 2950x14:43
SiFuhThought as much14:43
jaeger <-- this is kinda hilariously bad14:57
jaeger(LTT crazy overkill computer build)14:57
SiFuhjaeger: did you specify -j 16 ?15:01
SiFuhthat youtube video... I can't stand that guy hahah15:02
jaegerI like them because they're silly on purpose15:03
SiFuhat least he can string sentences together without ummmm, ahhh, errrr15:04
jaegermost of the time, heh15:06
SiFuhHope he ain't on the West Coast around LA. San Andreas Fault would become a hole15:08
SiFuhProbably will be the only thing tht survives in an earthquake. Also probably survive in a lightening storm with that faraday's cage around it15:09
jaegerThey're in canada somewhere15:11
SiFuhahhh, so it will run ice cold then :-)15:11
dlcusaActually, geologists are starting to believe the Big One isn't going to happen--the Big Bend is too big and the plate boundary is moving east to Nevada.15:48
SiFuhLas Vegas!15:50
dlcusaNot that far east, just the other side of the mountains.15:51
john_cephalopodaHeh, "ice cold" reminds me of the story of Cray's supercomputers.15:55
john_cephalopodaThe computers needed a giant cooling system and he designed the systems so that the computer would only run if the cooling system also ran.15:56
john_cephalopodaWhen the computer stopped, the cooling system would run on though. This proved to be a design flaw when a computer had a power outage and the whole thing froze over because the cooling system kept running :รพ15:57
dlcusaBut, maybe the script should feature a contemporary Sodom and Gomorrah (apparently also a fault slip that spewed subterranean bitumen into the air that ignited on the way up.)....16:05
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: bison: update to 3.5.316:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: samba: update to 4.11.716:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ldb: update to 2.0.916:11
SiFuhdlcusa: haha16:14
SiFuhand a pillar of salt?16:14
dlcusaThe supposed third deadliest earthquake in recorded history occurred on that boundary near Turkey (
SiFuhShould have taken out of Turkey16:18
dlcusaNo known natural explanation and no evidence could remain--it does rain there.16:19
SiFuhmaybe it will be on Ancient Aliens Series this week16:20
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: ed: update to 1.1616:31
TimB_SiFuh: prt-get update gcc-fortran  36577,77s user 2476,41s system 332% cpu 3:15:37,52 total16:45
SiFuh10 hours?16:48
SiFuh3 hours and 15 minutes?16:50
TimB_more like it16:51
TimB_so the pi4 has more power than your desktop? dude :P16:51
SiFuhTV Box16:52
SiFuhbut I was compiling with only a single core.16:52
jaegerMaybe worth setting up a build system in AWS EC2 or something :P16:52
TimB_i gave all 4 a go16:52
SiFuhdoing qt5 and clang on my laptop.16:53
SiFuhmuch faster ;-)16:53
TimB_jaeger: if you want to see something else in the category "hilariously bad" :D17:04
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jaegerheh, I saw the original one and figured Rossman would have some funny comments about it17:09
TimB_poor louis, really :D17:10
TimB_i believe the one dude from jays video guessed right about "i feel like he would send it back with a picture of his middle finger"17:10
SiFuhTimB_: Heh   I never overlock anything even if the option is n the cpu, but my brother use to overclock a lot of stuff.17:20
SiFuhin the bios*17:21
TimB_i do, sometimes17:21
TimB_but not crazy17:21
TimB_ if you have time to waste17:24
TimB_i mean, jay got to be inspired somehow, right? ;)17:24
SiFuhjaeger: you know that leather free thing I got with a carton of beer, that I was asking if anyone knew what it was for? I emailed Heineken and they never replied. Dude at the liquor shop says it is a mobile phone holder but you need two. No.. it is not. I still don't know what it is for.17:37
SiFuhTimB_: Haha I am getting irritated watching this guy solder a resistor to the board17:40
SiFuhI'd use this Quik Photos/MFG_TS391LT.jpg   and I'd use a mini-wedge tip for the soldering iron17:43
TimB_404 - File or directory not found.17:46
TimB_oh, whitespaces17:46
TimB_still doesn't load lol17:47
TimB_but i guess any way would be better than that17:47
SiFuhTS391LT solder paste17:47
TimB_looking it up: looks about right17:48
SiFuhI get these DIY people who think they can replace keyboards in laptops or screens in phones. They end up ripping the clips off the board that hold the ribbon cables in. Usually about that time, they realize they should have called me.17:49
jaegerfunky. no idea then17:50
SiFuhI found solder paste is so much better for soldering IC's and ribbon connectors to the board. Wish we had that back in the 80s ;-)17:50
TimB_louis talks about flux paste all the time :)17:54
TimB_i don't have the equipment for IC17:54
SiFuhTimB_: 16:20  the glue  oh my17:54
TimB_i feel like i would still do better than jay17:54
SiFuhYeah americans can pronounce solder17:54
TimB_i mean.. holy hell, did he ever stop and think for two seconds?17:55
SiFuhAnyways, flux paste and solder paste are different.17:55
SiFuhsolder paste has a little flux mixed with it.   I don't like working with flux plaste as I end up with sticky crap on my boards that even isopropyl alcohol has trouble removing.17:55
SiFuhbut solder paste with flux is nicer and neater and easier to clean the flux off.17:56
SiFuhTimB_: jua kali are the words that come to my mind with that riddiculous glueing17:58
jaegerHe knows full well what he's doing is dumb, heh18:17
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stenurSiFuh: wow.18:27
stenurTimB_: wow. :)  Faster than i thought, if it has 105 BMips and i have 3600, factor 5 is not much!18:28
stenur@jaeger: that is surprisingly slow, only about 60 percent faster!18:29
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stenurThat >20000 dollar supercomputer was grazy. Like SiFuhs antenna, only holistic.18:34
SiFuhUS $75,907 for  Thermal Imager... wtf  Cat 60 smart phone has a Thermal Camera and the Blackview BV9800 and they don't cost as much18:37
SiFuhstenur: thanks ;-)18:38
stenurLast year or so i saw advertising for military grade night vision. Overly impressive, almost as-in-daylight. Colours and all that.18:42
SiFuhstenur: cool. I keep watch though for thermal, because I am looking for something decent and I am hoping the price will drop some day. Good for seeing electrical shorts.18:46
stenurYeah. That's out of my league.18:46
SiFuhThis is alright  but the battery is sissy18:47
SiFuh6580mAh ..18:47
SiFuhfor 2 years now I have been using the Blackview P10000. I think I chanrge it only twice a month maximum.18:48
stenurSounds great. Advertising with Darth Vader is .. however .. strange. Dark Helmet is not cool enough for them? But i will remember Blackview!18:51
SiFuhstenur: hah my first blackview was the BV7000 Pro. My brother loved it and bought one. When I got the P10000 I gave my BV7000 Pro to my mother. My sister went and bought one too. My brothers battery expanded and burst through the screen so he bought another BV7000 Pro. I repaired his old one so now he has two. My sisters fell of the car and burst into flames18:53
SiFuhShe went back to HTC ;-)18:54
stenurI recognize that when following Google link for P10000 to their product page, that i cannot select "products" since they scripting and CSSing so that firefox/Linux at least does not get it.18:54
SiFuhstenur:  here is what is left of my sister BV7000 Pro. I told her to go to a phone shop and tell them that she has a problem with her phone, it won't turn on.18:56
stenurBad! I had a Siemens where the accu "exploded", but it only inflated the case to nirvana, it was still consistent.18:56
stenurSiFuh: !!ouch!!18:57
stenurThat will not turn on no more, for sure :-)18:57
SiFuhWell we have had 4 BV 7000 Pros and 1 exploded, the other expanded due to a swollen battery and shattered the screen. After repair  we now have 3 ;-)18:57
stenurIn America your family could have turned to Billionaires with that one..18:58 least if you could stand the lawyers only..18:58
SiFuhthe P10000 just goes and goes and goes..  awesome phone. I needed high mAh battery and good GPS because I often need to tell the bus driver where to stop along the jungle roads. So I can find my friends home.18:58
john_cephalopodaI never heard of Blackview before.18:59
SiFuhBest phone I ever owned was the  Lava Xolo x900   They don't make them anymore.19:00
SiFuhintel cpu19:00
john_cephalopodaHm, does anybody else have a failing wireshark build because of a .footprint mismatch with missing /usr/lib64/wireshark/plugins/3.2/codecs/
SiFuhyou might need sbc.h from contrib19:05
SiFuhsbc package19:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] firefox-bin: updated to 74.0. Fix for:19:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: zstd: enabled multithreading19:06
john_cephalopodaOptional dependency then. I'll write a bug report.19:06
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: yeah, jsut installed sbc and then wireshark and the footprint was fine19:16
john_cephalopodaOh, btw, how can I get a wiki login?19:22
john_cephalopodaI've been trying to get one for ~3 years now.19:28
SiFuhI don't even know what it is19:28
john_cephalopodaThere's and some people apparently got an account. But registration seems to be closed.19:31
jaegerI have no idea how pmwiki does user auth, will look into it19:36
jaegeryeah, that doesn't jive with what we have, but think I've found the right stuff19:59
SiFuhI was actually looking at that the moment you sent the message it was like coincidence20:18
SiFuhxpdf should be updated to the next release as the previous release is a deadlink now21:11
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prologicAnyone know any good ARM hosting of any kind (VM or Bare-Metal) with decent IAM?23:04
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jaegerprologic: not I, sorry23:31
prologicdamn this is really hard to find23:32
prologicPakcet has some "big boy" servers23:32
prologicScaleway has ARM VMs but bugger all in the way of IAM23:33
prologicso useless from a company perspective23:33
prologicAWS have EC@ ARM instances; but AWS is "uggh" cumbersome to use23:33
prologicOther than that I can find almost nothing else23:33

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