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prologicAnyone seen this error before: /bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off01:40
[RMS]That happens when you do init=/bin/sh02:02
prologicYes but why? This doesn't happen with an initramfs boot02:19
prologicI'm missing something here02:20
[RMS]Because something else spawns it02:28
[RMS]Or more accurately it was given a terminal to write to02:31
[RMS]init isn't given that02:31
prologicokay lets take a step back here02:32
prologicContext: I'm trying to take
prologicand figure out how to install this to a virtual hard disk and boot from that02:32
prologicI grab extlinux and various *.c32 artifacts and got it to a point where it boots02:33
prologicbut /init (a shell script) doesn't complete correctly on first boot02:33
[RMS]Did you write /init yourself?02:33
prologicso something is somehow different to the the the kernel initramfs works vs just booting directly from disk02:33
prologicyes :)02:33
[RMS]You might not be loading all the modules you need for the kernel to mount the rootfs (or if you are, you didn't switch_root correctly)02:35
prologicd'uh that was simple02:36
prologicturns out my syslinux.cfg was incomplete02:36
prologicI added init=/init and it works02:36
prologicso wtf is the Kernel doing by default 🤔02:36
prologicIsn't /init the default location the kernel looks for?02:38
prologicOr am I smoking something?02:38
jaegerit's /sbin/init02:40
jaegerby default02:41
prologicwhich doesn't exist on this system02:41
prologicjaeger yup you're right02:42
prologicmoving /init to /sbin/init and reconfiguring syslinux.cfg works02:42
prologicI'm willing to bet I have isolinux.cfg set to pass init=/init :)02:43
prologicbut the Kernel is doing some surprinsing things when it doesn't see /sbin/init02:43
prologicOr is it just bailing out and running /bin/sh ?02:43
jaegerI would expect a kernel panic at that point, not sure02:48
prologicso would i which is really weird02:50
prologicBut maybe it does have some fallback logic02:50
prologicbecause it did mount the rootfs02:50
prologicAnyway the next thing I want to figure out is whether I really need all 60 of these .c32 files02:50
prologicI originally just followed the Arch wiki entry on how to install extlinux and an mbr02:51
prologicTurns out you only need /boot/ldlinux.sys /boot/syslinux/ldlinux.c32 /boot/syslinux/ldlinux.sys and /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg03:09
prologicthis minimally boots03:09
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prologicjaeger explain me something :)05:03
prologicWhy do I get Kernel Panic with ISOLINUX when the init script is in /sbin/init05:03
prologicBut if its in /init it works fine05:04
prologicmakes no difference if I pass in an append init= lint to the isolinux.cfg either05:04
prologicDoes the kernel do different things for an initrd?05:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: network-manager-applet: fix footprint07:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mda-lv2: add missing dependency07:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: calf: fix footprint07:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: keepassxc: fix footprint07:00
SiFuhcannot download openldap by http anymore. Ftp works fine though
SiFuhalso version 2.4.49 exists07:15
TimB_says sepen maintains it. you got to get somebody else to fix that i'm afraid07:16
SiFuhand xpdf /07:26
SiFuhwhat happened to sepen ?07:26
TimB_as far as i know too busy07:27
SiFuhIn time I will try to get a real internet connection and server again07:29
SiFuh  Check this out. This is the amount of deaths from the 'flu' in the US between 2016 to 2020.07:30
TimB_Me? I'll pass :)07:31
SiFuhIt makes the coronavirus look like a sissy virus07:31
dlcusaSo far--the night is young.08:01
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dlcusaIt seems infant resistance to COVID-19 may not be anomalous for a coronavirus.  The basis is this study:
SiFuhThat's similar to flu though08:13
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frinnstI cant download a Office365 message trace for exchange online. Opened a case with Microsoft and this is the reply I got:08:19
frinnst"I would recommend to use Internet explorer Edge application."08:19
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frinnst cool08:46
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SiFuhfrinnst: I was watching this one
frinnstaaaaaaaand fucking snowing10:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: thunderbird: 68.5.0 -> 68.6.011:49
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jaegerprologic: as I understand it, either way the kernel execs /sbin/init if it can, but generally after an initramfs/initrd has done its thing it does a switch_root and execs a new one13:46
jaegerfor example,;a=blob;f=initramfs/init;h=4f09a098f37c83c6acd203ee4f6348e7f7379fcc;hb=HEAD#l351 from our own initramfs13:46
jaegerMaybe isolinux is adding something or getting in the way there? Not sure what, just a guess13:48
jaegerI'd suspect that a kernel panic points to an init not being found, or exiting pid 113:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: openldap: fix source URL13:52
SiFuhfrinnst: hate snow13:57
frinnstiirc you get a explicit init error if that's the case13:59
SiFuhinit on an append line  ;-)14:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: openldap: update to 2.4.49, new maintainer14:04
frinnstopenldaps ftp-server doesnt support pasv?14:07
frinnst==> EPSV ... couldn't connect to 2600:3c00::f03c:92ff:fe1f:fda3 port 30029: Connection timed out14:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: openrdate: use maintained upstream, closes FS#179614:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ghostscript: update to 9.5114:18
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SiFuhweednix: !16:42
weednixSiFuh: !!! How are things ?16:42
weednixSiFuh: sorry if sometimes I go away without saying ...16:43
SiFuhall good, you?16:43
weednixfine, a bit nervous because today I got out without protection gear, but that's oft16:43
SiFuhprotection gear?16:44
weednix:} was now looking at shop / ecommerce I must use dos2unix but don't yet figureout what I'm doing wrong16:44
weednixSiFuh: yes, I live with a old person, I should be careful.16:44
SiFuhI don't knwo what you are talking about16:45
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weednixSiFuh: Human cve-20190511-ncov16:45
SiFuher... you know the average death per year for the fly is 250,000 people16:46
weednixyep, actually my grand father was chief of biological warfare of the mil in the old Portuguese regime. At home since young I'm used to hear about human malware. Is just really the person that lives with me that deserves some care.16:48
weednixSiFuh: how wold you run dos2unix to make sure to branhes in git are using the same encoding and line ending ?16:49
weednixYesterday I try to run the default command on two branches, but end up with different stuff because I have to use a git flag to tell to not show line ending diff16:50
SiFuhunix2dos is a tool to convert line breaks in a text file from Unix format to DOS format and vice versa16:52
SiFuhI have no idea. I always use vi for everything and never anything else.16:53
SiFuhI grew up on Unix so dos and windows things are not my forte16:54
weednixI have both branches in us-ascii16:54
weednixSiFuh: I'm starting again one fork of opencart, I had always to do this everytime I start forking this project. But was to many years ago, I forgot ...16:55
stenurweednix: man git-config, search eol17:00
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stenurfantastic, so i can drop the rdate port!17:02
stenurThere is more good in this tarball, signify and more.17:04
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weednixstenur: thank you so much, I come across that but I thought to keep this issue away from git, also saw a way to do it with vim,17:14
weednixanyway I solved, I think I was doing it wrong, I moved .git out of the way when doing dos2unix recursive and now seems to be fine17:15
stenurpff, all good.17:28
stenurIn Germany we also had 25000 flu deaths last year i think. But it is nothing compared to hundreds of thousands due to fatness and such. :)17:29
SiFuhIsn't the highest death toll wrongly prescribed medication and medical fsck ups?17:30
stenurOf course, that is mostly self-inflicted17:30
stenurOh they throw everything in. Everything!17:30
stenurExcept my Grandme, she had a drawer where she placed all the medicine she would have take.17:31
stenurTook Coffee and Cigarettes (not knowing about the Jarmush film, did in 1988)17:32
OrthoIs obesity a problem in Germany also?17:40
weednixOrtho: Keine Lust, Rammstein is funny.17:50
weednixhot ladies, exotic mercedes and they performing with a bit of weight.17:51
stenurOrtho: increasingly so, YES.17:53
OrthoInteresting; I thought it was just an American trait.17:53
stenurJust like chilhood diabetes, increasing affection to allergies and all the other degeneration17:54
weednixOrtho: At least is a western problem, since Portugal also have issues, more in young people.17:54
stenurNo, definetely not.  Started already in the 80s here.17:54
OrthoNever been to Germany or Portugal, to be honest.  When did you guys let fast food joints in?17:54
weednixPortugal delayed a bit due to cultural food traditions.17:55
stenur"We" already had people trying to address this 20 years ago, but stopped when goverment changed ~1.5 decades ago17:55
stenurThis really began in the 80s.  We had other "fast-food" before though, Wienerwald (whole and half chicken on the grill), Nordsee (fresh fish).17:56
OrthoMy girlfriend and I talk about stuff like this often. She's a health nut.  I oftentimes find myself saying things like, I think our grandparents generation had it figured out better than we do. They were smarter, they just didn't know it.17:57
stenurAnd a lot of small kiosks/pubs which sold buns with "burger" plus. But "real buns", and "real burgers"17:57
OrthoWe were discussing glyophosate at the time I think.  Or pickling of vegetables.17:58
stenurInterestingly there are a lot of very old old-style american women who die at age of 100+.17:58
OrthoThe odd part is that they smoke a pack a day....I exaggerate, sometimes.17:59
stenurWhat i mean is aktually Frikaller in english, not burger.17:59
weednixaverage age here is 80~90, all my near family over 90, exceptions to other reasons17:59
stenurThe mother side of my family too. 96, 94. Father side 75 and pow-illness impacted younger.18:00
stenurAnd i think they actually *did* know, mind you. A hundred years ago people started thinking of holiness and such at least here in Europe, the cosmics, and Anthroposophy which is often mis-classified as right-wing or whatever.18:03
stenurYeah, un/mistreated tuberculosis and such.18:03
OrthoOh? Prisoner of War illness?18:08
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stenurOrtho: p-o-w, yes. Sorry.18:18
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OrthoWe are also a lot more sedentary than our grandparents. I mean, look at us!18:20
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stenurAh. The dying nomadism. You read Bruce Chatwin?18:21
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OrthoNo, I've not.  I am not much of a reader to be honest. It makes me sleepy. :)  But I am trying to get better about it, if for no other reason than to stop reading so much geeky technical stuff.18:23
stenurI think it all has been said long ago already. :) Just think of Zager And Evans, In The Year 2525.18:26
stenurTo take a very popular example.18:27
stenurIt is interesting to see that everywhere around the earth native civilizations or call it tribes forced man and sometimes even women to "be reborn", often even periodically. The western world often initiation or something.18:29
stenurBut in fact conscious pain and hurt you find everywhere, Southamerica, Russia, Africa, Australia.18:30
stenurMay it be the traditional origin of Tattoos, Bungee jumping, tooth rasping, skull drilling, massive scarring, pistol ant facing, whatever.18:31
stenurOne tribe in Africa however separates young man for half a year and feeds them up, before they get married. That is a bit different. Lots of eating for half a year.18:32
stenurGenital cuttings not to be forgotten. Or sewing in of stones in the genitals. Huge earlobes. Or a combination of all those.18:34
stenurBut all this cannot be compared to being forced to eat a Big Mac. A German comedian said ~1982 "For the first time in history what gets into at the top is worse than what comes out at the bottom".18:35
stenurCan't find it on youtube. Sigh.18:36
stenurhmm, Otto Walkes zu McDonald: "Zum ersten mal in der Geschichte des Menschen ist das, was in den Körper reinkommt, schlimmer als das, was wieder raus kommt".18:37
stenuralmost, it was "der menscheit" and the "wieder" was not there.18:37
SiFuhThere are no storms or clouds18:45
stenurnice ram and resolution. My temperature is not even 50% of that.18:47
SiFuhcmpiling a lot18:48
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OrthoGorgeous desktop!18:48
SiFuhusing 4 cores to compile.18:48
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stenurI start pissing myself if we cross 70°. I have seen >75°. Unfortunately this is all ACPI controlled.18:50
SiFuhMine usually sits about 45c but hits when doing compiling  it gets as high as 99c18:51
SiFuhCan anyone read that?19:05
SiFuhIt comes up for me in irssi and on the website
stenurI could not, but likely font related here.19:07
SiFuhWill probably be font related. But still kind of cool to type Mandarin in irssi19:09
SiFuhusing xterm*faceName:xft:courier for xterm19:09
stenurNah, i use st.19:10
SiFuhwhat's st?19:10
stenurI'd wish i could do Mandarin, built myself a traditional wooden house and have the mental state to do calligraphical paintings of my environment for the rest of my life.19:11
SiFuhMe too19:11
SiFuhI mean the wishing I could do Mandarin19:12
stenurAll that the better emoji is for sure.19:13
SiFuhI speak a few of the Asian languages. Mandarin is a beautiful language. Can't really read it though. I don't really speak it anymore so I have forgotten a lot.19:13
SiFuhThe woman is Chinese and she speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese. I usually sit quietly at family meetings. I can't stand the Chinese in Malaysia much :-P.19:14
SiFuhBut she is alright.  I feel more at home in Thailand. Can read, write and speak the language there, but life never takes you where you expect or want. You either have to take it (Take what you want), or take it (Take what beating life gives you)19:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-setuptools-scm: 3.2.0 -> 3.5.022:34
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