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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: fixed .signature00:06
Romsterugh did i forget to update that00:14
jaegerLooked like it was changed in the last commit... just not correct for some reason00:15
prologicL7 of bt-log.c (tinycc) says:01:25
prologicint (*__rt_error)(void*, void*, const char *, va_list);01:25
prologicAnd when I use tcc to compile itself I get01:25
prologicbt-log.c:7: error: invalid type01:25
prologicwhich type is it complaining about? :)01:25
prologicva_list ?01:25
prologicalso I think I need tcc, mpr, mpc, flex and bison to bootstrap gcc01:27
prologicmight be "too much" :)01:27
stenurgrischka is using windows it seems. that is a new feature. Hm. I mostly compile my thing and if that works i take it.01:28
ryuoprologic: how can you bootstrap with tcc? gcc requires C++ now to compile.01:28
stenurhmm, if i use my tcc port to compile tcc itself, it works.01:30
stenurgcc requires C++ to compile itself?  Its C core?01:32
stenurMichael Matz of SUSE always reports when he can use tcc to compile the Linux kernel. Last i remember was he said he needs some local modifications, though.01:33
prologicryuo it does?01:33
prologicwell fuck then :)01:33
prologichow da fuq is gcc self-bootstrapping then? :)01:34
prologicgood lord01:34
ryuono idea.01:34
ryuoi just know it uses C++ more and more.01:34
prologicoh man01:34
prologicyeah in that case forget it :)01:34
prologicstill if I had to choose I'd ship muls, tcc and nasm01:48
prologicif you can't get shit built with those then you're in trouble :)01:48
stenursigh, my s-cdda 0.8.0 was broken. Now 56KB.01:49
stenurI like pcc. Still much smaller than gcc, and is not single pass, but optimizes a little.01:49
prologicI might even ship vlang because its really really tiny, and very very fast and can compile most C/C++01:49
prologicwell good01:57
prologicI can build basic C programs in this OS01:58
prologicgood enough :D01:58
prologicsorry re vlang I should correct myself02:19
prologicvlang can translate/transpile much C/C++ to V02:19
prologicI believe they recently ported Doom's codebase02:19
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SiFuhprologic: yeah05:43
prologicsorry what? :)05:43
prologicyeah to which/what :)05:43
SiFuhYeah I am still up05:44
prologicoh :)05:45
SiFuhjust messing around with a kernel05:47
SiFuhAlright, let's see if this cd builds.06:07
prologichaha thats precisely what I'm doing :)06:29
prologicbut I'm adding tcc and fasm into this thing06:29
prologicbecause gcc/binutils is too much06:29
SiFuhintroducing proper mmc support06:29
SiFuhsince the computer I will install to uses mmc as its main disk06:30
SiFuhYou know there is no place called Brisbane?06:37
SiFuhOnce you get close enough all the signs say city ;-)06:37
prologicha ha ha06:38
prologicACTION lives in an imaginary place ;)06:38
SiFuhI use to live in Nundah, Wavell Heights and Mount Gravatt06:39
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SiFuhWell that was unexpected..07:23
SiFuhall network connections suddenly were being routed through the crossover cable.07:24
prologicso I have tcc and fasm working nicely07:57
prologicthat's enough to be useful right? :)07:57
prologicand the total disk install size iw 28.5M07:57
SiFuhheh image rm -rf /08:19
SiFuhby the time you hit ctrl c you'd have deleted your entire OS08:19
prologicya know I'm doing dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda al the time in testing :)08:26
prologicfastest way to kill the disk install and go back to the live iso08:26
prologicthen since and repeat :)08:26
SiFuhi usually do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=108:29
prologictoo much typing :)08:43
prologiccat /dev/zero > /dev/sda08:43
prologicthen just reboot :)08:43
SiFuhi usually do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda ntrl+c09:01
SiFuhhows that?09:01
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SiFuhthat's cool09:04
SiFuhi seem to remember in the past a uLinux09:05
SiFuhprologic: <- no what I was thinking09:06
SiFuhI was thinking of μClinux09:06
john_cephalopodaIt's so weird to have tech wikis on fandom.09:12
john_cephalopodaThe lwip (lightweight IP stack) wiki is also on Fandom.09:12
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SiFuhSo cool how xorg is broken up into smaller packages. I remember compiling X11 and it was horrible. It was as bad as compiling the 2.X kernel :-P09:59
john_cephalopodaSo many things to package though :þ10:10
john_cephalopodaFor the KDE frameworks I actually wrote a script. Sources are all in the same location, compilation is the same for all packages. I just have to put the names into the file and manually add the dependencies for each package.10:11
john_cephalopodaThe developer Aurélien Gâteau made a pretty cool diagram of all the dependencies.
SiFuhKDE is evil10:13
SiFuhyou should be ashamed of yourself10:14
john_cephalopodaKDE is stronk!10:20
john_cephalopodaThey got some pretty cool projects and their DE is the most polished one I've seen.10:20
SiFuhStronk is an eastern European/Russian pronunciation of the word strong. Most commonly used in the context of mocking or showing reverence towards something brutish or powerful that is of eastern European/Russian origin.10:20
john_cephalopodaIt's stronk because all KDE projects need a "k".10:21
SiFuhI personally dislike DE's because they all suck :-P10:21
john_cephalopodaI see DEs as a big advantage for beginner users and office settings. Beginners don't want to spend half a year configuring openbox or fluxbox, trying a few dozen file managers, all the text editors that reddit says are the best, various calculator apps and system tools, ending up with a Frankenstein-ish system that doesn't look consistent.10:24
john_cephalopodaHaving a graphical settings manager with access to all the necessary functions is quite useful for people who got no idea where to look for config files.10:26
SiFuhor a google search bar on the desktop10:26
SiFuhI was just thinking. If we had The Amazing Race with all millenials it would probably last one episode.10:29
john_cephalopodaI personally use i3wm and a bunch of random applications from many places. The KDE libraries are needed for the drawing application Krita, which is simply the best one there is on Linux.10:32
john_cephalopodaBut my first Linux computer had OpenSUSE with KDE. The first one I installed myself had Sabayon Linux with xfce. And I don't know if I would have used Linux if I would have had to use i3wm and a random collection of tools from the start.10:34
SiFuhKrita? Gimp and Inkscape10:36
john_cephalopodaGimp is absolutely worthless for drawing.10:36
SiFuhI usually draw by hand then scan it and do the coloring10:37
joacimi hear krita is good10:37
john_cephalopodaI got a graphics tablet.10:37
TimB_also kde has okular, by far the best pdf viewer/editor if you take notes etc etc10:40
john_cephalopoda :D10:42
prologicSiFuh yeah I couldn't think of a better name right now10:42
prologicwe'll see what happens :)10:43
SiFuhuLinux is fine prologic10:43
prologicfor now :)10:43
SiFuhit is easier to type than µLinux  ;-)10:43
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: that's all draw on the tablet?10:44
john_cephalopodaHaving pressure-sensitive line thickness in drawings is quite useful.10:45
SiFuhThing I couldn't replicate on a tablet was the smooth flow that cartoonists incorporate into the action/emotion. That is why I draw by hand first, scan and then do the rest on the computer10:45
prologicSiFuh this is true :)10:46
john_cephalopodaOh, here's a more colorful drawing:
john_cephalopodaNice line work.10:48
SiFuh <-- I have seen this woman before on the left. I think an American Movie10:50
prologicSiFuh if you have time and are interested, love you to try uLInux and give me feedback :)10:53
SiFuhdon't have docker10:53
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: It's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power", new Netflix series.10:53
SiFuhOh then no idea then10:54
john_cephalopoda(A remake of a He-Man spinoff)10:54
SiFuhOh that She-Ra10:55
john_cephalopodaIf you got a tablet, I can recommend trying out Krita for drawing with it. Another nice program is drawpile, which allows you to draw online with other people.10:58
john_cephalopodaYou can use a public drawpile server from the server list, which are well-populated. One has currently 39 people online, another one 12, others with a bit less. Alternatively you can set up an own drawpile server and password-protect it so only people you invite can join and draw with you.11:00
prologicSiFuh easily fixed, I'll publish the .iso kernel and rootfs11:04
SiFuhoh yeah11:06
prologicnever used Git LFS before11:11
prologicbut seems like that's the fastest easier way to do this11:11
prologicjust commit the kernel.gz rootfs.gz and ulinux.iso with Git LFS11:11
SiFuhok got it, will check it out later11:17
prologicSiFuh catch
prologicOr install Git LFS and grab the assets with git lfs fetch --all11:24
SiFuhbrb crux iso building destroyed my system11:33
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SiFuhjaeger: I followed this exactly and it removed many files from /dev/11:49
SiFuhmake bootstrap stage 211:49
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frinnstah that bug still remains?13:35
frinnstSiFuh: havent built an iso in a long time but there used to be a race issue. if a package failed or if the process was aborted, it failed to umount stuff like /dev, /proc because files therein were open13:36
frinnstand after that --bind mount failed to umount it then ran a rm -rf <chroot>13:37
SiFuhI see13:39
SiFuhI commented out the rm -rf <chroot>13:39
SiFuhI was thinking about a netinst but only for core and what ever bootloader you need and the option to choose a kernel.13:41
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ryuosounds like an issue that could be fixable by setting up the cleanup better.14:08
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joacimshould probably do a "is it mounted yet?" check15:00
ryuouhm wow... this looks like it could be better solved by a clever shell script15:01
ryuosince traps are pretty useful for error conditions15:01
ryuoafaik make has no real method for handling errors; it just exits15:02
joacimdoesn't even have to be that clever. if mountpoint /path/to/chroot reports "is a mountpoint", just try again or error out15:02
SiFuhjoacim: my script does that. It unmounts if mounted and does an fsck and then mounts and backs up.15:07
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SiFuh     Here is a snippet. This was written by me many many years ago and even though it is ugly, it still is faithful to this day.15:11
jaegerSiFuh: did you interrupt something during the build with ctrl-c or the like? usually it cleans up after itself by unmounting the chroot stuff15:18
jaegerwith that said, I didn't write that page, wonder if it's up to date or accurate15:18
SiFuhjaeger: no, it did it twice. Now I dare not run it on my main machine :-P running it in VM15:22
SiFuhWhen I woke up this morning I noticed that the files were missing in the folder iso/ and thought to myself "what did I do?" then I started again from scratch and let it run and the same thing happened.15:23
jaegerI've not run into that in years, for what it's worth15:23
SiFuhjaeger: yes I was tempted to ask you how you make iso images15:23
jaeger <-- like this15:25
SiFuhmake bootstrap <--15:27
SiFuhAlso another thing15:32
SiFuhthe kernel is 5.4.24 but if I compile modules on my system to insmod into the cd version it won't work15:33
jaegerwon't work in what way?15:33
SiFuh Invalid module format15:34
SiFuhso I was wondering if there is some kernel security added15:34
jaegerare you compiling them on another system or outside the iso kernel tree somehow?15:34
jaegerNone of which I'm aware15:34
SiFuhcompletely different system15:34
jaegerthat's likely why. Some difference in kernel configs15:35
SiFuhI need some specific modules that the kernel on the iso hasn't got. So I decided to attempt to compile the modules on the same version kernel and introduce them to the booted CRUX install15:35
SiFuhahh ok15:36
jaegertry running 'modinfo' on one of your custom modules and one of the ISO modules, might show some difference in vermagic or the like15:36
jaegerThere are probably plenty of ways the Makefile could be changed/improved... the bootstrap has barely been modified since Per wrote it a LONG time ago15:39
SiFuhjaeger: ok I see where it went wrong now. I needed COMPILE_TEST * in the kernel and the default CRUX config doesn't have it15:44
SiFuhIf the CD won't build, then I guess my only option is to build the basic system in a VM and then crudely use another distro to boot and copy the files over15:46
jaegerUntil recently I built it automatically every week... so it's just a matter of sorting out what addition has caused issues15:48
SiFuhhow come CRUX install never went with a bloated kernel like slackware or void?15:49
jaegerbecause it's assumed you'll build your own as part of the installation process, wasn't ever needed15:50
SiFuhThis machine uses mmc instead of sd/hd. I need the module loaded on the install cd to be able to install to the mmc. Building my own is fine, that isn't the problem. Just curious as to why the install cd doesn't have a fully bloated kernel to detect more hardware15:52
jaegerNever really thought much about it, myself. I can certainly add mmc support if that would be useful15:56
SiFuhthere is mmc  its just not enough mmc support15:57
jaegermissing a specific controller or quirk?15:57
SiFuhsdhci_acpi is missing15:58
SiFuhand there was mmc error hang on, I will boot15:58
SiFuhnot sure if mmc_core or mmc_block failed15:59
SiFuhok   mmc_core: unknown parameter 'mmc_block' ignored16:02
SiFuhmmc_core  118784  5 sdhci,btsdio,mmc_block,sdhci_acpi,brcmfmac16:06
SiFuhthat's what I need16:06
SiFuhbut the bluetooth and the broadcom wifi I don't care much for16:06
rmulloops <_<17:28
SiFuhI often do that on command line or in libreoffice17:30
jaegerSiFuh: if you've got time/inclincation, give this one a try:
jaegerI'll test it on my zotac box when I get a chance, it has MMC as well18:01
SiFuhdamn your ryzen   i'm still building18:02
SiFuhthanks for the trouble, i will test it in 20 minutes after it downloads.18:03
jaegerI skipped the bootstrap in this build, was just a kernel update18:03
SiFuhgood I'd have done the same18:04
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SiFuhHow's my luck. Deletes everything twice. I then do on a VM and uses up all the disk space. :-)18:07
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jaegeryeah, always something18:09
jaegerhrmm, looks like the mmc/sdhci modules are missing some deps, so that ISO won't workj18:17
jaegerI'll play with it and see what I can see18:17
SiFuhcqhci led_class iosf_mbi18:19
SiFuhI have them enabled as modules in the iso I am trying to build18:23
SiFuhnext time you do update, I was wondering if you would introduce f2fs-tools and lz4 into opt or core18:24
SiFuhand also into the CRUX iso system as well.18:24
SiFuhWould like to be able to mkfs.f2fs from the cd instead of partitioning before booting CRUX18:25
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jaegerhrmm... after fixing the deps it still doesn't find the storage on my zotac box. I wonder what else it wants18:54
jaegerWhat's the output of 'ls -l /sys/bus/*/drivers' on your system? That might be more useful19:08
SiFuhhmm, maybe I can with a live distro like void or something19:09
jaegerI have debian installed on mine currently, handy for testing19:10
SiFuhthis has winshit 1019:10
SiFuhI have banned windows in my house19:10
jaegergood for you, I guess?19:11
SiFuhyeah unfortunaetly the mac ban didn't work :-P19:11
SiFuhtoo many apple products floating around destroying network speed19:12
jaegerlooks somewhat similar19:18
SiFuhI am think I know what you are doing19:18
jaegerI'm figuring out which driver is missing for my zotac box19:19
SiFuhyeah comparing two different boxes with similar module list19:19
jaegeryour list is a lot busier but there are some similarities19:20
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SiFuhI bet it is SPI19:49
SiFuhand CONFIG_SPI19:52
jaegermaybe? No idea what that is/does19:53
SiFuhSPI is widely used by microcontrollers to talk with sensors, eeprom and flash memory, codecs and various other controller chips, analog to digital (and d-to-a) converters, and more. MMC and SD cards can be accessed using SPI protocol; and for DataFlash cards used in MMC sockets, SPI must always be used.19:54
jaegerbleh. I'm giving up on it for the short term, will come back to it later20:02
SiFuhI will let you know how it goes. Still compiling this CD.20:04
SiFuhHours later, when all the compiling is done, you should have a crux.iso <-- I think true to the fact!20:05
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SiFuhjaeger: seems that this stage 2 bootstrap was fine. I see no difference in recompiling it 2 more times. I wonder if it is actually neccessary21:20
jaegerprobably not, unless you're making toolchain changes21:23
SiFuhI am hoping 3 is the limit. I don't want to sit through 4 or more compiles of the same crap21:26
jaegeryou can see in the Makefile exactly how many stages there are21:26
SiFuhI gently looked through it and commented out the rm -rf stuff21:27
SiFuhbut I found too many VARIABLES and @SOMESHIT.. and it was kind of dissapointing as there wasn't much explinations21:27
SiFuhSorry for the aweful english grammar21:28
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prologicHow do you build make without make? 🤣23:33
john_cephalopodaMaybe there's a :þ23:38
prologicthis is quite tricky in fact23:42
prologicand I may just "give up" and forget :)23:42
prologictcc + musl can compile _some_ things but I don't know what the surface is23:42
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