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prologicCan anyone explain why an ISOLINUX image with no /init in the initrd kernel panics but boots fine with syslinux/extlinux installed to disk05:15
prologicbut if /init -> /sbin/init (symlink) it works okay (as well as a regular file)05:16
prologicdespite config in isolinux.cfg telling it where the init it05:16
prologicalso isn't the default /sbin/init anyway?05:16
jaegerperhaps isolinux is hardcoded to behave that way when using an initrd05:38
jaegerJust a guess05:38
SiFuhprologic: the kernel expects the init at /sbin/init /etc/init or /bin/init it can be overidden with init=/init06:36
prologicyes so why in ISOLINUX is it ignroning init=/sbin/init or not even lookint at /sbin/init ?07:31
prologicit literally kernel panics if I don't have init at /init on the ISO07:31
SiFuhWhat's you boot up line or config file?07:47
prologicits in the repo in :)07:54
SiFuhInteresting,I have never seen a config like that08:03
SiFuhI'd have expected something more like this
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frinnst tick tick tick tick08:17
frinnstonly 18/20 :(08:20
SiFuhI am proud to get 11/20 :-P08:28
frinnstdidnt remember charlies fav game08:28
frinnstalso the number of the fucking birds beers08:28
SiFuhI got both those right08:29
SiFuhname of first episode, franks alto ego name, cats name, who lit Mac's room on fire, Community service as coach, Conspiracy name, Clean Dennis' car, Stolen name tag, Famous director08:31
SiFuhI should have got the coaching basket ball one...08:31
prologicSiFuh okay yeah thats what the on-disk syslinux config looks like08:32
prologicI'll try this for the isolinux config too and see08:32
frinnstWebsites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 3/16/2020.09:58
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frinnstworking from home will fuck up my coffee budget10:28
SiFuhHere people are in panic mode, strip stores of everything because there is a rumor the country will go into lockdown :-/10:33
tilmanpeople are going crazy over buying toilet paper and noodles here :D10:34
tilmanlast night's tv news showed an austrian man carrying three or four packs of TP. motherfcuker :p10:34
SiFuhThey plan on spending a lot of time on the toilet?10:39
SiFuhI'm set. I have 35 litres of vodka ;-)10:39
SiFuhI can't get obs-studio to compile
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frinnst/usr/ports/work/obs-studio/src/obs-studio-24.0.6/plugins/obs-outputs/librtmp/rtmp_sys.h:140:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'mbedtls_ssl_conf_dh_param_bin'; did you mean 'mbedtls_ssl_conf_dh_param_ctx'? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]10:49
frinnst  mbedtls_ssl_conf_dh_param_bin(ctx->conf,\10:49
frinnst  ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10:49
frinnst/usr/ports/work/obs-studio/src/obs-studio-24.0.6/plugins/obs-outputs/librtmp/rtmp.c:1016:5: note: in expansion of macro 'TLS_server'10:49
frinnst     TLS_server(srv_ctx, r->m_sb.sb_ssl);10:50
frinnstdoesnt like our openssl version?10:50
pedjawasn't mbedtls polarssl before?10:59
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tilmanpedja: yup11:01
pedjahow many openssl forks are there these days, anyway? libre, boring11:02
pedjaapparently, mbedtls is required by rtmps (FB Live, whatever that is).11:09
pedjahm. if I am reading the cmake config correctly, it shouldn't even try to build that if mbedtls is not installed11:15
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SiFuhyes pedja ok I show you the other error then without mbedtls11:28
SiFuhIt just compiled successfully bloody hell. It was dying at 67%... nevermind11:33
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SiFuhRammestien in Moscow12:37
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: sudo: update to 1.8.3p113:45
frinnst1.8.3p1? 25-Oct-201113:51
frinnstah 31p113:52
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SiFuhFscking retards! Malaysia is on lockdown till 31st14:40
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joacimmight get laid off here15:15
joacimwith 14 days notice15:15
][_R_][That sucks man15:15
joacimin other news. doom eternal and resident evil 3 is about to get released15:16
joacimso i'll have something to do15:16
SiFuhAnyone would think it was a zombia apocolapsye15:17
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pedjawell, the animation about how fast it spread at sure looks like something you'd see in the disaster/zombie movie16:00
pedjajoacim, well that sucks. on the upside, no more Windows annoying you :)16:07
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tilmanpedja: on the upside, exciting times!!!16:29
pedjatilman, isn't that an old Chinese curse, 'may you live in interesting times'? :)16:31
tilmanright =)16:31
pedjaone of my favorite humans is stuck in Italy atm, so 'exciting' is the last thing I need right now :)16:34
pedjaand the looming disaster when it hits here isn't fucking helping, too16:36
tilmani'm sending thoughts and prayers. no TP though, i need that myself16:39
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SiFuhCanada is closed: PM Trudeau locks down country over coronavirus17:48
SiFuhPeople who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents will not be allowed to enter the country17:49
jaegerjoacim: sorry to hear that, good luck17:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: bluez: 5.53 -> 5.5417:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libreoffice: ->
joacimon a positive note, i have more experience and good references, so could lead to a new job with better pay18:08
joacim(or less hours)18:08
pedjagood luck18:13
SiFuhI like the less hours part18:16
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ryuogiven what people seem to think is important... he's some virtual supplies.18:24
stenurGood luck also from me. Lesser Windows maybe, too?18:24
stenurHA! My UnicodeData.txt does not even have this yet.18:26
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stenuryah, cool, 'searched for it18:30
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stenurStealth unrevealed.19:14
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stenurPredator business.19:16
SiFuhRussia to ban entry for foreign nationals until May19:27
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TimB_ <- [laughs in dutch]19:59
SiFuhOhhh Toilet Paper20:03
SiFuhfscking acronymns20:03
SiFuhThis is Malaysia, we don't need toilet paper. It is also the reason why most people wear their wedding rings on their right hand ;-)20:05
stenuryeah, civilized tribes sit in squat, and use water (or sand) to clean their back20:14
SiFuhI never understood with the western world chose toilet paper. They seem to just smear it and then assume it is clean.20:16
stenuri am lucky the english invented water flushing, otherwise - YEAH! - we would still throw the stuff out of the window in the morning and laugh dirty if the squirts hit someone20:17
pedjaaww, 'fast&furious 9' premiere was moved to 2021 because of the pandemic20:56
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joacimthats a long time to postpone something21:07
john_cephalopodaEspecially something that is advertised to be "fast" and "furious".21:11
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SiFuhHeh  agreed21:23
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raph_aelfans will be furious fast21:41
joacimseason 8 is pretty good. missing mulder, but good mystery21:44
joacimprices are going up21:54
joacimshould've bought one in 2019 when i first starting ogling them21:54
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