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frinnstanybody ever used gerrit?09:15
prologicAnyone familiar with DO and wtf kind of virtual sata disk hw they use?09:19
frinnstdoesnt show an image09:20
frinnstother than a qr code and a download button09:20
prologichit the download button?09:21
frinnstdoesnt do anything09:21
frinnstother than reload the current screen09:22
prologicokay where's imgur09:22
frinnstno clue09:25
frinnstthere is a recovery iso you can boot?09:27
frinnstlspci -k ?09:27
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pedjayay, free stuff
SiFuhI can't even buy stuff. Shops are empty or closed everywhere11:02
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prologicfrinnst yeah I'll try that and poke around11:03
SiFuhprologic: how did the isolinux thing go?11:04
prologicit didn't11:04
prologicit behaves the same as it did11:04
prologicI need to have /init symlinked to /sbin/init11:04
prologicor the hybrid iso kernel panics11:04
prologichaven't been able to figure out why11:05
prologicbut the latest .iso and kerne/rootfs are on the repo's git lfs11:05
prologiclooks like virtio-scsi11:25
prologicbut I could have sworn I'd already enabled that11:25
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pedjaschools here will be using 'ms teams' or 'zoom' for remove teaching thingie12:16
frinnstteams is shit12:17
frinnsthate hate hate it12:17
joacimwhat do you mean it is flawless12:17
joacimtoday someone had issues sharing their desktop through the chat, they had to initiate a call with someone, then share the desktop thruogh the call12:18
joacimthe actual share desktop button in the chat window didnt work at all12:18
joacimyesterday there were several events with undeliverable messages and login issues12:18
frinnstHi, Fredrik12:19
frinnstYour teammates are trying to reach you in Microsoft Teams.12:19
joacimtoday i cant change settings through the web interface. had to use powershell to confirm and change settings12:19
frinnststraight to trash12:19
pedjasome of the universities in Italy are using
joacimwhat's even better is the teams sales force spreading the good word everywhere. they say lots of shit that isnt true, and people like me get the aftermath dumped on them12:20
joacimthey never learn from it either12:20
pedjafrinnst, the desktop or web thingie?12:20
frinnsteither. I dont really use it12:20
frinnstbut im probably just too old and bitter to understand it12:21
joacimearlier this year i had to deal with someone thath ad a working guest user, but then they had their primary domain changed in the tenant, which fucked up their guest access12:21
joacimsharepoint and all its orbiting solutions are shit. slow and clunky12:22
joacimi dont learn how to use it and configure it for people. i learn about all the fucked up quirks to avoid12:22
pedjaiirc, a friend of mine, working in MS shop, ranted about Teams on Fedora/Gnome too, so :)12:23
pedjajoacim, so it's crap on Windows, too?12:23
joacimi do like the exchange part of office 365. saves the hassle of hosting your own email service12:24
joacimor using lesser ones12:24
joacimi use it on a mac, but it is crap everywhere i think12:24
frinnstyeah I like the idea of being able to blame someone else when things doesnt work12:24
frinnstI tried to convert a user to a shared mailbox earlier today. http 50012:25
frinnstwent for a bikeride instead12:25
pedjano lockdown in .se yet?12:25
frinnstim in volontary lockdown12:25
frinnstbut dont really meet that many people in the woods :)12:25
joacimhad to deal with spam issues with mdaemon. that was nothing but hassle. expensive license, several hours of work that overall made the diy server much more expensive than a monthly license price12:25
joacimthe general recommendation in norway is to stay at home if you have symptons, avoid public transport. if you show symptoms, stay at home, but if you must you can go to the store12:27
joacimand you definitely can go outside for walks etc (but try not to fall)12:27
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pedjanot many people here outside12:29
joacimalso got my layoff notification today... starting april 1.12:29
joacimi should just find something else to do, instead of hoping for better times at this company12:30
frinnstwow that sucks12:30
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frinnstif you're bored:
frinnst106GB of wholesome fun (technically a copyright violation but doubt anyone cares)12:36
ryuofrinnst: is it weird i initially thought it was about some phone?12:36
ryuoqiqi xl, sounds like it could be the name of a phone brand.12:36
ryuoor so12:36
frinnstgive it a go if you havent watched it. you can also find most episodes on youtube12:40
pedjaACTION binge-watched s2/s3 of "the great british throw-down'12:44
pedjalike bake-off, but with ceramics :)12:44
pedjasome stuff people made is amazing12:44
pedjathis is cool
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SiFuhjaeger:  I got mmc working.13:55
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jaegercongrats. what was the missing stuff?14:00
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SiFuhA lot :-P14:02
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pedjaheh, one of the biggest cable providers unlocked several pay-to-watch channels, but no HBO :)14:18
SiFuhjaeger: I needed >>>>> x86_intel_lpps <<<<  hotplug_pci regmap serial_8250 spi spi_master spi_pxa2xx lpc_ich mfd mfd_instel_lpss intel_gtt sdhci dhci_acpi dw_dmac pwn pwn_lpss pwn_lpss_platform14:23
SiFuhLots of weird things, but the x86_intel_lpps was esential in getting it recognized on boot14:24
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SiFuhjaeger: I did keep the config as pretty close as possible to the install config. With the exception of drm/video and temperature sensors I was testing something.14:41
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stenurprologic: look in LINUX-SRC/init/main.c: /sbin/init, /etc/init, /bin/init, /bin/sh in order. 'Could very well patch it, then.16:27
SiFuhstenur: he was passing init= option to the kernel16:36
onoderaRomster: minecraft-launcher has a new version (2.1.12872), also it is missing de dependency gconf, and I manually need to add the java binary location to my PATH in order get the launcher to work atm16:39
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stenurSiFuh: oh, hm. rdinit=, if not set, /init is called. admin-guide/init.rst: "To find out more, add code ``to init/main.c`` to display kernel_execve()s"16:42
stenur'just wondering due to the obvious. of course. :(16:43
stenurshould echo "Requested init %s failed (error %d)." then, though. Iirc he had an error that i saw when i accessed the false root volume / had no driver for its partition?16:47
SiFuhno idead, I was just explaining how syslinux/isolinux linux works and showing what files he needs and a static extlinux16:51
stenuryeah, _definitely_ true for me too. no idea.16:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wine-staging: updated to version 5.418:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.1.1e. Fix for CVE-2019-155118:14
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stenurfuck. wpa_supplicant.conf(5) misses entire NETWORK BLOCKS and GLOBAL PARAMETERS sections. No docbook problem, also missing in source. But there on
pedjayay, mandatory curfew from 20.00-5.00h19:07
stenurSerbs are tough.19:14
stenurI hope we do not get to that point that is to say.19:15
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pedjatough, but stubborn af, hence the curfew :)19:18
SiFuhpedja: I can't even leave country19:19
SiFuhi bet if my visa expires and they lift the curfew I will be charged for overstay19:19
joacimit is not illegal to go to your cabin to avoid infecting others, or just to avoid infection totally19:19
joacimit is now*19:20
joacimthink i better go to the store to buy toilet paper19:21
pedjaSiFuh, in these extreme circumstances? I doubt that, tbh19:25
SiFuhpedja: I'm in Asia19:27
pedjakeep your head down, try not to  get infected, plenty of time to worry about that once this passes :)19:35
SiFuhSeriously dude, 1/4 of million people die a year from the flu19:36
SiFuhThis one has killed a massive 7,86619:36
joacimjesus. went outside for the first time in an entire week19:54
joacimit is like a graveyard out there19:54
joacimsuch a contrast19:54
joacimim used to staying inside for weeks at a time, but not used to such a contrast19:54
joacimalso, the store was out of my regular toilet paper :(19:55
joacimhad to buy some ecological reused paper19:55
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pedja#firstworldproblems :)19:58
joacimyeah says "returpapper" on the plastic19:59
pedjanot-so-fan-fact: 'tur' is an archaic word for ass20:03
joacimwhich language does that originate from?20:04
joacimretur comes from french afaik20:04
SiFuhsounds like a soft fart20:06
pedjajoacim, afaict, form Turkish 'oturmak' (to sit down/upon)20:16
SiFuhoturmak is from tur which means to sit down/upon20:21
SiFuhpedja: <-- you mean like this20:21
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frinnstman I really need a haircut. Guess that's impossible now for a while20:30
frinnstshave? yes/no?20:30
joacimgrow out your beautiful mane20:31
frinnstits annoying20:31
frinnsti star to twirl it like a little girl when it gets too long and I just found myself doing that20:32
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joacimi do that too20:35
joacimnow im constantly twirling my beard20:35
frinnstcan we be girlfriends?20:35
joacimshopping for dresses and teacups together20:36
pedjaI'd watch that reality show20:37
pedjaah, the new host for Bake-Off20:38
SiFuhfrinnst, come here I will cut it20:41
joacimno subs sadly20:42
SiFuhjoacim: probably 'cause not funny :-P20:43
joacimoh shush20:44
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prologic[02:45:03]  <stenur>SiFuh: oh, hm. rdinit=, if not set, /init is called. admin-guide/init.rst: "To find out more, add code ``to init/main.c`` to display kernel_execve()s"21:09
prologicWait wut?!21:09
prologicThere's an rdinit= too?21:09
prologicACTION 😱21:09
SiFuhoh man21:21
prologicand naturally that fuck'n works :)21:22
prologicI never knew about an rdinit= option21:22
prologicand also this surprising behavior of defaulting to /init21:22
prologicits just so different to the normal behaviour :)21:22
SiFuhr= what?21:22
SiFuhhave other school stuff. \\EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi   (any efi named that) acan boot too21:24
SiFuhschool cool21:24
SiFuhwith uefi you can specify a config or you can set  default path21:26
SiFuhdejavu again... wtf21:26
john_cephalopodaEFI is kinda confusing to me.21:27
john_cephalopodaI have tried it many times before, but only the last three installations actually worked with it. Using efistub.21:28
prologicI hate UEFI21:28
prologicwhat a pile of garbage :)21:28
john_cephalopodaOpenBoot ftw? :þ21:29
prologicjust give me a basic BIOS we've had since the 70's and boot my damn disk21:29
john_cephalopoda(I actually got a Sun Fire server standing around here that has OpenBIOS)21:29
prologicwhy we have to continue ot make things so fucking complicated in the IT indsutry is beyond me21:30
john_cephalopodaYeah. I hate it. Tons of legacy stuff and features that are maybe used by 0.1% of users.21:30
prologicI have some UEFI systems here21:32
prologicSuperMicor based 1RU servers21:32
prologicI _maybe_ use their BMC HTML5 console "sometimes"21:32
prologicBut the UEFU I never used except to just boot my damn OS21:32
prologicso the rest of its 99% of features are just garbage21:33
john_cephalopodaThe Sun thingie is the only server I got. Somebody gave it away for free and I just took one. Carried it through half the city, pretty heavy.21:33
prologicyouch those things are heavy21:33
john_cephalopodaI did a "smoke test" (turning on, see if smoke comes out) and it made noises and showed green lights. I didn't actually boot it up though.21:34
prologicwell this sucks21:39
prologicstill can't boot uLInux on DO21:39
prologicKernel panics with "unknown block" despite enabling what I _thought_ wer ethe right kernel drivers21:39
SiFuhEFI I know21:44
john_cephalopodaA long time ago, an operating system and an entire Office suite fit onto one single floppy disk.21:46
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stenureh. not even true for C64? What was the name of that integrated 3-in-1 MS thing? MS Works?21:49
stenurIts a new dawn, its a new day.  Its a new life for me .. and i am feeling good.21:49
prologicit was true actually21:54
prologicword perfect and msdos fit on a single 1.4MB floppy21:54
prologicyou could fit ms-dos, word perfect, norton commander plus a few games all in 1 floppy21:55
prologicOh and it would boot up in ~5-10s too even on old hardware21:55
SiFuhI have MS DOS at my parents home it fits on 5 disks and I wonder why.... I never ran it. But how can DOS fit on 5 disks?21:55
stenurhm. WordPerfect i never had. I threw away all floppies long ago. NortonCommander and MS-DOS, hmm.21:56
john_cephalopodastenur: Microsoft stuff has always been too big and unperformant.21:57
john_cephalopodaBut MacOS fit onto a floppy, including the office suite-21:57
stenuri was totally focused on arj compression.21:59
stenurjohn_cephalopoda: no contact but glances at monitors (and of course magazines) until 200922:00
prologicI dunno what version of MS-DOS you have22:00
prologicbut it used to fit on a single floopy22:00
prologicit was just the 512b boot loader and a few kB of the "OS"22:00
prologicbut hey maybe I'm remembering wrong :)22:01
prologicit was a long time ago22:01
stenurWas it 5.1?  I used 4DOS thereafter.  I have freedos since years, but never managed to look at it.22:01
stenurNortonCommander as of 1999 was ~2.5MB says Wikipedia. But that is Windowsified, i used the plain DOS version.22:02
john_cephalopodaMy processor got a 4000x faster clock than the C64, has a 64-bit architecture and tons of floating point and packed operations built-in.22:03
john_cephalopodaAlso it's 4 cores which do SMT.22:03
stenurOr 5.2, in the end.  Anyway, i know pretty much for sure Windows 3.1 had 7 floppies, and i know i had dozens of floppies to install before i had everything i need. Pretty much for sure anyway.22:04
stenurI hate floating-point.22:04
john_cephalopodaIt's messy but convenient.22:04
stenurConvenient, F-P??22:04
john_cephalopodaIn high-level programming languages it is just there and works like integers.22:05
john_cephalopodaOf course you could also use fixed-point and scale accordingly. I did that for some mandelbrot set stuff half a year ago.22:06
stenurHm. I know of no single use case for floating point but OpenGL graphics programming and Physics.22:06
john_cephalopodaAlso fractions, which seem to be useful for many purposes.22:06
stenurMaths, i see. No, i had a right-wing teacher and he tore me apart from that.22:07
stenurI only ever used what you say, use scaled numbers. E.g., money, work in Pfennig, then insert a separator in the result string.22:08
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john_cephalopodaYeah, I basically used it for both use cases you listed. Game programming has lots of floats.22:10
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stenurWonderful! And sufficient for me. Was many factors faster even with coprocessor.22:10
stenurI still hate sox(1) for using 32-bit float internally instead of 64-bit int or whatever else they could have used!22:10
stenurI loved tremor when it came to do ogg without floating-point.  Then again: that i never have used.. BUT: i still have the code around.22:11
john_cephalopodaHm, I wonder if float makes sense in audio due to the logarithmic properties of the medium.22:13
john_cephalopodaThough you could also do it with logarithmic integers...22:14
ryuostenur: non-opengl graphics use them too22:17
ryuostenur: 2D graphics even22:17
stenurDumb guys like me watch out for formulary if they need it.22:17
stenurryuo: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh22:18
ryuoa lot of input devices use transformation matrices22:18
ryuoparticularly accelerometers22:18
ryuosame with touchscreens22:18
stenursick. why not use an integer matrix.22:18
ryuoeasy? calibration of touchscreens isn't always 1 to 1 with the screen resolution.22:19
ryuoor a convenient multiple of an integer22:19
stenurstill hate apple for introducing the OpenGL desktop (!). Then again ActiveX would possibly have won without it.22:19
ryuofor accelerometers though there's not much use for them.22:19
ryuoyou usually just need to invert the axises22:20
ryuoif they're registering wrong22:20
ryuoin regular PCs the main use for an accelerometer these days is for doing automatic screen rotation22:20
stenurACTION drowned22:21
ryuohow was that overwhelming?22:21
stenurACTION blubb22:21
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prologicWindows for sure required a half dozen floppies or more23:00
prologicBut I'm 99% sure MS-DOS (older versions/) fitted on a single floppy plus a few extra23:00
prologicthe 1.44MB 3.5" ones23:00
prologicthe older actual floppies not so much you had to constantly swap 'em out whenever you wanted something else on the system :)23:01
joacimi see people today complain about not being able to install their entire steam libraries on a single drive. since games takes up so much space23:02
joacimgrowing up, i could only fit 2-3 newer games on my HDD23:03
joacimhad to uninstall one when i wanted to install another23:03
joacimthink i got about 20-30 games or so on my 1TB SSD23:04
prologic$ ls -lah *.img23:07
prologic-rw-r--r-- 1 prologic staff 1.5M Dec 25  1996 Disk1.img23:07
prologic-rw-r--r-- 1 prologic staff 1.5M Dec 25  1996 Disk2.img23:07
prologic-rw-r--r-- 1 prologic staff 1.5M Dec 25  1996 Disk3.img23:07
prologicPerhaps I was wrong23:07
prologicLet's bootup one of these in qemu and see23:07
prologicThis is MS-DOS 6.2223:07
prologicthe last version I ever used23:07
prologicOh that's right this is just the installer :)23:09
prologicI wonder where you get the oldver versions that booted direct from floppies23:09
prologicnah I think I was right23:16
prologicMS-DOS itself was only a few 10s of kB23:16
prologicyou could install it and boot it up on as small as a 2MB disk23:17
prologicAnd if you recall in those days you could actually get a 3.5" floppy formatted to ~2MB23:17
joacimsuperformat or something like that?23:22
prologictehre we go23:26
prologicinstalled in a virtualbox vm :)23:26
prologicjoacim yes IIRC23:26
prologicI will get this thing installed on to a 1.44MB floopy image just to prove a point :)23:27
joacimshould fit without issues on a 1.44MB floppy. depends on which features you want to keep23:32
prologicoh man this is just too distracting23:36
prologici should get back to work 🤣23:36
prologicyeah that was kind of my point23:36
prologicthe 69 something utilites are rather fat23:36
prologicbut DOS itself is only ~60kB or something23:37
prologicand that gives you a shell23:37

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