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ryuoprologic: the utilities are fat on a FAT partition. comedy gold.00:01
prologicthat was on purpose 😂00:03
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SiFuhFscking Australia!06:40
SiFuhThe world should have had a travel 4 ban on Australians06:54
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SiFuhSYDNEY — Australia advised all its citizens abroad who want to return home to do so immediately because of disruption caused by the coronavirus.08:30
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SiFuh"Any travel by Australian officials to 'Do Not Travel' locations is subject to high-level approval," Smart Traveller states.08:41
SiFuh"It includes rigorous risk assessment and movement planning usually involving the use of armoured vehicles."08:41
SiFuhWhere is my armoured vehicle?08:41
joacimarmored vehicles protect against viral attacks such as sneezing and touching things?08:42
SiFuhI don't care, I just want it :-)08:42
SiFuhAustralian Government has a stimulus package to help compensate the airlines for the lack of passengers travelling. Yet airline prices are going through the roof.08:48
SiFuh$496 to fly one way... wtf08:50
SiFuhThat's the cheapest08:50
tilmanflying *should* be more expensive for ecological reasons :p08:51
SiFuhNARATHIWAT: Fourth Army commander Lt Gen Pornsak Poonsawat has ordered all 13 temporary border checkpoints with Malaysia closed from March 18-31.08:55
SiFuhBetter open before May, as I plan to head up to see my adopted mother.08:55
SiFuhThose who want to enter Thailand from Malaysia during the closure period can do so only at three permanent checkpoints - Sungai Kolok, Buke Ta and Tak Bai.08:56
SiFuhOk cool08:56
SiFuhSYDNEY — Australia advised all its citizens abroad who want to return home to do so immediately because of disruption caused by the coronavirus.09:19
SiFuhahh oops09:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nsd: update to 4.3.010:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: xfsprogs: update to 5.5.010:32
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libinput: update to 1.15.410:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mbedtls: romster -> contrib12:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] obs-studio: 24.0.6 -> 25.0.0 new dependency: mbedtls12:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: minecraft-launcher: 2.1.11314 -> 2.1.1287212:22
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: [notify] openssl-32: 1.1.1d -> 1.1.1e Fix for CVE-2019-155112:41
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libinput-32: 1.15.3 -> 1.15.412:41
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prologicmy god Debian is over bloated12:48
prologicsince when did it inherit all this crap?12:48
Romstersince when you last used it :D12:49
prologicha ha12:50
prologicgood one :)12:50
Romsterwell it is true12:50
prologicseriously though what a pile of over weight crap12:50
prologicalso I do use it all the time sadly :D Proxmox VE is based on Debian12:50
Romsteri dunno i've been happy with crux to bother moving to anything else12:50
SiFuhSince they went to systemd12:50
prologicSiFuh yup that's prolly it12:51
Romsterwasn't systemd meant to take over a tn of services so less bloat in number of core packages12:53
Romstera ton*12:53
Romsterand less diversity12:53
SiFuhsystemd just took over :-P13:05
Romsterwe are the few remaining non-systemd13:09
SiFuhHeh and yet it isn't advertised anywhere :-P Unlike voidlinux. All they do is boast "we are systemd free" "we are first to use libressl"13:16
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SiFuhpedja: Picard is pretty cool13:18
prologicspeaking of  init systems13:18
prologicthinking of using finit for ulinux13:19
SiFuhWhat's wrong with the old init?13:20
SiFuhor even a shell?13:20
prologicthat's what ulinix has now13:21
prologicjust a shell :)13:21
SiFuhhow about  init=/sbin/reboot  ?13:22
Romsteri would facepalm but coronavirus13:22
prologicgotta sto these tcp handshakes dude13:23
prologicapt remove os-prober13:25
prologicoh fuck me13:25
prologicwho wrote this?13:25
SiFuhdrink more vodka and eat more raw garlic13:25
Romsterdoes that remove half the system and break it?13:26
prologicgood god13:26
prologictoo many magical things on Debian13:26
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Romsterbecause probing the other OS's makes it hard to boot13:27
prologicI don't even ever thinkg I've ever dual-booted before :)13:28
prologicdon't see the point :D13:28
prologicI like the OS I have13:28
Romsterhonestly i used to use a different disk to boot another OS when i needed to13:28
Romsterhaven't done that in ages now.13:29
SiFuhsame, the other OS of course was what I used to troll wifi passwords during drive-bys in KL  :-P13:30
TimB_ACTION uses os-prober13:41
TimB_i do keep windows around for stuff that i have to use windows for13:41
TimB_and this makes it rather easy ;)13:41
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TimB_Romster: Failed to download REPO: Failed to connect to port 80: Connection timed out13:48
TimB_just me?13:48
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prologicwhy can't you just install windows in virtualbox?13:52
SiFuhI have windows in Virtualbox, but it runs only one program :-P Rosetta Stone13:53
TimB_sounds nasty :P13:54
prologichardware virtualization is pretty good ya know13:54
prologicmy ms-dos vms run too fast :D13:54
SiFuhHas no internet at all13:54
TimB_yeah thanks, but no thanks. virtualboxing windows is a hard pass from me13:54
prologichave you actually tried? :)13:55
TimB_no, i don't want to and i won't13:55
prologicasking for a friend :)13:55
TimB_well, yes, 10+ years ago, but i don't care, really13:55
SiFuhwindows sux in any box13:55
TimB_dualbooting works absolutely fine for the 3 times a quarter i use it13:55
TimB_grub2 made all the config huss a topic of the past for me13:56
SiFuhI like that I am able to pause it and close. That way I don't need to boot it ;-)13:56
TimB_nice conky setup :>14:00
SiFuhYeah many people poached my design14:00
jaegerI use a windows VM in virtualbox for work, sometimes it's required14:02
SiFuhMX Linux uses a modified version of my conky the pricks14:03
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frinnstI run a windows10 vm in qemu/kvm for work. works fine14:04
SiFuhfrinnst: no more sunny in philly. I watched all 14 seasons14:04
frinnstso? then you can start again14:04
frinnstyou need to watch through it a handful of times - ATLEAST14:05
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SiFuhDoes it get betteR?14:07
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jaegerenough for you to have watched 14 seasons of it, apparently14:10
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pedjasome say that only the seasons since devitto(sp?) joined are worth watching :)14:16
pedjait's interesting that he was forced on them by network execs, apparently14:17
SiFuhI actually hated Devito being in it14:18
SiFuhjaeger: only 2 episodes I liked, and I can't remember which they were14:19
SiFuhbut it did kill a lot of time so I ain't complaining14:19
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pedjatracking down the bugs in script logic using pythons logging module is fun14:54
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frinnstfrank is awesome15:24
SiFuhWestworld season3 episode 1 released15:28
SiFuhand Better Call Saul is so much better than that shit series Breaking Bad15:28
frinnstlol you really are a troll15:28
SiFuhI don't know of any movie where I thought Danny Devito was good15:29
frinnstyour loss I guess15:29
SiFuhRobin Lord Taylor I think played the best Penguin15:30
SiFuhfrinnst: What's the meaning of this 'troll' comment?16:03
frinnstit was a joke16:03
frinnstnot liking iasp, breaking bad16:03
frinnstbut nevermind16:03
SiFuhYeah but, I don't know what is the meaning16:03
SiFuhThat's it?16:04
frinnstlike I said, a joke. obviously a not very good one16:04
SiFuhI watched all 14 season and breaking bad was really bad16:04
joacimi dont think people have called someone a troll seriously on irc since 2005 or so16:06
SiFuhfrinnst: Charlie was my favorite16:06
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SiFuhplus he wears an M65 Field Jacket replica like me ;-)16:09
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SiFuhthe blacklist season 7 resumes on saturday19:29
john_cephalopodaBut is it blacklisted in all countries or is it just flexing?19:30
SiFuhMột vài quả bóng màu vàng19:32
SiFuhThere is something I do miss about Australia and that is the sound of Cicada's during the vening and sometimes early morning19:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ostree: 2020.2 -> 2020.319:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: kvantum: 0.15.0 -> 0.15.119:52
tilmanSiFuh: i guess you don't miss the dropbears at all though20:43
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prologicthere are no fucking dropbears :)21:00
prologicthey all got wiped out in the massive bushfires we just had21:00
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john_cephalopoda"Dropbear" sounds like some overhyped web framework.21:27
john_cephalopodaOr electron app.21:28
john_cephalopodaWhich is much more fearsome than the "real" dropbear.21:28
frinnstsmall ssh server/client21:34
john_cephalopodaHm, it could well be that I saw it somewhere and that's why I connected it to network stuff.21:40
prologicits what naive folks around the world especially from the US clal out Koalas21:40
prologicmany of them literally think they fall out of the sky and tress on their heads and wil claw you to death21:40
prologicyou have a better chance of getting eaten by a shark :)21:41
prologicand yes dropbear is the small sshd/ssh that is commonly used in busybox based systems21:41
prologicand what I put into ulinux :)21:41
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RomsterTimB_, seems to be fine now21:42
TimB_Romster: thanks!21:43
TimB_openwrt uses dropbear btw21:43
jaegerwe do too, actually21:44
jaegera little bit21:44
prologicit included on the ISO right jaeger ?21:48
prologicso you can potentially do a remot einstlal21:48
jaegeropenssh is, not dropbear. you can do a remote install21:49
prologicI thought we used dropbear on the ISO :)21:53
jaegerI don't think so but it's been a while since I looked at that, I might be wrong21:54
jaegerI have on a list of "when I have time" projects to make a minimal busybox install environment just as a technical exercise21:55
prologicUse my ulinux as a base :)21:56
prologicI've done 80% of the work for you21:56
prologicjust need to add pkgutils, some packages and the CRUX setup shell script :)21:56
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stenurOr switch the floppy for a new level or when something else had to be loaded. / Must been the one i had (part of Win95B) / 2.88MB was something (turning it around), other than that i cannot remember.22:02
stenurDoes dropbear support ed25519 now. Last time i looked it did not.22:02
stenurI used it, but it became to inconvenient. I am lazy.22:04
stenurssh-agent is a thing.22:05
stenurAnd prologic, unfortunately the image was already gone. I am out of bandwidth anyway, it took minutes to load the one yesterday. How did you get the images into the VM? You need to switch floppies?22:07
prologicI had to use virtualbox to do so22:09
prologicyou mean getting MS-DOS into a VM right?22:09
stenurYes. Could not find a setting for qemu.22:09
prologicnot sure how to dynamically switch floppies with qemu22:09
prologicme neither so I switched hypervisors22:09
prologicbut I can now boot the resulting image using qemu22:09
prologicsince you know you can convert vdi/vmdk(s) to qcow22:10
stenurOk. Buy a floppy that can be plugged in USB, then pass that through.22:10
prologicAlso I just wanted to say22:10
prologicCRUX is still great 👍22:10
prologicyou are kidding me right? :)22:10
stenurYa. Or use it directly. I use vmdk here.22:10
prologicI'm not fucking buying a floopy disk drive :)22:11
stenurCRUX is wonderful.22:11
prologicThat's like saying I should go buy a PC just to run some Windows shitt app :)22:11
stenurIt is pretty expensive, i saw someone saying he is going to pay ~149 US-DOLLARS22:11
prologicyeah no fuck that not worth it22:11
prologicemulation :)22:11
prologicits not ahrd :)22:11
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joacimjust noticed one of my two monitors is a lot more yellow...22:40
joacimidentical settings22:40
prologicsure its not your eyes? :)22:43
prologicI have to ask because I am blind and I can't trust what's left of my eyesight ;)22:43
joacimlooks the same regardless of which eye i use =)22:44
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stenurthe girls from texas are a sex-as22:56
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stenurWhat was the name of that film again?  Getaway with Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw, yes.  Steve McQueen: really dead for 40 years.  Ali MacGraw: she is 81 now.  Wow.  I am getting old.23:12
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