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SiFuhstenur: cool01:42
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leetspeteSeems like you could just do 'butt|corona-virus' unless you needed the 'all' file to persist.02:55
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frinnst"We have used exec() php function"06:46
frinnst"we need to use sudo and insert password for successful execution."06:46
frinnstfucking web developers06:46
SiFuhOh my06:53
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Romstersay you are joking frinnst12:39
SiFuhThe quick brown bodoh dog jumped over the lazy foxes12:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: fuse3: update to 3.9.113:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ghostscript: update to 9.5213:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] php: update to 7.4.413:07
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SiFuhAnyone running amd?   If you do  cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep family  what's the result?15:31
tilmanSiFuh: it says 2115:35
tilmanSiFuh: 21 == 0x15 == piledriver15:35
SiFuhCool, thanks15:35
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joacimSiFuh: family: 2316:18
SiFuhThanks joacim16:25
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jaegerryzen 5 3600 also reports 2316:52
SiFuhI was looking at the cpu settings in the kernel x86_64 is generic  so I guess it is for thinks like AMD17:03
frinnstas does my AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor17:07
tilmangood job making me feel bad about my system17:08
frinnstheh mine starts to feel old17:08
frinnstI keep spending all my money on bike stuff so i'll have to live with this one for a while longer17:09
SiFuhOne of the Aussie guys posted this  (Territory is reference to the North Territory where there are a lot of Aboriginal tribes)17:14
frinnst"Image not found"17:14
frinnstI dont think i've ever been able to display an image from pasteboard.co17:15
SiFuhOh got another site?17:15
frinnstshould be a hit with the vegan crowds17:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cmake: updated to 3.17.017:20
SiFuhI bought a Uni-T UT123 Multimeter for travel repairs17:28
jaegertilman: might be about time to replace that piledriver :)17:37
SiFuh"A global pandemic is enough to put most people on edge, but authorities in Argentina decided to make matters worse by marking the start of a nationwide lockdown using an ominous siren taken straight from the Purge movie franchise."18:00
SiFuhThe entire planet is insane18:02
SiFuhChina and Malaysia unblocked a lot of banned porn websites in the hope it will keep a lot of people at home18:05
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SiFuhonly way I could get it to compile was to add the port mbedtls19:55
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TimB_SiFuh: do you ever read notifications? :P20:01
SiFuhNo where are they?20:01
SiFuhI am not on no ml20:03
SiFuhOk that makes me look like a dumbass  but  why is it not in the Pkgfile?20:04
TimB_                                                                                                                      │ openbsdtai1220:05
TimB_it is20:05
SiFuhOk hold on   I will run ports -u again because mine hasn't20:06
SiFuhOk well that was weird20:06
SiFuhRight so how do I get this milf thing  I mean ml thing?20:07
TimB_a) put a child in your woman20:07
SiFuhhell no20:08
TimB_ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯20:08
SiFuh Do not use a valuable password as it will occasionally be emailed back to you in cleartext.20:10
SiFuh123456 is ok I guess20:10
TimB_brb, eating20:10
SiFuh2048 character password will be appropriate20:13
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jaegeryuck. I always have trouble getting the launcher to work properly in wine after a reinstall21:03
jaegercan't remember what's missing to get the login button to appear21:04
john_cephalopodaThe wine app db isn't great for getting info either.21:11
jaegerIt can be for some things but in this case it doesn't have anything helpful21:13
jaegerThe vast majority of answers for this issue are along the lines of "make sure 32-bit gnutls and openldap libs are installed!"21:14
jaegerThe former is installed, the latter isn't needed21:14
john_cephalopodaI once put in a rating for an application that was not in the db yet. They somehow attached that rating to a related-but-different application and didn't react to my complaints.21:17
john_cephalopodaAbsolutely useless.21:17
jaegersome also say to disable the hardware acceleration in the launcher which also doesn't seem to make any difference21:17
jaegeroops, heh21:17
SiFuhI stopped using wine for the lack of anything useable.21:17
joacimi used it for wine and eve online21:19
joacim*touhou and eve online21:19
jaegerI generally find wine-staging and dxvk to work rather well for the games I play21:19
joacimtouhou would crash, and eve online had a lot of microstutters back then21:19
joacimfriend lost a carrier from a wine induced crash21:19
john_cephalopodaI tried one touhou game in wine but it was kinda broken. Fonts were a bit off.21:20
joacimi think it was mountain of faith that i played21:20
joacimwas nice enough once i set japanese locales21:20
jaegerwhat's annoying in this case is that I had it working properly before the reinstall and now it doesn't. Finding out which difference is the problem is tough because there's no error or message21:21
jaegerI have the list of packages I had installed before the reinstall at least but not much else21:22
jaegerwell, I have a full backup, but I'd rather solve the problem than restore the backup just for that21:22
john_cephalopodaIt's strange that there are some computing tasks that are a complete mess and I haven't seen them solved well yet.21:26
john_cephalopodaLocales are horrible and break a lot of stuff. Fonts are not working well in many places. Transferring files between your phone and your computer is a nightmare. Website certificates are so complicated that people need big tools that do magic and update them somehow.21:27
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SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: I actually laugh about the phone to computer thing. MTP, android (based on linux) but a pain in the ass to get file transfer to work.22:14
john_cephalopodaMTP is pretty horrible. It's slow as hell, even if it works.22:14
john_cephalopodaThen there's a second supported protocol which was developed for cameras - which is even worse.22:15
SiFuh100% agree. Mine works, but dude, I have seen dead snails move faster22:15
john_cephalopodaAnd finally there's transfer via adb, which works and is fast. But no regular user would use adb.22:15
SiFuh2 days ago, I copied a pile of photos from my phone, I wen to sleep, woke up 5 hours later, dranks some coffee, went to sleep again for another 4 hours, started watching TV and somwhere between TV and looking at the computer I relaized it had finished22:16
SiFuhI use adb for backups   and it is stupid22:17
SiFuhit would better in my opinion if network transfer/backup was SSH and if I could have an actual user account on my phone22:18
SiFuhplugging my phone in to my computer should be treated as hotplug usb-storage22:18
john_cephalopodaYeah. My 10 year old mp3 player can do it, so why can't my one year old phone?22:25
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frinnstbecause your phone has a lot more storage than what fat32 can handle22:46
frinnstalso your phone doesnt use fat3222:46
frinnstwith mtp you don't need to worry about filesystem support22:47
frinnstagree it sucks - but it does make sense22:47
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john_cephalopodafrinnst: But they could have used ext4 or similar right away.23:34
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john_cephalopodaEverybody has to implement the protocol anyway, so they could as well use a proper one.23:34
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SiFuhI am suprised tht frinst didn't actually cover the main issue23:44
SiFuhAccessing mounted files from a system that uses those files.23:46
SiFuhBut in Linux that can be easily overcome23:46
SiFuhthen you got user and group access remotely23:46
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john_cephalopodaI have tried various methods of accessing files on my phone. MTP requires a client and is a bit weird to set up. adb requires adb to  be installed, and I don't usually got that around. Using termux and scp'ing it to my server works but is ugly. And syncthing just doesn't sync most of the time.23:51
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