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john_cephalopodaI think when uploading something to your server over shitty wifi is faster than getting the same thing via MTP over a high-speed USB 3.0 cable, then something is quite off.00:10
ryuo_john_cephalopoda: not necessarily. it might be capped at 2.0 speeds00:14
ryuo_which caps out around ...00:14
ryuo_30 megabytes a second00:14
ryuo_not counting other bottlenecks like media IO00:14
john_cephalopodaMTP itself is a giant bottleneck.00:15
ryuo_if it's a phone it may be bottlenecked by the flash media00:15
ryuo_MTP is that inefficient?00:15
ryuo_i'm surprised. I thought a local communication protocol would be faster than that.00:15
ryuo_i guess usb mass storage really is more efficient.00:15
frinnstspoiler: most people don't use linux00:17
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ryuo_frinnst: so if the host was windows, it'd be faster?00:18
frinnstiirc android uses a few different filesystems, ext4, f2fs and maybe some others00:18
frinnstno, was commenting on why you cant mount ext4 in windows :)00:18
ryuo_you can, in theory, with third party software00:19
ryuo_but i wouldn't suggest it00:19
john_cephalopodaHere's some blog thing about that topic:
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: i use gvfs with mtp added00:19
john_cephalopodaI have used simple-mtpfs before, which works ok.00:21
SiFuhmine works, just its shit that I need it00:21
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SiFuhNo package gwenhwyfar found.  What the hell is a gwenhwyfar? I can't even find the software08:06
SiFuhOh, I found it
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: lsp-plugins: 1.1.13 -> 1.1.1409:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: neomutt: 20200313 -> 2020032009:51
SiFuhIstanbul-based company Money Shower has created a disinfection module for ATMs that removes bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, from paper money before it gets into people’s hands.09:54
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pedjaapparently, the most popular brand of filter cigarette tubes, at least where I live, is 'Korona'10:46
SiFuhHeh wasn't Rapunzel isolated on an island named Corona?10:47
john_cephalopodaThere's also a Mexican beer called "Corona".10:52
john_cephalopodaThey got sales problems due to Corona now. Nobody drinks beer these days :D10:52
SiFuh <-- not including my refrigerator11:00
john_cephalopodaWell, people usually got their main beer intake in clubs, bars and pubs, which are closed right now.11:01
SiFuhI see11:01
SiFuhFinally got gnucash built. Hope it's what they need11:05
tilmanSiFuh: aqbanking (and gwenhyfar) can only do hbci and psd2 afaict. meaning it's pretty much "euro stuff" :)11:10
tilmanSiFuh: meaning i think you might leave without it11:10
SiFuhYeah tilman  did some reading up on it and didn't include it11:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] cups-filters: update to 1.27.3, new dependency xorg-font-dejavu-ttf11:11
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-font-dejavu-ttf: update to 2.3711:21
joacimpedja: more descriptive than the beer brand. :)11:25
pedjatbh, never drank that brand of beer, but people say it's awful :)11:27
joacimit isnt bad, but it isnt great either11:27
joacimi guess it is one of those beers people have cold and tasteless as a refresher11:27
pedjaI wonder how much they payed for f&f promotion11:29
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john_cephalopodaBut will it be broken eternally now?11:36
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john_cephalopodaAlso I always wonder: Will a person who gets cracked games actually buy the real thing if there was no cracked version available?11:40
SiFuhI find most beer drinkers don't even know what good beer is11:45
john_cephalopodaI heard that Budweiser is a horrible beer, yet a lot of people in the USA seem to like it.11:48
SiFuhIt' easier to pronounce 'bud' when drunk11:50
john_cephalopodaI got no idea when it comes to beer (and alcohol in general). I don't really drink any.11:53
pedjaanyone played with ?11:59
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jaegerNot I15:02
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SiFuhModern CPU of Intel & AMD (specialy Ryzen) processors have maximum CPU temperature of 110 Degree Celsius. That’s the CPU temperature where they can perform without any glitch.15:29
ryuo_still not necessarily a good idea to run them that hot though.15:30
john_cephalopodaWow, didn't think they went that high. The old generations turned off at 90.15:30
SiFuhMine never breaks 98c15:31
SiFuhAnd I think that is way too hot15:31
SiFuhMine sits about 55c when doing nothing. So I ordered a new fan and sink kit,  If it arrives I hope it can drop temp to around 45c15:32
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SiFuhI am using a jua kali'd fan install for the moment15:35
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jaegermodern CPUs also throttle automagically when they get too hot17:30
jaegerso even if your cooling isn't perfect it's a little tough to actually damage the CPU17:30
jaegernot impossible but not super easy17:30
frinnstthis old classic:
frinnstcomplete with classic Amiga music17:32
SiFuhjaeger: yes agree17:35
SiFuhI remember AMDs burning on motherboards17:35
SiFuhfrinnst: haha yeah that17:37
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SiFuhTravelers to Thailand have to now show authorities a health certificate, issued no more than 72 hours before traveling, confirming that they have been tested and are free from the virus. They must also present an insurance policy showing minimum coverage for coronavirus of not less than $100,000.17:50
SiFuhThe average Australian sallary is about 10K a year.    not 100K USD = 172K AUD17:51
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pedjaACTION unsubscribes from r/amd18:11
pedjatoo much damn noise18:11
pedjait's either 'look at mine totally generic system!go team red!' or 'when will amd make 2080ti killer?'18:13
pedjathat amount of attachment to faceless corporation can't be healthy18:15
pedja'thievery corporation', otoh, is awesome :)18:22
pedja(imho, and all that jazz)18:22
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john_cephalopodapedja: My generic system is way better because it was made by team orange!18:47
joacimmines team green19:05
joacim(the old green AMD logo)19:06
john_cephalopodaI don't really care about brands. I think the x86 and x86_64 architectures are pretty flawed, even without the added security vulnerabilities like Intel ME.19:19
john_cephalopodaWaiting for homemade RISC-V CPUs to emerge ;)19:19
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