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omarsk1980got a stupid question00:18
omarsk1980anybody willing to answer a stupid question?00:18
joacimim about to go to bed, but if i dont answer, I'm sure someone else will =)00:31
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ryuo_joacim: evidently that was the stupid question00:37
joacimand i fell for it!00:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: openvpn: 2.4.7 -> 2.4.816:32
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SiFuhAnyone got a shell script to restart wlan or net script if there is no network connection detected?16:35
stenurThe greenhorn added DHCPCD_DEVLIST= WPA_DEV= to rc.conf and uses special s-dhcpcd and s-wpa rc.d scripts to fixate them, all the rest is done from dhcpcd hooks once we get carriers.16:39
stenurIt's overly primitive. I need to spend time on that mess.16:41
SiFuhI was looking for something simple that just checks if your link is active or not, and if not then restarts the wlan/net script. Something I could just stick in cron. I mean I could write one myself, but... wy reinvent the wheel?16:43
ryuo_SiFuh: better yet, get a real network manager that can detect link issues.16:46
SiFuhwicd and network-manager suck bad16:46
ryuo_in this case something like ifplugd might integrate well.16:46
ryuo_ifplugd is probably the closest solution to what CRUX might use16:47
SiFuhYeah I was reading the man page16:47
SiFuhPossible values are auto, iff, wlan, ethtool, mii, and priv16:48
ryuo_afaik it integrates with kernel APIs16:48
ryuo_to monitor link status16:48
ryuo_should be enough for wired anything but16:49
ryuo_wireless might be more problematic16:49
ryuo_i never used it much16:49
ryuo_ah yes. it also supports monitor mode for hotplug devices16:50
ryuo_SiFuh: afaik this is the only true solution for how CRUX does stuff since the best solution requires events of some kind. sysvinit has nothing for networking really so it needs somethng like ifplugd to tell it to do something.16:51
SiFuhryuo_: this may do the job.16:51
ryuo_some kind of responder to kernel network link events16:51
SiFuhI do like the /etc/rc.d/wlan and /etc/rc.d/net  scripts in crux16:52
ryuo_incidently i found it ironic how this was written by poettering, the systemd guy yet his networkd implementation has nothing comparable.16:52
stenurthe busybox version is short.16:53
ryuo_instead networkd just emits network activity events over DBUS and expects something else to do something with it16:53
ryuo_so networkd-dispatcher was born16:53
ryuo_i wonder, is systemd even advanced enough to run a service in response to a DBUS event?16:54
ryuo_given all its other features.16:54
ryuo_SiFuh: incidently i vaguely recall dhcpcd has some mode where it'll automatically adapt to device changes.16:56
SiFuhI will look16:57
ryuo_let me look where i found that16:58
SiFuhpretty simple script examples16:59
ryuo_if you run dhcpcd with no list or multiple devices listed it will try to configure them all afaik17:01
ryuo_as to whether it'll automatically respond to network link events i don't know17:02
ryuo_it's been awhile since I used it.17:02
ryuo_you may have to use ifplugd to add that functionality17:02
ryuo_it may for wired stuff17:02
ryuo_but as for wifi? no idea.17:03
ryuo_it's a bit of an odd duck.17:03
ryuo_you usually have to use wpa separately and somehow set it up.17:03
SiFuhpersistent in dhcpcd.conf can come in handy17:05
SiFuhryuo_: yeah nothing in dhcpcd17:08
ryuo_SiFuh: i was thinking of its automatic mode for ethernet i think. not very advanced afaik17:09
ryuo_when run without any interfaces17:09
SiFuhI think I will just write a script that detects the gateway, or if the link is up17:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] libgd: update to 2.3.017:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dar: update to 2.6.917:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: psutils: update to 1.9317:21
SiFuhmaybe something like this as script cron runs17:27
ryuo_... that would have to run very often17:33
ryuo_it would be more efficient to use an event based process17:34
ryuo_rather than a scheduler which is for something else entirely17:34
SiFuhThat is temporary17:34
SiFuhI am still looking at ifplugd17:34
SiFuhDon't like the idea of pinging stuff every 1 minute17:34
SiFuhI was looking at the busbox setup17:35
jaegerhave you tried iwd?17:42
jaegerIt may only be wifi17:43
SiFuhDoes it detect network disconnections?17:44
jaegerIt seems to handle them fine on my laptop17:45
stenurI do not seem to understand the problem. If you _have_ a device, you can simply attach wpa_supplicant. The rest dhcpcd can do.17:45
jaegerbut yeah, what stenur says is true, wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd are fine for just temporary disconnections17:45
stenurI control network access via rfkill.  Block for disconnect, unblock for sniffing around and let 'em do a network setup.17:46
SiFuhOne of the machines should be up all the time. When the network from ISP drops or the router does some ninja flick maneuver kicking off random machines. It doesn't always reconnect again. I have to do /etc/rc.d/wlan restart17:46
stenurAnd if the device is missing, maybe udev is the thing.17:47
stenurNo, you get CARRIER LOST etc. dhcpcd hook events.17:47
stenurMar 22 02:54:10 kent rfkill: block set for al17:48
stenurMar 22 02:54:10 kent dhcpcd[525]: wlp1s0: carrier lost17:48
stenurMar 22 02:54:10 kent root/dhcpcd[5952]: 4: NOCARRIER wlp1s0 1 AndroidHotspot423217:49
stenurMar 22 02:54:11 kent dhcpcd[525]: wlp1s0: deleting route to
stenurMar 22 02:54:11 kent dhcpcd[525]: wlp1s0: deleting default route via
stenurMar 22 02:54:11 kent root/dhcpcd[5973]: 4: EXPIRE wlp1s0 1 AndroidHotspot423217:49
stenurMar 22 02:54:11 kent dhcpcd[525]: script_runreason: /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks: WEXITSTATUS 117:49
stenurMar 23 16:08:36 kent dhcpcd[506]: dev: loaded udev17:50
stenurMar 23 16:08:36 kent root/dhcpcd[508]: 4: PREINIT wlp1s0 117:50
stenurMar 23 16:08:36 kent root/dhcpcd[515]: 4: NOCARRIER wlp1s0 117:50
stenurMar 23 16:08:36 kent dhcpcd[506]: no interfaces have a carrier17:50
stenurMar 23 16:08:36 kent dhcpcd[516]: dhcpcd_prestartinterface: wlp1s0: Operation not possible due to RF-kill17:50
stenurMar 23 16:08:36 kent dhcpcd[516]: wlp1s0: waiting for carrier17:50
stenurMar 23 16:09:28 kent rfkill: unblock set for all17:51
stenurMar 23 16:09:32 kent dhcpcd[516]: wlp1s0: carrier acquired17:51
stenurMar 23 16:09:32 kent dhcpcd[516]: wlp1s0: connected to Access Point `InDeepTrance'17:51
stenurMar 23 16:09:32 kent root/dhcpcd[1323]: 4: CARRIER wlp1s0 1 InDeepTrance17:51
stenurMar 23 16:09:38 kent root/dhcpcd[1370]: 4: BOUND wlp1s0 1 InDeepTrance17:51
stenuretc etc i let out the dirty details; root/dhcpcd is the hook, i just hooked /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.exit-hook via [ -f /root/ ] && . /root/ i think17:52
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SiFuhryuo_: thanks I will test the ifplugd but I changed the ifplugd.action file18:04
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SiFuhryuo_:   I will try this18:05
SiFuhsomething like this18:06
SiFuhstenur: what is this CARRIER thing you are referring to18:30
ryuo_SiFuh: it's probably in reference to ip command output.18:33
ryuo_SiFuh: CARRIER / NO-CARRIER shows up depending on whether the link has a connection or not18:33
ryuo_though it's usually NO-CARRIER that shows up18:33
ryuo_CARRIER is implied when NO-CARRIER is absent18:33
ryuo_assuuming the device is brought up and  all18:35
ryuo_3: eno2: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN group default qlen 100018:36
ryuo_my disconnected ethernet18:36
ryuo_2: eno1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq master lan state UP group default qlen 100018:36
ryuo_my connected ethernet18:36
SiFuhYeah I couldn't get it working. I will need to re-write the rc script for ifplug to get it to work with the CRUX wlan/net script18:39
SiFuhwill be a fun a project I think18:39
SiFuhjaeger: it is a shame that iwd has it's only location for storing network info. In linux I'd prefer a single a location such as wpa_supplicant.conf18:57
SiFuhand yes I did use iwd, and I didn't like it as it never restored my networks after funky outages (funky is the key word as sometimes it re-requests password and I am sure it is router related)18:58
SiFuhI think the CRUX network scripts are fine. Just need a little tweaking to make sure they reconnect. Much easier than messing with iwd or fscking with network-manager18:59
SiFuhryuo_: idea of hotplug and certain events is great19:10
ryuo_SiFuh: yea.. expect a lot of massaging to get it to behave. i usually prefer "smart" network tools for that stuff nowadays except for servers.19:15
ryuo_or anything else that uses wired19:16
pedjayay, snow19:16
SiFuhYeah, I prefer wired unfortunaetly this hell hole has the router behind 6 inches of concrete ;-)19:16
SiFuhSo ... snow? Oh yuck19:18
SiFuhSo I decide to go with cat /sys/class/net/wlan1/carrier for now19:18
pedjanm-applet ftw :)19:19
SiFuhNope gone   sucked so badded19:20
SiFuhit cannot handle rotten internet connections19:20
SiFuhbadded?  bad19:20
pedja45min to dump 200Mb ms access db to csv. fun.19:23
SiFuhsave the planet19:24
jaegerit sounds like an infrastructure problem more than a software problem19:29
jaegerboth wpa_supplicant and iwd handle disconnects19:29
SiFuhThat is a fact19:29
SiFuhSo I am temporarily scanning my status to reconnect in case that 'infrastructure' fails19:30
SiFuhAnd I will not deny how shit this fscking router is19:30
SiFuhWhat makes it worse is when the idiot Phones arrive 'iPhones' network goes insane with constant dropouts.19:31
pedjajaeger, what are iwds pros/cons compared to wpa_supllicant? you've used both, iirc?19:32
SiFuhncurses ? ;-)19:33
SiFuhpedja: I myself didn't like it. It was kind of cool though.19:34
pedja'it' being which one?19:34
SiFuhMostly the completion and up and down arrow stuff was good19:34
SiFuhI found it is ok if you go to a new environment and scan networks to connect to19:35
SiFuhBut what I disliked was learning new commands to do the same thing I could do with the old thing without fancy colors ;-)19:35
pedjaafaik, nm could use either as a back-end19:36
SiFuhActually jaeger and another CRUXer introduced me to it. After 30 days, I removed it.19:36
jaegerI just tried iwd out of curiosity, not any specific features. It seems to work fine but for my needs I could do with wpa_supplicant or iwd.19:36
SiFuhI like the CRUX scripts they are perfectably excetable and much stronger in my opinion19:38
pedjathanks, jaeger, I was curious what the (apparent) hype is about iwd :)19:39
SiFuhpedja: it is cool for finding new networks19:39
pedjaso is kismet :)19:39
pedjabut that really depends on how good is the wifi driver, surely?19:41
SiFuhoh i love kismet19:41
pedjaI am guessing broadcom sucks with either of them :)19:42
SiFuhIt even tells me who is connected to my router19:42
SiFuhmine :-) thanks to aircrack team19:42
SiFuhEventually I will get around to moving it into an actual tar.gz download instead of a git clone19:46
SiFuhJust waiting for them to bump it up to instead of lingering around in beta mode19:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: sntop: fixed signature19:50
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SiFuhCan you believe that USA, CANADA, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and even India sent private jets, chartered flights and airlines to pick up their citizens from around the world? and the AU embassy and DFAT are on vacation20:04
SiFuhIn case of an emergency please to After reading you will find that we are currently unavailable to correspond. Please wait 6 months and try again.20:04
SiFuhColombia sends military helicopters and jets around the world to pick up their citizens20:10
SiFuhACTION wonders how much fuel is in those helicopters20:10
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: Germany also got their citizens home.20:16
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: it's so shit for Australians isn't it?20:23
SiFuhI was thinking about those Australians who want to go home, and being stuck in South America and Philippines. What I find interesting is Quantas is still flying to South America and not actually grounded. But they are not taking anyone back to Australia at the tax payers expense.20:24
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SiFuhThere is talk that the lock down will last another two weeks hee in Malaysia21:26
SiFuhan addition fo 4 weeks and 8 days will kill my visa from 31 March21:26
SiFuhinteresting times21:27
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SiFuhnight every monkey21:51
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stenurthat test was with my s-cdda (it's very small and system is up to date)23:40

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