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SiFuhqbittorrent is pissing me off. If network 'reconnects' qbittorrent doesn't even bother to continue downloading07:34
tilmanstop downloading porn and leave the bandwidth to people who need it right now :p08:07
SiFuhOk :-P08:11
SiFuhI was downloading Better Call Saul S05E0608:18
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SiFuhAn Australian newspaper went so far as printing eight extra pages in a recent edition -- emergency toilet paper, the newspaper said, should Aussies run out.10:56
pedjait's a bit annoying how hot some people are even when they wear face masks :)11:03
SiFuhI still don't know the exact reason for people mass buying toilet paper11:04
pedjahoarding the new currency when the zombie apocalypse comes would be my guess11:06
TimB_why did i collect all those bottle caps for then!?11:07
pedjadiversifying the portfolio. smart.11:08
pedjathen again, you *are* an economist by trade, TimB_ :)11:09
pedjapaying 3 billion for a loaf of bread isn't an experience I'd like to go thru again11:11
pedja(hyperinflation ain't fun)11:11
TimB_yeah, true11:12
TimB_i tried getting flour, i actually wanted to bake something. you can't get any, lol. i had to stand in queue to enter the super market, that was a first in my life11:12
TimB_and why people stock up on tp is a mystery to me as well11:13
SiFuhThailand declares state of emergency after 3 more people die of Covid-19 on Tuesday11:13
SiFuhWTF they have 800 cases and 4 dead11:13
SiFuhbobmyx - "One of the main symptoms of this virus  seems to be insanity."11:14
pedjaTimB_, we have flour, but no yeast :)11:15
SiFuhI have yeast but no flour11:15
TimB_oh man :D11:17
pedjaanother Windows 0day. it must be Tuesday.11:21
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dlcusaYeast  is in the air but it takes days for enough to find its way into the dough.13:36
SiFuhdlcusa: not really13:37
SiFuhIn the past we use to make a dough, flatten it, and put on the window and in the evening roll it and bake it13:37
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SiFuhYeast is really when it comes to its food source. Given enough it can grow 10 times it size in 1 minute13:38
Romsteri think you can use beer to kick off fermentation too13:38
SiFuhI have buckets of yeast growing downstairs13:39
SiFuhYou can use wheat, rice, fruit.. Pretty much anything to get yeast. Depends what species you want.13:40
SiFuhFor rice just soak it in warm water sit 1 hour, then drain the water let it sit for 1 hour, then repeat until you start to see bubbles appearing in the water. But, just like yeast, other crap can grow too So generally you have to be quite clean13:41
SiFuhRomster: Yes if it isn't pasteurized beer. But with that being said, sometimes they don't do a good job os pasteurizing13:42
SiFuhCatching the Wild Yeast13:42
SiFuhIt's too good for beer as it is quite sour13:43
SiFuhIt isn't too good*13:43
SiFuhRomster: pasteurizing beer is heat it up to 65 degrees for a few minutes to kill off all the yeast and other bacteria13:43
Romsterdidn't know they did that13:44
SiFuhImagine gettig your hands on there secret special yeast that they had cultivated for years to get the right flavor ;-)13:45
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dlcusa"Your mission, should..."13:45
SiFuhRomster: I actually pasteurize my homebrew beer. I heat water to 75C and sit the bottles in it for 20 minutes ;-)13:46
Romsteri guess that prevents foul tastes13:47
Romsterinteresting to know13:48
SiFuhThe Tibetan Chang, I don't do it too13:48
Romsterseen beer home brewed but wasn't aware of pasteurising beer13:48
SiFuhMost homebrewers don't do it.  It's only to kill off anything that was living in it. I don't think it does anything for the taste. What it does do is allow you to store your beer longer without it going bad13:49
Romsterthanks for that thought. hadn't even thought of that.13:50
Romsteri need to get to sleep, dunno how many days of work left i have with covert-1913:50
SiFuhYeah human insanity is more infectious :-P13:50
SiFuhwhy covert?13:51
dlcusaSiFu, nah--it's built-in.13:51
dlcusaI always likes, "Everybody's born right-handled.  Only the truly gifted overcome it." I'm a rightty :-(13:53
SiFuhReminds me of what my 'bald' Graphics Teacher use to say. "God made only a few good heads in the world. The rest he covered with hair"13:55
dlcusaLogical fault--never heard of someone who was born and remained bald.13:56
SiFuhHold on, how to spell it13:57
SiFuhThank goodness for google ;-)13:58
SiFuhdlcusa: but yeah, normal healthy people grow hair13:58
dlcusaThank you for my first new data for the day.13:58
dlcusaI really need to get to my usual news feeds--a bit reluctant today.13:59
SiFuhI learned about it 2 days ago. I was watching a short video about the actors of the series Gotham and where they are now13:59
SiFuhand the actor Anthony Carrigan has something like it14:00
SiFuhI thought he had shaved his eyebrowes off for the series14:00
SiFuhSince childhood, Carrigan has had alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. When I was looking up alopecia I came accros hypotrichosis14:01
dlcusaTruly hairless apes exist, then.14:01
SiFuhI always wonder why I can come accross soemthing like that out of chance, and a day or three later it comes up in conversation.14:02
dlcusaIt's your destiny, SiFuh.14:03
SiFuhKind of like my father use to say "You can have something hanging around for years, and the day after you finally threw it out, you needed it!"14:03
SiFuhI said to my father. "You needed it, because you were recently aware of its existance as you had thrown it out. If you hadn't found it, you may not have thought about using it"14:04
dlcusaThat's a function of how organised someone is, I think.14:05
SiFuhHe has a pretty bad memory14:05
dlcusaAlright, I'm off to review the latest carnage and insanity...14:07
SiFuhI myself keep a lot of junk that a normal person would throw out. I do this because I fix a lot of stuff 'Jua Kali' style, but acutally works for a long time.14:07
SiFuhThe Federal Reserve is here to save us. They have printed a tonne of money and injected it into the markets.. Great, thanks, you just devalued my assets even more14:16
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dlcusaSiFuh, maybe not--they did the same thing in 2008 (smaller scale, of course) and we didn't see dramatic inflation (apparently because most of that "money" was not in circulation, merely propping up portfolios), so maybe...17:45
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SiFuhdlcusa: we shall see but it looks like it isn't working18:26
SiFuhWonder if they have more to inject if this last round fails like the one they did last week18:28
dlcusaNo question the world's in uncharted waters...18:36
dlcusaIf we could stop triggering margin calls, we might be able to see more clearly, but now real estate is starting to spawn problems, especially in China.18:38
SiFuhA person from Yunnan Province died while on his way back to Shandong Province for work on a chartered bus on Monday. He was tested positive for #hantavirus. Other 32 people on bus were tested.18:49
SiFuhI have a USB flashdrive named hantavirus18:50
john_cephalopodaFull of viral videos?18:50
dlcusaIs there a wacked-out stargate to deploy it within?18:50
john_cephalopodaOh god, I got Stargate flashbacks18:54
SiFuhall my machines and drives are named after virus' and diseases18:54
john_cephalopodaMy father loves that show and there is a broadcaster that sends it pretty much all evening.18:54
SiFuhStargate is awesome18:54
john_cephalopoda46KB/s download rn :/18:58
dlcusaActually, I was think of
SiFuh Here is Hantavirus Rabies and Lassa18:59
frinnst1.00G   110MB/s    in 9.3s18:59
john_cephalopodaMy machines are named after Wolf359 characters. I skipped Eiffel and Minkowski because those use the old naming scheme of Jupiter moons (Metis&Adrastea), but my server is Hera and my laptop is Hilbert.18:59
SiFuhHaha cool19:00
john_cephalopodaEventually I'll rename those two other computers to also use Wolf359 names.19:00
john_cephalopodaAnd all 4 computers run CRUX.19:01
SiFuhWhen lockdown is finished the last computer in this house will become CRUX19:01
SiFuhI went aon a mass install spree out of bordem ;-)19:02
john_cephalopodaI've been completely on CRUX for years by now.19:02
SiFuhOh it's the woman's computer   she won't let me touch it as she needs it for work. When she goes back to work, it will become CRUX ;-)19:03
john_cephalopodaThat's mean :รพ19:03
SiFuhI did a good fcitx package for CRUX just to use on her machine19:04
SiFuhSo she will be able to type in her fancy Mandarin Language19:05
SiFuhHaha My little sister has just informed me she is going to respawn again hahahahaha19:11
SiFuhI do like her way-with-words19:11
john_cephalopodaHmmm... I am kinda fed up with my internet connection.19:14
john_cephalopodaAt my download speed, it should take 5-6 seconds to download the next page of this comic, yet it takes a minute or longer.19:15
SiFuhToo many locked-downers watching porn ?19:16
SiFuhMy internet is actually bad to begin with. It has become far worse since the idiotic ban was put in place.19:17
john_cephalopodaWhen I'm lucky it goes with 700KB/s. Right now there's probably a lot of traffic in the region though.19:20
SiFuhI bought an alien looking USB wifi box thingy to get a better connection to the stupid wireless router forced upon us by the company.19:23
SiFuhI feel your pain19:24
john_cephalopodaThe provider I'm on doesn't force a box onto you. There's the option, but you can also get a contract without a box.19:31
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SiFuhSame like Australia19:34
SiFuhBut here in Malaysia you get the box they give, and it cannot be modifed. They have an account where they can remotely log in.19:34
SiFuhWorse still, the old connections passwords are available freely online.19:34
SiFuhThese days the password is partly using the barcode number of the product or the serial number19:35
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dlcusaSiFuh, I am unfamiliar with them--thanks for the lead.21:49
dlcusaMy parents were both journalists--they taught me a lot.21:50
SiFuhIn reference to making toilet paper moonshine with yeast?21:50
dlcusaNot that, but certainly how to find that out.21:51
dlcusaBefore there were networks of computers.21:52
SiFuhactually I was heading towards the growth of yeast. Once it starts it goes insane21:53
SiFuhThe best way to describe it is throwing some corn on the grround and a chicken finds it. Then every chicken runs over, and they split in two exponentially over the duration of consumption until the food source runs out, then they start eating each other as they die off.21:55
dlcusaLeaving computer indefinitely...21:56
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