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SiFuhnolanv: That koji link was pretty interesting08:57
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nolanvSiFuh: To handle grains, we hacked ourselves to wear our gut flora on the outside.10:07
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nolanvGod morgon, wizards of Sweden! Does anyone happen to know why openrdate reverted from 1.2-3 to 0.9-1 in core?10:15
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nolanv...and, of course, Good Whatever to everyone else, too. I know we're a global community. Just a shout-out to the birthplace of CRUX :>)10:34
joacim0.9 is a different project hsoted on github it seems10:38
joacimand openrdate on sourceforge hasnt been updated since 200810:39
joacimbut outils on github is maintained by a weeb with an anime avatar10:39
nolanvAh. I thought it might be something like that. I'll go ahead and update it. Thanks, joacim!10:40
nolanvSiFuh: Working with ferments is ancient ecological magic. Homo Loco has barely scratched the surface...10:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iwd: update to 1.612:40
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frinnstsweet. new epic cluster with 25gig switches arrived today15:59
frinnstfuck you, NUMA!15:59
frinnstsad we couldnt just buy maxumum number of cores - fucking licensing costs16:00
joacimfor your home lab?16:03
frinnstnah, work16:03
joacimi never see anything cool at work. just some random intel servers16:09
pedjafriend of mine is working on z/Linux mainframes, and he said that finally seeing one is one of the highlights of his career :)16:28
pedjano selfies with it, thou, high security facility and all that16:29
pedjaspeaking of mainframes, moshix yt channel has a lot of cool stuff16:31
joacimI'll check it out later =)16:32
pedjait's kind of mind-boggling that you can emulate mainframe that was, presumably, state of the art 30+ years ago, on rpi :)16:43
frinnstI dont think i've had a beer in  somehting like 3 weeks17:06
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frinnstI should remedy that soon (if there is anything left to buy that is)17:07
nolanvpedja: When you get that rusty craving:
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pedjaoh, nice :)17:16
nolanvRalph Griswold created SNOBOL on that puppy, back in the early 60s. Still a cool language. I've built it on CRUX.17:30
ryuo_frinnst: per core licensing... no wonder some people prefer low core counts.17:33
TimB_frinnst: come to germany. breweries in my town offer bulk for drive through customers :>18:21
joacimsome mayors are threatening to close down alcohol outlets because people buy more now than a couple of weeks ago18:35
joacimso i took the chance to buy some more just in case18:35
dlcusapedja, your friend can expect to visit a museum someday and see a machine he worked on not that long ago inert inside plexiglass--for me it was a couple decades ago seeing an IBM S/360 Model 50 at the Smithsonian, sans blinkenlights.  Mine had been at NASA/Goddard.19:15
frinnstTimB_: not sure I want to spend 2 weeks in quarantine before getting my hands on the beers :-)19:17
pedjadlcusa, 'mine' as in you worked there on it?19:18
frinnstI'll have to make due with single malt and xo brandy for now - not too bad :D19:20
dlcusaYes, my first at GFSC, for their Management Systems Office (we called it the armpit of Goddard).  That machine was serial number 12 and had been left on the loading dock over the week-end it was delivered, in the rain.  The second gig was for the Orbit Computation Directorate--much, much sexier.19:22
pedjathat's so cool :)19:22
pedjadlcusa, have you played with hercules emulator?19:23
dlcusaBack in the aughts.  I couldn't get excited about it since you can't license the current OSes on them, only ancient versions (but in source--PL/S and Assembler).19:25
nolanvdlcusa, what language were you programming in at Orbit?19:26
dlcusaI'm pretty sure the PL/S compiler is still IUO, though (Internal Use Only).19:27
pedjadlcusa, check out if you are bored :)19:27
dlcusaI wasn't doing apps--VM and OS/MVT systems programming (sysadmin and programming OS-level stuff), all assembler.19:29
pedjaan interesting article about ibm and hercules relationship
dlcusaYeah, it's complicated--IBM is not a monolith or  homogeneous culture.  The techs get it, the suits do not.19:32
nolanvAre you still involved with IBM?19:34
dlcusaNo, I've been effectively retired from IT by my age.19:34
dlcusaI do interact with some folks, though.19:35
pedjaapparently, there is this
nolanvSo many changes. I visited Endicott a few years back, and it was a ghost town.19:35
pedjaabout 12k$19:36
pedja'perpetual licence' thingie19:37
dlcusaI have gratis class G VM accounts at Marist for development efforts.  Some day I hope to port CRUX and Plan 9 there.19:38
pedjaheh, nice19:38
joacimnever bought any brandy. any good ones around?19:39
joacimusually buy rum, whisky, and akevitt. hardly ever drink akevitt tho19:40
nolanvdlcusa: What sort of machine would you port them to?19:42
dlcusaThey just upgraded to a z15 with legacy (CKD) and contemporary DASD.19:44
nolanvOooh. Marist gets nice toys.19:52
nolanvI need one of those, to run lynx and vile ;)19:55
nolanvpedja: the clouds cost extra19:56
pedjaidk, I was referencing the 2017. article from milleniummainframer for that :)20:02
pedjait's cool to see people play with toys expensive as those20:04
pedjalines like "let's see, 10 nodes, 400 cores, terabyte of ram, should be enough"20:06
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pedjahpc system, not mainframe, thou20:07
pedjathis beast, iirc
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nolanvYeah, yeah... but will it run my Android apps?20:18
nolanvThe funny thing is that in 30 years your wristwatch will probably out-compute it. Sic transit gloria mundi.20:19
dlcusaBut not the 2050 version of Z.20:29
dlcusa(unless IBM really messes up, of course)20:30
pedjauser interfaces from the movies and tv20:34
nolanvBy 2050, we'll face computron exhaustion and electron fatigue.20:45
nolanvWe thought it was the cockroaches that would replace us, when it was the keyboards, all along...20:49
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nolanvpedja: Wait, I've found the cure! It's... the saturation control.20:52
pedjai am curious will, by 2050, AI researchers still say "almost there, promise" :)20:52
nolanvReal soon, now...20:52
nolanvHmmm. Sounds like willful misdirection. pedja, are you an AI?20:54
pedjayou mean, can i pass the Turing test? maybe :)20:56
joacimi think i have one of those20:56
nolanvshhh... they'll all want one.20:56
joacimwell kinda.20:57
joacimonly screenshot i have from that movie. arctic blast20:57
joacimvery good movie about climate change20:57
nolanvI have a surefire method for the Turing test: "Open the pod bay doors, please, pedja"20:57
pedjaI am afraid I can't do that, nolanv20:58
nolanvSing it for me... sing it for me, pedja...21:02
pedja'AI will be the last of the humanities inventions.' :)21:02
pedjasounds a bit...ominous21:02
nolanv(removing core memory units)21:03
nolanvFabulous link. You are obviously too intelligent to be a human. QED.21:10
nolanvjoacim: Looks like a good movie. The still looks like Biosphere Customer Support.21:14
joacimnah it is horrible. only watched it because michael shanks is in it =)21:15
nolanvI'm sorry you're having trouble with your planet, ma'm. Have you tried rebooting?21:15
pedjajoacim, michael shanks of sg-1 fame?21:17
joacimthe guy with the back turned against the camera21:17
pedjaoh, cool21:17
joacimi havent seen christopher judge in anything now that i think about it21:58
joacimvoices and sharknado21:59
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