IRC Logs for #io Sunday, 2013-11-03

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prologicbtw jer did I tell you mio has side-effect free blocks?08:43
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jeryeah you did12:22
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prologicI'm not sure that's a good idea anymore12:43
prologicbecause I've run into a case where a method is defined on an object say List in a module12:43
prologicand it looses scope of hte module and fails12:43
prologicmaybe I could introduce module scope so objects retain access to the module's context they were defined in12:44
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prologicthere :)13:12
prologicalmost what you said earlier13:12
jeryeah except it's written backwards =D13:39
jerin an OO language i'd expect to see that as: list reduce(accumulator, element, accumulator * element)13:40
prologicI'm torn between OO and functional13:44
prologicthis is functional style clearly what I've done13:45
prologicreduce(f, xs, start)13:45
prologicI'm not really a big fan of OO to tell you the truth13:45
prologicthat's why I'm going to try and utilize traits as much as possible13:46
jerright, just saying, the syntax of the language is clearly geared in one direction13:51
jerin terms of the code it's executing, no difference to me, because clearly i appreciate more a functional style as well13:51
jerthat said, consistency in the syntax is important13:52
prologicof course13:55
prologicI think what I'm aiming for (and it's still 0.0 here)13:55
prologicis a mix of duck typing, traits and functional styles13:56
prologicwith minimal core OO in the standard library and core objects13:56
prologiconly the methods/attributes they need to function and represent what they do13:56
prologicbah humbug14:04
prologicI found an edge case in my precedence parser14:04
prologicinserting too many )'s14:05
prologicmore than ('s14:05
prologicso it's unbalanced and closing blocks it shouldn't be14:05
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