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jerprologic, might be neat, but i'd want to see that as part of the metaobject model, and not part of objects02:33
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prologicjer_, what do you mean exacrtly?09:04
prologicbtw I'm almostd implemented it all (data descriptors)09:04
prologicThis is __get__ part of the data descriptor working09:18
prologic$ mio -i test.mio 09:18
prologicmio 0.0.7.dev09:18
prologicmio> foo foo09:18
prologic===> 'foo'09:18
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jerthat's what i mean12:19
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prologicjer:  Okay so I read the article. It's quite abstract but at least we can talk about the same thing :)23:12
prologicjer: My thoughts so far are -- A Metaobject is basically just a special kind of Trait -- Although that being said you probably won't want to implement meta behavior as a Trait anyway -- IHMO you _do_ want to treat it as a special case ala Python's __metaclass__ attribute on classes23:13
prologicjer: Also I believe all that's required is to move a lot of the internal machinery in my Object implementation class (in Python) to something called a MetaObject (which is also an Object) and expose some or all of the internal machinery to the user so the user can do things like modify attribute lookup mechanisms, etc23:14
prologicIHMO an Object would basically then only contain two things. a dictionary of attributes/slots and a primitive internal clone method23:15
prologicand nothing more23:15
pdurbindunno if this is helpful:

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