IRC Logs for #io Saturday, 2013-11-16

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asieany resources on properly learning the io programming language?12:01
locksyour best bet is the 7 weeks 7 languages book12:06
asiei guess12:06
asiei really like io because it seems to be quite interesting while at the same time quite lightweight12:07
asiea quality few languages have12:07
locksit's like if JavaScript wasn't written in a month12:07
asiealso the fact it has relatively few dependencies helps12:08
asiei like self-contained VMs12:08
asieit does need a few things but not a lot12:08
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asiei guess i'll write an Io ircbot as an exercise in programming it12:41
asieoh, there already is one12:44
asieguess i'll study that as a base12:44
prologichi asie 12:51
prologicthe tutorial and guides on are useful12:52
prologicI learned Io that way fairly well and now writing my own Io-like language :)12:52
prologichi locks 12:52
asieprologic: oooh?12:57
asiei'd like to see/hear more12:57
asiealso, Ioke interests me a bit12:57
asiespecifically the JVM part as I sometimes need to write Java code12:58
asiei wanted to make my own language one of these days13:02
asiebut i lack enough skills and expertise13:02
prologicasie, I'm still learning :)13:04
prologicbeen at this particular project for 18 months now13:04
asieprologic: i want to see it!13:04
prologicit's host language is Python / CPython13:04
prologicso it's extermely slow right now13:04
prologicbut somewhat feature rich13:05
asiei'll see it in a sec13:05
asiewhen i'm done eating13:05
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prologicI warn you13:05
prologicIT"S SLOW!13:05
prologic5 orders of magnititude slower than Python/CPython13:05
prologicbut all this will go away once I port the codebase, compiler, interpreter and vm to RPython13:05
prologicalso still heavily learning RPython lately13:06
prologicit's quite nice13:06
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asie <- my first IRC bot, slightly based off the one in the examples on the git repo14:26
asieany code quality tips?14:26
prologicseems fine to me14:28
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prologicit's nto quite as concise as I'd like an ircbot to be though'14:28
prologicbut it just means no-one has written an appropriate framework / set-of-libraries to make this a little better in Io :)14:29
prologicin my lang mio, I'm thinking of adding many of the concepts from circuits by utilzing traits and implementing TObservable into the mio standard library which when objects use this get call/fire/wait methods and can participate in a message bus / event system in a decoupled way14:31
asieprologic: yeah, the IRCClient object tries to abstract a lot of the, uh, inner workings14:32
asieso you only have to touch messages and commands14:32
asiealso there is no IRC library out there so a lot of the code is a bit hacky14:32
prologicI've seen a couple Io irc libraries14:33
prologicok sorry14:34
prologicthere isn't14:34
prologicwoot woot14:43
prologicgetting closer and closer to compiling mio-lang with RPython14:43
prologicbye bye sucky performance14:43
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locksaren't most of the links in the jottit dead?18:00
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asieso i used io today for an irc bot22:12
asieand i have to say i'm in love with io22:12
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