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money_Ilikehows the io?04:39
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money_Ilikeso io is like smalltalk?05:34
money_Ilikea bit?05:34
money_Ilikehow do you write a web app in io?05:35
prologicit has some similar concepts to smalltalk yes05:36
prologicbut it's almost nothing like it05:36
prologiccheck out the wiki
prologicthere are a few webapp-like examples lying around the web05:37
asiemoney_Ilike: I am planning to work on an API that lets you do Express-esque web programming05:39
asiebut the problem with Io is it's not exactly fast05:39
money_Ilikewhats that?05:59
prologicasie:  yes do explain to us noobs :)06:25
prologicI've done over 10 years of web programming06:25
prologicbut never heard of this express esque :)06:25
asieprologic: Node.js06:25
asieNode.js has this library called Expres06:25
asieit lets you very easily interface with HTTP protocol tidbits, letting you focus on actually coding your application06:26
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prologichow is this any different from any other approach that abstract away a lot of the common patterns?06:27
prologice.g: circuits.web06:27
asiein no way06:30
asiei just associate it with Express as it's the only one of these I've used06:30
prologicright :)06:36
prologicgood o then06:36
prologicfor a minute there I thought I was stupid06:36
prologicand didn't know something about web programming :)06:36
prologicperhaps when I roll a version of mio that compiles with RPython and is JITed06:36
prologicyou could build a version for mio? :)06:36
prologicit would be a hell of a lot faster than Io when I'm successful in porting to RPython06:37
asieThe point is I don't really want to write for two languages at the same time06:40
asieAnd I am not too fond of languages depending on other languages06:40
asieI guess you could port it when I'm done :)06:40
prologiceh say what?06:43
prologiclanguages depending on other languages?06:43
asiemio depends on python06:45
asieor rpython06:45
asiewhich depends on C/LLVM06:46
prologicthis is no different to any other programming langauge06:48
prologicRPython/C are just the build tools06:48
prologictypically your distro would ship you a prebuilt version of xyz06:48
prologicapt-get install mio-lang for example06:48
prologicor apt-get install nodejs06:48
prologicwhat do you think you're beloved nodejs is written in?06:49
asieprologic: i am aware06:55
asiefirst of all, I'm not all that in love with Node06:55
asiethat's why i am here06:55
asiesecond, i thought RPython is necessary to execute, like regular Python06:55
asiesorry for the confusion06:55
prologicno it isn't06:58
prologicRPython is a compiler06:58
prologiclanguages implemented in RPython do not require RPython ro tun06:59
prologice.g: PyPY, Topaz06:59
prologicand many other examples06:59
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jordijansenHello Guys, I'm just starting with the IO language and I'm trying to run Io from the command line and I get the following error: "The program can't start because libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I'm using windows. Can anybody point me in the right direction14:11
lockswindows? ouch14:19
jordijansenI guess thats a no14:20
locksare you using the binary from the site?14:20
locksit _should_ just work14:21
lockswhich windows are you on?14:22
jordijansenmm okee14:22
jordijansenWindows 7 64bit14:22
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locksdon't know if anyone here is using windows14:23
locksyou could always try to contact the person that provided the binaries14:23
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prologicthere's now a tutorial :)15:17
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