IRC Logs for #io Thursday, 2013-11-28

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mi6x3mhows it going prologic08:57
prologicgood good08:58
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mi6x3mprologic: not bad :) can't complain09:29
prologicme neither09:30
prologicput a big shiny hoking red warning on mio's front page last nihgt :)09:30
mi6x3mah yeah I see it09:31
mi6x3mwas there some accident?09:31
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prologicwhat no?10:04
prologicjust trying to discourage people from using it yet :)10:04
prologicseeing as how it's been downloaded over 10k times already10:04
prologicwhich is still very weird :)10:04
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robonerdhey what's new all?20:52
robonerdjer any cool projects you're working on lately?20:52
prologicjer isn't here :/21:07
robonerdwhy not? is he safe?21:14
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prologicdon't know22:38
prologichope he is okay :)22:38
gatesphereHis twitter feed is active22:41
prologicmaybe he just got sick of us ;)22:45
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