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jerprologic, yeah00:29
prologicI'll have to relook at it again sometime :)00:39
prologicthanks for showing it can be much simpler :)00:39
jerCall activation records are very important for methods in io00:44
jerblocks too00:44
jerbut yo ucan implement Call evalArgAt like this:00:44
jerCall evalArgAt := method(n, call sender doMessage(message arguments at(n)))00:45
jerbasically, get the message's arguments, and evaluate the nth one in the context of the sender00:45
jerif that makes it a bit more clear00:45
prologicI believe I do this00:46
prologicbut as Message arg(n)00:47
prologicor simply00:47
prologiccall message arg(n)00:47
prologicmio is not super consistent yet :)00:47
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prologicjer, I think I should change the grammar of mio a bit to formally support *args, **kwargs and foo=1, bar=2 arguments for messages09:26
prologicI believe this would make argument unrolling and packing a bit easier in implementation09:27
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jerprologic, whatever floats your boat =]13:49
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prologicyeah dunno what's more effort20:59
prologichacking it in mio itself by abusing messages20:59
prologicor making it part of the formal grammar :)20:59
prologicjer, I moved all public trait operations/methods to a core TAdaptable trait few nights ago, starting to see just how powerful and flexible traits really are :)21:13
prologicnow I want to define THashable and others and make my Object proto small and simple :)21:13
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