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jerneat, want to segfault your repl? create a ~/.iorc and put this in it:01:09
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prologicIo can't handle unicode prompts? :)04:57
prologicmio doesn't have a user mutable REPL (yet) :/04:58
prologicI should rewrite the repl in mio itself :)04:58
prologicno reason why I can't (except for the tab completer)04:58
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prologicbeen getting mio's test coverage back up to 100%05:05
jerprologic, at least my build can't =]05:09
prologicoh well :)05:10
prologicI guess that's the one thing I'm doing off the bat05:10
prologicensuring mio has full unicode support from the start05:10
prologicsome languages (especially in the early days) kinda neglected this05:11
prologiceven Python until very recently in Python 305:11
prologicyou could do unicode in Python 205:11
prologicbut it sucked ass05:11
jerthere are only 2 really hard problems in programming language design05:14
jer1) text encoding, 2) dates05:15
jerrelative to point #2, read
prologicyes well I'll solve #1 easily05:17
prologicbut #2 I can leave to users of the lang :)05:17
jerthe trick with #1 isn't the encoding support05:19
jerit's converting between without data loss05:19
prologicalso leave that up to the user :)05:20
prologicjust support native unicode strings05:20
prologicand bytes05:20
prologictake the Python 3 approach05:20
prologicand make them explicitly different05:20
prologicand force the user to do the conversion05:20
prologicso when dealing with files/sockets anything I/O05:20
prologicyou have to deal with bytes05:21
prologicjer, acute is kinda abanonded rigth?05:24
prologichow come?05:27
jerlost interest in it05:29
prologicah k05:30
prologicso there's no way I could interest you in contributing to mio's development? :)05:31
prologic(even though you have indirectly!)05:31
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jerprologic, afraid not, sorry.13:00
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prologicjer, so just not interested in design/development of a new lang anymore?20:21
prologicor just an Io-style one?20:21
jerit's not that i'm not interested, i'm plenty interested (reason i still hang out here)20:22
jerjust not the right time to pick up a 10 year project again =]20:22
prologicahh :)20:45
prologicI do often wonder if I can one day make mio useful (with good performance) and flexible enough to implement Io on top of it in user space20:46
prologicyou know how we've talked about exposing lookups to the user space, etc20:46
prologicanyway 0.1.7 is out20:47
prologicwith 100% test coverage (again)20:47
jertrying to make an io-like language performant is like pulling teeth20:47
prologicand over 370+ unit tests20:47
prologicman that was a lot of hard work :)20:47
jerit's not impossible to optimize some code paths, but you have to write the king of all semantic checkers to do it20:47
prologicperhaps that's what I should do my thesis on :)20:48
prologicoptimizing a message passing language20:48
prologic386 unit tests hmm man20:50
prologicI haven't written so many in my life on any project so far20:50
prologicthis is the most20:50
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prologicI wonder how mi6*** whatever his nick is; is going with his haxe io21:27
jerprologic, largest # of tests i've written (estimation because they were steps composed together to form each of these) was around 1140021:29
jerabout 1500 user interactions21:31
prologicwow :)21:34
prologichow many years was that project? :)21:34
jer8 months21:41
jer4 devs21:41
jerthose were just the acceptance tests, the unit tests were only about 680 iirc21:46
prologicso not all by yourself :)21:56
jermost unit tests i've written by myself on a single project in a year, probably around the 400 mark.22:05
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prologicI have the basis of a unit testing framework writtein in mio too now22:20
prologicI just need to write a collector and test runner22:20
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prologicyeah it will be cool :)23:05
prologicspeaking of which - interpreter trace hooks23:06
prologicI want to implement those so I can write coverage and debugger tools in mio23:06
prologicI had a stab at it a few days ago, but didn't work out very well23:06

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